My Chastity Challenge

By Nick Ensign

I bought this cage for myself last month, and it arrived on Christmas Eve. It’s very important to me that the chastity cage be all metal. I have been in a silicon birdlocked several times, but it doesn’t feel right and the plastic can stick to the skin at times. I was surprised at how comfortable this new cage turned out to be.

After spending Christmas Day testing it, on the day after Christmas I wriggled into it and snapped the lock on for the duration. To ensure that I was good, I then drove across town and gave all the keys to my keyholder. We agreed to leave it on for 4 days.

After 4 days, however, it was so comfortable that I didn’t want to take it off. So we went to a week, then 10 days.

Stories By Nick EnsignYesterday was the 10th day, and I presented the keyholder with a challenge that I dreamed up. I drafted a contract to be signed by the both of us, and I signed and dated my signature in advance. I then presented the contract to my keyholder and gave him time to read it over. The terms of the contract state that he is to fill in a date through which I must remain in chastity. He does not have to consult me in any way, and he can choose any date from next week to 20 years from now. He has to write the date into the contract and then sign and date his signature, at which point it becomes binding on both of us.

For seven days he is not allowed to tell me how long I have to remain locked in chastity. That guarantees that I will be locked up at least another week, and I have to spend that week not knowing how long I am contractually obligated to remain locked up.

My keyholder thought this sounded like a good challenge, and he kept the contract after I left.

Next Saturday I will find out the date I can be released. If I complete the challenge, I get to spend 24 hours in my keyholder’s VERY extensive and complete dungeon, and the keyholder has to get me into and out of any equipment I wish to try, and he has to provide any other assistance I might need.

If I lose the challenge, I will become the property of my keyholder for 72 hours, and he is free to use me in any way he wishes.

How’s that for a chastity challenge? I am attaching a picture of my locked-up cock as well as a copy of the contract.

I dare you not to get aroused just reading through the contract!


Chastity Contract

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