I Choose You

By Nephilim

Tags: #gay #domination #submission #mind-control #BDSM #relationship #bondage #rubber #sensory_deprivation #consensual #fetish #edging

Length: 7590 words.

Tyler was well known in the local gay community. For several reasons. 

First of all because, or thanks to, his looks. Former athlete, he had kept his imposing brawn through many sessions at the gym. His muscles and handsome face were the envy of many other men. And for those who had seen it, so was his fat dick.

However, Tyler was also known for his sexuality. His paradoxal sexuality. Tyler claimed to be a sub and roamed all BDSM networks, digital or physical, in search of the Master that would dom him. Which he never seemed to find. In the meantime, he went through the vanilla community, topping every man who accepted him and was able to take his dick. The physical part of these encounters always were enjoyable, Tyler knew how to use the tools at his disposal. Not only his dick, but his hands, mouth and tongue too. However Tyler was dissatisfied by the lack of kink and his partners felt it. Some came back for another fuck, most didn’t. All of this made Tyler more and more bitter about sex. But not despaired yet.

So, while still on the lookout for a Master, Tyler split his time between his white collar job and workout sessions at the gym. And the occasional BDSM  social party.

It was during one of his workouts that he was approached by a younger man in sporting gear. Almost as muscular as him, although with less hair on his body. The man had waited for him to finish one of his set

– Who’s asking?
– Your new Master.
– Ha! You wish.
– Don’t you?
– Listen, kid. I’ve been looking for a Dom for many years. I’ve tried a lot of them and it never worked. And they were much more imposing than you. So excuse me for not having much hope.
– According to the grapevine, you went through so many Doms that you can’t seem to find new ones. You have nothing to lose and a lot to gain by accepting my offer.
– Which would be?
– Come back here next friday. We will have a common workout and then go back to my place for a nice domination night. I will do the domination, you will just have to be here until Saturday at noon. Or longer, if you feel like it.
– Just like that?
– Why not? Do you accept?
– I do. But if it doesn’t work, you’ll invite me to an evening meal at Tattu. And I get to fuck you.
– Agreed! See you friday, 5 p.m. Here.”


The man left towards the changing room and Tyler went back to his workout. Five minutes later, clad in jeans, bike boots and bike jacket, the man came back to Tyler. Tyler almost yelled.

“What now???
– Gosh, you sure you’re a sub?
– Only for those who deserve it. What do you want?
– Two points. One : You will be my sub. Two : I plan on getting your dick in my ass whatever the outcome. See you.”

The man made a mocking salute with two fingers to his head and left the gym. Tyler watched him go, obvious surprise on his face.

On Friday, Tyler was already running on a treadmill when the man took place on the next one. They greeted each other without words and went back to their cardio. They worked on several machines, Tyler focusing on his legs, as “suggested” by his current partner. Internally, he was starting to get impressed. He tried to get the upper hand by using heavy weights, but the young man was lifting almost as much as Tyler did. Which was not to be sneered at. Finishing a set, the man stood up and turned to Tyler. 

“Time to leave. Come with me.”

Tyler kept on pushing on his legs.

“I said : Come with me. You can be a brat, but know you will be punished for it.”

Tyler stood up.

“Yes … master.”

Sarcasm was plain and obvious. The man simply shook his head. In the changing room, Tyler got naked, ready for a shower. Just before he left for an open stall, the man called him.


NOTE: The author of this story, Nephilim (aka Dream Nephilim) has his own website — Proudly Submissive — with even more erotic fiction, in both English and French. Click the image above to go there.

Tyler turned just in time to see a round object coming to him. He caught it in one hand and looked at it. The size of a grapefruit, it looked like a ball made of matt black metal with red stripes. While Tyler was looking at it, it opened in two equal parts, joined by a small hinge. He discovered it was not a ball, but a sphere, empty on the inside. However, before he could see more or react further, lightning came out of the object and struck him in the face. Immediately, he felt several changes. First, he lost sight, as if in the deepest underground cave. Then he felt himself become lighter. He tried to shout and move, but without success.

In the changing room, the young Master was looking at the result of his action. After Tyler had been hit by the lightning, his body had been transformed into light and absorbed by the ball. The ball closed again and fell on the floor where it rocked a bit on itself. Then it stopped and blinked once. The master bent down, caught the ball and put it into his bag. He gathered all of Tyler’s stuff and his own, leaving the gym. No traces of Tyler nor the man were left behind.

During the trip, Tyler felt almost nothing. His senses were gone except for movement and equilibrium. He knew he was moving, but nothing else. He had tried sensory deprivation during other BDSM sessions but nothing like that. He had appreciated it back then, getting cut off from the world, blind, deaf, mute, being restrained and relying on another person to survive. But it had always been too short. And not enough. On each previous session, he could still feel. This time he was only a conscience. He was very excited by this but could not physically feel it. He wanted to feel a hard cock, his own or another but … nothing. There was some kind of vibration around him, but nothing else.

After some time, he felt not even movement. He was only a conscience floating around. He lost track of time and almost fell asleep. However, he resisted, not being sure if he would ever wake up.

Suddenly, light! Tyler felt as if falling from a cliff and landing on a soft but firm material. Opening his eyes (He had eyes again!!), he found himself in an unknown room, facing his new Master. He realised he was kneeling naked on a soft floor, hands behind his back. He went to stand up, but his Master gave him sharp orders.

“No! Don’t stand! Go back to your kneeling position!”

Tyler felt himself obey, although he mentally tried to resist. His Master bent down next to him.

“You still smell like sweat. I love it.”

Tyler discovered his Master was clean and fresh. From what Tyler saw, his Master had taken the time to change into a full leather outfit, including Wesco boots and police gloves. Breaking Tyler’s train of thoughts, the Master caught him by the chin in order to turn his face to the left. There, Tyler could see a wooden panelled wall with a large shelf on it. On the shelf, various golden cups were displayed. Beneath it, several award sashes were hanging : Mr Leather UK, Mr International Leather, Best Dom in England, European Handler.

“See, Ty.” Tyler jerked at this nickname, but the hand on his chin held him still and brought his eyes up, till he was looking at his Master. “I have experience. I learned, I taught, I fought, I trained. I am a real Master, acknowledged by my peers in the kink world. And now you are my sub. I control you.
– How?
– With the help of my Sub Ball, of course. I caught you with it and now you are linked to it. And as long as you are linked to it, you will obey my orders. You wanted a Dom to control you. Well, I’m this Dom. You agreed to my terms. You started to obey me. We are now at the next step. During this step, I will break your stupid mental walls. The walls that kept you from truly submitting. I will deconstruct you. And then I will release you from the ball and you will submit willingly and voluntarily. Let’s start. Follow me. Don’t stand up. Crawl.”

Tyler followed, in shock. The Master sat on a leather armchair. Tyler stopped in front of him, in silence.

“Action : tongue. Target : my boots.”

An irresistible force made Tyler move. His body had advanced without conscious will, without him even realising it. When his face approached the boots, he tried to resist, but a haze engulfed his mind. His tongue went out and he licked the object in front of him. He found himself prostrated, on his knees, arms in front of him around the foot, face next to it. And he kept on licking it. The other boot was put on his back, as if he was a mere footstool.

“Aaaahhhhhh. This is the life. Leather, calm, relaxation and a sub to obey my orders.”

Several minutes later, the feet were swapped and Tyler licked the other one, still prostrated. When the Master felt satisfied, he made him stop.

“Are you hungry, Ty?
– Please…
– Ok, follow me.
– No. Not that. Please.
– Not what? Don’t you want to eat? 
– Yes. But not ‘Ty’. Please.
– Oh. I understand. But yes. Ty. Don’t you like it?
– No.
– ‘Master’. ‘No, Master’. Say it.
– No, … Master.
– See, that wasn’t so difficult, was it? And this time, you said it without sarcasm. You are learning. Returning to the subject at hand, I will call you Ty. Or Tyler. Or sub, boy, slave, thing. Whatever I want. It is my right. And your duty is to accept it. 
– I don’t even know your name.
– My name is Aleksander. My friends call me Sacha. You, however, will call me Master in private or Sir in public. Understood?
– Yes, Aa…al… Master.
– Nice try. You earned yourself another level of punishment, but it was nice to see you rebel. Now shut up, I’ve heard you enough for now.”

The Master stood up and went to a cabinet. Tyler used this opportunity to look around the room. They were in what obviously was a sex dungeon. Mostly black, lit by light orange leds and furnished with many sexual items. A sling had been erected in a corner. Against a wall was a queen size bed, set above a low metal cage. Before Tyler could observe more, his Master was back to him, holding a bundle of objects. He thrusted it into Tyler’s arms.

“Hold it.”

From the bundle, he retrieved a large leather collar and put it around his sub’s neck. He took a padlock and locked the collar with it.

“Follow me.”

They left the room and went through the corridors of a large house. Aleksander led his sub to a large open kitchen. There, he rummaged in the bundle and removed a ball gag from it, putting it on the counter. Then he took the rest, which was actually one large object, and unfurled it. 

“I think I don’t have to explain to you what this is. I want you to get in it. I won’t order you. You have a choice. One: Submit, get in there and receive food. Two : Reject my offer and go to ‘bed’ without eating.”

The Master stood for a bit, holding a neoprene bondage sleepsack. The sub looked at the object, lost in thought. Silence stretched out. Then Tyler sighed and went to grab the sleepsack.

“It will be better if you sit first.”

Tyler went to a chair and sat down. He grabbed the object and put his feet in it. When they were in place, he stood up, wobbling a bit, and unfurled the sack over his legs and past his waist. Then his Master came to him.

“There, left arm in. Ok. Right arm now. Well done.”

male bondage stories The Bro NetworkThe Master pulled the zip up, closing the sack over Tyler’s torso. Tyler was covered in neoprene, from his neck to his feet, stuck in it. Unable to move his arms or his legs. Dependent on the man before him. In no time, Tyler found himself sat on the chair, stuck at the table, the ball gag in his mouth. And his fat dick had been taken out of the sack, resting in front of him, unreachable, so close and yet so far. Aleksander’s leather gloves had been removed and put on the table, directly in front of the sub, reminding him of domination. Aleksander looked his sub in the eye.

“Good boy.”

Following these two simple words, a shiver went through the sub’s body and mind. He felt both heat and delight. While Tyler was lost in thought, Aleksander was cooking. A nice and appetising smell was filling the room. It didn’t take long before one set of cutlery was placed in front of Tyler. A very large and very full plate of dhal with rice was put at the same place. Tyler, still gagged and bound, could not eat and started fidgeting and moaning.

“Don’t worry, Ty. You will get to eat. I’ll make sure of it. But on my terms.”

He removed the ball gag from Tyler, then made him stand against the table. He sat down on the chair and pulled Tyler back to him. Tyler sat on his lap. With one arm, the Master held the sub. With the other, he scooped the food and started eating. Once again, Tyler fidgeted.

“You want to eat, Ty?
– Please.
– Your punishments’ tally keep growing, boy.
– Please, Master.
– Better. Well, open up and eat.”

The Master filled the fork and held it up in front of his sub. Ty leant forward and caught the food in his mouth. While he ate his first bite, his Master did with his own.

“Please, Master. Can’t I eat normally?
– No. From what you said and what I heard in town, you love good food. You love to eat at top restaurants. You have a sophisticated palate and you have become demanding. This is a weakness and I will use it to break you. I’m telling you this not as a warning, nor as a justification, but because the knowledge will accelerate your breaking. Now shut up and eat before it gets cold.”

Alternating between himself and his sub, Aleksander made sure all the food was eaten. At the end, he stood both of them up, went to the kitchen and came back with two high glasses. One of them with a straw that he put in front of Tyler’s mouth.

“Mango flavoured lhassi. It’s not from Tattu, but you should like it.”

They both drank, Aleksander leaning against the table, Tyler standing up in his bondage. Putting the empty glasses behind him, the Master went to his sub and hugged him.

“You are cute. You deserve happiness. You deserve to get rid of what is inhibiting you. And you also deserve good sex. Which is coming.”

Taking Tyler by the back of his head, the Master frenched him for a while. With his other hand, he pumped Tyler’s dick. Horniness was growing in both of them.

They found themselves in a living room, Aleksander having carried Tyler bridal style. The sub was laying on a rug, still bound and once again gagged. His dick had deflated. Aleksander was drinking what smelled like tea while looking at his telephone. His naked feet were propped up on his sub’s torso. Sub which was otherwise completely ignored. For a time, there was silence. Aleksander finished his tea.

He stood up from his armchair and went to tower above his sub.

”Look at me, Ty. Do you find me desirable?”

The sub looked up towards the leather covered Dom. He felt as if masculinity and control were cascading from the dom, pouring all over him, reminding him of his submissive position. He nodded and mumbled in his gag.

“You have seen nothing yet.”

Standing above the sleepsack, one foot on each side, Aleksander stripped. Slowly. Teasingly. Sexily. Tyler watched. His cock hardened. The Master saw it but kept on teasing his sub. The leather shirt and its tie left first. Muscled pecs, shoulders and abs were displayed with a light sprinkling of hair, going from both pecs, over the abs and navel and down to below the belt. A gloved hand stroked it all. While removing his belt, the Dom rotated on himself, displaying alternately his front and his back. The belt was folded on itself and used to slap the leather covered opposite palm, directly in the line of vision of Ty. The pants fell down too, revealing a black cloth Jockstrap. A pretty full and bulging jockstrap. Ty was drooling in his gag. The Master turned once again, showing his beautiful buttock, covered in hair, framed and held by the straps. He flexed it, showing the result of many squat sessions at the gym. Legs stretched and straddled, he bent down at the waist to catch Tyler’s cock. Thus he gave his sub a very nice view of his hairy ass. The sub’s cock twitched in the hand holding it.

“You want my ass, sub?”

Tyler moaned and grunted. His Master spread the precum over the glans and added a dollop of lube.

“Make no mistake about it : you won’t get my ass. I will take your cock with it. I will have my own pleasure. Yours, if it come, will be an afterthought. A by-product.”

The Master turned and squatted down. Very soon, his ass had buried Tyler’s dick in itself. Both men moaned. 

“You have a nice fat cock, sub. My ass loves it.”

He took his balls and hard dick out of the jockstrap’s pouch, and stroked it all once. Then, keeping his position through the use of his muscled legs, the Master looked at his sub, with a sadistic smile.

“Action : fuck. Target : my ass.”

Once again, a haze fell down on Tyler’s mind. His body, however, acted. Using his trained legs and core muscles, his crotch went up and down, filling his Master’s ass with the full length of his cock. Aleksander threw his head back, face to the ceiling and moaned loudly. Tyler was not in position to think about angles and positions and pleasure, he was just thrusting up and down. It was his Master’s responsibility to move so that his prostate was pushed and stroked as much as possible. But the Master was used to frenzied brutish tops and knew how to get his own pleasure. With a bit of help from his own hand, he was soon spraying his load on the bound sub below him. They both moaned in pleasure. Tyler’s lips moved to try and catch some of the drops on the ball gag, but even that didn’t dispel the haze. The Master stood up, leaving the hard dick of his sub thrusting in the air.

“Stop, sub.”

The command, coupled with a light slap on his cheek, made Ty stop his movements. His eyes focused on the man above him, in time to see one last drop of cum fall on his face.

“You’re full of stamina, boy. I like that. But I think it’s time for bed.”

The sub tried to speak, but his speech was garbled.

After having crawled back to the dungeon, Tyler was chained. The leather collar had been replaced with a rigid metal one and chains linked it to metal wrist and ankle cuffs, all in matte black. The chains were shorter than Tyler, meaning he couldn’t stand to his full size. His Master led him to the cage under the bed and made him crawl into it. Tyler found himself on a thin foam mattress covered in black leather. The door to the cage was locked shut. The Master squatted in front of the cage and looked his sub in the eye.

“See this cylinder, boy?” The Dom pointed to a transparent plastic tube, tied to the side of the cage with plastic ties. Its top part was high enough to be hidden by the roof of the cage, its bottom part ending with a wide opening within reach of any person . 
– Yes, Master.
– My Sub Ball is at its top. Currently kept there by a disk made of ice. During the night, the ice will melt and the ball will fall down to the bottom. There you will be able to reach it. If you do, if you touch the ball in any way, you will get back into it. Once you are in it, you are completely safe, out of danger, out of harm, until I free you. You will be unable to leave the ball by yourself. Do you understand?
– Yes, Master.
– Now, I will leave you to sleep here while I go to my own comfortable bed. During the night, you will have two choices : either stay here in the cage as I want you to, wearing the chains, smelling like cum and sweat, trying to sleep while being in bondage. Or touch the ball and go into sensory deprivation in it. No feeling of bondage, no smell, no noises. No physicality. In a way, it will be more comfortable. The longer you stay out of the ball, the happier with you I will be. If you refrain from touching it until I wake up, I will grant you a gift of your choice, within certain limits. If you go in the ball, you will get out of it with a surprise. Whether you like it or not remains to be seen. Have I made myself clear enough?
– Yes, Master.
– Do you have questions?
– No, Master.
– Good boy. I’m pleased with you.”

Once again, a feeling of warmth and bliss filled Tyler. He sighed and Aleksander saw it.

“Doesn’t it feel good?
– Yes, Master.
– Isn’t that what you look for when meeting a Dom?
– … Yes, Master.
– Well done. We’re getting to it. Now, tell me the choices.
– Stay in chains in the cage and make you happy or go into the ball and be stuck with no sensations.
– Good. Anything else?
– Please, Master.
– Go on.
– I don’t want to be cold while sleeping. Please, I beg you.
– The room will be warm enough.
– Thank you, Master. … Hmmm…
– Yes?
– You told me I would be out of danger in the ball. Am I in danger when out of it?”

There was anxiety in Tyler’s eyes. As well as tears. Aleksander was surprised and showed it. He then reached for his sub’s face and took it in his hands. 

“Listen to me : as a Master, as a Dom, I have a responsibility towards my subs. I have to make sure you never are in danger. I may hurt you, either physically or psychologically, but I won’t harm you. You may suffer but only for a short time, never in a permanent way. And only because I choose so. Understood? The danger isn’t greater out of the ball than in it. I just wanted to tell you that the ball is not dangerous in itself. Ok?
– Yes, Master.
– I think you are tired, in body and mind. Go to sleep. Rest. Be assured that I’m taking care of you.”


Tyler was indeed tired. When his Master had left the dungeon, turning almost all lights off, Tyler tried to sleep. However, he found out he couldn’t lie in his usual positions. The bondage meant he had to sleep on his side, not on his back or front. He huddled up on himself. He managed to fall asleep, but awoke when his body tried to uncurl. This happened several times during the night. Every time, Tyler grew angrier. He thought about it. He looked at the ball. He hadn’t see or hear it fall, but it was now within reach. Should he? While thinking about it, he fell asleep again. 

And was awakened again by the chains. That time, fed up and angry, he crawled to the side of the cage and stretched his arms. His fingertips lightly touched the ball and he immediately felt lighter. He heard the chains falling on themselves, but very quickly he lost all senses and sensations. As pure mind, he felt less uncomfortable. He fell asleep once again.

In the morning, Tyler was awakened by a sensation of falling. Confused by this unusual feeling and the lingering mists of sleep, he didn’t know who, where, what he was. After some seconds, he opened his eyes and made conscious contact with the rest of his body. He found out he was kneeling on the ground, still in the dungeon. A hand was on his left shoulder coming from behind but he was also feeling a kind of restraint all over his body. Looking down, he saw glossy black. He understood : he was in a rubber catsuit!! His head turned to his shoulder.

“Hello, Ty. Back with me? Awake at last? Do you like the surprise that I left in the ball?”

Tyler groaned.

“Oh, it seems you’re not a morning person.”

Tyler groaned again.

“Well, if you don’t want to speak, it’s no problem to me. Just open your mouth.”

Tyler felt his lips part. Something moved in front of him and went into his mouth. In seconds, he was gagged. The strap went behind his head and held it in place. His lips were covered and his tongue was pressed at the bottom of his mouth. The front part of the gag, outside the sub’s mouth, was a kind of bowl.

“Now you won’t have to speak. You can’t, anyhow.” Aleksander’s hand left Tyler’s shoulder and petted his head. “Let’s have breakfast. Well, I’ll have breakfast. You will get coffee.” Aleksander appeared in front of Tyler. He was clad in a white tanktop, white track pants, and assorted TN on his feet. It suited him very well : the cut of the top highlighted his shoulders and arms muscles, while the color brought out his tan. Once again, Tyler found himself excited by the man in front of him. Man which didn’t acknowledged the excitement and simply slapped his thigh.


Tyler went to stand up.

“Nope. On all fours.”

They made their way slowly, Tyler not used to moving thus, Aleksander waiting for him. In the kitchen, Aleksander ordered Tyler to cook breakfast for him, allowing him to stand. In the meantime, he made comments.

“You really have a nice body. And rubber suits you well. I’m starting to wonder if I shouldn’t keep you like this 24/7, as an ornament in my home. A muscled man with a fat cock, all emphasised by shiny black rubber. And from time to time, I could come and stroke your body. Wouldn’t that be nice?”

Still gagged, Tyler didn’t answer. His Master did not just do the talk, he also did the walk. Standing from the stool, he went to Tyler and put his hand on the body, stroking different parts, especially the cock. Tyler moaned in pleasure and in the gag. Cooking took more time, but at last Tyler was able to serve the breakfast. While the Master was eating at the table, the sub was kneeling on the ground at his side. From time to time, Aleksander poured coffee in the bowl part of the gag. Tyler had no choice but to drink it. Fortunately, it was not scalding. When he was finished, Aleksander led them to the living room. The sleepsack was still there on the ground. The Master kicked it farther and sat in his armchair. He made the sub kneel between his legs and removed the gag from his face, tossing it on the sleepsack. 

“Take my cock out of my pants. With reverence.”

Tyler reached to the crotch and touched the growing organ. Gently, he pulled the pants down and took the cock and balls out. The former was hardening.

“Good. Come smell it. Feel it on your face. Yes. There we are. Make love to my cock, slave.”

Tyler obeyed with pleasure. Knees on the ground, he lifted his butt and lied half on the armchair, half on his Master’s legs, putting his head on the crotch, rubbing the cock on his face. His nose was buried at the junction between legs, pelvis, dick and balls, smelling his Master’s clean body odor. With his hand, he was jerking the hard cock. His tongue went out and licked the balls. Aleksander moaned in pleasure. They kept at it for several minutes, Tyler switching between kissing, licking, jacking, sucking, and so on. His Master just threw his head back, moaned and kept a hand on the sub’s head.

After a while, Aleksander pulled himself together and straightened. Taking Tyler’s head in his hands, he pushed his dick deep in his sub’s mouth. Fortunately, Tyler was used to dicks in his throat and managed to take it.

“Stop moving and listen carefully. Good boy. We still have a couple of hours until noon. Here is the program : I want you to tidy up the kitchen and the living room. When you are done, I will accompany you to the dungeon, to give you directions regarding where everything should be stored. Then, you will receive the punishments you collected. If you do well, you might get rewards, including but not limited to a shower. You reek of sweat and sex. It pleases me a lot, but you reek all the same. After that, we will have a meal. And, last but not least, we will talk together.” Aleksander released the head and caught the sub under his shoulder and pulled him to his lap. Having his sub sit on his thighs, crotch against crotch, he looked him in the eye. “One last thing : Don’t disturb me unless there is a serious problem or you are finished with the first part of clean-up. You can come and talk if the weight of submission is too much or if you are hurting. Do not take advantage of this.”

The sub stood up and went around the armchair, toward the kitchen. The Master slapped the butt when it came to his reach.

The clean-up took some time. There were many dishes to wash and a whole kitchen counter to clean. And Aleksander hampered the work by ordering his sub to come to him and asking him for a new cup of coffee. Each time, he was browsing his smartphone, not looking at his sub. His behaviour and clothing pushed many of Tyler’s buttons. Despite the horniness and the interruption, the kitchen was soon clean and the living room was tidied. Carrying the sleepsack and the other toys in his arms, Tyler stood next to his Master. In silence.

– Yes, Master.
– Good boy!” Tyler felt warmth once again. “You did a good job till now and I didn’t even have to order you that much. Well done. You know, I’m really proud of you.”

With each sentence, Tyler was feeling more and more pleasure in his body. His cock grew very hard under the rubber. When he heard the word “proud”, he moaned and his cock twitched, at the edge of orgasm. This was noticed by Aleksander although he didn’t say anything.

“Now let’s go finish the clean-up.”

There wasn’t much to do there. The sleepsack was washed with warm water and hung. The gags were cleaned and stored. And the chains retrieved from the cage and stored too. The rubber catsuit was removed, cleaned and stored as well. Tyler was naked, wearing nothing at all and yet more controlled than if he wore any restraints.

Aleksander brought his naked sub to a wall covered in metal bars. Using leather wrist and ankle cuffs, he bound Tyler in a X shape face to the wall.

“Have you tried impact play before, Ty?
– Not that much, Master.
– Did it please you?
– Yes, Master.”

Aleksander stopped, lost in thoughts.

“Oh well, change of plan, then.”

With his slave stored, Aleksander went through the room, fetching some tools of his trade. He put them on the bed and hid them under the duvet. Then he went to Tyler and released him  from the wall.

“I thought about it and I don’t think you deserve adult punishment. You might see a flogging as some kind of trial to overcome. Which is not my goal. Now come and lie here.” Aleksander was sitting on the edge of the bed and pointed to his thighs. Tyler went to sit on them. “No. I didn’t tell you to sit. I told you to lie. Over my knees.”

Wide eyed, the sub blushed. He opened his mouth but Aleksander was quicker.

“No talking. Obey.”

Tyler had no choice. In seconds, he found himself lying half on the bed, half on his Master’s thighs, his butt raised. He knew what was coming. The action met his expectations when his Master’s hand met his butt. He was being spanked. First in silence. Then with a list of his failings. They were listed loud enough to be heard over the noise. Sarcasm. Rebellion. Brattiness. Distrust. Each slap hurt him. Each word hurt him too. Tyler was flinching each and every time. After some minutes, both slaps and words stopped. Tyler felt hope, but it was soon dampened. He received another spank, hurting much more. His Master was using a wooden paddle! And the list of his failings began again, from the beginning. Pretty soon, Tyler was wiggling, hoping for the end. But the end didn’t come. The strikes kept on falling. Until, at last, Tyler let go and wailed. Tears were flowing freely, his body went slack, he couldn’t form any words. Aleksander stopped immediately. He kept an arm around Tyler’s waist to keep him in place and watched him until he managed to stop wailing.

“Can you stand, boy?” Still sobbing, Tyler nodded. “Good. Stand up. Don’t move. Just stand and relax.”

Aleksander removed the bottle of soothing lotion from under the duvet and used the lotion on Tyler’s backside. The sub hissed at first, but was soon feeling a bit better. Aleksander laid down on the bed, face up.

“Come here boy. Lie down on me.” Tyler crawled and let himself fall down. His head on his Master’s collarbone, his red butt in the air, his arms and legs loose. His strength was gone. His Master hugged him. “There, there, boy. Calm down. Relax. Punishment is finished.”

They stayed there, Master and sub, hugging and relaxing, one clothed, the other naked. 

“Hey, boy!” Tyler looked up and met the eyes of his Master. “Do you want to fuck my ass? Did you rest enough?
– Yes, Master. Please.
– Be warned : it will be on my terms.
– Master…
– Ty?
– …
– Talk to me, sub.
– Can I please stay aware of it this time?
– Didn’t you like it yesterday?
– I don’t know, Master.
– I see. Well, if I can’t control your mind, I will control your body.
– Thank you, Master. 
– Stay here, while I get the restraints.”

Aleksander stood up, leaving his sub on the bed, crimson butt in the air. He rummaged in some shelves and closet before coming back to the bed.

“Come here, boy. Move carefully and stand in front of me. Good. Give me your hands.”

Pretty soon, Tyler was ready. Leather mitts covered his hands. A leather harness crisscrossed his torso, ending with a cock ring at the root of his dick. A leather muzzle hid half his face, with straps going all around his skull. A leash was hooked on an eyelet at the collar of the muzzle. 

Aleksander removed his pants, revealing a white jockstrap. Tyler’s cock hardened even more when he saw the framed butt. The Master led his sub to the sling and made him stand next to it. He adjusted it to Tyler’s cock’s height then climbed on it. With the leash, he pulled his slave very close to him. Each of them could see nothing but the other’s face. The Master could have kissed the sub’s muzzle. Instead, he whispered.

“Now you get to fuck me. But you’d better make me cum first, slave.”

He allowed enough slack in the leash for Tyler to take position. The mitts didn’t help, but he managed to push his glans in the ass in front of him. Both men moaned at that. With a mitt on each side of his Master’s waist, Tyler kept on pushing, slowly. When he was balls deep in the ass, he moved his pelvis from side to side, making sure his Master felt his dick. He pulled back, taking his dick out, but not for long. Slowly, he went back and forth, changing angle, changing depth. Until he heard a gasp. That was when he learned where to push. He kept that position and angle and started accelerating. The gasp came again, followed by moans.

“Gods, you … are skilled, boy. Humf… Go on. That’s right.”

The sub was spurred by those words. He fucked quicker and harder.

“Yes, boy. Make me cum with your cock! Do it!!”

The cock was going back and forth in the ass. Both men were being pleasured. Tyler knew how to penetrate an ass with his cock, but Aleksander also knew how to squeeze a cock with his ass. Both men used their skills to give pleasure to the other. High pleasure.

“Come on, bull. Fuck me and make me cum! Now!!”

And with that, Aleksander came. Cum flew all over them, showering both torsos, staining Aleksander’s top. Tyler kept on fucking, not having cum yet.

“Stop, sub. Right now.” Tyler’s head snapped up, eyes wide open. The rest of his body froze. “Now, get out of me. Slowly. There. Still hard, I see.”

Tyler closed his eyes and moaned behind his muzzle. Still holding the leash, the Master left the sling and stood in front of his sub. One finger brushed the twitching cock. The other hand pulled the leash so that the faces were once again close.

“Good boy.” The cock twitched again. “You did well. I’m very pleased.” The sub moaned and moved his body, trying to fuck, looking for friction on his cock. “Nope. Not now. I choose when you cum. I am your Master. You submit.”

A few minutes later, both men were completely naked, freed from clothes or restraints. The warm water from the shower was falling on their skin. Aleksander washed his sub thoroughly, taking care to go very softly over his still tender butt. The sub’s full body was cleaned. He was feeling better, although still weak after everything he went through. He was letting go, relaxed by the warm water and light strokes on his skin. Having cleaned himself too, Aleksander turned the shower off and went to dry them both with a large and soft towel

“I’m going to cook our midday meal, Ty. It would have pleased me very much to have you come and stand in my field of view, but it seems you can’t stay upright right now. So back into the ball for you.”

Aleksander fetched the ball and thrusted it towards his sub. Once again, Tyler lost his senses and felt himself transform until he was mere consciousness.

Tyler’s exit from the ball was like the previous ones : he “fell” into his kneeling body. And for the second time, he was covered by black rubber.

– The technology of the ball. Two links : one for a person, one for an object. Every time the person comes out of the ball, the object is applied to them. But let’s not talk about that. Lunch is ready.”

Tyler went to stand up, until a TN stomped right in front of him. Aleksander, wearing his track pants but no shirt, glared at him.

“For fuck’s sake, boy! I thought you were smarter. This is the third time you try to stand up without authorisation. Didn’t you learn?
– I’m sorry, Master.
– If I hadn’t already forced you to skip a meal, you wouldn’t get this one.”

Tyler cowered before his master’s anger.

“Please, Master…”

Aleksander crouched in front of his sub.

“Being a sub is not only obeying direct orders. Submission is letting go of as much as possible of your free will. No decision. Obey, await, serve. I told you that Masters have responsibilities, didn’t I?” Tyler nodded. “That’s because we have power. If subs use their free will, they use their own power and become responsible for themselves. Did no one ever tell you this?
– No, Master.
– Of all the Masters you met, there was none to take the time to teach you this?
– I don’t think so, Master.
– For fuck’s sake!!!” Aleksander stood up and threw his arms in the air. He stayed silent for a while. They both did. With a softer tone, he asked. “Are you hungry, boy?
– Very, Sir.
– Let’s eat. Chicken Caesar Salad.”

Once again, there was only one set of cutlery on the table. Aleksander came back from the kitchen holding one plate and … one dog bowl. He put the former on the table, the latter on the ground in front of his sub.

“Without hands, boy.” Tyler looked down. “Don’t worry, the bowl was as clean as my own plate before I put the salad in it. Now, eat!”

Tyler’s body bent down. Putting his forearms on the ground for support, he put his head over the food and took a mouthful. He chewed and swallowed before going back in. Between each mouthful, he straightened his back to chew. From time to time, he glanced at his Master, who looked back at him. None of them spoke. Tyler encountered some difficulties at the end, hunting the last parts around the bowls, but he pressed on until it was empty. Still in silence, Aleksander removed his empty plate and the bowl. He came back with two white bowls.

“Pear crumble. With a scoop of vanilla ice cream. It should be delicious, I’ve had years of training.” Tears appeared in Tyler’s eyes. Aleksander put both bowls on the table. And crouched in front of his sub. “Hey, boy. Please. I’d like you to stop crying. This is your last trial. I know you can do it. Finish your meal like the good boy you are. Ok? After that, I will free you and we will talk together. As equal men.
– Master…
– Yes? You want something?
– Can I get a paper towel, please? Please??
– Why, of course! Here you are.”

Aleksander gave a roll of paper towel to his sub. While the sub was cleaning his face, the Master deposited the bowl in front of him. Tyler dried his eyes as well.

“Ready, boy?
– Yes, Master.
– Then go for it before it melts.”

Tyler ate the dessert without hands. When he was finished, he had pear juice and vanilla ice cream all over his face. Silently, his Master handed him another paper towel. While Tyler was cleaning himself, Aleksander made a last trip to the kitchen with the empty bowls. Coming back, he took the ball in his hand.

“Walk with me, boy. Let’s go to the living room.” While walking, Aleksander spoke. “Your clothes are there. You can ditch the catsuit and get clothed. And I will free you.”

Aleksander fell down on his armchair, juggling with the ball, waiting for Tyler to change clothes. He was very surprised when Tyler instead went to his knees in front of him, in the exact position he found himself when coming out of the ball.

– Master.
– Don’t you want to change? 
– No, Master.
– Our deal was until noon, which is passed. You can leave, go back to your life, never see me again.
– I know, Master.
– But you don’t want that, do you?
– I don’t think so. I choose you, Master.”

Aleksander sighed.

“I wanted to talk anyway, so whatever. You can stay on your knees, sit on the ground or sit on the sofa. Or even lay down on the rug, if your butt still hurts.” Tyler flopped down on his front, arms around Aleksander’s foot, nose pressed against the shoe. “I see. Then I have an order for you. This is a permanent order. You will obey it as long as you choose to remain in a relationship with me. Listen well. Every time I ask a question regarding our sexuality and/or our relationship, I want you to think about it. Every time I ask for your feelings regarding us, our sexuality and/or our relationship, I want you to ponder about the question and your answer. I want you to answer every question I ask regarding these subjects and I want every answer to be what you think is the truth. If you truly don’t know, if you need more than one minute, tell me ‘I don’t know’, think about it on your free time and come back to me as soon as possible with the answer. That was the complete order. Do you understand?
– I do, Master.
– Then, tell me everything about what happened since yesterday at the gym, especially how you felt. It will help us build our relationship.”

Metal would like to thank the author, Nephilim, for this story! For many more by this author please visit his own site, Proudly Submissive.

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