Mitch gets tied up and tickled on his bare vulnerable feet

At Tickled Hard, Mitch’s deep, rich voice resonates loudly as Franco tickles his thick body and size 10 feet. If you like a loud, manly moaner, Mitch is your guy! His gravelly groans fill the room and his muscular body twitches all over throughout the hardcore tickle session. Franco uses a toothbrush and fingers on Mitch’s bare soles and between his toes, while the big man sweats and moans. The volume turns up even louder when Franco digs into Mitch’s huge thighs and upper ribs. Franco adds some lube to the mix and takes the tickling to another level, causing Mitch’s manly grunts to become even stronger. Franco tickles Mitch’s slippery feet with various brushes and soap savers, driving the stud wild. Then, when Mitch is finally overloaded, Franco sets his buddy up with some porn so he can pleasure himself. The sensation is so surprisingly different after being tickled that Mitch giggles as he strokes his thick cock. When he’s finally ready to cum, he sends out the same loud moans and laughter as he did while being tickled, but this time it ends with an enormous load.

muscle bondage tickle

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foot bondage tickling

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