3 thoughts on “High-security cuffs”

  1. I first made contact with Rob through GearFetish after I saw some of his pics that included Chubb Escort high security cuffs – to me, anyone owning such cuffs is most likely a very serious collector.

    I never had the pleasure of meeting Rob personally but we exchanged many emails and phone calls and I kmow from previous comments made here and elsewhere that there are many of us who miss him.

  2. Like Mikeintightpants, I met Rob thru GearFetish back in 2003. After a couple months of emailing and phone calls we finally met in person. He had a good size collection of metal restraints. Rob also had a huge collection of assorted leather restraints.

    During my visit with Rob I was restrained most of the time and generally it was in steel of some sort. The pictures posted are of me during a couple of visits. Thank you Metal for posting them and honoring Robs memory. It was a sad day when I heard the news of his passing – he was a great friend.


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