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Event Urinal – Part 07

By Nitro

Hey y’all – I wanted to say THANK YOU to everyone who has reached out to me lately to give me feedback and support for my stories. You have helped inspire me to get back into writing, and I have some fun stuff coming.

I have had a whole lot going on in real world land lately that has needed my focus, but now I’m back! Let’s do this! Please feel free to reach out to me and tell me what you think of my stories.




To recap where we left off – SIR and Dallas had just finished an intense 69 skullfuck with one another on one bed and spit their loads down my funnel gag. Shea and Tom were fucking Bill from both ends in the sling. Bill has been locked in self-inflicted chastity for eight weeks. Then that just leaves me—the gimp. I am sitting on the floor with my feet pulled in toward my ass and pressing the heel of my wader boots into the base of a huge plug up my hole. I’m in head-to-toe rubber with a funnel gag in place and restraints on my ankles and wrists. A thick catheter is lodged in my cock which has a tube connected to my funnel gag. Twelve padlocks are holding everything in place and the keys are all sealed in a time safe with one hour per padlock. We started with 12 hours… I have no earthly idea what’s on the clock now, but it feels like it’s been DAYS already. My nipples are on FIRE from the clover clamps at their base and the talon clamps at the tips. The numbing cream on my cock has long since worn off, which tells me it’s been at least a few hours since we started, but I can’t move enough to get friction on my cock to even think about getting close to shooting.

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Event Urinal – Part 06

By Nitro

Event Urinal story by NitroHey everyone – it has been a while since I’ve added to this story, and I have had several people ask me about it. I hope you enjoy the update, and please feel free to send me feedback/ideas etc. Pics of you in gear reading my stories go to the front of the line.

SIR walks over and starts rubbing my sensitive nipples thru the suit making me groan loudly into the gag. He knows that my nipples are hard wired and drive me up the fucking wall. He starts circling both nipples with his finger over and over again. I instinctively clench around the huge plug in my ass, which in turn makes me start to piss again right thru the tube into my gag.

“Good gimp – it’s getting quite the workout today already, but the day is a long way from over. Let’s get you a little more comfortable,” SIR says, still teasing my sensitive nips. He starts tugging at the chain connecting my wrists behind my back, and I start backing up toward the pull. He pulls me back farther until I can feel the edge of the bed behind me. He puts a pillow on the ground (I simultaneously think that is gracious but also means I’m gonna be here a while.) “Sit flat on your ass, gimp.”

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Letting Go

By Nitro

Normally I’m a dom in the playroom — but sometimes I just need my hands off the wheel and to let go, and luckily I have some good outlets for that. I let him know that I just need a few hours heavily restrained and not in control, but I really have no idea what he has planned, but it never disappoints.

Before I head over I let him know that I was locking my cock up under my clothes and that I would have my remote vibrating plug sealed in nicely and ready for him to enjoy. So I drove over after work and kept getting delayed because of rain. If you’ve never driven in Atlanta in the rain…. It’s an adventure straight out of Mad Max Fury Road but without the hot gear…. Well I guess there is some gear. I get over to his place and the garage door is already open and waiting on me so I head on in, and the house is super quiet. He must already be downstairs plotting and waiting for the meat to arrive. As I descend the stairs into the playroom I can already smell the faint cigar that lingers in the space and my dick tries to throb in the cage it’s been so tightly packed in for a few hours.

Getting to the bottom of the stairs I see him finishing moving some equipment around already dressed in just a jock and boots as he adjusts the chains on the floating table that I assume is going to be my resting spot for the day. Walking up to him to give him a big kiss I can immediately smell his masculine musk from the gym and my dick burps out some more precum into my shorts. FUCK I’m so god damn horny already. Then he reaches up and grazes both my nipples in unison and I am sent to the fucking MOON.

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Event Urinal – Part 05

By Nitro

Nitro make bdsmSIR continued to rub the back of my head while he and his friends continued to catch up, laugh and tell stories. They were all sitting around and enjoying an afternoon cocktail and occasionally looking over at the rubber toy that was on its knees beside SIR. SIR snapped his finger and pointed at the ground in front of him so I immediately went over on my hands and knees and flattened my back like a table. SIR lifted his boots and laid them across my back like a footrest. Feeling the weight of his boots pressing me down made me groan into my gag and the position was making the zipper of my suit press the monster plug in even deeper.


“Sounds like he is enjoying his place for sure, SIR,” Tom said from the next seat over. “Too bad we can’t get to that plug – I would definitely like to piss in it later when it comes out. With your permission of course.”

“Oh I promise you will get the chance Tom. He will be well worn out by then I’m sure,” SIR said.

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Event Urinal – Part 04

By Nitro

Nitro make bdsmI slowly followed behind Dallas, feeling the huge plug shift in my hole with every step.  Seriously – every step was like I was getting fucked deep with this monster in me. Not only was my hole getting drilled with every step – but with the restraints I couldn’t even take full stride, and Dallas sure as fuck wasn’t slowing down to wait for me. “Hurry up faggot I gotta piss” is all Dallas said without even turning back to look at me struggling to keep up.

We pass by all of the sexy geared up men hanging around the hotel’s lobby and I get a number of horny stares.  If you’ve never attended a large hotel based leather event then it is hard to describe.  The lobby becomes one giant leather bar full of guys in every type of gear you could think of.  It is not uncommon to see a gimp bound as I am following a dom through the space.

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Event Urinal – Part 03

By Nitro

Nitro gay piss pigWe rode down the elevator with his hand pressing against the monster in my ass, causing me to moan EVERYTIME he pressed it.  He was pressing it with each floor we passed, and for any floor the elevator stopped on he pressed it hard and held it in deep the entire time the door was open.

“Are you ready for a fun day boy?  Didn’t you say ‘Feels amazing SIR- it wants to be your toy for you to enjoy!  I’d stay this way ALL day if you wanted SIR’ weren’t those the last words you spoke?”  He said while holding the plug deep in my hole.

“MMMMPPPPPHHHHHHMMPPPPPHHHHHH” I was trying so hard to articulate that I can’t possibly stay this way all day – i just can’t do it – it sounded so hot – but FUCK.

“That’s what I thought.  You know you’re right where you belong don’t you?” He said quietly in my ear just before he turned and looked into the dark tinted lenses of the urinal hood.

I slowly kneeled down by his feet on the elevator floor as he rubbed my rubbered head. “Good boy – that’s what I thought.”

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Event Urinal – Part 02

By Nitro

Nitro gay piss pigTo recap where we left off – the urinal of our story is locked into full rubber, waders, and urinal hood with a built in gag.  He has a thick XL plug in his hole, and his dick which has been coated in numbing cream is sealed inside an external catheter.

All of the gear is padlocked on with 12 locks that have been tossed into a time safe for 12 hours.

“I don’t know why you’re making such a commotion – you practically begged me for this didn’t you?”  SIR said with that damn grin on his face as he pressed his body against mine.

“MPPHHHHH” i tried to get out thru the gag holding my mouth wide.

“I’ll make a deal with you.  I’m going to get ice to make a drink, and I will be back in five minutes.  If your hardon has gone down by the time that I get back then I’ll see about making you more comfortable.  However, if it hasn’t…. well… then you clearly need more.  Now don’t fucking move a muscle until I return.”  He said with a sneer as he headed towards the door.

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ImmobileRestraint – Chapter 13

By Nitro

nitroatlA reward? What did that mean? His hole was hungry? Was he going to finally be able to fuck his Sir for the first time in months? Sir was typically not up for being on the receiving end of anything but a tongue up his ass, but sometimes when the wind blew just right…

The very idea of this had his cock throbbing inside the spiked chastity cage, which made him groan into the gag. Now that he felt Sir was no longer watching he tried to stay very still. He didn’t think he could handle much more of the heavy electro that gets delivered when he moves. His entire body was aching, and the massive plug in his hole felt like it was the size of a Buick.

He was so tired from putting on such a show, and his muscles ached from being locked in here all day. He started picturing his Sir sitting back in that chair earlier while his dick was serviced, and he felt his own cock throbbing into the spikes. He pictured him leathered up and in tall boots, his thick cock pushing against his codpiece. He pictured him slowly sucking the phallic cigar as he exhaled a plume of smoke.

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