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The WORC Program – Part 04

By Joshua Ryan

Maybe it was around 8 o’clock when they locked me in. I’d never gone to sleep that early in my life. And who knows how many hours it was till I took that shit? I was totally out of it. Totally wasted by these insults I’d received. But the morning came, signaled by a BANG on the door. A voice yelled “CHOW. Eat it all. NOW.” A little hatch opened in the door, and another dose of workie food dropped into my storage unit.

OK, I was hungry again. So I ate it. Sitting on my “bed,” with the crumbs dropping onto my naked junk. And hair growing on my face that I couldn’t shave off. And a collar around my neck!

I was just finishing my workie breakfast bar when the same voice went down the line saying, “It’s time! Take a shit and fold your blanket! It’s time! Take a shit . . . .”

I didn’t need to shit again, so I folded my blanket and laid it on my bed, hoping that I did it right. Then the door was unlocked. I saw another workie looking back at me. This one’s name was Drum. It was his voice that had been giving the orders. You know those guys that are so buffed out, their clothes don’t fit anymore? That was Drum.

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The Rules of the Game – Chapter 06

By Jackson Amacher

From the basement, all Dylan could hear was the thumping of the music and the noises of the party. He looked around the basement and tried to memorize where he was, everything around him.

Things grew quiet upstairs, suddenly. Dylan thought he heard a cheer. Then he heard the basement door. Slow footsteps came down the stairs.

“What’s up, slave,” Rex said.

Dylan grunted through his gag in response.

Rex was wearing the full Red uniform, casually drinking from a beer. He set the beer down on the floor near Dylan’s ankle cuffs.

Rex stared at Dylan’s naked, helpless body for a moment. Then he reached out to Dylan’s right nipple, and began tickling it, softly.

“This is how it was meant to be. You, a slave; owning nothing, wearing nothing, no choice in who sees you, no choice in who fucks you. And me, your master. You might think that your current situation is the product of just dumb luck on my part, or maybe the product of cheating. But you’d be wrong, slave,” Rex said.

Rex stopped tickling Dylan’s nipple and let his finger slowly slide around to Dylan’s back, then down to his butt.

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Video: Cage sex

The two Diegos are closing up when they get the insatiable desire to fuck! Salar has been locked up in a cage, showing off his hot body and Tak has been catching his eye all night, turned on by the sexy man’s skills. And now that everyone’s gone, he’s eager to show off some skills of his own. Tak swallows Salar’s cock, servicing it through the bars of the cage, taking it down to the balls. Salar lets him inside his little love nest, stripping him down piece by piece as he gets serviced and worshipped. Tak is desperate for the hot stud’s cock, bending over and presenting his hole to give the horny top a perfect view of his ass. Salar slides his thick uncut meat inside, pounding away at his insides while Tak grabs the bars of the cage for support, enduring each passionate thrust!

serviced and worshipped


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Pictures and video: The boss is on all fours barking like the dog he is

At JalifStudio, Max Duran is Mateo Stanford’s personal trainer, an executive who wants to get more buff. What better way to get results than making a good session with the boss on all fours barking like the dog he is? Check out this video clip:


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Blindfolded cocksucker

At JalifStudio.com, handsome cocksucker Picwik has a fantasy of being bound and gagged! Luckily, he has friends who know how to set that up! Blindfolded and brought to a remote location, he’s manhandled and tied to a chair, left at the mercy of his captors! When horse-hung Cagoule comes in and shoves his huge, black cock in his mouth, he has no choice but to take it in his mouth and down his throat. Cagoule takes no mercy when he bends him over and shoves his fuck meat deep into Picwik’s tight ass, giving him the pain and pleasure he so desperately craves!

handsome cocksucker Picwik has a fantasy of being bound and gagged

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Cagoule takes no mercy when he bends him over and shoves his fuck meat deep into Picwik's tight ass

Lucky Cup – Chapter 3

By GratDelay

GratDelay bondage storiesToben

I stood up and stared down at Aaron. Now I could think straight, and get on with beating him to a pulp. I took another step forward… and fell to the ground screaming.

The jacking thing was going again! It was going full-speed, and focusing just on the head of my cock. I was still way too sensitive from cumming just a minute ago.

“Turn it off! Turn it off!” I screamed. I didn’t recognize my own voice, it was so high.

It kept going as I thrashed around, trying to get away from the awful feeling. It was pure torture.

Suddenly it stopped. I caught my breath, then cautiously looked up, afraid to move closer to Aaron. But he wasn’t there! I scrambled to my feet and looked around. Then I heard one of the doors to the hallway close. Fucking coward!

But he wasn’t really a coward, was he? He didn’t have to reveal himself to me at all. What was he playing at? Did he really think he could pass this off as just another prank?

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