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First Time Tied Up

By Jaybird

Before there was a world-wide-web, or even an Internet, there were thousands of computer bulletin board systems. Each had its own phone number. You set up your terminal software, dialed the number, and if there was no busy signal, you could log in. Busy signal? Yup. Most were run by hobbyists, and had only a single line, and could handle only one connection at a time.

There were national online forums, interconnected by FIDONET, but each BBS had its own personality established by the system operator, or SYSOP.

It was a long time ago, and I honestly don’t recall how I got into a chat conversation with this particular guy. I certainly don’t recall how it turned sexual, I was happily heterosexual and had never had any kind of male-on-male encounter.

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Weekend at Garrett’s – Part 08

© 2023 Bostonleatherman

…mostly because you’re in tight leather and boots, already sweating, and it’s 90-something degrees outside. Fuck.

“Here, lemme help you with those.”

A man younger than you, heavier than you, and taller than you starts to take the cradled bottles out of your arms and carry them to the available register. But not before uttering “Fuck off, you little shits” just loud enough for the little shits to hear. They step around us, drop their bottles of soda and bag of chips at “your” register and push through the doors and go out onto the street. You’re afraid to look at him.

“Are you OK?”

“Yes. Thank you.”

He scans the five bottles of water, pays for them, double bags them, picks up the bag, and nods toward the door with his head. You follow him out the door. You scan the street up and down for the two boys, still shaken from the experience you’ve just had.

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I Choose You

By Nephilim

Tags: #gay #domination #submission #mind-control #BDSM #relationship #bondage #rubber #sensory_deprivation #consensual #fetish #edging

Length: 7590 words.

Tyler was well known in the local gay community. For several reasons. 

First of all because, or thanks to, his looks. Former athlete, he had kept his imposing brawn through many sessions at the gym. His muscles and handsome face were the envy of many other men. And for those who had seen it, so was his fat dick.

However, Tyler was also known for his sexuality. His paradoxal sexuality. Tyler claimed to be a sub and roamed all BDSM networks, digital or physical, in search of the Master that would dom him. Which he never seemed to find. In the meantime, he went through the vanilla community, topping every man who accepted him and was able to take his dick. The physical part of these encounters always were enjoyable, Tyler knew how to use the tools at his disposal. Not only his dick, but his hands, mouth and tongue too. However Tyler was dissatisfied by the lack of kink and his partners felt it. Some came back for another fuck, most didn’t. All of this made Tyler more and more bitter about sex. But not despaired yet.

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Tying up a hustler

Suited French Daddy Adam Franco is single, but he knows how to treat himself on Valentine’s Day! Adam has arranged for an evening with a hot submissive hustler who will provide the perfect naughty boyfriend experience! Just like he ordered, hustler Javi Grey waits for him tied on the bed, ball-gagged, with his butt up and naked, only wearing sheer socks. The Valentine is horny and kinky AF and gets his hole loosened with a buttplug before taking daddy’s rod. Remember to treat yourself, too!

a hot submissive hustler who will provide the perfect naughty boyfriend experience

SITE: Menatplay.com

VIDEO TITLE: The Hustler 3: A Valentine

STARRING: Adam Franco, Javi Grey

male escort bondage

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The best of Men At Play

Men at Play is a site featuring men in suits having sex. The men are smoking hot, and some of the scenes involve fetish gear and bondage, what I would actually describe as “lite bondage.” Here’s a look at some of their top favorite suit sex movies from last year.

Men at Play is a site featuring men in suits having sex


SITE: Menatplay.com

VIDEO TITLE: Best of Menatplay 2022 Compilation

Men at Play is a site featuring men in suits having sex

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Subject Neighbor – Turned Subject – Part 05

By Justin I

male bdsm stories Justin IS: You’re looking good, sort of like a man but not really.

F: Big talk for the guy not tied up.

S: True.

Sam then began flexing his muscles, sending ripples across his enormous body. Slowly caressing his own smooth and blemish-free tanned skin.

S: You’re not wrong. Tell me this, even without the restraints do you think your chances of beating me in a grappling match are any better?

I swallowed but with as much of a position of power I could assume, laying in this bed bound and helpless.

F: Sure thing, but I’ve got the higher tolerance for pain. You’re nothing but a weak little beta.

I could tell I had stirred something in Sam’s mind. His sinister eyes glanced around, and a wicked smile crossed his face. Leaving the room for a brief moment, returning with a wide white roll of self-adhesive medical wrap.

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Captain Jack and the Race to Redula – Chapter 02: The Simspace


Unical date: 3752.563.21 (twenty days until scheduled arrival at Kappa Redulans)

Detaching from RS-98 went routinely, and the half-hour journey through normal space to put sufficient distance between his ship and the station before engaging the warp drive was equally uneventful.  The course was already laid in, so the moment the sensors reported that he was safely far enough away, all he had to do was say “Go”.  The mighty engines powered up with a muted hum and then, with barely a flicker, he was suddenly moving at a velocity that few others had ever experienced.  Well, “velocity” was an oversimplification of the situation.  His professors back at the university had tried to instill in him an appreciation for the underlying physics of subspace that made warp travel possible, the way that normal space was folded at a quantum level so that a ship using its warp drive wasn’t “really” moving (such pedantry!) but rather re-arranging space around itself, but Sam’s eyes had always glazed over at the discussions of manifold compression, multi-dimensional vector renormalization, and pseudo-velocity.  As a pilot, he just liked going really fast.

But the novelty of speed had already worn itself out on the first leg of the journey with Bareem.  The two of them had exulted over the pace at which they were traveling… for a few minutes.  Then the reality had set in that it was the AI doing virtually all of the flying, and from inside the ship there was no sensation of speed.  The engines ran so smoothly that the only indication they were on at all was a pervasive, low-frequency hum from the sheer power they were consuming.  It wasn’t like the two men could look out the windows and watch the stars passing by like trees alongside a highway.  No, they were little more than cargo in a grey box.

And so it was only minutes after engaging the engines, having assured himself that all systems were functioning normally and that he was on his way with all practical haste to his destination, that Sam found himself at the door to the simspace, heart thumping in his chest, feeling like a kid on Christmas morning eager to rip into the mountain of presents waiting to be opened.

“Pyrellia, show me a menu of porn simulations.  Male characters only.”

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A Masqulin Halloween Thriller: Psycho Killer Body

One dark and foggy evening, a predator lurks in the dark, ready to pounce. The neighborhood is being terrorized by a crazed night stalker, putting the whole community on edge.

Olivier Robert’s roommate has a few idiosyncrasies, but rules are rules. And, with Rocky Vallarta, things need to be just so. Rocky has a tendency to fixate on the details and Olivier certainly doesn’t want him to get crazy… Suddenly a breaking story comes on the TV. Another body has been found in an alley downtown. As Olivier puts two and two together, all of a sudden the room goes dark.

Rocky’s sexy roommate has discovered his secret, and now he can’t leave any loose ends. Olivier awakens tied up and gagged in a plastic-covered room. Excitement and terror fill the room. In a tense moment, the truth comes to light, and the darkest secrets are revealed.

Rocky dominates his prey, producing waves of pleasure throughout his killer body at the touch of his fingers, before putting Olivier’s admissions to the test. He plunges his hard cock into Olivier’s throat and rims his submissive muscular bubble ass. He glands his roommate, who sprays his load all over his tight abs. Rocky finishes, thick ropes of cum glazing Olivier’s face.

With passions riding high what comes next? Will Olivier join Rocky in his madness?

male bdsm porn Psycho Killer Body


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SITE: TheBroNetwork.com and Masqulin.com

VIDEO TITLE: Psycho Killer Body

STARRING: Olivier Robert, Rocky Vallarta

Anal Sex, Bareback, Big Dick, Glanding, Muscular, Rimming, Smooth, Tattoo