ImmobileRestraint – Chapter 01

By Nitro

Today is just a regular day for me – after work I headed straight for the gym. It’s pretty much an addiction for me, but I can’t help it. I love being big and muscular, and I love the looks on guys faces when they see me strutting my stuff.

Name here is Ian – and at 6’0” tall and 220 lbs. I’m definitely on the big and muscular side. I really get off on the pumped feeling I get at the gym, but I’m not gonna lie, I love the attention I get from it too.

I love catching guys eyeballing me while I work out in my shorts and shredder t-shirt. I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve been sitting in the steam room after a good workout and had guys drooling all over me and fondling my hard muscles while we all sweat. I love it!

I could go on and on about the number of guys that want to just objectify my muscles, and better yet the ones that want me to Top them or Dom them, but that’s not at all what this is about. You see I have much darker interests, ones that I’m kind of afraid to explore.

Well that whole being afraid to explore it thing was about to become a chapter in my past instead of my present.




“Come on PUSH! You’ve got one more set in you, fucker!” I growled to Jake as he was grunting on the benchpress. I’ve been helping him with his workouts lately.

“I swear you’re trying to kill me in here, Ian,” Jake said, wiping sweat off his face.

“Awe come on, it builds character. You’re doing good. One of these days you’ll be as big as me. Alright I’m gonna head to the house. Same time tomorrow?” I said to him as I gave him a high five and turned for the door.

I usually hit the steam room after my workouts, but I need to do some stuff at home today so I went ahead and headed to my car for the short drive home.

I really gotta clean this pig sty of a house, but I’m just so not in the mood for it so I sat down at the computer to check my messages. I flipped through the usual social media sites and nothing caught my attention, but then I switched over to one of the kink sites that I use. It has a feature that will show you when someone has viewed your profile, and one screen name definitely stood out to me: ImmobileRestraint … Oh I gotta check this one out.

I opened up the profile, and the pics in this profile could have been ripped straight from my darkest fantasies that I’m too nervous to tell anyone about. There are pics of guys in sleepsacks and hoods, cock and balls bound tightly in steel restraints, full rubber, full leather, strapped to boards, locked to chairs, and then there is the one in the bondage box … I didn’t even realize that I was stroking absentmindedly until I shot my load all over my stomach.

“Shit,” I grunted as I reached for a t-shirt off the floor to wipe up the mess. Then I dropped the t-shirt and used my meaty hands instead — growling as I sucked the cum off my fingers. Just as I was cleaning the last of my gooey load, I heard the “Ding” indicating I have a message.

I looked up at my screen and its a message from ImmobileRestraint.

ImmobileRestraint: “You just blew your nut picturing yourself in my playroom … ”

WHAT?!?!?! How did he possibly know that? I just sat there staring at the message then heard it again


ImmobileRestraint: “Cat got your tongue, pig?”

Me: “You definitely have some hot pics on your profile.”

ImmobileRestraint: “Just going to ignore my question then? Your prerogative, just like it’s mine to hit the ‘block’ button.”

Me: “Wait — I didn’t mean to be rude — Yes, I blew a load picturing myself in your playroom.”

After that message there was no response, and I really thought I had screwed up my chance to actually see this guy’s playroom up close.

Just as I was about to shut my PC down for the night, I got a response.

ImmobileRestraint: “Good Pig.”

Me: “Thank you — Maybe I’ll get the chance to see your playspace sometime, or better yet NOT see it.”

I didn’t get any other response back, so I decided to turn in for the night.

I lay down on my big empty bed, but all I was picturing was spending the night in a sleepsack and hood in that playroom. I drifted off to sleep with a steady stream of precum sliding onto my tight abs.


I hear the sound come from my phone the next morning from the kink site’s mobile app. I reach for my phone as I scratch my big nuts.

My eyes adjust as I see the message load on my screen. OMG, it’s from Him!

ImmobileRestraint: “Did the pig enjoy his dreams of being bound tight in my playroom?”

Surely I didn’t read that right — How can this guy possibly know?

I rubbed my eyes and read the message again, but it was right the first time.

Me: “I definitely did.”

ImmobileRestraint: “If you want to experience my playroom then, there is a price.”

Me: “Name It! Please!”

ImmobileRestraint: “You sure you’re up for the challenge? Refuse any request I give you and it will be the last time we speak.”

Me: “Just Name it — I want it — Please!”

ImmobileRestraint: “Go get a nice big bottle. Take it to the bathroom and fill it with every drop of your morning piss. Then chug it down to the last drop. Record the entire event on video, and send it to me when you’re done.”

This guy can’t be serious. He really expects me to do that? Aw, what the hell. It wouldn’t be the first time after all!

I look down and my 8 inches are at full mast thinking about it. “Hell, why not?”

I get out of bed and walk down the hall to grab a big empty bottle from the kitchen and take it to the bathroom along with my phone. I sit the bottle on the closed toilet lid and turn on the video camera on my phone. I start to fill the bottle pretty quickly. My stream stops just as the bottle fills right under the top. Without taking a second to think about it, I put the bottle to my lips and start drinking it down.

FUCK that is strong, been a while since I’ve downed morning piss.

I reach down, stopped the recording and immediately sent the video to ImmobileRestraint.

As soon as I hit send my meat throbbed to full mast again. I got in the shower and soaped up my muscled body, loving the feeling of the slick soap on my rock hard chest and abs. God I need someone here doing this for me right now. I reached down and pinched my nipple and my cock just throbbed all over again. From outside the shower I heard my phone: DING.

Has he already watched the video? The thought of that made me throb even more, but more importantly my kidneys have already filtered through the piss I chugged down.

I lay down on the floor of the shower and aimed my hard 8 inches at my face and let it flow full force at my open mouth, catching as much of it as I could and letting the rest blast my face and my stomach.

I soap up my hand and start rubbing my hard cock slowly, paying special attention to the head. God I just wish that this piss was coming through a funnel gag fed to me by a hot Bondage Master. I start breathing heavy thinking about that and I take my hand off my cock right before I shoot my load. I’m going to save this one. I stand up and finish my shower before I towel off.

Standing in my bathroom with my towel wrapped around my waist, I grab my phone and sure enough see a message from ImmobileRestraint. This guy wasn’t kidding around — he really wanted to see that video.

ImmobileRestraint: That was quite a load of morning piss, pig. Good job. You really do want to see my playroom, don’t you?

Me: More than anything, Sir.

God this guy is really cranking my gears.

I look over at the clock and it is almost 8 o’clock I really gotta get dressed for work.


ImmobileRestraint: Lock a ballstretcher on yourself before you leave for work. Leave the key at home.

What the hell? Who does this guy think he is? Of course my hardon knows exactly who he is and I reach for my split collar ball weight on my desk. I pull my bull nuts down low in their sack and I work the metal weight on and screw in the bolt using the hex key. I know by the time I get home from the day these boys are going to be aching because I have a gym date with Jake after work today.

Me: Sir, it is locked on. I am getting dressed for work now or else I am going to be late to the office.

OK, so I enjoy showing off my body all the time. Work is no exception to that. I slide my big legs into a tight pair of slacks that show off my glutes and my big bulge, even bigger today because of the 2” ball weight locked on. I slide my tight polo shirt down over my big torso, my arms and chest stretch it out nicely.

I look at the clock and its now 8:10. I grab my work bag and phone and run out the door or I’m going to be way late.


I don’t even have time to look at that now. I get in my car and fly to work as fast as I can. I walk in the front door right at 8:30, just in time.

I get to my desk and open up my phone and see a message from Him.

ImmobileRestraint: So how is that ball weight feeling?

God knowing that he is enjoying the immediate control I gave him makes my meat start to grow down my left pants leg.

Me: My balls are full and heavy, Sir. They are really going to ache by the time I get home tonight after the gym.

ImmobileRestraint: So you didn’t rub one out in the shower this morning then? Surely a big muscle stud like you rubs them out every chance you get.

Me: I edged and pissed in my mouth and on my face and body, but I stopped rubbing before I shot, Sir.

ImmobileRestraint: Good pig. You already know that I don’t want you blowing a load without permission.

Wait … what? I never agreed to full submission of this guy. We have never even met. Surely he can’t imagine that I’m going to just turn it all over to him like that? But, what about what I have already done today …

Oh well, I spend some time sorting through my e-mails that came through overnight and getting my day started. I can feel my meat pushing out a steady sticky flow of precum into my tight boxer briefs. Those are going to be perfect to sniff and chew on tonight after I get home.


I keep answering e-mails and looking at my meeting schedule for the day. Today should be pretty slow, which always helps out.

I reach down and feel the added bulge in my pants from the ball weight and I can’t wait anymore. I reach for my phone and see the message.

ImmobileRestraint: Getting cold feet already I see? You have 5 minutes to send me a picture of your locked up balls with a piece of paper visible that says “54638 Pig.” This is a random number to ensure that it is a current pic. If I don’t have the pic within 5 minutes from the timestamp of this message then you can forget about seeing any of my playspace.

SHIT that message was 3 minutes ago! I grab a piece of paper and pen and my phone and dash to the bathroom closest to my office. I don’t know how I feel about how quickly this guy is assuming this level of control, but at the same time I don’t want to risk screwing up the chance to see his playroom.

I fly into the bathroom and write the sign up and jerk my pants down. My full thick 8 inches are standing straight out in front of me, clearly he likes this whole thing. I took the pic and sent it off to Him right at the 5-minute mark and right away heard it.


ImmobileRestraint: I was beginning to think that you had given up already. Would be such a shame for a big stud like you to not even be able to follow basic instruction like that.

Me: Sorry for the delay, I am at the office. I’m dripping non-stop.

ImmobileRestraint: Get some work done, and don’t send me another message. When I am ready to hear from you, you will hear from me.

HELL! Now I’ve pissed him off.

I pulled my pants back up and headed out to my desk to get back to work.

For the rest of the day it was hard for me to focus. The ache in my nuts got worse and worse, and I couldn’t stop thinking about Him being pissed off at me. Then that just made me mad at myself because I don’t even know this person, but I’m turning all this emotion over to him. What the hell is going on with me?

The day starts to wind down and I still haven’t heard from Him. Well at least I can focus my energy into my workout with Jake.

I head out to my car and as I’m walking I hear it …


I nearly dropped my bag trying to get to my phone fast enough.

ImmobileRestraint: Have a good workout, pig. Message when you get back home, and don’t unlock that weight without clear instruction to do so.

Me: Thank you, Sir! I’m getting in my car now. I will message you when I get back home after the gym.

I get in my car and head across town to the gym and go straight for the locker room. Jake was already standing in there changing clothes and waiting for me.

“Hey buddy how was your day?” Jake said as he snapped his shirt at me.

“Was kinda crazy. Long story,” I said under my breath.

I started stripping off my clothes, which is usually a joy for me as guys check me out in the locker room, but then I remembered the heavy ball weight. I never work out without changing into a jock, but I slid my slacks down and left the tight boxer briefs in place, and reached to grab my gym shorts.

“Ian, you getting shy on me now are ya? That’s not like you at all, big boy,” Jake taunted.

“Boy?” He’s never called me that even in joking.

“Nah. I just forgot to pack my jock today. Figured I’d keep these on instead of totally free balling,” I said

Jake reached down into my gym bag and picked up my jock that was buried in there. What the FUCK.

“Dude, your jock is right here. It’s a bit musty, but its here,” he said as he took a big sniff and tossed it at me.

“Oh thanks I didn’t even see it in there.” I didn’t really know what to do at this point without looking really out of character, so I just went with it and dropped my boxer briefs, exposing the 2-inch ball weight.

“OK, now that is just HOT,” Jake said as he reached out to grab the weight. “How long have you had that thing on?”

“Been stretching me out since about 8 this morning, dude,” I said with a grin.

“Damn, I’ll bet that is aching nicely then.”

“Yeah they are full and aching, but just means I’ll be even harder on you during our workout. Now quit fucking around and let’s go,” I said with a playful shove.

We got out to the gym floor and started in our routine for today. My balls were really sore now, and I swear that every time that I grimaced I saw Jake try to suppress a grin.

Jake laid back on the bench press and didn’t notice that while he was checking out some guy walking in I added an extra 20 lbs on each side of the bar. I stepped up over his head just a little too close for a normal spot and I grabbed the bar as he did, too.

“Alright fucker, let’s do this. Count ’em out,” I said as he pushed up on the weight. He realized right away what I had done with the weights, but he kept going anyway.

As he brought the bar down, I slowly lowered myself with it. To a casual observer they would think I was just spotting for a buddy. But I kept going down with the bar, until I felt the 2-inch weight rest on his forehead. Then I went back up with it.

“Come on, pussy, do 15 more just like that and I’ll keep ‘spotting you’ with each one,” I growled, noticing the tent in his shorts.

As he was pushing through his sets they started to slow down a bit. This was the highest weight he has done on these, after all. For me it just meant that I spent longer each time pressing the ball weight into his forehead.

He let out a big yell as he pushed the bar back up to the rack for the final time. I leaned down right in his ear and growled, “You have a fucking wet spot the size of a half dollar on the front of your shorts, faggot. Looks like you enjoyed your extra motivation.”

Jake got up off the bench and looked me square in the eyes. I didn’t see his hand moving until it already had a firm grip on my stretched nuts and started to squeeze. “Boy oh boy did I ever enjoy that, fucker.”

He started squeezing harder and my knees started to buckle a bit. “Dude, OK, OK, you made your point. Let go, that shit hurts.”

Jake never broke eye contact, and the harder he squeezed the more the corners of his lips curved into an evil grin. Right before he let go of my nuts, he increased the pressure so hard that I thought I was going to puke.

“Glad you see things my way now that you tried to kill me with this workout,” Jake said with the grin still on his face.

“Alright, I need to wrap up here, been a really long day,” I said to Jake as I cleaned off the bench and made my way to the locker room.

I open up my locker and see my phone sitting there showing a message. I reach for it and unlock my phone to see it’s from Him …

Just as I start reading it, Jake walks in behind me.

“Dude, you didn’t cut your workout short just so you could come in here and text. Seriously?” he said, making a grab for the phone.

“Nah, just checking a message before I head to the house,” I said, pulling my arm back so he couldn’t grab my phone.

ImmobileRestraint: Boy, time to see how serious you really are. If you expect to ever see my playroom, then you will be at my house no later than 7 PM. Address is 5795 Suburban Rd. No need to shower or change from your gym clothes, you won’t be wearing them long anyway.

Jake clapped my shoulder as he picked up his bag. “Alright bud, I’m going to hit the road. I know you said you were wanting to wrap up the day, and I’m sure you’re wanting to get home and unlock those nuts.”

“Yeah man, have a good one,” I responded, not really listening to much, just focusing on the message I was staring at.

Was this seriously happening? I don’t even know this guy, but he wants me to just show up at his house? Then what? My cock is tenting my shorts out big time and I know what decision it would make.

I look at the time on my phone and it is already 6:40, so I’m not going to have time to go home. I grab my bag and head out to my car. As I walk, I really start to notice the pain in my nuts from having this damn weight on for so long. I can’t believe I actually did it and left the key at home. Not like he would have known anything different.

Damn it’s hot out here, I’m sweating like a whore in church walking to my car.

I hop in the car, careful not to sit on my weighted nuts in the loose gym shorts. I crank up the car and put it into gear after putting the address in my GPS. Looks like its close enough that I’ll make it with a few minutes to spare.

I swear that as I’m driving across town I get hit by every single red light on the way. It’s putting me way behind schedule from what I wanted to be and now I only have a few minutes left.

I pull up to the house with just two minutes to spare. I park and start heading up the steps, but just before I ring the doorbell I see a note taped to the front door.

“Faggot, open the door and come on in. You will open the first door on your right and come downstairs. Take a look around when you get downstairs.”

My 8 inches throb in my shorts, and I swear I’m going to blow my load without even touching it. I open the door and step inside. This is so insanely out of character for me, no one even knows I’m here. This is the dumbest thing I’ve ever done, but I’m listening to the wrong head.

I shut the door behind me and I immediately see the door on the right He mentioned in the note. I reach for the doorknob and see the lights on the stairs are already turned on. I started walking down the stairs and I could already smell Leather, Rubber, and just plain Man.

When I get to the bottom of the stairs, I almost pass out from what I see. All the gear and equipment from ImmobileRestraint’s profile is right here in front of me. The energy bouncing around this room from all the guys who had been worked over in here is intoxicating.

Just as I step a few feet into the room and I’m looking around at all the gear hanging on hooks on walls, stored on shelves, I feel the energy shift as he steps up behind me with his hands on my shoulders and growls in my ear with a deep, gravelly voice. “Keep your eyes straight forward, faggot, and you’ll enjoy this. Turn around and we are done.”

Immediately my meat throbs straight in front of me and as soon as he touches me I feel lightheaded from the surge of energy he sends through me.

He reaches around and slides his hands over my hard cock and then grazes over my heavily weighted balls, that by now feel like they having a brick dangling from them.

“Looks like someone is enjoying this. Just wait, you’re going to see just how deep the rabbit hole goes, boy,” he growls as he grinds his hard-on into the back of my gym shorts.

He takes his hands off of me, and I immediately feel a thick leather hood sliding down my head. He slides it down expertly, lacing it as soon as it is properly seated. The hood has left my mouth and nose open and vulnerable (for now, I imagine), but has blocked out the entire rest of my head down to the base of my neck, effectively blocking my sight and cutting down my hearing.

Next thing I feel is something tight around my neck, then realize I can’t move my head at all. I feel a padlock click closed and realize he has just locked a posture collar on me over the bottom of the hood. That explains why it goes so low down the neck.

I feel him step around in front of me now and press his body against my front this time. He starts talking a little louder now to make it through the hood.

“Things just got very real for you, boy. You’re not getting out of that until I say so, but judging by that wet spot on your gym shorts, this is exactly what you needed. Has the boy enjoyed being under my control today?”

Not even letting a second pass I said, “Yes SIR! I want more, couldn’t stop thinking about it all day, SIR!”

“Good, pig, then let’s see just how badly you want it. Strip down completely, and don’t make a mess of my fucking floor with your filthy clothes,” he said

Immediately I pulled my shredder t-shirt over my head and folded it as best I could without being able to see. I placed it on the ground at my feet followed by the shorts and jock then my sneakers and socks on top of that. I think that it’s all in a neat pile. I hope it’s all in a neat pile. I stand back up straight with my hands at my sides. I can feel his eyes watching the tight muscles in my body as I move.

“Get down on the floor and start licking my boots, fag.”

I immediately drop down and start licking the toes of his boots like its the last thing I’ll ever do. I slowly run my tongue all over the toe-cap and the sides, working my way up the shaft. They feel like they are jump boots. He grabs me by the back of the head and pushes me over to his other boot and I start repeating the process. Nothing else in the world exists right now except these boots on this powerful man. A man that I haven’t ever even seen, since his profile had no face pics.

I feel his legs move a bit as his weight shifts and he sits down. Suddenly he raises his boots off the ground and shoves the sole of his right boot against my face, grinding the tread in a bit.

“A real pig will clean his SIR’s boot treads for him. Are you a real pig? Or just a fake like so many others?” he says as he keeps pressing it into my face.

I immediately open my mouth and slide my tongue along the sole of his boots, savoring the energy that is radiating out of that boot. I slide my tongue through the boot treads, tasting the dirt from the floor. He changes boots and puts the other one in my face, and I repeat the process on this boot, feeling my cock burp out strings of precum as I go along.

He takes his boots out of my face and reaches under me and wipes off the long string of precum that was hanging almost to the floor at this point. He slides his coated fingers into my panting mouth for me to clean off, and I suck them greedily.

“You’re in very deep boy, but you know that, don’t you?”

“Yes SIR! I want more, SIR!” I barked back like a military private to his drill sergeant.

He stands me up and pulls my arms behind my back. My big arms and shoulders don’t want to go that far behind my back, but he doesn’t stop and keeps pulling them harder until my wrists are almost touching and he locks them in leather restraints padlocked behind my back. This is putting a lot of strain on my arms and shoulders, and has my chest open and exposed. He reaches down and picks up my jock from the floor, and I hear water splashing. He shoves my dirty jock (that hasn’t been washed in a few weeks) into my mouth, and I immediately taste cold, stale piss. I try to spit out the disgusting gag, but he straps a plug gag around my hooded head just in time to make sure I can’t. Now I have no choice but to suck on the most vile piss that I’ve ever tasted. Even thru that, my cock hasn’t deflated even a little bit, and he clearly notices that as he starts stroking it as he talks.

“I’m not going to beat around the bush on this. You have been gagged because right now I don’t need to hear any response from you. Your hardon tells me everything I need to know. Your dirty jock is soaked in my piss from this morning to prove a point, that I can do whatever the fuck I want to you, and you’ll thrive on it.” He emphasizes this last part by slowly stroking the entire length of my hardon.

“I’ve been watching you for a long time, waiting for my chance to get you down here locked up, and then last night you viewed my profile. Sounds like perfect timing to me. Let me be very clear with you. You’re mine for a very long time, and there’s nothing you can do about it. I know it’s what you want anyway, pig.”

I grunt into the gag as he keeps stroking slowly.

“You really should have been upfront about who you were, and what you were looking for, boy,” he said as he stopped stroking me.

Wait, what? Now I’m confused. I grunt into the gag

“You still don’t get it, do you, faggot?” he growled into my ear. “If you still don’t know what is going on, then grunt twice.”

Grunt. Grunt.

“Let’s see if this helps to put some pieces together for you…”

One of his hands wraps around my locked and weighted nuts, and he starts to slowly squeeze. With his other hand, he pinches my nose closed just as I exhaled the air in my lungs. He starts squeezing harder and harder as my lungs start to burn needing air. All I can focus on right now is the taste of his stale morning piss soaking my dirty jock, the grip of his fingers digging into my balls, the fact that I need to breathe so bad right now… Wait… That grip… That voice…

“MMMMPPPPPPPPHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!” I scream into the foul gag, as he digs in harder.

“Aw, the dumb muscle jock finally used his brain for something. You finally caught on, huh faggot?” Jake said as he started squeezing even tighter on my sore nuts.

“MMMMMPPPPPPPPPpppphhhhhhhhhhh,” my pleading getting quieter now, needing to breathe so badly. How the hell could Jake do this?

He started squeezing even tighter, focusing energy with his fingertips and digging into my swollen balls. I don’t know if it was the pain or the need to breathe, but my body goes limp and I feel myself falling dropping to my knees and then blacking out as I hear Jake laughing.


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Metal would like to thank Nitro, aka IntlLeatherboy2011, for this story! Be sure to leave comments to encourage him to write more!


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  1. Damn! If I wasn’t locked in chastity right now, I’d have shot my load from reading that. Excellent writing Pup Nitro.

  2. Excellent story, very horny and well written! Very interested to see what happens next and love to experience similar control. Did not blow my load yet, save that for the next part…..

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