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Muscle hookup gone wrong

Nick Capra is a “muscle hookup gone wrong” in this video from the Bound Gods vault:


Muscled hunk Nick Capra has been checking out the boy bar in town and noticed a hot stud from out of town, Conner Halsted. He brings Conner back to his place, and when Nick gets a little aggressive, Conner suddenly remembers he has somewhere else to be. But before he can make it to the door, Nick binds his hands behind his back and shuts him up with a gag in his mouth. Helpless, Conner begs for someone to come to his rescue, but no one can hear his screams as Nick whips out the captive’s uncut cock. Conner is then tormented with the paddle on his ass before being covered with hot wax. Unable to wait any longer, Nick rams his fat cock up the stud’s ass and covers his face with a load of cum before having him suck every drop off.

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