Island Master UK – Part 04

By Wakeysub

The journey was a blur as all my useful senses were blocked. I focussed on trying to control my gag reflex. Eventually, I was able to relax and only gag intermittently. I remembered having a long conversation with IslandMasterUK about the ability of porn stars to deep throat a cock of any size and how I fantasised about being trained to take a real man’s cock deep down my throat. I guess my training has started already.

I have no idea how long we were travelling for, but I became aware that we had stopped moving and that the van’s engine was turned off. I felt the earplugs being pulled out of my ears. Suddenly I could hear again – the blindfolds, gags and cuffs remained in place though.

I felt a hand pressing on the buckle on my seat belt, the straps retracted. I felt a rope being placed around my neck when it started to tighten I realised it was a noose “This is to make sure you don’t fall overboard – either accidentally or because you see sense and decide to make a run for it”. I visualised the massive guard stood over me as the noose started to tighten. The noose pulled me forward. I began to rise. The chains on the shackles around my ankles prevented me from standing up straight.

The noose pulled me along, I blindly stepped out of the van. There was a ramp, so this was obviously a scenario that they had played many times before. The noose tightened, I moved blindly forward to follow it. I was conscious that I was now walking on wood – I guessed that this must be the jetty to take us over to the Island. The hand on the back of my head returned and guided me to step forward and down onto what I assume was a boat as it rocked gently. The hand pushed down on my shoulder, pressing me down onto the wooden bench. The noose tightened, I felt breath on the back of my neck – he was sat behind me keeping me on a very short leash. I heard the engine on the boat whirr, and we pulled away from the dock. I have no way to know how long the journey was. The swaying of the boat indicated that we are in a tidal area. I hear the tone of the engine change. We must be coming into dock. I get my confirmation when I feel the side of the boat knock into the jetty.

“Time to go” – it’s my guard, he is using the noose around my neck like a dog lead. I struggle to stand and walk after him with my ankles shackled and my knees permanently bent. We step onto the jetty – he tells me when to step up, I struggle to raise my leg high enough. He laughs and yanks on the noose to give me encouragement.

We walk, or maybe that should be my guard walks, I stumble for some way. The jetty’s wood is replaced with softer sand, then it becomes firmer as we slowly walk uphill. I hear talking on a walkie-talkie, a buzzer sounds and then I hear the noise of something metal sliding open. The noose tightens, I move forward. He is pulling me on, I heard what I assume is a gate sliding closed behind us, and the buzzer sounds again. We can only have moved a few steps forward when I heard another buzzer sounding and the same sliding sound in front of me. Even with the blindfold in place, I am picturing an island ringed by two fences with gates in them. I recalled how the initial mail made a big point of how quiet and undisturbed the Island was. I was guessing that the fences were there to make sure it remained undisturbed. The noose brings me to my sense again as I am pulled forward. I hear the gate sliding closed behind me and the buzzer sounding again.

The noose tightened again and pulled me forward. The ground was beginning to level out now, it was easier to walk even in my shackled state. The guard recognises this and steps up the pace to increase my predicament. I stumble but manage to keep my footing, avoiding the risk of being throttled.

I feel a hand at the back of my head. I blink as my eyes struggle to adjust to the bright daylight as the blindfold is removed. I look around me and see buildings set around a clearing. There is a large circle with an H at the clearing centre – the resort obviously allows some of its visitors to arrive by helicopter. This looks every bit the resort I saw advertised. The noose tightens again. I move forward to follow the guard leading me. We are moving towards a square concrete building set to one side of the clearing. The door is open, he leads me inside. He walks through the open door, I have no choice but to follow. There is a red X on the floor in the middle of the room and he carefully positions be over this X. I stand still trying to take everything in. I breathe a sigh of relief when the noose is loosened. The relief is short-lived as I hear a whirring sound above me and a wire noose descend slowly from the ceiling. This is placed over my head. The whirring resumes as the slack is taken up, forcing me to stand on my toes.

I heard a familiar voice.

“Welcome to the Island, the experience of your life starts here. Over the last few months, I have personally invested a lot of time talking to you to know what really makes you tick. I’ll make it clear now that my sole aim is to use the information you shared with me to break you and turn you into the slave you were born to be. From this minute on, you no longer exist. Until we choose to terminate your contract, you are owned by the resort. From this point onwards you have no name – you will be referred to by your slave number. You will be marked with this number, so it is clearly visible to everyone. I am sure I don’t need to remind you that you willingly signed a contract agreeing to all the terms laid out by the resort – this means that you now exist solely for the pleasure of the Tops in the resort.”

“You have been assigned 2 handlers who are fully briefed on your experience and your limits. They are tasked with making you the best slave possible and are well rewarded for achieving this target. This makes them highly motivated to ensure you fully achieve your potential. Your slave number is 768. You have met your trainers already as they met you from the train – I hope you enjoyed the journey. You will be trained by Master East and Master West – they each nodded as their name was mentioned. When you are not entertaining the guests, you will be working when you aren’t working, you will be training. You have already experienced my subliminal hypnosis program. You demonstrated a remarkable susceptibility.

“From that very first session, you showed that you were completely open to suggestion. Your susceptibility to programming has made it all possible. Do you think you would have willingly locked yourself in inescapable chastity if it wasn’t for the programming. I doubt it. Looking at the change in your compliance levels, I can see that you are a very susceptible target to reprogramming. We will use this going forward to push your limits to the max. Last night I embedded a suggestion in your programming to make sure you made it here today. As you’re here, I’m assuming it worked. Every second at the Island will be productive. The guests know EVERY detail about you – all of our chat sessions are available online for the Top’s to refer to so all those detailed fantasies you shared with me have been shared with them too. Now it’s time for you to be collared – this is an important part of the way we operate here on the Island.”

The noose whirred and tightened a little further. I saw the guard, who I now took to be Master West walking towards me with a box that he set down at my feet. My head was forced upwards by the noose so I couldn’t look down to see what he was doing. He moved behind me. I felt the metal collar as the two halves closed tightly around my neck. I heard a loud click as the two halves locked closed Master West worked quickly and undid the ankle cuffs. As he did the noose whirred again and took up the slack as I could now stand up straight. He went back into the box, and I was aware of cold metal rings closing around my ankles – they both closed with that same click. Then it was time for the wrists. I was so relieved to be uncuffed that I barely noticed as the cuffs were wrapped around my wrists and latched shut. The chain around my waist is removed and placed in the box at my feet.

Master West produced a blade from his pocket and started to cut the seams on my jogging bottoms – he could have just pulled them down. I remembered my very detailed conversation with IslandMasterUK about my desire to be forcibly stripped – it was even in my Recon profile. The blade was sharp, but he knew what he was doing, and it only took a couple of minutes for my jogging bottoms to be reduced to a pile of rags. The t-shirt follows quickly – he delights in running the back of the cold knife against my skin as he cuts. I squirm as much as the noose around my neck will allow. He lifts my feet and removes my trainers and places them in the box. My socks followed, leaving me naked except for the jockstrap I was told to wear.

The knife made short work of the jockstrap – he sliced through the waistband and the two ass straps – it was gone. He lifted the pouch to his nose and sniffed. He turned to IslandMasterUK and told him that the pouch was sodden that I must have been leaking precum all day. IslandMasterUK nodded and instructed him that he needed to incorporate regular prostate milking in my training to make sure I was fully drained. “Least we can do given that that the cage is never coming off.” Even with everything that was happening, I felt my cock hardening in its cage.

Wakeysub 2021

To be continued …


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5 thoughts on “Island Master UK – Part 04”

  1. Certainly intererested in all 3 aspects of the slave ‘ s training. Its sexual service and use by the Guests of the exclusive resort. Its ongoing traing – physical training, endurance, service training, but also its use as hard labor on the island when not in use or in training. Perhaps Master West knows how to use the whip to get the maximum yield from this fully owned slave.

    1. slmark – interesting you should say that. I finished the next 3 parts last nigth and they develop on some of the topics you’ve highlighted. I hope people are getting as much enjoyment as I get from writing it.

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