Gear 365 – Part 3

By Rubrpig

Adam finished showering and grabbed a towel and began to dry off. After toweling off, he picked up a hairdryer and began to dry off the steel chastity belt he wore. The heavy steel cararra belt which covered and caged his cock and balls had been locked on him almost 6 months ago by his leather Daddy. He had met his Daddy at the bar during a gear night and since that night, he had worked hard on becoming Daddy Mike’s gear boy. That night he had given Daddy Mike a promise that he would wear the belt for a minimum of 1 year and that he would be in gear every day either leather, skinhead, fetish or sports gear. He had grown accustomed to wearing gear every day even at the office.

Daddy Mike woke up and stretched. He sat up in bed and watched through the open bathroom door, his boy drying off and standing looking in the mirror while he dried off under his steel belt. He smiled as Adam had adapted very well to chastity and had become much more focussed on pleasing his Daddy. It also improved his focus at his work as well, which had been noticed by his supervisors.

Adam walked into the bedroom and stood beside the bed. Daddy Mike looked up and smiled. As it was the weekend, they had not bothered to make any plans except for Adam’s hockey game the next day. Daddy Mike shoved the covers aside and his hard cock stood up and he nodded. Adam smiled and jumped on the bed, knelt and quickly swallowed his Daddy’s cock and began licking and sucking Daddy’s cock deep into his throat. His head moved up and down while licking the underside of his Daddy’s cock. Daddy Mike groaned from the pleasure and shortly came in Adam’s mouth filling it with his cum. Adam swallowed and then licked and sucked his Daddy’s cock clean and pulled off. Daddy Mike smiled and told Adam to lay down and the 2 men cuddled for a while before starting the day.

After a while, they got up and wandered into the kitchen. This was one of the weekends they were staying at Adam’s house. It was easier for Adam when he was playing hockey as then his gear was able to be aired out prior to packing up and after the game he was able to put all of his sweat soaked goalie equipment on the drying racks in his garage. Adam had been worried at the start of the season about how the chastity belt would affect his game and what his team mates would say about it. However, after watching a practice, Daddy Mike had guided him on how to handle wearing the belt at the rink. Adam had also found that after several months in the belt he noticed that he was more focussed and was actually playing better. As a result, he efforts had helped the team also improve and the season was ending in several weeks and it appeared that his team was going to be in the finals for the first time. This really make Adam happy and Daddy Mike proud of his gear boy.

After breakfast, Daddy Mike told Adam to get down to the playroom and bring up the heavy strait jacket and the sensory deprivation hood. Adam smiled and headed quickly downstairs and gathered up the gear. Heading back upstairs, he walked up to his Daddy. Putting the gear on the table, he stood and watched his Daddy pick up the heavy straitjacket and hold it out so Adam could slide his arms into the sleeves. Daddy Mike walked behind Adam and began strapping up the jacket and then telling Adam to cross his arms, tightened the strap and then fastened the bicep straps and the pinion strap on the front of the jacket which pinned Adam’s arms to the jacket. Then Daddy Mike picked up the heavy sensory deprivation hood and opened it up and worked it over Adam’s head. Once the hood was seated properly and after insuring Adam could breathe through the grommet placed just over his mouth, he laced the hood up tight and then zipped the covering flap down and then buckled the collar and padlocked it. Then he tightened the straps on the hood so Adam was sealed away from the world. Daddy Mike forced Mike down by pushing on his shoulders and Adam knelt. Then Daddy Mike pushed him back so Adam sensed that he was to lay down on his back so he did. After getting on his back he laid there quietly.

Daddy Mike walked away and into the bathroom off the master bedroom and picked up a razor, a can of shaving cream, and an set of electric clippers. After rummaging in the pocket of the leather breeches he had worn the night before he got his key ring. Walking back out to his boy, he knelt and took the key ring and found the key for the chastity belt and unlocked the belt. Adam shuddered and moaned in the hood and Daddy Mike realized that Adam was panicking about the belt. Adam stroked his boy’s legs and Adam began to calm down. Daddy Mike then opened and removed the cage and then after removing the steel cock tube from the slot in the back plate of the belt, he slide the tube off of Adam’s cock for the first time in 6 months. Adam’s cock was shriveled and red but after checking it for any obvious sores, Daddy Mike removed the back plate of the belt and setting it down on Adam’s legs. The steel belt was left but sitting on the floor spread open.

After checking the areas that had been covered by the belt, he wanted to make sure that there were no sores or issues. Once he was satisfied that Adam was ok, he took the clippers and turned them on. He began cutting Adam’s fur and soon had shaved down Adam’s cock and balls. Then he picked up the shaving cream and spread it over Adam’s crotch and began shaving him. Daddy Mike wanted him smooth before putting the belt back on. After a couple of weeks, the itching caused by the hair growing back in will be a nice source of irritation to his boy. After he finished shaving and making sure he got all the hair, he began to slowly jack Adam’s cock. Adam’s body quickly responded and his cock got rock hard and after several more strokes, Adam came. The orgasm was so intense for Adam, he screamed into the hood, his back arched and rope after rope of heavy white cum covered the leather of his straitjacket and hood. Finally, he stopped and all that could be heard was his gasping for air through the grommet on the front of the hood.

Daddy Mike smiled and sat back and let Adam calm down and relax. After a few minutes he stood up and went to get some hot soapy water and he washed Adam’s cock and balls and cleaned up the cum from the jacket and the hood. After drying Adam off, he stood up and walked over to a chair and sat down. He wanted Adam to lay there and relax thinking about the extreme pleasure he had just been allowed. After a while, he picked up the steel cock tube and the cage of the belt and headed for the kitchen where he washed and cleaned the parts the he grabbed some ice from the freezer and headed back to Adam. Putting the ice on Adam’s cock he got the cock to shrink and he was able to slide the tube over Adam’s cock and then put the belt back together and finally locked it. Standing up he walked back to the bedroom and put his keys back into his pocket. He laid down on the bed and relaxed. He began stroking his cock and thinking about his boy laying on the floor isolated from the world. He got harder and harder and then came pumping a heavy load over his furry chest and abdomen. After he finished, he got up and walked to the bathroom and turned on the shower. After having a shower he dried off and walked back out to where his boy lay.

Adam was twitching and his head moving so it was obvious that he was dreaming or deep in a hallucination caused from the lack of sensory input. He watched Adam for a few minutes and checked the time and it had been about 2 hours that Adam had been isolated.

Daddy Mike knelt and lifted Adam up and put him in a sitting position supported by his leg. Then he began the process of removing the heavy hood from his boy. Soon, Adam was out of the hood and blinking in the light. His head was covered in sweat but he was smiling. He looked up at his Daddy and thanked him for the release and allowing his boy to cum. Daddy Mike smiled and asked his boy if he wanted out of the jacket. Adam shook his head and asked to remain in the jacket till the evening. Daddy Mike nodded and then helped Adam to his feet. The two men walked into the kitchen and Daddy Mike took a bottle of water from the fridge and helped his boy to drink. Adam quickly swallowed the contents of the bottle and smiled. Asking Adam if he was hungry, Daddy Mike smiled as Adam told him that he was starving. Daddy Mike began to make scrambled eggs and soon, he put down a plate on the table in front of Adam and another one down for himself. Sitting down he began eating as he watched his boy bury his face in the eggs and ate as he could. After covering his face is egg he looked up and begged for help. His Daddy laughed and took a fork and began to feed his boy. Once he had finished he grabbed a dish cloth and wiped his boy’s face.

Daddy Mike got up and cleaned up the kitchen and made coffee and walked into the living room and turned on the TV. He put on the game and sat down on the couch. Adam walked over and knelt by him and then sat down and shuffled over till his right leathered shoulder pressed hard against his Daddy’s furry leg. Leaning back against the couch he relaxed especially after his Daddy put his hand on his neck and was rubbing it. After the coffee was ready, Daddy Mike stood up and went and got one. He sat back down and the 2 men watched the game.

After the game ended, they crawled into bed for a rest. Adam was ordered to lay on his side, and Daddy Mike moved up behind him and pulled Adam to him and then slide his cock into Adam’s ass. They fell asleep shortly after. After a couple of hours, they woke up and Daddy Mike began to slowly fuck his boy’s ass. Soon he was cumming and pumped a load deep into his boy’s ass.

After having supper, and after cleaning up his boy again, Daddy Mike decided that they should head to the bar. Walking into the bedroom, he grabbed Adam’s chaps, side zipped tactical boots. Walking back out he told Adam to stand up and he unbuckled the crotch straps of the jacket and then put on the chaps and buckling the chaps snuggly around Adam’s waist he knelt and zipped the legs closed. Then he put on Adam’s boots without socks and zipped up the boots and then he stood up and refastened the crotch straps of the jacket and padlocked the buckles again.

He stood up and walked back into the bedroom and pulled on the breeches he had worn the day before and then his Dehners. Taking a bar vest he put it on. Putting his keys and wallet into the pocket of the breeches he walked out. He grabbed Adam’s leash from the closet on the way out and walked back over to where Adam was standing. He hooked the leash onto the locked collar of the jacket and the 2 men headed out to the truck.

Adam was a little anxious as he had not gone bare assed at the bar before and especially not on the street. However, he had no choice and when Daddy Mike parked about 3 blocks from the bar, he knew that he was going to be on display through the gay village on the way to the bar. The two men walked to the bar and the people on the street smiled at the sight of the 2 men. One locked into a heavy leather strait jacket and chaps and the other in police breeches and boots.

They had a great time at the bar. It was crowded and it also happened to be a leather night so there were many guys in leather for a change.

They finally left the bar late and headed back to Adam’s house. After they got into the house, Daddy Mike looked at Adam and asked if he wanted to sleep in his chaps and jacket or did he want out? Adam nodded and asked his Daddy to take the jacket off as he was starting to have cramps in his arms and shoulders, but he was happy as he had spent nearly 12 hours in the jacket which was far longer than he had ever been strapped in before. Soon the heavy leather jacket was slid off his body and Adam began to stretch and work the stiffness from his arms and shoulders. He removed his chaps and boots, then knelt and kissed his Daddy’s boots in gratitude for the day and for the unexpected orgasm and release.

The next day, the men relaxed and Adam got ready for his game. The two men headed for the arena and Daddy Mike sat in the stands along with the wives and girlfriends of Adam’s teammates as they had all become friends during the course of the season. The game was hard played and the final score was 2 -1 for Adam’s team. As usual after the team had showered and got dressed, they headed to the arena bar to have a drink.

After getting home, and after Adam had put his gear up on the racks to dry, the 2 men sat and relaxed. Deciding to order in, they placed the order and sat back and relaxed. Adam was in black carhartt work pants and heavy work boots as he admired how his Daddy looked in work gear so he had asked permission to get some. Daddy Mike was still in leather jeans and boots. After the food arrived and they had eaten, Adam was nodding off so they headed to bed and soon both were asleep.

The next morning, both men got ready for their jobs and after saying goodbye to Daddy Mike, Adam left and headed for his office. Dressed in black leather police breeches, Dehners, a black uniform shirt and a leather bar vest, he walked into the office building and cleared security. The security guards now fully aware of the heavy steel belt around his waist as usually patted him down and let him through.

Daddy Mike headed for the large office building development where he was site manager. The day began with the usual crisis’s caused by the designers of the builders and he managed to get things sorted out. The rest of his day was spent insuring that the changes had taken care of.

About an hour before Adam was finished, there was a knock on his office door and the head of the company walked in. Adam worked for a large video game company as a lead programmer and product developer. The man who was standing in his office doorway was the man who had started the company when he was in his 20’s and now at the age of 38, was the owner of the largest gaming company in the country. He smiled and walked in and sat down.

Adam was surprised and shocked to see his boss as he did not know He was back in town as he had been away for several months. His boss nodded and told Adam that he needed to talk with him about what had been happening the last few months. Adam nodded and asked if there was a problem. His boss asked why Adam had been wearing leather to the office and what was going on as there had been change in his attitude as a result. Adam nodded and explained that he had become involved with a man who had taught him to be proud of who he was and to express that without shame or embarrassment. His boss nodded and asked why the leathers? Adam replied that he had a serious fetish for leather and other forms of gear and that by wearing leather he was able to stand proud and show the world that he was a leather man and proud of it.

Adam asked if this was a problem as there really wasn’t a dress code and had someone complained about his leather? His boss nodded and assured Adam that no one had complained about the leather but it appeared that the leather did improved Adam’s work and that was noticed. Adam sat stunned and thanked his boss. His boss went on and told Adam that effective immediately, Adam was promoted to divisional Vice President. Adam was stunned and said nothing for a few minutes and then thanked his boss. Adam then asked if this meant he had to stop wearing leather at work and if telecommuting was allowed? His boss nodded and told Adam that there was a dress code for VP’s but it applied to when they were meeting with individuals or groups from outside of the company and that telecommuting was allowed but it was preferred that he arrange to be in the office for at least 4 of the days if not more depending on work schedules and appointments. Adam nodded and then stood up, his leathers creaking softly and thanked his Boss for the great opportunity and they shook hands. His boss then said, time for you to see your new office.

They headed to the elevators and the programmers had noticed the boss was in the office and watched as the 2 men headed up to the top floor of the building where the executive offices were located. They got to the top floor and stepped out of the elevator and walked over to a large glass walled office and entered. Looking around, his boss nodded and asked Adam if this office was satisfactory. Adam was stunned and nodded and said he was amazed by it.

They talked for a few minutes and his boss told him to report to his new office the following Monday. Over the weekend, the office maintenance team would pack up Adam’s office and transfer his files, etc to his new office. Adam thanked him and turned and left. He headed downstairs to break the news to his programming team. The team congratulated him and he finally was able to get away and head home.

Reaching his house, he walked in and as he was late, his Daddy had arrived before him. Seeing the stunned smile of his boy’s face he asked Adam after a long hard kiss what was up? Adam told him that he had just been promoted to divisional Vice President. Daddy Mike was stunned and then grabbed Adam and gave him a bear hug and a long kiss. After letting his boy go, he asked Adam what happened. Adam told him everything and what his boss had said. Then he explained that he now had to work within a dress code which outlined in general terms the appearance he would have to maintain. Daddy Mike nodded and said that if the code was that general there was lots of room for personal expression so to speak.

And since his boss was aware of the reasons for the leathers he would understand that Adam was going to put his personal touch on the dress code. Adam nodded and then sat back and thought. Just then he remembered an image that he had seen of a muscular athletic man in formal business attire or so it seemed at first glance. The man was wearing tight, soft leather breeches that were tucked smoothly into tall riding boots, a white dress shirt, fitted buttoned leather vest, leather tie and a dark blue fitted blazer. The combination of traditional business clothes and the fitted leather made a striking look. He looked up and explained to his Daddy what he wanted to do and Daddy Mike nodded and smiled saying that he knew his boy would figure it out. Suggesting that they head downtown to their favourite leather store, he was sure they could get enough gear to satisfy Adam’s needs for formal business wear while still showing his individuality.

After an early dinner, the 2 men headed to the leather store and after arriving, walked in and found the owner was still there. The 2 men were well known to him and he was pleased to see them. Both were proud Leathermen who wore their gear with pride. After Adam explained what was needed, the owner George nodded and smiled. He knew exactly what Adam wanted to do. George suggested that Adam also consider several leather suits which could be tailored to fit and that combining them with fabric shirts and vests, they would be striking and by mixing and matching he would have enough to be sufficient.

Adam nodded and agreed to all of the suggestions. George took Adam’s measurements and then they sat down and selected the soft leathers for the new garments. The leather was softer than the leathers that Adam and his Daddy were normally in as they had to resemble cloth in the way they would fit. Then George recommended a boot maker that could make Adam several pairs of custom riding boots and shorter boots that would work with the suits better than normal shoes. Adam nodded and made arrangements to see the boot maker the next day. George told Adam that he would have the new gear ready in 2 weeks.

The 2 men went home and Daddy Mike decided that they needed to celebrate and soon after, Adam was shackled to the cross and was being heavily flogged and moaning in pleasure. After being flogged and then caned, Adam was taken off the cross and crawled over and kissed his Daddy’s boots to thank him for the discipline and pain. Daddy Mike smiled and told Adam to crawl over to the dog cage and get in as he was going to spend the night in the cage. Adam nodded and crawled into the heavy steel cage and curled up and got as comfortable as he could due to the welts on his ass and back from the caning and flogging. After Daddy Mike padlocked the cage he turned and headed upstairs, turning off the lights. Soon both men had fallen asleep.

In the morning, Daddy Mike stretched, and slowly woke up. He got up and walked through the house and down to the playroom. Turning on the lights, he walked over to the cage and nudged the sleeping boy with his foot. Adam startled awake and looked up and saw his Daddy looking at him through the bars of the cage. He watched as his Daddy unlocked the cage and told him to get out. Adam crawled out of the cage and stood up and stretched to ease the cramps in his body due to the restrictions of the size of the cage. The two men walked back upstairs, and Daddy Mike told Adam to get coffee and breakfast ready and he headed to have a shower. Adam got busy in the kitchen and soon the smells of coffee and bacon frying filled the house. After breakfast, Adam was given permission to have a shower and to make sure he was careful not to open up any of the welts on his back. Adam had a shower and carefully dried his back and then finished drying his belt.

After both men got dressed in tight levis, tall wesco boots, white t-shirts and leather jackets, they left the house and got into Adam’s SUV and headed for the boot makers. Once they arrived and found the store, Adam explained what he was looking for and the boot maker nodded. He went into the back and brought out several sample boots and Adam smiled as they were exactly what he had been thinking about. After getting measured for the boots, and insuring that the boot maker understood that the shafts of the tall riding boots must allow for the leather of the breeches, the 2 men left after being told the boots would be ready in several weeks.

They headed home and Adam went into his bedroom and looked through his closet to see what he could wear that would work for him over the next several weeks while his new gear was made. He turned and saw his Daddy watching and asked him for his opinion. Daddy Mike nodded and suggested a few things and Adam agreed. Using his existing suits, and adding leather ties, Dehners, and leather jocks under the suits, Adam could still maintain he commitment to being in gear which is what was concerning him the most. He simply did not want to disappoint his Daddy. Since Daddy Mike had agreed and added a few things, he knew he would not disappoint and that was the most important thing.

The 2 men decided to take it easy for the rest of the weekend so they could just relax and talk about what had happened and what had to change. Adam told Daddy Ken that he was still able to telecommute but he had to spend less time at home and more at the office. Most likely it would mean that he would be working from home only 3 – 4 days a month now, and that it might also mean he would have to travel for business but that was not certain. Daddy Mike nodded and then suggested that it really made no sense for both men to maintain homes, and that it was time to make more of a commitment to their relationship. Since Adam owned his home and Daddy Mike rented, it made more sense to surrender the rental home and for Daddy Mike to move into Adam’s house. Adam smiled and hugged his Daddy and agreed without hesitation.

Over the next couple of weeks, they were busy between work, getting things organized for the move and Adam’s hockey team. The team made the finals and surprising the entire team won the final and the league championship. After the team celebration, the 2 men headed home and had their own celebration. Adam was hung by his wrists and suspended about 4 inches off the floor while he was hit with a riding crop and a cane all over his body leaving no part of his torso, arms and legs unmarked. By the end, he was howling in pain but he was smiling never the less.

The owner of the leather store called and left a message that the new gear was ready and that he had also heard from his friend that the boots were also ready. He told Adam to pick up the boots first then come to the store to try on the gear.

The 2 men headed out and stopped at the boot makers and picked up the new boots. Then they headed for the leather store and walked in carrying the boot boxes. George was standing in the shop and greeted them. Telling Adam to head to the dressing room and strip, George walked into the back and brought out a rack where the new gear was hanging. Walking over to the dressing room he handed a pair of soft leather breeches to Adam who quickly put them on and walked out. The leather was tight and smooth and fit like a second skin. Picking up a pair of socks he pulled them on and then unpacked the tall riding boots. He sat down and took a pair of boot hooks and pulled on the tall riding boots. The boots slipped on and he stood up and stamped his foot to force it into the boot all the way. He put on the second boot.

The leather breeches had slid into the boots and were not bunched up at the knees so the breeches and boots appeared to form a single piece. Adam then pulled on a white dress shirt he had brought with him and put it on and tucked it in. Taking a leather tie he put it on and knotted it. Then George handed him a leather vest made from the same leather of his breeches and he put it on and buttoned it. Then George pulled a dark blue tailored wool blazer and handed it to Adam who pulled it on. Turning to face his Daddy, Adam asked him for his opinion. Daddy Mike looked at his boy and smiled. Telling Adam to look in the mirror, he watched as his boy walked over to the mirror and looked at his image. The smooth fitted leather of the breeches, boots, vest combined with the wool blazer combined to make a striking formal image.

Adam stared stunned at his image. He winced as his cock tried to get hard but failed but he was fully aware that the gear was formal and still clearly showed he was a Leatherman.   He sat down and pulled off the tall boots and then removed the rest of the gear and then tried on the leather suit and wool vest. Combined with the short leather boots, the suit again showed Adam in a clearly formal manner and yet the image of the leather showed clearly who he was.

After everything was packed up, Adam paid the final bill and they loaded the gear into his suv. They drove home and unloaded. Adam began to put away all the new gear and boots in the closet. Daddy Mike smiled as he watched, he was so proud of what his boy had become in only a few months. A proud leather boy who showed the world with pride who and what he was.

Adam got up early on Monday and spent a little extra time getting ready for work. He decided to wear the leather breeches, riding boots and blazer. He took time getting dressed as his Daddy watched. After having a quick breakfast together, both men left the house. Adam arrived at the office and walked in, his new gear creaking softly as he walked. The security team smiled as they saw him walk in and quickly patted him down. He headed up to his office and got off the elevator. As it was the first time he had arrived at his office wearing leather and boots, he was not sure of his reception. As he walked through the offices to his own office, the other executives looked up and smiled and nodded in greeting and the support staff openly stared at the tall muscled, leather clad vice president. After reaching his office, he entered and began his work day. A short while later, he got a request to report to the owner’s office and he stood up and walked to the other side of the floor and entered. The owners executive assistant, Charles nodded and told him to go straight it. He knocked and walked in. The owner looked up and smiled.

Adam walked over and sat down. His boss told him that he had heard that leather had finally appeared so he had to see for himself. Adam smiled and asked if it was suitable for his position and his boss nodded and laughed. He went on to say, that he wished all his executives looked that good when they came into to work. The 2 men talked about how Adam was adjusting to his new position and was he able to sort out a suitable schedule so he could have a work and personal life. Adam nodded and said that he had worked things out with his partner and that they had agreed that it was time to move in together. His boss nodded and smiled telling Adam that he was happy to hear that things were working out. He went on to say, he should consider bringing his partner to any work functions as he encouraged his executives to bring their partners to the events. Adam nodded and said he would try and convince his partner to attend. His boss nodded and asked Adam if his partner was a out and proud Leatherman as well? Adam a little stunned nodded and his boss said, well, guess everyone had better get used to seeing leather a lot around here.

To be continued …

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  1. Loving this story so far. Becoming a leather executive is a nice twist. Other than his locked cock he’s becoming more of a leather boss/sir every day.

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