In the Woods

By Rubrpig

This is a work of fiction and so do not attempt anything in this work of fiction without proper supervision.

Master Thomas signed off from the group Skype call with his leather brothers. The call had been about their annual trip to his mountain cabin for their leather retreat with their slaves. The 3 Leather Masters had discussed what the main scene would be and how best to provide a extreme test of endurance for their slaves. Finally, they had come up with a consensus which they had all agreed to and all felt would be an extremely hot scene.

He sat back in his leather desk chair and smiled as the thought of what was planned for their slaves was going to really push their limits and provide for the Masters a scene which should proof highly erotic. After a while he logged into the Mr. S website and placed an order for 3 pairs of the 4 buckle wrist restraints which would be needed for the scene. After processing the order was scheduled for delivery in several weeks which was more than enough time for the shipment to arrive prior to their leaving for the cabin.

In the next few days, he finished the arrangements for the scene, he had contacted a construction equipment rental company in the nearest town and arranged for a gas powered hole auger to be delivered to the cabin. Calling the lumber yard in the same town, he spoke with the order desk and placed and paid for an order of 6×6 beams to be delivered. The power tools they would need were already available at the cabin. The other parts such as the large bolts and eye bolts were bought at a local supplier and stored in the bins of other equipment for the week which his slave had been preparing. The slave had been busy packing most of their heavy bondage equipment such as the sleep sacs and straitjackets along with other items that were going to be needed during the weeklong stay.

Finally all the arrangements were completed and the time had come for them to leave for the cabin. He and his slave were going up a week in advance to prepare and get the cabin ready for the others to arrive. They loaded up his pickup truck with the equipment and they left for the 6 hour drive to the mountains and the cabin. During the drive, his cell rang and he instructed his slave to answer the call. The slave answered and listened to the call and then hung up. He requested permission to speak and Master Thomas nodded. The slave informed his Master that his leather brother Master William was coming up the following day to help prepare the cabin as he had managed to arrange a few additional days off. This was great news as it meant that the preparations would take a lot less time and be easier with the additional help.

Finally arriving in the town which was about 20 minutes from the cabin, Master Thomas parked at the local supermarket and the 2 men got out. Following just behind and to the right of his Master, the men entered the store and the slave got a grocery cart and they proceeded to shop for the food and other items needed for the stay. They would have to make another trip closer to the start of the week long scene just to make sure they did not have to leave the cabin while they were playing but for now they stocked up on everything they might need for the first week. After paying they loaded up the bags into the truck and left for the cabin.

Following the road to the mountain area where the cabin was located, Master Thomas turned off the paved road onto the gravel road leading to the cabin. He stopped at the gate and the slave got out and opened it. While the slave was opening the gate, Master Thomas called the caretaker that looked after the property and told him that he was at the cabin. The caretaker told him that the lumber yard had delivered the heavy beams the previous day. The beams had been stacked on the main deck which ran along the back of the cabin as he had instructed. Thanking him, Master Thomas ended the call and after the slave got back into the truck, they drove the mile to the cabin.

The 2 men unloaded the truck and soon the slave was unpacking the food and then began to lug the heavy bins of gear into the room at the back of the cabin which was designed to be a play space. Finally, the slave finished and walked back out and reported to its Master that it was done. Master Thomas looked up at the slave standing, sweat glistening on its body as it had stripped as soon as it entered the cabin as it was trained. Nodding, he told the slave to turn on the grill and prepare steaks and grilled corn and went back to his book and cigar.

The next morning after breakfast, told the slave to put on its boots and follow him. The 2 men went out to the back of the cabin and unlocked a shed and then removed a coil of cable and clamps. Taking a ladder they began stringing the cable between 2 large trees that stood on either side of the cabin. Master Thomas added 3 heavy rings with chains attached to them and then finished installing the cable.

Taking a heavy steel collar, he put it around the slave’s neck and then bolted it closed. Then he padlocked one of the hanging chains to the collar. The slave was now tethered to the cable and secured so it could work in the area and not wander off.   Grabbing his truck keys, he left the cabin and headed into the town as he had realized he had forgotten to order some items when he ordered the beams. After picking up the items he headed back to the cabin and found his brother’s car sitting in the yard and his brother just getting out of it. Master Williams slave got out and stood quietly by the car, its head bowed and its hands behind its back. Master William snapped his fingers and pointed to Master Thomas’s boots and the slave quickly moved over, knelt and began licking and servicing the black bull hide cowboy boots.

Both Masters were happy to see each other and they did not manage to get together very often now as their schedules were so hectic and they looked forward to this annual trip to the cabin. They had met in college as they were both recruited for the football team. Master Thomas was ended up as the star tight end and Master William finished up as the starting defensive linebacker. Master Thomas, who was very Nordic in appearance still retained the defined muscular build as he was still playing ball in the NFL and his training schedule made sure he kept in peak physical condition. Master William, was of African heritage and the 2 men when they were together were striking. Master William, despite not making it into the NFL, had finished his college career and went on to obtain a MBA and was now a very successful investment banker. They had successfully managed to keep their sexual orientation private during college and now that Master William had come out as gay, it did not cause an issue to Master Thomas despite being a star player in the NFL.

Master William’s slave was of the same heritage as its owner and had begun a hard disciplined physical training regime when it was taken as a slave. Now, due to hard work and some use of performance enhancing drugs, was hard, muscled and rugged in appearance. It could and did handle heavy bondage and heavy SM use. Master Thomas’s slave was a striking Irish rugby player with ginger hair and a closely clipped beard which its Master insisted on it having. Leaner and more defined than Master William’s slave the 2 slaves worked well together.

Master William looked around and asked where the other slave was and was told it was on its lead in the back of the house working. The slave was told to get up and unpack the car and then put everything away including all of the gear they had brought with them. The slave quickly stood up and began unloading the car and taking it into the cabin. Once the car was unloaded, it returned to the house, quickly stripped down and put its clothes and boots neatly away in the entry closet along with the clothing belonging to its fellow slave. Once unpacked and all the gear put away it reported to the back deck and found the 2 Masters relaxing and it saw that the other slave was being put through a workout by running back and forward, the steel ring sliding along the taunt steel cable. It ran 4 laps then dropped down and did push ups followed by squats. Master William stood up and picked up another heavy steel collar and installed it around the neck of his slave and then lead it down to the yard and padlocked it to one of the remaining chains. The 2 slaves then began the exercise routine together. Soon both slaves were dripping in sweat, dirty and grimy from the dirt. Master Thomas stood up and tossed the 2 slaves bottles of water which they caught and gratefully drank. They moved to the end of the cable and stood in the shade waiting for any further orders.

After releasing the slaves from the chain leads, and leaving the heavy collars on them, they settled in for the evening with the Masters sitting relaxing and drinking whiskey with their slaves on their hands and knees in front of them so they were used as footstools for their owners boots. Both slaves were successful businessmen in their own right when not at their Master’s home. The Master/slave couples did live together but surprisingly gossip especially about Master Thomas did not come up.

The next morning, both Masters chained their slaves to the cable so they were able to move around and exercise but not able to leave the area where they were confined. The Master’s took the power tools they needed and walked a short way to a clearing in the forest. Then they began moving the heavy redwood beams from the back deck to the clearing. After the 6 beams had been moved, they began to work. Taking the 3 longest beams which were 14 feet long, they cut away a part of the beam 3 inches deep and 6 inches wide and checked to see if one of the other beams fit into the notch which it did. Then they took one of the 8 foot beams and notched the beam the same way but in the very middle of the length. Putting the two beams together they fitted snugly and created a smooth joint. Taking a power drill, Master Thomas drilled 4 holes through the joint and then they bolted the 2 beams together. Then they put heavy eye bolts about 1 foot in from the end of the cross beam and bolted the in tightly. Standing back, they admired the large heavy wooden cross that they had assembled. They then repeated the work and by the end of the day there were 3 large heavy wooden crosses ready to receive their occupants.

The next morning, a truck arrived and dropped off the large commercial power auger that had been rented. The two masters had already put their slaves on the dog lead as they referred to the cable as and carried the heavy auger and it drill bit into the clearing. Selecting the spots, they used the auger to dig 6″ wide holes about 5 feet deep. Then they picked up the crosses and moved them into position so that the end of the upright once the cross was lifted should slide into the hole. The crosses were now set ready in a circle in the clearing so once they had erected the crosses the occupants would be able to see each other cross.

Heading back to the cabin they brought the auger back along with its drill and left it for pickup in the morning by the rental company. They then grabbed from the truck, bags of gravel which had been bought so that once the crosses were in the holes, the gravel would be poured into the holes and tamped down to hold the cross upright and stabile. They dropped 4 bags by each hole ready for the day of the crucifixion.

The last thing needed were the lifting ropes to help lift the crosses up and get them to drop into the holes. Those were fetched from the shed and left piled up by one of the crosses. Everything was now ready for the big scene which the men had planned.

The next morning, a car drove up and the 2 Masters walked out onto the front deck of the cabin and watched as a heavily muscled dark haired man with a bushy beard got out and quickly ran around and opened the passenger door. A tall muscled man that looked like a body builder got out and walked over and greeted his brothers. Master Edward, who was a professional body builder and nutritionist had been a 2nd string linebacker on their college team but who had gone on to build a successful supplements chain of stores. His slave was muscled but less defined and smaller in size that its owner followed. Master Edward told his slave to unpack and get everything unpacked and report when it was done. As with the other slaves on arrival, it quickly unpacked the car and brought everything into the cabin and when that was finished, stripped and put his clothing and boots away while it unpacked and put away everything that had been brought. Putting on its boots, it reported to the back deck and soon it was also locked into a heavy metal collar and the final chain on the dog run cable was padlocked to it.

The three chained slaves stood quietly in the shelter of one of the trees while quietly talking about what was going to happen this year. They had not been told much of what was planned which was unusual but they were all sure that they would be in serious pain and extreme bondage as that was the usual highlight of the cabin trip.

The 3 masters sat quietly and talked about what was set for the next several days. So they relaxed and enjoyed their whiskey and watched as the sunset into the lake which the cabin backed onto. They got up once it had gotten dark and walked over and unlocked their respective slaves and the 6 men walked into the cabin.

The Masters stood in the large living room and told the slaves to get the heavy leather body bags, sensory deprivation hoods and catheters. The men watched as the slaves ran for the back area of the cabin and returned with everything that they had been ordered to bring. Telling the slaves to spread out the heavy leather sleep sacs so that the feet of the sacs were together and they would form a 3 pointed star shape once they were encased. Then the slaves began to get into the sacs and soon were sitting up in the sacs, while their Masters pulled the heavy padded hoods over their heads and laced them down tight and then tightened and buckled the straps then padlocked the buckles on the hood and the attached collars. Getting the slaves into the sac and their arms into the internal sleeves. They checked and made sure that they put foam pads between the slaves legs and then zipped up the sacs and quickly laced ropes through the d-rings and snugged the bags tight. They then opened the zips and pulled out their slaves cocks and balls, they opened the packages of external catheters and applied them to the cocks and then put the hose into a container so the slaves could piss during the night. They sat down in large leather chairs and watched and smiled at the 3 leather objects laying at their feet in a circle.

The 3 masters finally stood and stretched, kissing and groping each other, the 3 men went to bed and spent most of the night fucking each other. When they finally woke up the next morning, they got up and put on coffee and then walked into the living room. The 3 leather objects still in place but there were twitches and jerks from them as they had been that way for nearly 10 hours. The Masters knelt and began the process of removing their slaves from the sacs. Soon the slaves were out and heading for the bathroom to clean themselves out as usual. The 3 Masters got up and went to their bedrooms and pulled on leather breeches, wesco boots and bull dog harnesses. Once they were ready, they walked back out to the living room and waited for the slaves to finish cleaning themselves.

The slaves finished up with their douches and cleaned up the bathroom and ran for the living room. They saw their leathered Masters standing there holding sets of transport chains. They walked up to their slaves and locked the heavy leather belts around their waists, then cuffed their wrists to the attached cuffs and knelt putting on the ankle cuffs. The men turned and told their slaves to follow them and the men walked out of the cabin and then into the woods finally entering the clearing. The slaves saw the crosses waiting on the ground and realized that they were going to be crucified. They stopped and stared. The Masters walked over and grabbed Master Thomas’s slave and walked it over to the nearest cross. They helped the slave to lay down on the cross and they unlocked the slaves right wrist and then they picked up a pair of 4 strap wrist restraints and buckled it on tight. Taking a chain they ran it through the eye bolt and then padlocked the ends of the chain to the wrist restraint. The process was repeated with the slave’s left wrist then they pickup up a length of rope and quickly tied the slaves ankles to the cross.

The Masters repeated the process with the remaining slaves. Master William’s slave was next then Master Edward’s. Once the slaves were mounted and secured to the crosses, the transport chains and their heavy steel collars were removed. Starting with Master Thomas’s slave, the men tossed the heavy The ropes over large tree limbs above the cross. Tying the ropes to the cross beam of the cross they began lifting the head of the cross while Master Thomas guided the end of the cross into the waiting hole. The cross slide into the hole and as it rose to an upright position, the cross dropped in all the way into the hole. While the other Masters held the ropes to keep the cross stable, Master Thomas quickly ripped open bags of gravel and poured the rock into the hole filling it around the cross. Pushing down on the gravel with his boots, the cross was stable and using a ladder, they removed the lifting ropes from the cross. The final step was to remove the ropes securing the slaves ankles to the cross so it dropped free and was supported only by its arms. it took all of its weight on its shoulder joints as it dropped about 4 inches and hung free on the cross. The light rope was then wrapped around its torso securing it to the cross so it did not swing or move. They wanted the slaves to hang supported only by their arms and shoulders. The 3 Masters moved on and after an hour all 3 crosses and their occupants were upright and in position. The 3 slaves could look at each other while they remained crucified so they would not feel totally alone. The Masters walked about the clearing and then they walked out leaving the slaves hanging on the crosses. They walked back to the house and sat down and turned on the video feed so they could keep an eye on the crucified men. The slaves hung loosely bound to the crosses trying to get some grip with their feet so they could push up and relieve some of the pressure on their arms and shoulders. However the pain was building in them and they began to grunt and groan, their bodies covered in sweat as they hung. About an hour and a half after the last of the slaves had been crucified, the Masters walked out to the clearing and checked on their property. The slaves were semi conscious at this point but they stirred as their bodies were touched by their Masters. They came too and began to beg and plead to be taken down off the crosses. They begged and begged pleading with their Masters to let them down. Master William’s slave begged and begged asking what it had done to anger its Master so badly that it had to be crucified. Master Thomas’s slave begged and pleaded saying it would behave and never give reason for discipline or punishment if it was released from the cross.

The Masters nodded and stood in the middle of the circle of crosses and Master Thomas spoke. “slaves you have been crucified as a test. A test to prove if you are truly worthy of being our slaves.   We have all noticed over the last few months signs of rebellion and independence in all of you and this has to stop. You will remain on the crosses for as long as we want to teach you that you are nothing but slaves and our property to with what we want. Begging and pleading will not sway us and you will remain on the crosses till we decide you have learned your place. do you understand slaves?” The slaves hung their heads and nodded. Taking this as a sign of acceptance, the 3 Masters checked their slaves and then walked out of the clearing leaving the crucified men to their fate. They looked at each other in disbelief that their Masters could be so cruel and callous but Masters Thomas’s slave looked down and its body began to shudder and heave as it threw up what little was in its stomach. The vomit ran down its chest and stomach and it hung there dripping.   It looked down at its body and realized that its cock was rock hard and dripping pre-cum and it looked up and saw its brother slaves were also rock hard. The pain and humiliation of being crucified was so arousing to the 3 slaves that they were rock hard and their cocks jutted straight out from their bodies.

As the day slowly passed, the Masters checked periodically on their slaves and after 4 hours, they all showed signs of breaking. As they were leaving, they heard sobbing start and turned and looked and Master Edward’s slave was crying in pain and fear.   They walked over to it and looked up at it and asked if it had learned its place and would it obey? The slave sobbed and nodded. it begged and pleaded that it had learned its place and it would obey. it pleaded to be let down off its cross.

The Masters stood quietly and moved away and spoke softly. Master Edward nodded and said that it did appear that his slave had broken and now fully accepted what it was. And the other Masters agreed. The 3 men walked over and picked up a small ladder and shoved it under the slave’s feet allowing it to stand on it and take the strain off its arms and shoulders. A ladder was put up against the cross beam and Master Edward released the right wrist, then the ladder was moved and the left wrist released. The Masters on the ground helped the shaking slave to climb down the ladder and once on the ground it fell to its knees and slowly moved its arms and wrists trying to get them to work properly. Once it had loosened up its shoulders, it quickly prostrated itself and crawled over to its Master’s boots and began licking, kissing and sucking on the boots. Master Edward watched and then told the slave to get up on its feet and follow him. The 2 men walked out of the clearing and back to the cabin. Once in the cabin, the slave was told to get to the play room and into one of the steel dog cages where it was locked in. Telling the slave to rest, Master Edward walked over and picked up a dog bowl and poured some canned beef stew into it and filled another bowl with water and shoved them into the dog cage. The slave quickly shoved its face into the food and its Master turned and left the room to head back to the clearing.

After getting back to the clearing, Master Edward walked up to his brothers who were watching their slaves still hanging on their crosses. After a few minutes, Master Thomas walked over and looked up at his slave who had tears of pain running down its face as it quietly sobbed in pain. Looking up at his slave, he asked the slave if it was ready to fully submit? The slave nodded and begged its Master to let it down and it would submit and fully accept what it was. Master Thomas nodded, and the 3 Masters soon had the slave down off its cross and Master Thomas taking it back to the cabin to be caged and fed. It was about 40 minutes later, that Master William’s slave finally broke and begged its Master. The Masters got it down and then the 4 men left the clearing. The crosses remained standing. Finally all 3 slaves were in their cages and fed. The Master walked into the living room and sat down and smiled. Well, that was an interesting day. So let’s see who won. The 3 men had a bet on which slave would break first and Master Thomas had bet on Master Edwards so he won. The wager was that Master Edward who was the loser would now become Master Thomas’s slave for the rest of the day. Standing up, Master Thomas ordered his brother to go to his room and strip.

After stripping down, Master Edward walked back into the living room to find his brothers standing there holding a heavy sensory deprivation hood and a double leather straitjacket. The hood was quickly put on and laced tight and padlocked. Then the heavy leather jacket slipped over Master Edwards body and soon he was tightly strapped and padlocked into the jacket. Leading his new leather slave over to the pool table, he bent his new boy over the table and pulled out his cock form his breeches. He quickly lubed up Edward’s hole and his cock and shoved it in deep in one thrust. Grunting in the heavy hood as it felt like his ass was getting ripped open, Edward groaned as he got slam fucked by his brother. Finally, Thomas came deep in Edwards hole and then he slowly pulled out.

Standing up, he grabbed Edward by the straps on the jacket and pulled him upright and lead him over to his chair and forced him to kneel by his chair. Thomas and William sat down and relaxed with their brother securely secured and hooded. After a couple of hours, the hood and jacket were removed, and Edward was told to prepare the dinner for the 3 of them. The 2 men watched as Edwards massive body gleaming with sweat walked around the kitchen and the deck as he prepared the meal.

When the meal was served, Edward was told he had paid up and was told to sit down and enjoy his meal. The 3 men relaxed.

The rest of their stay went smoothly as their slaves obeyed instantly and without question. They never spoke and just obeyed instructions. The Masters were very pleased and knew that the slave were ready for the next step. On the evening of their final day at the cabin, the slaves were called into the living room and sitting on the table were 3 piles of documents. The slaves were told to kneed in front the document with their names on them and sign the papers where indicated. The slaves quickly glanced through the documents as they signed and even though they were signing away their bank accounts, businesses, and investments they signed. The final document was a declaration of slavery which each slave signed so it was clearly stated that they had become slaves and the personal property of their owners and Masters of their own free will. The 3 slaves without hesitation signed and with that became permanent slaves to their owners.

Every year after that trial, the 6 men returned to the cabin for their annual retreat and the first order of business was to take the slaves while shackled and on leashes to the clearing where the 3 crosses still stood. The slaves were given a choice, the cross or a renewal of their pledge to serve their Masters faithfully. Staring at the crosses, the 3 slaves quickly knelt and crawled over to their Master’s boots and worshipped the boots of their owners.


The End

Metal would like to thanks Rubrpig for this story!

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  1. Woof! That’s an intense scene. Love the idea of three slaves, all successful in their own careers, signing away everything for permanent slavery to their masters. You’ve been on a real tear of great stories lately! Keep up the good work

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