Event Urinal – Part 04

By Nitro

Nitro make bdsmI slowly followed behind Dallas, feeling the huge plug shift in my hole with every step.  Seriously – every step was like I was getting fucked deep with this monster in me. Not only was my hole getting drilled with every step – but with the restraints I couldn’t even take full stride, and Dallas sure as fuck wasn’t slowing down to wait for me. “Hurry up faggot I gotta piss” is all Dallas said without even turning back to look at me struggling to keep up.

We pass by all of the sexy geared up men hanging around the hotel’s lobby and I get a number of horny stares.  If you’ve never attended a large hotel based leather event then it is hard to describe.  The lobby becomes one giant leather bar full of guys in every type of gear you could think of.  It is not uncommon to see a gimp bound as I am following a dom through the space.

I’m shuffling forward trying to keep up with Dallas on the way to the bathroom and with each step this god damn plug is sliding on my prostate.  For the first time i’m glad that my dick had the numbing cream or else I probably would have shot a load just walking here.

Dallas finally reaches the bathroom door and holds it up allowing me to shuffle past him. There are a couple of guys making out in full leather in the corner but they don’t stop as we enter.  Dallas pushes me into the stall and presses down on my shoulders, i instinctively lower to my knees finally taking time to realize just how fucking hot he is.  Dallas is just shy of 6’ tall and broad shouldered with a bulging chest and biceps.  He clearly spends his downtime lifting weights and working out a hell of a lot.  His torso tapers down to a chiselled waist and I can see his solid stomach raise and lower with each breath under the tight singlet he is wearing.  He is certainly leaving nothing to the imagination for his cock as the cockring is holding it out prominant now reaching sideways towards his hip.  He reaches down and rubs the back of my hooded head caringly.  “I’ll bet this is going to be a long day for you toy, and i’ve even put my body on the line to use you.  That’s gotta feel good doesn’ it?” He says with a grin.

I groan into the gag as I feel my dick throb against my abdomen again watching him pull the shoulder straps of his singlet down over his huge deltoids and slowly bringing it down his torso.  My eyes are focused on the slow descent of the lycra and I can’t help but wish that I was rubbing on his solid body as it made its way down to his dick.

“Lucky for you I have been holding this up for a couple of hours and I am fucking BURSTING right now, but i imagine that you are just as eager eh?”  he says as he presses his boot into my abdomen causing me to piss a bit into the tube connected to my mouth.  He hears the swallowing sound and he gives a good laugh and there’s that grin.  He finally gets down to his cock and pulls out the meaty appendage and drapes it over the funnel connected to the back of my suit and starts the flow.  I immediately feel the warm piss flow down the back side of my suit and trickling down around the base of my plug. After a few seconds he stops his flow and moves over to the funnel connected to the front of my suit before resuming.

“Fucccck that feels good” he said as his dick started to harden even more.  FUCK i want it down my throat right now but this damn gag is locked in.  His piss flows down the front of my suit and starts sliding past my numb cock that I can feel throbbing against my stomach and then the flow stops again.  He once more relocates his meat and now its above the funnel gag.  He makes direct eye contact with me before the flow starts once again but this time right into my mouth through the tube.  He is not holding back so I start to swallow fast to keep up.  “That’s right urinal – got plenty coming your way so drink up.” He is now starting to flex as he piss and I am constantly groaning as I watch – I would love to rub on his tight body while he uses me, FUCK THE PLUG FEELS HUGE as I clench around it.

After what feels like an eternity his piss finally starts to slow down and I continue to swallow what is left in the basin of the funnel.  Watching his dick continue to harden over the funnel as he enjoys using the facilities.  With his bladder drained he starts to pull the singlet back up over his body leaving a wet spot on the front of the singlet as his dick settles into place.

He reaches down and taps the back of my head twice signalling me to get up. “Ok pig – let’s not keep the guys waiting.  Good work”  Without another word he turns around and heads for the door and I shuffle behind him with my butt plug fucking my hole with every step.  We start making our way back through the lobby and over to the sofa and chairs that SIR and his friends were lounging in.  I shuffle back over beside SIR and immediately lower down to my knees beside him and his hand reaches out and rests behind my neck.

Dallas immediately speaks up “Thanks SIR for letting me use the facilities – it did a good job.

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