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Male-on-male sex through the bars of a large cage

Greg Centuri sits at a bar in a European sex club. He is handed a bandana and told to blindfold himself before being locked in a giant cage. Toufik Mwaka appears in the club. He’s a handsome Moroccan guy with sensuous lips and beautiful skin. He approaches Greg in the cage and drops to his knees, reaching through the metal bars and gently pulling Greg’s giant dick out of his pants.

He hungrily sucks the still-blindfolded Greg, who throws his head back in pure pleasure.  Toufik certainly knows how to deliver the perfect blowjob. He takes Greg’s long, solid shaft deep into his throat, choking repeatedly, desperate to please. Toufik drops his pants and the two men embrace through the cage. Greg reaches around and fingers Toufik’s tight hole before encouraging him to turn around and present his ass.

Moments later, Greg pulls Toufik up to the cage and sinks his rock-hard tool into the Moroccan’s smooth hole. Within seconds, Greg is thrusting in and out of Toufik, who acrobatically raises a leg in the air and clings to the cage before riding the hung top dude’s knob like a top-quality jockey.

male sex in prison


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Title of this video: Greg Centuri and Toufik Mwaka

male-on-male cage sex

Upon Arrival


I can’t stop imagining walking across your threshold for our initial visit. You meeting me at your door with a warm smile, dressed comfortably and welcoming me inside. Looking me over from head to toe, you smile as you notice my bare feet in leather flip flops. I am happy to respond to your offer to kick them off and leave them beside the umbrella stand in your entry. I love to go barefoot inside, and it will be my pleasure to experience the tactile feel of your floors on the bottom of my feet as we walk inside.

Inviting me to follow you to your comfortable den, you ask me to stand in the center of the room as you sit down, saying you just want to look at me. Your smile is genuine, but my awkwardness is evident. You are quick to issue your first instruction, this one designed to help me relax. Happily, I step my feet a bit apart, just outside my hips, and lock the fingers of my hands together behind my head. You appear to notice my expression of trust, and I can tell that you are impressed with how I hold my elbows up and back, putting my chest on upright erect display. And your eyes are drawn to the tenting of the front of my thin polyester running shorts. I blush as you offer compliments on the view that you behold.

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My Adventures With Billy – Part 11

By Robmacz

Half an hour later I shuffled into the same interview room I’d been in the previous night, only this time there was were four other people waiting for me–Mike, the two detectives, and a man I presumed was the DA. The guard escorted me to my seat. This time I had a full belly chain on with my hands cuffed to my sides. I was pushed down into my chair by the guard.

‘Before we start,’ Mike said, ‘I want to stipulate that my client will be fully co-operative in this matter.  But although this is a serious offence, my client is in a position to offer other information, relating to more serious criminal activity. He is prepared to provide you with that information and testify if necessary. In return he would be grateful for certain undertakings.’

‘I don’t think your client is in any position to make any deals,’ the DA responded. ‘He is looking at several felonies and by my calculation is likely to be looking at 30 to life.’

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male BDSM porn: Cage sex

The two Diegos are closing up when they get the insatiable desire to fuck! Salar has been locked up in a cage, showing off his hot body and Tak has been catching his eye all night, turned on by the sexy man’s skills. And now that everyone’s gone, he’s eager to show off some skills of his own. Tak swallows Salar’s cock, servicing it through the bars of the cage, taking it down to the balls. Salar lets him inside his little love nest, stripping him down piece by piece as he gets serviced and worshipped. Tak is desperate for the hot stud’s cock, bending over and presenting his hole to give the horny top a perfect view of his ass. Salar slides his thick uncut meat inside, pounding away at his insides while Tak grabs the bars of the cage for support, enduring each passionate thrust!

serviced and worshipped

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Title of this update: Tak & Salar

male bdsm

Enter Reality – Part 04

By ty dehner

Is this the end?

ty dehner gay bondage storiesIt took me a couple of hours to write the story for this leather master. The writing was difficult at times, as my focus would stray from the written word to the pain in my ass as the steel plug would ramp up the electroactivity. But I was able to conclude my writing and provide Chris with the signal that I had completed it and saved the file to the folder that he had instructed me to. Now I had to wait for him to read it. The screen went black and I was alone in the bondage, hearing my breathing as I awaited my fate.

The fresh air filled the space and my nose picked up his scent as I was aware that Chris had read my work and would render my verdict. The light filled the small space that I had been trapped in for several hours. My cock grew a bit as I thought about the results of my writing about the power that Chris has taken over me.

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The Bear Trap – Part 07

By FirefighterSIR

Part 7: Destiny

Ben idly scratched his thick beard as he turned over inside the cage, the midnight moon covering the garden and hills beyond the grid of bars with silver light.  He reflected on the last few hours.

The Captain had returned from a week away on a large fire that had been burning in the mountains to the west, a range that cut off the Bear Trap Ranch from the blanket of cool moist fog along the coast.

The Captain had drove into the canyon camp late in the day, just as the heat gave way to cool evening shadows, His huge pickup covered with red dust and ash.  He jumped out, and came through the gate, where the slave was kneeling, excited at his return.  He tousled Ben’s thick mane of brown hair before stripping down and taking a long cool shower under the big blue oak tree, with the slave kneeling between his legs.

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Off the Field

By Cutieboy90

Cutieboy90 videosDerek huffed impatiently at the door. He could hear the party continuing outside as if nothing was amiss. His body was suddenly pushed backwards.


Fuck. Derek glared at the ceiling, still trying to avoid reality. Or at least, cherry pick parts of it…

“Ffrrry…” A soft, meek whimper shattered Derek’s denial. He rolled his eyes and tried to give his fellow prisoner a reassuring, forgiving look. Sure, it wasn’t Andy’s fault for losing his balance. But it was his fault for reminding Derek of their situation.

The situation was that Derek, the star quarterback of the college football team, was tied up in a closet, face-to-face with the towel boy! They’d both been stripped of their shirts, hands and feet taped, and were gagged together with a double duty gag. It was a wide leather strap that forced a fake dick into their mouths, made them drool, and the only thing that kept them from kissing was the leather strap that held the peckers.

That wasn’t all though…

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