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Brian Bonds is tied naked at Dore Alley Street Fair

In this video from Kink Men,  Brian Bonds endures the cattle prod before he’s gang fucked at Dore Alley Street Fair


At the Dore Alley Street Fair, Brian Bonds is the center of attention. He’s bound to the cross with his balls tied up as the doms carry him through the crowd. After an intense flogging scene to get the crowd going, Brian is suspended on a fence with a zipper going down his thighs. The crowd cheers him on as Brian takes a shock from the cattle prod before the zipper is ripped off his legs. The BIP crew takes the naked stud back to a sex shop to have their way with him.

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The man behind the Saint Andrews Cross

Check out Saint Andrew himself, on The St. Andrews Cross!

There really was a Saint Andrew, and when he was sent to be crucified (before electric chairs and lethal injections were invented) he requested the X-shaped cross. Because he felt he was not worthy to be crucified on a cross-shaped cross like Jesus. I learned this from the nuns when I was in Catholic school. Another explanation is that he was a kinky fucker. If he were alive today perhaps Saint Andrew would be starring in gay bondage porn, like the guys below:

Images above are from Titan, Men On Edge, Bound Gods, Roped Studs and various other sites. The painting is “Crucifixion of St. Andrew,” by the 16th century Spanish painter Juan Correa de Vivar.  Another painting available here.

Jesse sucks cock before being hoisted on the beam

After being brutally whipped and jerked off, Jesse Stone is lowered to his knees so the man lashing him can shove his dick down his throat. Jesse chokes and gags, his eyes darting around in fear, but he willingly sucks the huge cock until the man cums, hoping against hope that he will be shown mercy. He is allowed to rest on the concrete floor but is soon tased then strapped to a wooden cross. A loincloth fashioned from his shirt droops low around his waist, allowing video of this portion of his torture to be televised. After only 30 minutes, the young jock understands of the power of the cross as his muscular body is pulled apart by its own weight and his lungs struggle for breath. And his crucifixion has just begun.

Jesse sucks cock before being hoisted on the beam

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Title: JESSE STONE: Political Prisoner – Chapter 4

his crucifixion has just begun

Cole gets crucified at Dream Boy Bondage

The cruelty of Noah knows no end. After burning Cole’s ass and the soles of his feet with hot wax, leaving the captive whimpering in agony, Noah removes the hardened wax with a flogger, whipping Cole mercilessly. The prisoner’s suffering is not over. Noah straps him to a wooden cross. Cole has seen other studs crucified, their fit bodies tormented by their own weight as they squirm in pain for hours, trying desperately to relieve the terrible strain on their limbs and torso. But once in the air, hanging from the cross, Cole realizes his suffering will be even worse than he imagined. Still, with just a few strokes of Noah’s hand, Cole’s cock hardens and remains hard even while crucified, every muscle in his body straining. And it only gets worse. Much worse.

Cole gets crucified at Dream Boy Bondage

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Title of this video:

COLE MILLER – Vengeance – Chapter 8

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Pictures and video: Jordan gets crucified in the bondage dungeon

Check out this video from the men over at Roped Studs.



Jordan is a quintessential frat stud — thickly muscled, totally smooth and handsome as a model. Rope man Jared has him roped in a crucifixion pose, displaying that hunky body perfectly while also exposing it to the whip. He slices Jordan with a nasty, little single tail – sometimes just an inch from his cock – then rubs down the raw wounds with his hands. Then he ropes his prize stud’s cock and balls with white twine and gives them a nice yank. After torturing the frat boy for hours, he releases Jordan’s right hand and orders him to jerk off. Jordan does not disappoint, pumping out a massive load of cum.

Here is a free video preview — and be sure to click to watch this one in full screen mode!


There are NINE videos of this guy at Roped Studs


Jesse is hung from the bondage cross and whipped

At Dream Boy Bondage, Jesse can’t believe what is happening to him. Hanging by his wrists and ankles, strapped to a cross, not even a foot off the ground, is tormenting his body in ways he didn’t think possible. Every muscle in his body is fatigued and straining. He must lift himself up to breathe, but his muscles give out and he collapses, forced to hang from his wrists, over and over. The loincloth around his hips droops so low that his pubes and top inch of his cock are visible. The man torturing him pulls up his loincloth – presumably to hide his cock, so that what is about to happen to him can be televised – then, he whips his chest and stomach. Still, after a few lashes, the loincloth is ripped off, exposing his beautiful cock, and the whipping resumes. His tormentor strokes his straining muscles, appreciating the warmth of his pain, then leaves him to suffer, naked and alone, for hours.

Jesse is hung from the bondage cross and whipped

See the video at Dream Boy Bondage

Title of this video:

JESSE STONE – Political Prisoner – Chapter 5

Dream Boy Bondage Jesse Stone