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Warden/Inmate Homage

By mmmpppfffhhh

I have always been “chasing the dragon” of bondage. Chasing that elusive state of real submission to bondage, where the game-playing finally becomes real. Where I have to accept that I am truly a captive, a bondage sub, and admit my longing to be kept tied up by men. Longing for men to lead me and push me through endless, uncomfortable, totally secure confinement, until they shove me into that place of complete capitulation, where I can do nothing but give up and give in. And once they have me there, despite me giving in, they still keep me bound and locked, and even tighten it up. Grunting and struggling in my hood and gag and chains, I submit totally to them, and can then fly like the Star Rover in Jack London’s novel, and soar to Nirvana.

@Yohan555 and I have chased this dragon together over several years, with 3-day and 5-day day sessions of continuous bondage (see our previous MetalbondNYC report here). We discovered we had both lusted over the reports from The Warden and The Inmate in MetalbondNYC in 2013 as documented here. @Yohan555 contacted the warden and had the original padded cell shipped from the UK to his home in Germany. We decided we would try to repeat their scenario of longterm confinement in a tiny padded cell, with minimal contact between warden and inmate. The original cell unfortunately could only be reconstructed in an upper part of the house without A/C and so was too hot in the summer, so we reluctantly shifted to use a similarly small cell, also canvas-padded, in the basement, helpfully adjacent to a wet room for ablutions, and a black cell for eating. Eventually we decided I would be the inmate for a 5-day trial period, with @Yohan555 as the warden, and we began on Friday 15th Sept 2023.

I was full of trepidation; would I be able to cope? The isolation had made the original inmate break down, making the warden shorten their plan from 21 to 19 days. Although we had agreed to a far shorter trial, I still worried. Particularly about long-term hooding, as I had struggled with claustrophobia in some of @Yohan555’s StudioGum rubber hoods. But I worked on them with him on previous meets and came to a new respect for them. Also @Yohan555, knowing my fetish for other men’s soccer and military socks, agreed I could be bound in some to keep me horny. He also gave me a button to keep in my hand inside the straitjacket, so I could alert him if I ever had a major problem. I was proud that I only used it for cramp during an arduous session in the leather bondage suit on the 5th day. I never used it at night, despite one near panic attack while hot, hooded and straitjacketed on the 2nd night; no doubt just having it in my hand helped, because I slowly calmed myself down without pressing it.

padded cell lockup

locked in a padded cell

tied up in sleepsack in padded celllocked in a padded cell for five days


For those who worry about meals and ablutions, here are the details:

Each morning while still in bondage in the small padded cell I was hooded in a sightless StudioGum hood (which stayed on throughout). I was guided in hood and bondage to a nearby wet room, where my usually wet nappy was removed, and my ankles were shackled to the floor. I was sat on the toilet for a shit, arse-wiped, then stripped, soaped and rinsed. And let me inform you, being soaped, showered, arse- and cock-washed by an anonymous man while you’re standing bound, hooded and shackled is an unusual experience for a grown man; alarmingly intimate, both unnerving and arousing.

I was roughly towelled off, then led still hooded and shackled to the black windowless eating cell, where I was chained to the floor and could sit, and where I found my toothbrush, a face flannel, and breakfast in a small crate. The gear I was to wear for the day was folded in a pile. I was locked in alone for about 30 mins or so, before the warden returned and, keeping either my foot, wrist or neck chained at all times, I was dressed for the day and secured in straitjacket +/- leg-sack/shackles, or fist-mitts and cuffs. I was then returned to the small padded cell, shackled to the floor and kept variously tied up/strapped up for the day until evening. Electrolyte drink and piss bottle would be administered as required. I would be returned to the black windowless eating cell at supper time, where I would be shackled, and could sit and eat from my supper crate. My night gear would be there folded in a pile, with a nappy and plastic pants on top. After eating I would be dressed in it all, again always with ankle, wrist or neck chained at all times. Then it was back to the small padded cell, to be shackled by chain to the floor and secured in bondage for the night. It always started out hot at night, but by the early morning I would usually be cold, despite the straitjacket or leg sack. If my mouth was free I could bite the corner of a blanket and roll over, dragging it over me a bit. During the night I tried to release my piss into the nappy little by little, so as not to flood it and overspill the top edge or let it run down my legs.


And about the bondage:

Sometimes after a restless night struggling in vain to get comfortable in bondage, tossing and turning, I’d be listening out for the sound of footsteps, of keys in the lock, waiting and dozing, trying to stay calm. But instead of coming to release me for the wet room, the warden sometimes came to gag me and truss me tighter, leaving me shocked and grunting (and often fiercely erect) for another hour or so. It is especially shocking, just when you are hoping and expecting to be released, to be instead swiftly trussed up tight, your mouth penetrated by a fat penis gag, your hopes dashed, your dignity trashed again.

Inside the straitjackets I usually wore long thick German army socks pulled over my hands and up to my armpits. Partly because it helped with padding. But mostly because it turned me on, sweating and flexing and extending my fingers in the soldier’s thick socks during my long hours of bondage. Thinking of soldiers keeping me longterm bound. Thinking of them smirking as they humiliate me by pulling their big socks onto my hands before they fasten me up. Unbeknownst to me, on the 4th day of my continuous bondage, when my cell door was unlocked, I was shocked to see 2 strange men with the Warden, one in combats and desert boots! It was as if the Warden had been eavesdropping on my soldier fantasies! Talk about dreams come true! Huge thanks to rotkaepple1@twitter and daineseboy_@twitter.

Straitjackets and sleep sacks provided the core of most of the bondage variants in our homage. They are (or can be) relatively comfortable while remaining totally secure. They need some skill and experience to apply effectively, especially when combining with leg sacks. Hoods have great power to subdue, are threatening, arousing, humiliating and dehumanising — and they look amazing. But they can also be breath-restricting/suffocating, and also increase risks of overheating. And they can rub/catch you painfully under the nose!

Pictures and videos of the inmate in bondage are on recon and fetlife (mmmpppfffhhh and strjacket555), and twitter/X (@Xlrugbysocks and @Yohan555). For me, all the bondage was amazing; secure and bearable (except when hogtied in the leather bondage suit on the 5th day; I got cramp and pushed the button). The nights seemed so very long, but the days flew past, an endless mix of love/hate confining restriction, and that combination of helplessness and arousal. And yes, the dragon of capitulation in bondage was reached, on the 5th day, in the leather bondage suit, fist mitts and hood. From the start, I had tried to keep some physical and mental strength in reserve, because I knew things were only likely to get worse as the days passed. But that day, hogtied in the bondage suit and mitts my reserve ran out, and I had to give up and give in. And it felt like coming home.

padded cell for 5 days

padded cell and diaper in straitjacket for five days no escape

suspended in a padded cell for five dayschained up in padded cell for five days


The Schedule:

1st day (Fri)
  • Maxcita sj, striped prison trousers, seaboot socks, shackles.
  • Overnight: buckle-less Maxcita sj, black lycra hood, seaboot socks, shackles, blanket.
2nd day (Sat)
  • Black Maxcita sj, leather hood with pinhole eyes, underpants, soccer socks.
  • Excercising in the cell, later in the black cell with black Maxcita leg sack, strapped to Army cot.
  • Overnight: buckle-less Maxcita sj, canvas Maxcita bag hood, seaboot socks.
3rd day (Sun)
  • Yellow prison trousers, leather sj, top2btm oblivion hood, heavily roped legs.
  • Later: face-down strapped on Army cot in black cell, with sj arms behind + hog tie.
  • Overnight: yellow prison suit, 5-point chain combination.
4th day (Mon)
  • Padded m/c jeans, leather sj, pinhole leather hood, Army boots with soccer socks, shackles.
  • Transferred to black cell, green net, headphones with hypnotism tapes from Rick TheTist.
  • Overnight: Maxcita sj with leg sack
5th day (Tues)
  • Leather bondage suit, fist mitts, Army boots and socks, tight leather hood.
  • Later: suspension in the black cell.
  • Overnight: Maxcita sleepsack, Maxcita canvas hood.
last morning (Weds)
  • Leather trousers, leather sj, StudioGum hood, chained to wall of black cell.
  • Later: leather sleepsack added


Spare a thought for the warden:

Firstly inmates, remember to give some kind of enthusiastic response to what your Warden is doing to you (if you like it, of course); shy nervous “rabbit in the headlights” subs can be dull and exhausting to play with.

Also, writing as a player with experience of both sides, I know how tough and tiring it can be to keep an inmate supervised and safe, secure but without cutting off his circulation, fed and clean, geared up and photographed — let alone sexually aroused! @Yohan555 was in all respects totally amazing, which is why I have the highest respect for him, and why he also has my eternal gratitude. But if you’re planning a long-term scene yourself, you might want to build in some respite care for the top/warden, even if it is only a few hours of supervision of the captive (or perhaps better still a night sitter — depending of course on what you want to do to your captive at night!).

Interestingly, in our 5-day trial here, by the 3rd day the warden came to realise a cold contact-minimal supervisor role was not very engaging for him, so we changed it then to include conversation while the inmate ate his evening food. (Incidentally we also wonder if the original Warden/inmate may not have been as strictly cold and distant during all their interactions as their reports suggest; they don’t discuss feeding arrangements).


In conclusion:

Firstly, I’d like to express my gratitude to the late Maurice (Jim) Stewart of Fetters; it was his advertisements in the gay press in the 80s which changed me forever. He popularised bondage and sexual fetishism, and his gear and his friendship gave life to my secret longings.

And then we must thank the original Warden and the Inmate, whose adventure and its reporting on MetalbondNYC made many of us realise that fantasies could in fact be realised, and that men were actually keeping each other severely bound up day after day, night after night, for real.

So here in 2023, this 5-day/123-hour trial captivity was done in homage to them. And it has left me totally in awe of their achievement; how they did 19 days with minimal interaction I will never know! The restricted horizons of one very small cell work insidiously on your brain, day after day; you lose track of time, you lose contact and interest in the world outside it; your controlled and restricted body confines your brain and your entire self too. Your warden, his keys, and what new bondage hell/heaven he brings, become your only focus. And that is fucking wonderful!

And finally, of course none of this would be possible without the passion, energy, perverted mind and amazing equipment of my dear friend, co-adventurer and Warden @yohan555. I owe him a massive debt of thanks; like Maurice all those years ago, he has aroused and invigorated my fetish, and given me the most thrilling, the most erotic experiences of my life; thank you man ; -)

@Xlrugbysocks and @Yohan555

@Xlrugbysocks and @Yohan555

@Xlrugbysocks and @Yohan555

@Xlrugbysocks and @Yohan555



And predictably, now I want to do 19 days…

—mmmpppfffhhh October 2023



Padded Cell Inmate: THE VIDEO

Click on the any of the still pictures in this posting to go directly to the Serious Male Bondage site.

Padded Cell Inmate MetalbondPadded Cell Inmate MetalbondMetalbondNYC

Many readers of the Metalbond website will no doubt recall the Padded Cell Inmate and his 19-day ordeal that was extensively documented — in postings, comments and plenty of photographs — here on Metalbond. That’s right, the straitjacketed and hooded Inmate shown here was locked up by The Warden in a padded cell for 19 days nonstop. (If you missed any of the original postings here on Metalbond, or click on the tag for Padded Cell Inmate, below.)

After this series appeared, VIDEO DOCUMENTATION of this most serious of bondage scenes was subsequently added to the many, many offerings at the Serious Male Bondage subscription-based site.

Padded Cell Inmate: THE VIDEO


To read much more about the 19 days in a padded cell, click here

To see the VIDEO, go to Serious Male Bondage

Title of the video: 19 DAYS

19 Days in a Padded Cell – an update

Many will remember the “19 Days in a Padded Cell” long-term bondage scene, which was extensively documented in real time here on the Metalbond site back in 2013.

If you are not familiar with this true-life experience between “The Warden” and “The Inmate,” or if you would like to read about it again, click here.

19 Days in a Padded Cell Metalbond


Now, Serious Male Bondage has posted an update with even more information, including text, photos and video:

Thanks to Mark of Serious Male Bondage for putting this together!

19 days in a Padded Cell

19 Days in a Padded Cell: The Warden’s Perspective

Padded Cell Inmate


By The Warden

It is with some trepidation that I write this account as it’s one that is not an easy task to do, but I will, as ordered from The Governor, try to do my best to describe how I dealt with the Inmate during his incarceration within the Institution.

I have known the Inmate for a fair number of years and as such this sort of thing could only in all honesty happen between two people who knew one another VERY well. I would have to say that for a complete stranger to endure what he did would NEVER in my humble opinion be at all possible.

I did at times think it was I who was actually the incarcerated one, as it was I who was without doubt doing far more running around and attending to him as well as running my “normal” life and as such found that MY TIME during his incarceration FLEW by in comparison to his that dragged on so painfully long.

I took ALL responsibility for him to a degree that only a small minority will probably appreciate, and as such I am not going to give a blow by blow account but to make it quite clear that without me he would have perished in the weeks that he endured and without me he would never have been seen again.

Now for those of you who are reading thus far and are saying “yeah, right!”, believe me or not it’s THAT sort of responsibility that I had to try and sleep with for the duration of his incarceration when I went to bed EVERY night. Just think about that for a while and try to imagine just WHY you would go through that.

You will come up with many conclusions if you think hard enough, but it will be MY one that is important to me, and in all truth I am the only one that that question really matters to, or at least the answer to it.

I am not sure if I would do it again for that length of time within the parameters that we had as the drain on myself has been VERY tiring and I do feel as though I need to recuperate myself both in mind and soul. I tried hard to be fair in the way that I dealt with the Inmate and also not to be a cruel Warden to him, but also to be someone that on the odd occasion tried his best to feel for him and to make sure of his mental situation too.

I was NOT going to be held responsible for him losing the plot completely, and as such I had to work hard to just occasionally engage in light chit chat talks with him, sometimes leaving him half way through a sentence just to frustrate him but putting my mind at rest that he was still in some sort of sane mindset.

I had many sleep interrupted nights where I would lay awake just watching him and trying to put myself in his place. Yes that’s some thing that runs in your mind as to what should I do next if I were in that situation and then try to pre-empt it by feeding him as he/I would be feeling somewhat hungry, or by getting him out for a pee break.

This I feel was one of the frustrating times for him as I had to use the compliance hood on him and his ankles would be close shackled and his wrists would be shackled behind his back. Humane Restraints locked on items that are good restraints as used in asylums gone by. He would be backed out of the cell uneasy underfoot as the padded floor is not an easy thing to walk on and I would hold his shackled together wrists in one hand and the end of the breathing tube of the compliance hood in the other.

There was NEVER any chance of him running off, but I had to reinforce the position that he was in. It was only a matter of very small steps, owing to the shackled ankles, that took some 30 seconds to get to the toilet, and to then have him sit down and for me to hold the tube of the compliance hood, forever knowing I could cut of his air with such great ease in a second and he would be gasping for life.

It was the threat of it that concerned him and not the event as that never happened as the point had been made that he was to COMPLY and that he had NO choice but to do so.

Then he would be led backwards again to the entrance of the cell. Encouraged forward to walk to the end of the cell where he would go down on his knees and I would unlock the wrist shackling still leaving the restraints on and then remove the hood as I walked back from the Inmate to once again close the WALL in on him. This was the way it happened the first time the last time and all in between with never a word spoken by me.

On many occasions the Inmate would try to communicate as he must have wanted some point of contact so badly, but a small amount of closing the breathing tube would remind him of his predicament and once again he would COMPLY.

I used the word wall before as opposed to door as it was a WALL to the Inmate (so he told me) as he never thought of it as a door and to me that’s a good sign as that too re iterates the fact that he knew that any form of release was only going to happen by one thing, and that one thing was the only thing that kept him in a position of fear, trust, helplessness, boredom, frustration, content and release.

Yes I have often tried to explain to those who have never experienced real bondage that sometimes to get proper meaningful release of our responsibility we have to be BOUND or confined in a VERY extreme way and this was extreme to an extent that neither of us had gone to before.

I know that I have benefited from this experience in many ways and hope that others following the Inmate’s progress will do likewise. It’s not a following of sexual desire or pornography but a following of a fantasy that some can associate with better than others, and a strength that always existed between myself and the Inmate that has just increased tenfold.

It’s now a matter of a few days since the Inmate was released and is now far away in another country and I have missed the responsibility. I feel he may do likewise in the course of the next few days.

I know he said to me he never wanted to do that again but I know in my mind that he will. He will relive an awful lot of his time in the padded cell in the course of the next few weeks and some times wake up thinking where have the padded walls gone.

I miss him too as now my life returns to that as it was before and the daily life things seem to be so easy to handle.

Whereas before they were a chore, now it seems I have time on my hands and time to do the household running like walking the dog, the odd DIY jobs that never seem to get done. The leaking tap, the punctures to repair, etc. Such mundane jobs in the past now help me fill my days.

However it’s my mind that still needs those goals to know that I can do things like this for people and it’s important to me, and I know I do it well even though I say so myself .

How long will it be before I find another Inmate? I really don’t know but I can say there WILL be more to come and I will again take the situation on with the same professionalism that I always do. I will ONLY give it my best and until that is not good enough I shall continue to do what I do best.



Metalbond would like to thank The Warden for this account. Stay tuned for another update next Tuesday.


Paul writes:

Hi Warden,

I have to admit, initially, while interested in reading your coming report, I was not too focused on it, I wanted to read the Inmate’s report more. And I did, when it was released, and found it a very interesting report at that.

Now, having read your report, I have to say it has taken me by surprise in that I actually found it as interesting as the Inmate’s report.

I don’t have any questions as such for you, but I do want to comment on one part of your report.

“…make it quite clear that without me he would have perished in the weeks that he endured and without me he would never have been seen again.”

When I read this, I was very taken back by the severity of it. Actually, I had to read it twice because I thought I had read it wrong the first time around. I read the rest of your report with that statement focused in my mind but was disappointed that you did not expand on it. It’s such a shocking and strong statement to make, I thought you were going to reference a situation that had gone bad and only for you being there, the Inmate was a goner. But you didn’t make such a reference.

When I got to the end of your report, I went back up and read that statement again, trying to put it into context and my thoughts are mixed on it. I have drawn two conclusions to you making this statement, which I would like to put forward, one of which is extreme and the other a bit more caring.

I’ll address the extreme point first …

“…make it quite clear that with out me he would have perished in the weeks that he endured and with out me he would never have been seen again.”

The extreme reference I’m drawing from this is what if this incarceration was real. What if, God forbid, the Inmate had been taken by force, stripped, put into a straight jacket and locked into the padded cell. You’re not there, the thugs who took him are and they don’t really care about his well-being. Fear would have been added to the situation for the Inmate because at least he knows you, but if he was taken by force by thugs and trust into such a situation, fear would have been high. Potentially even high enough to cause an incident? A heart attack? The thugs come back a few days later and find him dead!! He’s never seen again.

As I said, that’s the extreme line of thought your statement provoked. Let me now address the caring line of thought …

“…make it quite clear that with out me he would have perished in the weeks that he endured and with out me he would never have been seen again.”

This statement is very strong and abrupt and as I read your report looking for the justification for it, something did cross my mind … Caring but not aimed at the Inmate, but at you. It’s very clear from the report that as extreme as this incarceration was for the Inmate, it took a serious toll on you too. I have to admit, the three weeks I followed this lockup, I did not consider your side. I do now.

Reading your report, that statement above and other statements you made such as waking up and checking on him to make sure he was ok, it is clear that this was stressful for you. The Inmate’s well-being was totally your responsibility and you were left wondering was he ok, what if something happens to him?

From your report I get the feeling that you were alone, that this was a situation between you and the Inmate. If that is the case, I do wonder about the inmate’s safety when you had to go out. And I wonder about you too. What was going through your mind. Even to have to pop down to the shops for groceries and the likes, it must have taken its toll.

I read the Inmate’s report with great interest, thanked him for it and moved on. I have now read your report and I want to thank you for it too, but I want to also offer a word of support to you, I hope you are ok, I hope you are fine, I hope you are well. Do indeed take some take to recover, to find your feet again. And if you do take in a new Inmate in the future, perhaps it’s a task you could share with a friend to help ease the stress on you.

Thank to you both for a very interesting scene, I wish you both all the best for the future.


Sick Puppy

Thank you for the report, Warden. I have found the whole thing fascinating, on so many levels.

I can only imagine the burden you were carrying. Was there a back up if, for example, you’d been hit by a car or dropped dead of a heart attack? Was the Governor prepared for that?

You had another human being totally dependent on you, and it seems to me you did a great job with that responsibility. I think you should be proud of what you did for him, and he is lucky to know you.

And on a personal level I totally get that this sort of bondage is not about sex, it’s about something else much deeper.




Your report is excellent – many thanks – the passion, concern, focus and devotion to the inmate and to the process was inspiring. The journey You facilitated for the inmate was a once in a life time trip (and am very jealous). Hope You have further success with Your next inmate.

slave tom


The Warden replies

Thanks guys for your great comments. I am well, and I am back to normal as much as one can call life normal in this day and age.

This sort of scene can be made available for lots of people, but it has to be on the understanding that myself and the inmate had to get to that level of trust, etc., will take some while for me to be comfortable that you would be able to endure that for which you wish and for me to make the considerable effort to make it happen. A week would be the shortest incarceration that I would be interested in doing, but as I say it has to be with the right people.

I am happy that so many guys have seen this set of images and scene for what it was — a REAL insight into Padded Cell Bondage that was as intense for the Inmate as it was for the Warden.



The longest I have ever done an imprisonment scene for is 8 days, and yes it is a lot of work, even if the cell is fitted with a toilet so that the guard does not have to deal with pee breaks.

As a matter of safety, we always have two guards, so if something should happen to one of them, the other is still around to release the prisoner. In a cell confinement scene the extra guards do not have to be close at hand, but in daily communication with the on site guard, to make sure that everything is all right



Dear Warden,

That was intense and amazing and I hope you’re okay after the experience. After reading your story, I know it was just as intense and difficult for you as it was for the Inmate.

I was hoping you would answer some of the questions I asked the Inmate, if it’s possible, please?

I have several questions for you and the Warden that I hope you will answer:

(1) Did you ever indicate to the Inmate that the situation was becoming unbearable for you also? How?

(2) When did you decide to intervene to ease the Inmate’s discomfort (whether mental or physical or emotional)? For the times that you decided to ignore the Inmate’s discomfort or protests, what informed your decision to ignore him? (Were you keeping to a schedule, were you responding to external factors, were you trying to push your limits or his, were you just as weary of being captive of your responsibilities and was rebelling through inaction, were you punishing the Inmate for being pushy, etc?)

(3) When was the Inmate most difficult for you? Was he ever punished? How?

(4) What was the hardest part of the experience for you? Were there times when you were tempted to go beyond or disagree with the instructions?

(5) Was the Inmate informed of the reaction from the public who were keeping up with his experiences? How did it feel knowing that strangers were watching him and expecting certain things from the experience, that it wasn’t as private an experience as it would seem?

(6) Is there any part of the experience that you would want to change? What would that be?

(7) How did you deal with the tedium and the pressure of the job of looking after the Prisoner? Did you get any breaks? Did you have anyone to talk about the experience while it was happening to help you process what you were feeling?

8 What were you most afraid of during the incarceration? Did any of your fears come to pass?

(9) Were there any attempts by the Prisoner to bargain for a better situation for himself? What did the Prisoner ask for? What did he have to bargain with? What worked, what didn’t?

(10) How did you manage to set aside or juggle real life for three weeks to do this massive commitment?

(11) Now that the experience is over, how has it changed you?

(12) Will there be any videos? Will we get to see these videos please?

Thank you. It has been most valuable to me, having been able to learn from your experience.


The Warden replies

Q(1) Did you ever indicate to the Inmate that the situation was becoming unbearable for you also? How?

A1, No it was never necessary to do so I was not at anytime aware that the situation was becoming unbearable but tiring would be maybe a better description. If it EVER got that far I would have underachieved and that is not some thing I opt in for so I would have probably stopped the scene before it got to the UNBEARABLE stage.

Q(2) When did you decide to intervene to ease the Inmate’s discomfort (whether mental or physical or emotional)?

A2, I would only intervene at MY digression the inmate had NO way of knowing when he would be attended to in any way, YES he did have a clock as you see in the cell but this was a clock that was under MY control and as such he soon became aware that he could not really on its time keeping as it ran fast slow or not at all at its own will. You also have to be aware that at all times he was being monitored and a fairly high tech way. I had THREE cameras’ in the cell and they would keep me informed in different ways and at different times but I always had constant view of the inmate via internet access while out of the building via an I phone connection, it was 24 hour surveillance as high as I could get. Body Language as much as he had probably influenced me more than anything as to when I would or would not increase or decrease his limits.

I am not being purposely vague here but you have to remember that some day some one reading this may wish to endure the cell and as such if I divulge to much information regarding my decisions then I will have indeed given away to much to them for there fulfillment of the experience.

Punishment was never really needed to be honest and I did have a whole load of equipment that could have been used on him but that would have detracted from the padded cell experience.

Q(3) When was the Inmate most difficult for you? Was he ever punished? How?

A3, He was never difficult for me in any way he was persistent and reluctant in and around the 2nd week but he soon realized that any form of resistance was futile and he quickly and easily folded any attempt to be resistant. Punished? I think he had different situations to deal with and I think if he was punished in any way it was more mental punishment as opposed to Physical. The nearest he got to punishment was when the Cell was emptied of everything and he found that very hard to deal with but that was also right at the end when I knew it would be hard to accept NOTHING.

Q(4) What was the hardest part of the experience for you? Were there times when you were tempted to go beyond or disagree with the instructions?

A4, I can only assume this was meant for the inmate, as I have to confess that the Warden and the Governor are in fact one, it was done this way for the benefit of those that were following the incarceration under an asylum feeling that followed on from my very old web site the Maximum Security Institution. The governor on that site was indeed myself and for a time a couple of very close friends ran it under my wording as Wardens as it started to get to big for me and I needed some one to help me run the site, The Last Warden was a VERY dear friend and he ended up as the last Warden as after his early death (another solo bondage related ) I closed the M.S.I Down as I found it to hard to continue without him in this world.

So to answer in an honest fashion, NO there were no instructions and there were no agreements between the Governor and myself.

Q(5) Was the Inmate informed of the reaction from the public who were keeping up with his experiences?

A5, He never knew at any point that it WAS going to happen although he has experienced it were his situation has been shown on other sites so it may or may not have gone through his mind that his situation may have been shared with other parties.

There were a few people who had special access to one of the cameras, and as such could see a 24/7 view of what he was going through in real time.

It was private for both of us and if we can share it in a way that does not distract from its privacy between us then THAT is what I hoped to have achieved.

Q(6) Is there any part of the experience that you would want to change? What would that be?

A6, To possibly have had the toilet facilities in the same room or a small attached room with an electronic door with just a toilet pan with a tap above in stainless steel and a shower head above with a drain in the middle of the floor so that the Inmate could maintain certain hygiene himself when capable of doing so. The other thing would be have had this Cell as a permanent feature in amongst say 5 others in a wing of my very own padded cells where I could maintain 6 inmates at any one time this has been and always will be one of my all time whishes in life as I just know there are many “inmates” out there who would feel very rewarded after such an experience and refreshed re charged whatever you may want to call it but to have ALL responsibility taken away from you were you only have your self to blame for the situation that you are in is something that a lot of people would be better of for experiencing it. If I could do that for other people in some small way then I would feel as though my existence has been fulfilled in life.

I set up my first web site (being self taught in HTML) to help people who wanted the last buckle to be done up or the last strap to be done up as they may not have had any one else to do it and in that sense I wished to be the facilitator of that but the site turned out in my opinion to almost be a leader for what we call social network sites today as it was some where for like minded to people to meet and hook up to help one another not all the time in a sexual connotation but a bondage one where you could have some one you trusted ( through time) to do those things for you that you wanted to do for them.

So as such a time share for Bondage enthusiasts who have the money to invest in there well being with some one whom they can trust is the original thought or a place that these things can be done in a reality with out the risk of brutality, I am sure there are hundreds of guys out there who have the inclination the money and the desire to make this Home of bondage or as I like to refer to it an Institution but its just a matter of some one some where starting the ball rolling and then getting the Investors/Inmates for the Institution.

Q(7) How did you deal with the tedium and the pressure of the job of looking after the Prisoner?

A8, I found no real tedium or real pressure other than what was self inflicted and once you come to those terms with your self they no longer become anything to worry about. Breaks? Not sure. I shared it with this blog and I have to say some of the comments that were falsely saying was it real did hurt but then not all people are what they seam on the web these days, how ever I am one who says what he will do and with a certain amount of professionalism I hope that can be seen and demonstrated form the uploads to the site and the way in which questions like yours have been dealt with. Education is a good thing, and if any one can learn from some one else’s experience along these lines then that’s a good thing too.

In the evening I had my partner to talk to, and he would ask how the inmate was etc etc and as such that helped tremendously and with out his support at the beginning then this scene would never have taken place as I respect him and our relationship to much.

I have no now been separated from my wife for around 10 years or so and have as I like to think experienced both sides of the fence and as such can confidently say where I stand on MY sexuality as I have tried both sides and am more than proud to say I am Gay and have to also add that I am lucky that my family have been closer to me and I to them since I came out to them at a later age (39) which I think is not an easy thing to do but one that has to be done for ones own way in life. My partner means the world to me, the inmate is well aware of that fact and that if at any time my partner had wanted to call it off then I expect HE was the only person that both the inmate and warden would have respected owing to that relationship.

Q8 What were you most afraid of during the incarceration? Did any of your fears come to pass?

A8, I had no fears and went in to the time span knowing full well what I was committing to as did the Inmate.

(9) Were there any attempts by the Prisoner to bargain for a better situation for himself? What did the Prisoner ask for? What did he have to bargain with? What worked, what didn’t?

A9, The only time the Inmate was allowed to bargain for anything he was always going to be in a losing position so as such there was never really any bargaining. I think the only thing he ever asked for was to be let out of various situations to which the reply was always that’s for me to decide and he soon found out that pleading or asking nicely made NO difference to the answer. I tried not to have too much conversation with him but did on a few occasions’ start a conversation that would go very well about some thing totally unrelated to his situation ONLY to leave the conversation half way through unfinished! This is how he learned to deal with frustration in many ways and that even Talking was a privilege that he no longer really had.

Q(10) How did you manage to set aside or juggle real life for three weeks to do this massive commitment?

A10, With ease I have to say as it had been pre planned and I knew what I was going into in fact it was going to be a full four weeks but owing to circumstances out of my control the inmate went into his incarceration a little late. I had full control over the inmate’s emails if there were going to be any that needed to be dealt with! I would not answer them my self but keep a track on any that looked as though they may have needed the inmate’s attention. This was avoided and as such worked very well as of course the inmate had to prime some people that he was going to be incommunicado for some time so there were not that many issues to deal with.

I am in a fortunate position that I have much time to be able to do this sort of thing and as I have said previously I would love to be able to set up my own institution for others but need the catalyst and money and commitment from others to be able to put it together as a major project in the real world. I know there are many places in Europe that are set up for Fem Dom and CP aficionados’ but would really like to be the Governor of our own community Institution set in the countryside of rural England where it can happen for real and in a place that is both trustworthy clean hygienic and responsible with a professionalism that is second to none. I just NO I am the one to do it in every respect.

Q(11) Now that the experience is over, how has it changed you?

A11, Not a lot I am still a confident person I am no more than ever committed to trying to make a place for people like the inmate a reality and as such to share my experiences with others to be able to help them in any way I can. Changed me? NO. Enlightened me? YES. Encouraged me? YES. Been good for me? YES. So I think in general that’s a No with a BIG yes if you follow me.

Q(12) Will there be any videos? Will we get to see these videos please?

A12, Yes there are videos or at least footage from some of the cameras and some video was taken. I think in the future these may be available but it will be on another site, as this one has no facility as such to stream. I did speak to the owner of this site at the beginning about being able to do such a thing but it was found not to be an easy thing to do but when the videos are available rest assured that the owner of this site will be informed and you will be able to see a few clips’ of the inmate.

[Note from Metalbond: For the video, see SeriousMaleBondage.com.]

This is for Trick specifically as he has asked the above questions but I do hope others get some knowledge out of these answers’ at the same time.

Trick, ask the owner of this site for my email if you want to get in touch.

The Governor/Warden.



Thank you very much for sharing your perspective and your experience. I’m glad you had a support system in place. I’m also glad we were able to share in this honest and realistic portrayal of bondage and incarceration. While there is a lot of material about bondage out there, a lot of them are unrealistic and doesn’t help inform people about the real consequences and benefits of such an experience. Reading this has certainly deepened my appreciation and enriched my awareness of bondage and power relations. Thank you to you and the Inmate for sharing.


The Warden

You’re welcome, and I would be interested to receive an email from you



This is something I have been wanting to experience


19 days in a padded cell: An Inmate’s Perspective


By The Inmate

As many of you will be aware, there have been numerous posts with reference to an Inmate who was confined to a padded cell for an extended period.

That Inmate was me, and as promised, I now intend to describe the experience.

Firstly, if you are looking for something of a bondage and/or sexual theme, you will be disappointed and might as well look elsewhere now. What I do want to convey are the real feelings associated with extended confinement.

This concept was discussed at length with The Warden over a period of more than a year.  This could only have worked with two people who had a very strong personal relationship and understanding of each other. This was indeed the case.

The time frame agreed on was approximately three weeks, as this was considered long enough to develop the realism desired without causing any long-term mental health issues.

The rules were such that once confined, the ONLY way out would be in the event of a major PHYSICAL emergency. There was no way the confinement could be stopped or early release effected for any other reason. I assure you, there were many times I wished I had not agreed to this condition!

I must also add that the cell was created and built entirely by The Warden. Until such time as I entered it, I had never seen it.

IMG_1909So at 11 a.m. on the 22nd of March 2010, I was hooded, placed in a canvas straitjacket and led into the cell. I have to say the start of confinement was delayed for a day due to external circumstances, so I was really keen to commence and was quite excited by the prospect.

I need to explain one thing first, though. I will be referring to periods as “days, daytime or night time.” Be aware that I had no indication of real time, so I am only referring to daytime as my concept of being awake for 16 hours and sleep time as approximately 8 hours. “Days” are only my concept of roughly how many sleeps I had had. Needless to say, I lost track of real time very quickly.

On being led into the cell, I was then also fitted into a single canvas leg binder that attached to, and became integral with, the straitjacket. The hood was a matching loose fitting canvas hood, which could be shaken off relatively easily.

So after shaking off the hood, I looked around at my new home.

It was a very professionally constructed cell measuring only 1.9 metres long by 0.9 metres wide. The padding was so well-constructed that the cell was almost airtight and was ventilated by forced air. The ceiling was fully mirrored with 6 high intensity LED lights that were never turned off for the whole time.

So here I was lying in the cell, quite excited by the prospect.

Then reality hit. So what happens now? Absolutely nothing. And then it hit me like a ton of bricks that I was going to spend 3 whole weeks locked in here with no sound, no stimulus and no way out.  I was going to spend 3 weeks looking at 4 padded walls of which you will read more later on.

My only companion in those early days was a water bottle.

The cell was totally bare, so toilet breaks were necessary. I thought this would be a good opportunity to get a break from the cell, but it didn’t work out that way.

The procedure (which was never at a time of my choosing) was to be forced to kneel at the far end of the cell with hands on the wall (if not in the straitjacket) and face pushed into the wall. The Warden would then enter with a rubber hood with one breathing hole only and place it on my head. I would then be frog marched out of the cell to the toilet and just to reinforce control, the air hole was randomly blocked for short periods making it impossible to breathe. Any resistance meant the air hole was blocked immediately, so resistance was futile. The process was then reversed with me being left kneeling against the far wall. The hood was removed but I was not allowed to move until The Warden had exited the cell and given me permission to change position via a small communication hole in the door. This meant that by the time I turned around, the cell door was locked and it was as if I had never been out of the cell. This meant that I never saw anything other than the 4 padded walls for the whole time. And only 2 words (orders) were ever spoken by The Warden.

As humiliating as this process was, I actually enjoyed it, as it broke the monotony of sitting in the cell with nothing to do.

There was very little bondage involved, as it didn’t need to be. The cell itself was the torture.

And yes, it was torture. The best, and only way I can describe it was total confinement, fear, lack of communication, silence and hour after hour of sheer mind numbing boredom.

I just cannot describe the boredom. It was infinitely harder than anything I had ever imagined.

So to keep my mind active, I started planning and thinking of all sorts of things. ANYTHING, absolutely anything to relieve the boredom.

I would look forward to anything to break the monotony, even a change in bondage.

Bondage, as indicated, was minimal. The real bondage was the confinement (did I mention the mind numbing boredom?) I spent probably 75% of the time in the straitjacket, but not always with the arms folded. Didn’t matter – it was just as frustrating. In fact, in a funny way, I actually grew to liking my arms folded in the straitjacket – it was, I think, akin to a security blanket that children have. I wore canvas and leather ankle cuffs the whole time and these were joined by a very short chain for the first 4-5 days. I grew to live with them, but hated them. Then there was the hood for toilet breaks and wrist cuffs that were often joined when I was out of the straitjacket.

The 2nd and 3rd days were particularly hard, as I had to live with the realization that there was no relief for a whole 3 weeks. That played on my mind heavily.

Sleep time was my escape. I longed for the time to come around when I was tired and would sleep. The middle of my day was the worst – time seemed to completely stop.

In sleep, I could escape and live a carefree, normal life. I dreaded waking up from a sleep and a pleasant dream because as soon as I opened my eyes, all I could see were 4 white canvas padded walls just like the previous day.

One night I had a vivid dream of a large cake consisting of a yellow meringue on red crabmeat mounted on the top of a green tortoise shell on a tropical beach with vivid blue water behind and a beautiful red sunset. Why? Because it had colour! Vivid colour. As I now realize, my whole time was spent devoid of colour. You just cannot imagine what it was like, when I was finally released, to look out the window and see colour. I actually cried.

And speaking of that, some days I handled the frustration and boredom reasonably well. On some days, there were periods where it just overwhelmed me and I burst into tears of despair and hopelessness. These periods were a real low time and I just cannot describe adequately the feeling of sinking into a total black abyss with no way out. For the whole time, I was riding an emotional rollercoaster and emotions could and did change from relative calm to total despair almost instantly. As an example, I was coping reasonably well one day when The Warden came in and simply the act of tightening one strap on my straitjacket sent me right off again. It was then, and similar times, when I realised just how much on the edge was my mental state.

On about the 3rd day my Warden took pity on me as I was having tremendous trouble sleeping with the bright lights. He threw in a small blindfold! That was a saviour! I was scared it would be taken away from me, but never was.

Similarly, I was lying on the floor one day in the jacket and leg binder (it’s impossible to stand up by yourself) when the unthinkable happened. The Warden appeared and placed a proper PILLOW under my head! It was absolute heaven. I lay there in comfort for the first time and even though it was the middle of my day, I was determined to make the most of it. I simply lay there and fell asleep in a microsecond. Again, I assumed it would be taken away later, but never was. To this day, I will never take a pillow for granted again.

I think it was small things like this that helped me keep my sanity. I’m sure The Warden will have more to say on that subject later.

Over the next few days, my leg chain was reduced in length until there was virtually no movement possible. It took me 25 paces to walk the length of the cell – all 1.9 metres of it.

I also had to accept the fact that everything in my life was controlled externally. Toilet breaks were not of my choosing – food, what little there was, appeared once a day when it suited The Warden. There was no chance of asking for anything – there was no one to listen. I simply had to wait until The Warden appeared.

I know which “wall” was the door. It had a small viewing hole in it (one way) for The Warden to look in, but eventually I came to see it as nothing more than a wall as I never saw it open.

A particularly bad incident happened roughly half way through that was really hard to cope with. Through no deliberate action on anyone’s part, but rather some very unfortunate circumstances (for me) I finished up staying awake for some 30 “real” hours straight. I can’t even start to describe how it felt to be totally sleep deprived and having to look at those walls for 30 hours straight. I honestly don’t know to this day how I managed it. I do however, now realise what a powerful psychological tool sleep deprivation is. I had another outburst of despair not long after this.

As each day wore on, it got harder and harder to handle the boredom. I thought prior to starting that of the 3 weeks, the hardest week would be the middle week, followed by the first week and the easiest week would be the last one. The rationale was that week 1 had an element of novelty to it and the last week I could look forward to release. The middle week would be the hard one to get through. This proved entirely wrong. The reality was that the hardest week by far was the last one and the middle week the easiest. This can be explained by the first week being so hard to deal with because of the thought of having to endure another 2 weeks of boredom. The last week was terrible – every day, every hour just got longer and longer and I got to the point where I just couldn’t stand looking at the walls any more. Sometimes the rubber hood was left in the cell and there were times when I put it on (when my hands were free) just so I didn’t have to look at the walls! (Did I mention the mind numbing boredom before?)

On what turned out to be my last day (although I never knew it), I actually woke up and realised I had reached the state where I didn’t care any more. I stopped trying to stay mentally active, as there just seemed no point any more and I found myself just staring at the wall. Obviously I had sunk to another level, but I don’t think I recognised it at the time.

After some time, I had another bout of depression and for not the first time I started hitting the wall with my fist out of frustration and despair. However, this time was more violent and resulted in what to me was savage retribution by The Warden. I was forced to kneel against the wall at which time the hood was placed on my head and left on; the arms in the straitjacket tightly wrapped around my body and the leg shackles replaced. I was left that way until I had calmed down and then still while hooded, everything in the cell, including my beloved pillow and blindfold, were removed with the comment these were privileges and had to be earned again. When I say everything, I mean just that. Even the straitjacket was removed. I had nothing. I was naked in a totally bare cell. I just about lost it at this stage.

After some time The Warden re-appeared at the viewing hole and asked if I wanted the straitjacket back. I was so desperate for anything I said yes. At that point I was hooded again and told to stand up to have the jacket refitted. However, a garment was then placed on me that I hadn’t felt before which turned out to be a dressing gown and I was then led away hooded.

It was over.

I was released at 3 p.m. on the 10th of April 2010, having spent 19 days or some 460 hours or 27,600 very long minutes incarcerated.

Whilst The Warden was very gentle and kind in handling my release, it came as a huge shock. Indeed, to say I was in genuine shock would be the truth. I had trouble comprehending it. I just sat for ages with my head in my hands. The relief was indescribable. After a while, the window was opened and I just couldn’t believe it. I was looking at COLOUR! Greenery, flowers and sounds such as birds. After 3 weeks of white canvas padded walls this was like a miracle.

That is my version of my incarceration.

I pass it on to any and all to give a serious insight into what it is like. The reality and the fantasy are vastly different.

I thought I had a pretty good idea of what I was in for, but in the end I realise I had no idea.

I could add more but I think that is more than enough to get some idea of what is involved.

I assure you that you will NEVER understand this fully unless you have been through it. And a lesser period of time would not allow the full experience to develop.

So what would have happened if it had gone on for another week? I don’t know, but I do know I was getting to, or at, the limit of my ability to handle it.

I am more than happy to answer questions you may have if they are serious and genuine. It pains me to read posts that indicate some people believe the whole thing was “staged.” I assure you it was very, very real and the experience will remain with me for the rest of my life.

To avoid having to answer the same questions many times, here are some answers to questions that I suspect will be asked:


Has it changed my life?

Yes, in a positive way


Has it scarred me permanently?



Was it tough mentally?

Yes – hardest mental thing I’ve ever done.


Were there times I wanted to give up?



Were there times I saw no end?



Would I have eventually gone insane?

Absolutely YES!


How long would that have taken?

Don’t know


And the really big question: Would I do it again?

Make your own decision




Metalbond would like to thank the Inmate for this very insightful account.

To see more pictures of the Inmate’s ordeal, click on “Padded Cell Inmate,” below.

The Warden’s account will follow in a posting next Tuesday.



Sick Puppy writes:

Wow, and thanks so much for that report. It’s fascinating, and I can only begin to imagine the effects of being in that place that way. As you say, fantasy and reality don’t always match. But what an incredible thing to have done! And how lucky you are to have someone like the Warden in your life that you can trust in this way.



i believe that with a man like Warden i could handle it … but as u say the fantasy and reality don’t much … thank u for ur report lucky man.



I have several questions for you and the Warden that I hope you will answer:

(1) How did you indicate to the Warden that the situation was becoming unbearable? How did the Warden figure out that you were reaching your limits and it was time to intervene?

(2) When did the Warden decide to intervene to ease your discomfort (whether mental or physical or emotional)? For the times that the Warden decided to ignore your discomfort or protests, what informed his decision to ignore you? (Was he keeping to a schedule, was he responding to external instructions from external forces that may not be as aware or as immersed in the situation as the Warden was, was he trying to push your limits, was he just as weary of being captive of his responsibilities and was rebelling through inaction, was he punishing the Prisoner for being pushy, was the Warden testing out his own limits, etc?)

(3) What was the tipping point when the Prisoner would rather be bound (and have external stimulation) and when would the external stimulation be too much that he begged for release? Which of the bondage and restraint situations were the most difficult to bear? How was the relief from the surcease of physical stimulation different from the absence of stimulation? Now that the Prisoner has undergone both, what was the easier situation to bear?

(4) When was the Prisoner most difficult for the Warden? Was he ever punished? How?

(5) What was the hardest part of the experience for the Warden? Were there times when the Warden was tempted to go beyond or disagree with the instructions?

(6) Was the Prisoner informed of the reaction from the public who were keeping up with his experiences? How did it feel knowing that strangers were watching him and expecting certain things from the experience, that it wasn’t as private an experience as it would seem?

(7) Is there any part of the experience that either the Prisoner or the Warden would change? What would that be?

(8) How did the Warden deal with the tedium and the pressure of the job of looking after the Prisoner? Did the Warden get any breaks? Did he have any reliever? Did he have anyone to talk about the experience while it was happening to help him process what he was feeling?

(9) Did the Prisoner feel any fear during his incarceration? What was he afraid of? Did any of his fears come to pass?

(10) Were there any attempts by the Prisoner to bargain for a better situation for himself? What did the Prisoner ask for? What did he have to bargain with? What worked, what didn’t?

(11) Now that the experience is over, has either the Prisoner or the Warden noticed how the experience has changed them? Has the experience impacted on their lives? Has it changed their behaviors, how they relate to others and how they see themselves? How? Has this been a good or a bad thing?

(12) Will there be any videos? How would it affect the Prisoner if he views any of these videos and sees himself as a third person outside of himself? Will we get to see these videos?

Thank you. It has been a learning experience for us too, keeping up with this narrative.



Thanks so much for the very frank and truthful report – sure it was very difficult for B/both of Y/you. Was quite curious about the crushing boredom and how to cope – in personal storage (no where near as long) have clung to small repetitive sounds to dull the time – distantly hearing the water heater firing up, feeding times etc to cope – but 19 days – kudos to B/both of Y/you – an incredible journey – and thanks for sharing it.



It is a great experience, I did it 3 days in a dark cell in a cabin in the woods (alone) 2x a day a guard visit me to change the bondage and give some food (and have to eat it in a few minutes and once a day an enema. When I hear the G i have to put a mask on and there was no verbal comm, only an order, so I know what you mean … and I like it too, leatherdog



Wow, sweet, !!!

Thank you so much for sharing. Sorry, but I view your account to be very sexy, hehe. Sure sure, being in it was hell, BUT, reading your account is still as good as any sweet bondage story. Yum yum.

I appreciate that you actually broke, even if not until the last day. That is what it is all about, imo. I think it is healthy to be taken to the point where you are broken. I would love to experience being broken (and yes I would not like it at the time). A lot of things I do, in terms of bondage, are not pleasant, but when I get home and am safe, then I think about them and it is good material, hehe.

Funny how it all works out that way.

By the way, are you a quiet at-home type of person?

I spend a ton of time alone, by myself, at home, and I LOVE IT. I prefer to be alone than to be with people. I wonder if you go out a lot with people and regardless, I wonder if this would play a role in how a person likes the cell?



Excellent report. Thank you Inmate for sharing your experience.

I have a few questions:

1. What is the motive of this exercise? To experience long-term confinement, to turn a fantasy into reality, or some other reason(s)?

2. Did you have any similar experience before this padded cell confinement? If so, what’s the longest duration? If not, how did you and the Warden come to the conclusion that 3 weeks was “long enough to develop the realism desired without causing any long term mental health issues”?

3. Once you regained your freedom, how long did you take to feel “normal” again? Any signs of PTSD (Posttraumatic stress disorder) or anything like that? Any dreams/flash backs of the padded cell?

4. Looking back, will you do anything differently before and during the confinement?

(and some what-if questions)

5. Lighting: if given a choice, would you choose 19 days of complete darkness, or 19 days of full light without a blindfold?

6. Gears and accessories: what if there was no straitjacket/pillow/blindfold/etc during the entire duration? (There will be a hood during the trip to the bathroom.) How will you and your mind act differently?

7. Role reversal: if you and the Warden’s roles are reversed (i.e., you are the Warden), is there anything you’ll do differently in terms of treating the Inmate inside the cell?

Thank you once again for sharing your experience.



Thanks, Inmate. A very interesting read, thanks for sharing.



Thank you for sharing your experience. I wish you the best.



To clarify, when I use the word “narrative” I don’t mean it in terms of “fiction.” I mean it in the bigger context that there is action and movement and well, context, going on, which made the experience more engaging for me as a reader. This is what made this series compelling for me, because it’s not just porn. I particularly appreciate the opportunity to explore the post-experience with you.

I hope you didn’t think I was one of those who thought this was staged. I thought it was very real indeed.



Thank you for an honest report.

Bondage enthusiasts fantasize about long term confinement and solitary – it really is not fun.




These are my answers to some questions that have been asked regarding my incarceration in the padded cell. I hope I can satisfactorily answer those questions.


(1) I couldn’t. There was no communication unless the Warden wanted it. That’s assuming he was there as most of the time he wasn’t.

(2) I think that is best asked of the Warden.

(3) The most difficult situations were the sleep deprivation and having nothing to do but look at 4 walls, especially towards the end. It was really starting to drive me crazy. I think (and again, ask the Warden) that there wasn’t a large amount of bondage as those 2 factors were the real serious bondage in the whole thing. Without being disrespectful, you need to experience it for a similar length of time to realize just how horrendous these 2 simple things are. As I intimated, there is no question what so ever that I would have eventually gone insane at some point – I just don’t know when and certainly don’t want to find out!

(4) I think that is best asked of the Warden.

(5) I think that is best asked of the Warden.

(6) I think that is best asked of the Warden.

(7) Wow. Good question. It could definitely have been made much harder for me. Sleep deprivation would have been far worse if not for the blindfold. The pillow being removed would have made it even worse. The blue abduction splint became very uncomfortable after many, many hours. And again, it was impossible to sleep in. Worse was the fact that if the arms were bound, then it is impossible to move from the present position. Being left in a nappy in it for hours is not pleasant either. However, the absolute worst thing would have been to reduce any communication and/or contact further. Things such as having to pee into a bottle instead of toilet breaks and having food dropped through the viewing hole with no comment whatsoever would have drastically reduced contact. That would have made it infinitely worse and would have been far worse than any applied bondage as that would have at least entailed contact. In fact, when there was some bondage applied, I actually enjoyed it (well, to a point) as it meant human contact and breaking the boredom. I think the Warden can add some comments here too.

(8) I think that is best asked of the Warden.

(9) Yes. I was placed in the large steel headball and I was convinced I was going to be left in it for a VERY long time. I really did get scared. I didn’t think I would be able to handle it. Incidentally, there is a hole on the front of it for breathing but I couldn’t see through it as I was blindfolded under it. And of course, there was no way I could even touch the blindfold let alone get it off, so it was total darkness. There were also times when I got really scared thinking I had been left/forgotten. My relationship with the Warden is such that rationally I knew deep down in my mind that he would never do that, but I was in such a state that I really began to doubt this and there were times when I thought I had truly been forgotten.

(10) I seldom tried to bargain as I knew it was futile; I had nothing to bargain with and importantly, it would guarantee my situation would get worse. This last point really played on my mind as I never knew in what form this extra punishment would appear or even when. In fact there were times when punishment was delayed for days such that I could hardly make the connection. I also felt that by upsetting the Warden I would lose what little I had, and in that, I was certainly correct.

(11) My comments to this one I feel are covered by the comments at the end of my description of the incarceration

(12) I think that is best asked of the Warden.

I hope that answers all of Trick’s questions.


Your last comment is interesting. I do like having time to myself but I also enjoy socializing and other people’s company. So I guess I am a fairly outgoing person and I certainly enjoy/need other people’s company. I really don’t know how this would affect a person’s time in the cell. I suspect that people who can spend time alone easily would handle it better. But then again, I think there are MANY other factors involved, not the least being the mental tenacity someone has, and I really don’t think you will ever know until you have been placed in the situation and have to deal with it. I think it’s similar to an emergency situation where some people react immediately and others freeze. And from what I read from the experts, it’s impossible to tell who will do what at the time.


(1) The motive was to experience long-term confinement.

(2) Yes. I have spent up to a week locked in a jail type cell, but that was a holiday compared to this! The 3 weeks was decided on from a combination of previous experience, our relationship and understanding of each other and a simple educated guestimate. Ask he Warden the same question, but I think the timing was pretty well spot on.

(3) We had allowed a few days to get normal again. Driving or operating any form of machinery was banned for a few days. I have 2 full weeks off before returning to work. I have no signs what so ever of PTSD. In fact, in a funny way, I look back on it with very positive memories. I certainly suffered from the “Stockholm Syndrome” where the captive becomes friends with, and actually has sympathy for their captor. This is because the Warden was my ONLY contact for 3 weeks and you start to see him as a friend rather than one perpetuating your captivity. I do often think back to the cell as it will be with me for the rest of my life, but not in a bad way and certainly not in the context of nightmares or such.

(4) There are things we could have done differently, just as with anything in life, you can always improve the next time. A next time? Would I put myself through that again?? I can’t answer that at this time.

(5) Lighting. Very good question. Obviously I haven’t done it, but I imagine, and I think with very good reason, that being totally in the dark would be MUCH harder to handle. Given a choice, it would be easier, I believe, to handle the full light without the blindfold than darkness.

(6) Regarding removing everything from the cell, refer to my article on the last day where this did in fact happen. It was soul destroying and would have made the experience much worse if applied for the duration.

(7) Role reversal? I don’t believe so. I would treat him in the same very firm but at the same time compassionate manner. Certainly, there would be minor differences just as no two situations will ever be the same.


A very, very astute and true comment. Coming from experience perhaps?



Thank you so much “Inmate” for giving us your side of the story! I had posted several times my desire for similar treatment during your confinement. And I have to say I’d love to take your place even more now than before!




This is amazing. You and the Warden have my respect.



Thank you so much for answering all these questions.

I find it fascinating that there was no sex involved. I know there are a lot of people out there that like bondage even if there is no sex and even those that do not want the sex. I know there are straight guys that tie each other up and enjoy the bondage. Therefore, I have questions in my mind about what bondage satisfies in us on a non-sexual level. A return to the womb? Security? Insecurity? It is so fascinating.



The longest I ever did a scene like this as a top was 3 days, but that was with the prisoner in total darkness. The time was open ended (one week maximum) but I decided to end it after 3 days, because the prisoner started hallucinating because of the lack of visual input. Even the monotonous white walls of the padded cell were still some visual input.

Another question not yet addressed (maybe only the warden can answer it): What was that blue thing you were in part of the time?


The Warden

The blue thing! It is called abduction pants from a company called bestfixsystems in Germany, originally designed as a medical brace for people with displaced hips I believe.






Padded Cell update from Metalbond

Padded Cell Inmate

I hope that everybody enjoyed the pictures and information that was presented here on Metalbond each Tuesday night over the past several months, provided by The Warden, of the Padded Cell Inmate (pictured above). I must say that this is one of the heaviest scenes I have ever heard about.

The padded cell scene was conducted in the spring of 2010, and it was posted back then on the old Metalbond site, and I have been re-posting it here on my new site every Tuesday night since last Christmas.

There’s still going to be more.

I am pleased to report that BOTH the Inmate and The Warden lived through this ordeal, and they both sent lengthy written accounts of their experiences over the nearly three weeks — yes, THREE WEEKS — of nonstop incarceration that went on (although it took much longer than that to re-post it all here).

These first-person reports are VERY enlightening, and they will appear here on Metalbond next Tuesday, the 23rd, and the following Tuesday, the 30th, starting with the account of the Inmate.

Meanwhile, if you happened to have missed any of the pictures of this long-term incarceration scene as it was in progress, simply click on the category for “Padded Cell Inmate” directly below. Be sure to check the many comments that were listed under each posting, as well.



Sick Puppy writes:

i know some people will think it’s gross, but i want to know how they managed the toileting stuff, because this kind of stuff has to be dealt with. So how did they do it?


The Warden

You will find out when you read the reports to come.



I am looking forward to read the reports. It would be so interesting to read the Warden’s report, since he was the one in charge. It was a heavy scene, a very interesting one. Maybe the Warden would capture the Inmate again sometime in the future?



Yes, I very much enjoyed this and the pic above is great. I’m particulary interested in hearing the inmate’s report.



As a bondage slave I have followed this with keen interest – looking forward to the inmate’s report to hear how he coped with the crushing “nothing” to do – spend a lot of time in a steel gimp box – but never to this duration – congrats to B/both



I am the inmate concerned. I’ve been given permission by the Governor to answer any questions that anyone may have and am more than happy to answer them.



Hi, Inmate. How are you doing?

I know Metal will post your report, but I would like to ask you a few questions anyway.

– Was this experience what you expected it to be? Was it better/worse than you thought?

-Would you do it again?

– Do you keep in touch with the Warden?

– How did the Warden treat you during your incarceration? Do you resent him?

There are many more questions, but I will wait to read your report.

By the way, sorry for my ignorance, but I have no idea what you and the Warden are talking about regarding the Governor and the Governor’s Institution. Could you explain?

Thank you in advance. Take care.



I’m looking forward for the reports, especially from the inmate.

Must be very intense, lucky guy. I like the pictures very much. Only I think that an inmate should be in chastity all the time.



Soooo excited for the reports. It’s the narrative context that makes this so much better than other bondage situations.



Life in the padded cell is so eventful

MetalbondNYCPadded_Cell_Bondage_01 Padded_Cell_Bondage_02 Padded_Cell_Bondage_03 Padded_Cell_Bondage_04

The pictures above of the Padded Cell Inmate are courtesy of The Warden. Here is what The Warden has to say about this batch:

VERY vulnerable and the blue ring in the last shot is a battery vibrator cock and ball ring that lasted 5 hours on him. He was — errr — rather spent by the time the batteries ran out in the middle of the night!


Bandanajack writes:

that hood looks absolutely amazing. i am trying to imagine it on.



what is the blue harness?



fantastic … i believe that he can’t sleep all that night … lucky …