Inmate is still in the padded cell

Padded Cell Inmate MetalbondNYC 01Padded Cell Inmate MetalbondNYC 02Padded Cell Inmate MetalbondNYC 03



Would be nicer (it’s already very nice!! LOL!!), if there was a chrome ball weight around his nuts!



I didn’t realize the incarceration would last 3 – 4 weeks. I have spent 8 hours in a CITA jacket but 3 – 4 weeks in a padded cell would be a stretch. How is he doing with the isolation mentally?


The Warden

The time will come for more additions I am sure, yes 3-4 weeks is the allocated time span for this inmate to receive his treatment.

As to his mental state, well sometimes he is good, others not, he has humane contact at least twice a day and limited conversation to him.

Generally he is mentally sound but INCREASINGLY frustrated and that’s NOT going to get any better.



WOW 3-4 weeks that is long term restraining, if I may ask to the Warden … how you take care of the inmate’s physiological needs, like feeding and … well… his wastes? This is not only hot but really interesting event to watch.



Wow that is really hot! Warden interested to keep another inmate? Looking to be treated like him


The Warden

The Governor has not yet informed me of new inmates for the institution, but I am sure he will advise as and when this inmate has been released.



Forgive me for being late, but what is the make and model of that hood? I have a sir who has interest in it. *blush*

It looks like Studiogum, but the front part is different (rubber instead of metal). Can you help me out, sir?




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