How My Cuckolding Fantasy Came True

By Pete

I have read all of the stories on the Metalbond website, but none stirred anything as deeply in me as the story “Roger” by David Sellers. I have read it over and over and have spent a lot of time thinking about it. I mentioned it casually to my partner of seven years a few more times than I realized. He never indicated that he noticed how much I liked the story.

Here’s the back story of us. I am a divorced dad of three, he is a widowed father of 3. I am a general surgeon with a degree from Yale, he is a chief of police in a midwestern suburb. He was penniless after his divorce due to his own generosity. He is a handsome bear of a man and a masculine cop straight out of central casting. Nobody could tell in a million years that he is bi / gay. I am an overeducated wasp, and people do suspect I’m gay if they know me well. I met him on a dating website and gradually introduced him to kink. He took to it well and soon became my collared, cuffed, gagged sub in the bedroom, and my equal outside of the bedroom. He hadn’t even known that kink existed in his marriage.

But something was wrong, as we can see now. I was always in control in the hospital, as I’ve said to more than one nurse, these are “doctors orders,” not suggestions. Nurses, employees, technicians and patients all do exactly as I say all day long. As chief of police, he is constantly yanked around by village government, reporters, unions, cops with grievances, and crime victims. Perhaps that’s why he turned the tables on me. He is my height but substantially more muscular. He basically told me one day, here’s how it’s going to be. He began tying me up for sex, edging me, forcing me to serve other guys and becoming more aggressive and selfish in bed. Outside of the bedroom we were equals, however.

Until this week.

We started to open our relationship to a three-way here and there, and I made the mistake of telling him he could visit one of those guys out of town at a time he could get away and I could not. They fell in love. They began texting constantly, and it was like every other affair that I’d ever seen. We fought about how I paid for his kids to go to college, etc., etc., and how could he do this to me. When I became convinced that he was staying with me and this was just a hot fling, I started to change my view. Soon he had a boyfriend with my permission. Then another, who looked at me in an evil way while he fucked my partner right in front of me. He told me I couldn’t do a thing about it, in a playful way at first. As soon as he saw how hot my partner became, the bf#2 started being a total dick to me.

Within a week my partner decided that I had been downgraded from sub to slave and that I would be pierced with a PA so that I could be placed in inescapable chastity.

How My Cuckolding Fantasy Came TrueIn these pictures you can see the cable attachment for the CB-6000 “Curve” which went on today, after having been pierced just 3 days ago. The nylon cable threads through the PA ring, which makes this otherwise escapable device inescapable. Now I’ve been in chastity for 12 hours, after no ejaculation for 48 hours. (Yes, I beat off 12 hours after I got the PA.) He is no longer doing chores to make up for his lower income and degree of education, and feels entirely liberated from his debt of gratitude toward me. Life is short, he will have as many boyfriends as he wants, and I will have to stand naked, bound and gagged at attention and hand them lube and pour champagne while he makes sweet love to his boyfriend right in front of me. I’m told I will have to suck off these guys at times, which is hard to imagine because they have been so rude to me at every opportunity.

All of this is the answer to a prayer for me. I am finally deprived of control, in large measure, and he finally has it. In spades. Every time I cross my legs I feel his sexual domination over me and I already have the constant low grade sexual buzz of the cum-denied. I have eroticized every selfish thing he wants to do and it’s largely because of all the posts about chastity on your blog, and that amazing story by David Sellers.

Cuckold fantasies are a deep well, I’m telling you. If not for this cage on my dick, I would be hard as a rock.

Thanks again, Metal. (I think.)



How My Cuckolding Fantasy Came True 02

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