Ethan’s Cruel Robbers

By SockgaggedJason

SockgaggedJason gay bondage storiesIt was the end of summer and the beginning of college fall semester, but the Georgia air was still humid and warm. Off campus, young sophomore Ethan was asleep in his apartment. He was a fit, shorthaired, clean-cut young man. An aspiring business major who enjoyed kickboxing. Two young men, disguised with neoprene ski masks, quietly entered his apartment as he slept. They were local kids looking for any valuables that would allow them to buy drugs. One of them had blonde hair draping out of their mask, the other had brown hair. Ethan woke up, however, and noticed the intruders in his place. He grabbed a nearby golf club and prepared to defend his home. Upon making his way into the hall, though, the robbers noticed of him and quickly pounced on Ethan before he could take defensive action.

The two thieves pinned him to the floor and held him down. Ethan, only wearing his underwear, experienced awful carpet burn in the struggle. That, and the pressure of their weight holding him down firmly was defeating.

Ethan tried to yell for help, though, hoping to alert the neighbors in his apartment complex, but the blonde thief cupped his hand over his mouth while the brown-haired robber flipped him over on his stomach. They bound his hands behind his back using a nearby extension cord they yanked from the wall.

Ethan buckled, fighting as much as he could underneath them. They flipped him back around and punched him in his gut, just above his belly button. He groaned and finally submitted, whimpering.

The burglars dragged him in to his living room and found a nearby sock, from his pair he wore recently at the gym, and shoved it in to his mouth. The blonde burglar held his hand over Ethan’s mouth once more, keeping the sock in place, while the other searched for something to secure the gag.

On the coffee table, he found his gym bag and removed a roll of white athletic tape. The brown haired thief was about to start wrapping Ethan’s face when the blonde stopped him.

“Wait! Wait!” he said. “Let’s get his phone passcode first.” He said.

They grabbed Ethan’s iPhone from the coffee table and demanded his passcode. The blonde one briefly removed his hand and allowed the sock to spill out of his mouth.

“Scream and we’ll kill you. The code!” the blonde one demanded again.

“23445” Ethan easily gave up.

“Good boy!” they said, and verified that unlocked his phone.

They noticed a recent dialogue of text between Ethan and a guy named, Nate. They were sparing partners it seemed, doing an early morning workout in a few hours. “Guess you’ll be skipping your morning workout, tough guy!” the brown-haired robber laughed as he placed the mobile phone in his pocket.

Going back to business, the blonde punk shoved his dirty sock back in Ethan’s mouth. The brown-haired thug then used the athletic tape to wrap Ethan’s mouth shut. Layer after layer was wrapped around Ethan’s face, as his moans were increasingly silenced.

Ethan experienced genuine terror as he realized he was gagged, unable to speak or make any noise.

The two thugs hoisted him up, threw him in to the chair next to his computer desk. Using hand wraps for boxing they found in his gym bag, they tied his ankles to the legs of the chair. Then, also thanks to his gym bag’s contents, they used jump rope to tie his chest to the back of the chair.

“Mmmphhh!” Ethan grunted, feeling the pressure of the cloth jump rope pressing his bare chest flesh against the chair. It was so tight!

They punched him again in his stomach, tell him to stop making so much fuss. He slightly slumped over in defeat, as much as the restraints would let him of course. Ethan knew he couldn’t do anything about his situation.

The blonde thief found more extension cords from the entertainment center, yanking it out violently from the wall. He and his fellow burglar used the cords to secure Ethan’s thighs to the backing of the chair, which now forced his legs to spread apart.

Ethan, clad only in his white tighty-whitey underwear, had his crotch exposed and was vulnerable in that wooden chair.

They grabbed a shirt from the gym bag. It was his sweaty t-shirt that he had worked out in. They used it as a blindfold on Ethan.

The robbers mocked him for his stinky kickboxing gear. “You ever wash your shit?” the blonde one asked. Then, he spat in his face. The spit landed on the t-shirt blindfold and dribbled down Ethan’s nose, to his taped-up mouth, rubbing it all over his face.

Satisfied with the bondage job on their victim, the young thugs returned to their main task. They continued to rob young, helpless Ethan of his belongings. They took whatever they could fit in their bag. His wallet, his GoPro, even his Blu-ray DVD player in one of the backpacks.

Ethan, assuming they were now ignoring him, struggled in his bonds, trying to get loose. He tugged at the cord binding his wrists. He buckled in his wooden chair. He wiggled his feet, trying to loosen up his hand wraps. It wasn’t pleasant for him as each struggle in bondage pressed the restraints against his bare skin. “Mmmphh” he moaned quietly.

The thieves found his laptop. They opened it up and, to Ethan’s misfortune, it wasn’t password protected. It displayed where he had left off with his late night browsing. They discovered something interesting. On his browser, they noticed that Ethan had been viewing gay fetish sites. They noticed he had a particular affinity for bondage and feet. What a coincidence. They also found a large, plug-in vibrator nearby. It was a massage wand with a rubber tube shaped attachment that fitted around a cock. It was meant to jerk someone off!

“What do you know?” the blonde robber laughed. “He probably likes what’s happening to him! He’s a little perv!”

The two, young masked intruders returned to their bound and gagged underwear clad victim, Ethan.

“Dirty little freak!” the blonde laughed. He sat down on the backing of the couch near Ethan’s chair, removed his boot and shoved his sweaty socked foot in to Ethan’s face. “You like this?”

The brown-haired robber shook his head, not paying the kind of attention to Ethan his fellow thief did, and returned to robbing the apartment. The blonde thief, however, seemed to enjoy tormenting poor Ethan with his smelly socked foot.

The brown-haired thief stuffed the laptop in their backpack and said, “We got what we need. Let’s split, man!”

“No, wait!” the blonde one said.

He took the vibrator and pulled down Ethan’s underwear. Then he, to Ethan’s shock as well as the brown-haired robber, forced Ethan’s cock in to the tube chamber of the vibrator. Ethan stiffened up with fright, to the sensation of the young man fondling his dick in the process.

The blonde then plugged in the device to a nearby wall outlet and turned it on. “VRRRMMMM!!!” the wand started to whirl.

Ethan immediately went wild with excitement, as he’s stimulated. The robbers laughed at the sight of it.

“This punk is about to cum!” the brown robber observes. “Go easy on….” He started to continue.

Ethan suddenly shot a load. He sprayed almost to the ceiling. Then, he started to gyrate and madly squirm in his chair. The sensitivity of the device vibrating on his cock, after he had come, was overwhelming. It was torture. The aftermath was pure hell.

“Mmmphh! Mmmphhh! Mmmphhh!” Ethan pleaded, begging for mercy. He made muffled screams in to his gag.

They turned off the device, giving him reprieve. Ethan slumped over, red flushed and flop sweat on his bare chest. Panting.

“I’ve got an idea,” the blonde robber said. He walked away and returned with a plastic device in his hand.

He showed it to his nefarious partner who approved with an evil grin. “You’re twisted, man!”

It was a timer.

The blonde connected the power of the vibrator to the timer then plugged the timer in to the wall. He set the timer for 6am then turned on the vibrator. This meant at 6am, power will feed thru and activate the vibrator.

Next, the blonde burglar re-inserted Ethan’s penis in to the rubber chute of the vibrator. Then he took athletic tape and wrapped the magic wand vibrator to his right thigh so that it stayed snug and close. It forced the vibrator to remain in place, covering Ethan’s dick, even if he struggled or fidgeted.

“It’s 3am right now. At 6am, your vibrator goes off again. And you’ll be all alone!” the blonde robber delighted in telling Ethan.

“Wait, bro!” the young, brown haired thief lit up. “Let’s give him a shot.”

He produced Ethan’s iPhone from his pocket, inputted the code, and accessed the recent text message to his kickboxing partner. He typed out a message to Nate:

“Hey man. Late night! Come over some time after 6am. If I don’t answer the door, just come inside and wake my ass up. But only after 6am lol!”

“There! If you don’t’ get free, that should give you some fun with vibrator until Nate discovers you. Hopefully he gets the message. Hopefully!” the brown haired one laughed.

“You’re cruel, dude. Just cruel!” the blonde one laughed.

With that, the two young thieves took off with Ethan’s valuables, leaving him bound, gagged, and connected to ominous vibrator on a timer.

“Good luck!” they wished him.

Once Ethan heard the sound of his front door shutting, he started to struggle like crazy. He toiled and squirmed. He tried his best to cry for help, but the sock in his mouth with the athletic tape seal made his pleas for help far too muffled.

He kept up the fight in his chair, trying to work past the discomfort of rope burn pinching his skin. He focused the best he could on trying to maneuver his fingers around the knots that bound his wrists.

For at least an hour, he kept up his attempts to get free of his restraint or at least loosened up. It was futile. Eventually, he passed out with exhaustion.

Sometime later, he woke up again. The feeling of his mouth being filled up with his dirty sock was the first thing he noticed. His mouth was numb, his wrists were numb. His ankles were numb. Though blindfolded by his sweaty t-shirt, he could, however, now see a hint of morning light coming through and he could hear the birds starting to chirp outside. This meant 6am must be around the corner! As he felt the vibrator strapped to his dick, knowing it could go off at any second, he knew there wasn’t much time! He was sweating bullets!

Young Ethan, not giving up, made another go at the bindings. He tried to stay calm and focus, once more, on the knots around his wrists. His fingers were so sweaty, though. It wasn’t easy. But he was making progress.

But then, suddenly, ‘CLICK.’ He heard the horrible sound of the timer on the wall nearby activating. Next, he was subjected to the harsh vibration of the magic massage wand whirling at full speed on his dick.

“Mmmphhh!” he gasped as the sensation of the vibrator gave him a shock of pleasure and agony.

At that moment, he heard a knock as his door followed by Nate’s voice yelling, “Bro! You up? Get your ass up!”

Ethan, tensed up and fighting off the cruel vibration that was making him hard, yelped and cried trying to get his friend’s attention. The pleas for help are futile though, through his gagged mouth.

The onslaught of vibration is making him harder and he tried like hell to stave off climax. He didn’t’ want to endure the torture of the feeling down there after he came.

“Bro!” he heard Nate yell again. “Wake up!”

“Mmmphhh!!!! Mmmphhh!!!” Ethan moaned.

Finally, he heard Nate opening the door of his apartment.

“What the!!” Nate exclaimed.

“Mmmphhh!” Ethan continued to moan. He felt that freedom was near.

“Is this a joke?” he heard Nate start to laugh in a casual manner.

What a dumb shit asshole, Ethan thought to himself, frustrated that his friend was right there in front of him and not understanding the torment he was enduring! Ethan edged even closer to releasing, trying his best to hold it off. He was sweating like a pig now while his clueless friend just watched.

“Oh, shit!” Nat said, finally acknowledging this wasn’t any joke at all.

Nate leaned in to Ethan and started to remove the athletic tape gag. Ethan, meanwhile, was more concerned with busting a nut down there, frustrated that Nate wasn’t first trying to remove the cruel vibrator.

As soon as the last layer of tape was unwrapped from Ethan’s sweaty face, he spit out the sock gag.

“Dude!! Get the…ahhhhhh!!!!” Ethan moaned. At that moment, he couldn’t’ help what happened next.

Ethan shot a load that sprayed right in to Nate’s face!

“Fuck!!” Nate exclaimed, jumping back but too late as his buddie’s sperm coated his entire mug.

“Ahhhhhh!!!” an embarrassed Ethan sighed.

Afterwards, spent and humiliated, Ethan apologized. Nate, in silence just wiped away the cum from his face and tended to his helpless friend.


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