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Video: Ian Levine is crucified

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Ian’s body is stretched out as the deep, long agony of the cross sets in. Then Jared hangs heavy weights from the crucified captive’s balls. Check out this free video preview, courtesy of Dream Boy Bondage:


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Title of this shoot: Ian Levine – Final Consent IV – Part 5

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Video: Jaimie gets tied up and whipped and then crucified

Scroll down for a free video clip from the men of Dream Boy Bondage:

Dream Boy Bondage

Jaimie shutters in pain, his back and ass crisscrossed with horrible welts from his initial whipping. Many more will follow. Jared, always the sadist, teases the captive, dragging a new, seven-foot single-tail under his chin, giving him a full appreciation of the whip’s length and power before the actual lashing begins. Using a whiplash stroke, Jared cuts the naked, helpless youth with a series of rapid-fire blows. Jaimie is stoic no longer. He cries out with each lash. A spray of alcohol on his fresh wounds burns like liquid fire. “Good night,” Jared sneers, leaving the prisoner chained on his feet, in agony, alone in the torture chamber. Jaimie is dazed and half-asleep when, hours later, a group of guards unchain him, turn him around and lift him up onto the cross. When he regains full consciousness, the truth sinks in: He’s crucified!

Here is a free video teaser clip:


Title of this episOde: Jaimie Steel – Young Anarchist – Part 3

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Video: Wyatt is crucified and tortured

Wyatt is back at Dream Boy Bondage! Jared has kept him locked in a tiny cage for the last two weeks, naked and shaved clean. The slave has been fed and exercised so he’s ready for more torture. Jared drags Wyatt from his cage and bolts him to the cross. The prisoner has never been crucified before but quickly learns the simple power of the cross. He is fit and compact, with a good strength-to-weight ratio, so he can hold himself in place for several minutes before the ache – then the agony – sets in.


Soon, however, the slave is gasping in pain, glistening with sweat, his legs shaking. And then things get worse: First Jared puts a ball-crusher on Wyatt’s balls, then hangs a heavy iron weight from it. Wyatt moans in agony. He needs relief! And he gets it, sort off. Jared attaches electrodes to the metal ball crusher and Wyatt’s wrist and places a stool covered with pressure-sensors in front of him. The slave can step on the stool to relieve the pull of his body against the cross, but even slight pressure sets electricity surging into his body. Jared the sadist strikes again.

Wyatt is crucified and tortured

Title of this shoot: Wyatt – Playtime – Part 4

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Video: An Army private is crucified and tortured

At Dream Boy Bondage, Army Private Timarrie Baker – a young, mixed-race stud with an amazing body and an even more amazing cock – is crucified and tortured to uncover a mole:


Timarrie Baker works as a low-level computer specialist for an Army reserve unit that might be involved in counter-espionage. He is young, strong and beautiful. The video of Jared torturing him will let the Russians know we are serious, even if the captive doesn’t know anything, as he claims. He starts out crucified, but with an extra twist: His massive cock and balls are covered with clothespins as he hangs from the wood.

crucified at Dream Boy Bondage

Title of this update: Timarrie Baker – Young Private – Part 1

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Video: Porn star Connor Halsted at Dream Boy Bondage

Here’s another video clip from the men of Dream Boy Bondage. This one features porn star Connor Halsted being worked over by Jared:


Connor Halsted, a muscular, young porn star, is shocked so often his strong, lean body shuts down and he just shakes involuntarily, silent. Some time later, he comes out of his daze to discover he is strapped to a cross – with Jared hovering over him, naked, his erect penis just inches from his mouth. “The client wants to see you suck cock,” Jared announces with a smile, then shoves his dick in Connor’s mouth. Connor sucks hard as Jared fucks his face, then busts a huge load of cum all over his chest. “My client is very pleased with your cock-sucking skills; so pleased in fact, he says we won’t crucify you if you show us more cum,” Jared says, cutting off the prisoner’s briefs. Connor nods enthusiastically, hoping against hope that he can please these men and end his torments. He works his cock hard, flexing and showing off, then covers his abs with cum, only to discover how cruel these men really are.

Connor Halsted

Title of this update: Connor Halsted – Porn Star Torture – Part 2

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Video: Dirk Wakefield is crucified and tortured at Dream Boy Bondage

Scroll down for a free video preview from the men of Dream Boy Bondage. In this episode, Dirk, his wounds largely healed after being rented out as a fuck slave for four weeks, is crucified, shocked with the cattle prod and tortured with clothespins.

A month ago, Dirk was brutally tortured for several days, the front and back of his firm body covered with deep, red whip wounds. They tortured him at the request of his master and, in return, were allowed to use Dirk as they pleased for the rest of the month. So, for the last four weeks, Dirk has been a fuck slave, his ass and mouth used by scores of men. They kept his body hairless, as a sign of his slave status, but they hadn’t tortured him – until today. Today he is laid on the cold dungeon floor, naked, arms spread wide and strapped to a wood beam, ankles cuffed together. His brutalized skin has had time to recover, although a few fading welts are still visible. He’s hauled up onto his tiptoes, crucifixion-style. Then Jared enters with a cattle prod and a pocket full of clothespins. After being repeatedly shocked and crucified for hours, Dirk’s cock, balls and nipples are covered with pins until he literally trembles in agony.

Here is a free video preview:


Title of this shoot: Dirk Wakefield – Kept Boy – Part 7

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