Island Master UK – Part 05

By Wakeysub

Master West came and stood in front of me – he brushed his hand over my right pec and pulled at the hair. “This will have to go”. He glanced over at IslandMasterUK, who simply nodded. Master West went to the box at my feet and produced a small spray bottle. “This is our temporary solution”. He sprayed is across my chest and watched as it soaked in. It smelt like the same depilatory spray I’d been using on my pubes in the run-up to my trip. I could feel burning like my skin was on fire.

He took a cloth and wiped it across my chest. All the hair just melted away and left the skin red and tender behind. IslandMasterUK nodded and told him that he was to incorporate the permanent solution into my training plan. Master West went back to the box and returned with another spray bottle and a piece of plastic. IslandMasterUK stepped forward.

“Here on the Island we have two options for marking our slaves – there is a temporary solution and a permanent solution. The temporary solution is fine for slaves who visit for short term visits but given the length of your stay I have decided that you should be permanently marked with your number. We have developed a permanent chemical marking process, It allows us to achieve the darkest black tattoo which can never be removed or covered.

When we discussed permanent marking, you said you weren’t looking to get tattooed, but it was an area where you chose to give me discretion. So, I will show you that I will start as I mean to go on by stretching your limits as I feel appropriate..” Master West sprayed my pec with the solution, peeled back the paper from the tattoo and applied it firmly to my flesh. “I have decided you will have more tattoos, but we will leave those until you are prepared and properly restrained – something for you to look forward to.” If I thought the hair removal process was painful, then the tattoo took it to new levels – it felt like my skin was on fire and the pain radiated deep inside. After a few minutes, Master West rubbed his hand vigorously over the tattoo sheet and then gripped one side and pulled it away. I now had my slave number emblazoned over my pec in 3-inch-tall pitch-black numbers. He spritzed it again with the solution. It burned like hell. My mind was spinning – I was permanently marked.

IslandMasterUK cleared his throat – “Now you are correctly marked and attired for a slave here at the Island. You will be naked at all times. The only items you wear will be those which bring pleasure to a Top. The restraint you are wearing are fully integrated into the slave control system we operate here on the Island. All of your restraints feature shock devices that any of the Tops can activate using the controls they are issued with on arrival.”

“The Island is surrounded by several secure fences that are designed to protect us from the prying eyes of any visitors. The slave control system allows us to centrally control the movement of each of the slaves. We can define where each slave can go, and the restraints will activate if you try to leave these areas. I can tell you now that if you try and escape from the Island, the restraints will knock you out before you even get to the first fence.

“Now it’s time to test the restraints to ensure that they are all working correctly”. He produced a small remote control from his pocket. He pointed it at me, and my collar just exploded. My eyes glazed over, and I would have screamed if the gag wasn’t still firmly in place. I couldn’t move my arms or legs. “Now that was level 2 – the devices will go to level 10, above level 5 you will pass out if it’s your collar. Now let’s test the other restraints”. He pressed a button, my right wrist felt like I’d touched a live power cable. My hand closed to a fist, spasming, He smiled and pushed another button.

This time it was my left wrist, the result was the same. As the feeling in my right hand was began to return to normal it felt like I had wrenched all the muscles in my hand. He looked at me and pressed the button again – right ankle this time. My whole leg and foot went into spasm. All the muscles from my crotch down to my toes on my right-hand side were contracting and my leg wouldn’t support my weight. I put all my weight on my left leg. I knew what was coming when he smiled and pushed the button again and my left leg spasmed. I slumped down, all the weight was being taken by the noose around my neck.

Slowly the feeling started to return to my muscles as they recovered from their shock and I was able to support my weight again.

Your collar has another feature which we won’t be testing yet as I like seeing you struggling with that gag. The collar has been programmed to react to your voice. Providing you restrict your responses to “Yes Sir” and “No Sir” you will be fine – any more than that will activate the shock circuits. I believe a slave should be seen and not heard – this makes sure that you always comply.

You acknowledged that you need to lose weight, I have developed the ultimate solution to ensure compliance. Now, let’s test it. Raise your right hand to your mouth.”

I brought the wrist to within half a metre of my mouth. I started to feel the current building in the wrist restraint. IslandMasterUK nodded and told me to move it closer. I pushed on and moved my hand closer to my mouth. At about 30 cm, my muscles started to spasm, my fist closed. He smiled and told me to keep going until my hand touched my mouth. I pushed on, but by the time I got to 15 cm, all my muscles had locked. I couldn’t move my hand anymore. He looked stern and just told me to do it. I moved my left hand to grip my wrist and try and push it closer but all this did was bring my left wrist into the vicinity of the collar which activated the shock devices built into that wrist.

IslandMasterUK smiled at me. “Good, that exactly as I planned. Now, your chastity – I have to say that of all the devices I have developed YOUR chastity is by far my favourite – you gave me so much to work with, feeding me all your unfulfilled fantasies. This device turns so many of them into a reality. All those hours of talking through your perverted desires, getting you to expand on them and then sitting down and creating a device which converts them into a reality. The opportunity to combine permanent chastity, CBT and electro play into a single device. Let’s be clear it will NEVER be removed. You told me about your fantasised around permanent chastity. They are now your reality. I’m sure you remember telling me how much you loved the idea of permanent chastity. All those scenes of subs pretending to permanently seal their chastity devices. I chose to go one step further. Each of the locks incorporated a glass vial of epoxy which was broken when the lock was engaged. When you looked me in the eyes as the lock clicked shut, YOU also cracked the vial flooding the lock. I need to thank you for that one as you won’t believe how hard MY cock got when I heard the clicks as your chastity closed for the last time.

What you don’t know is that your chastity device has also been continually monitoring the state of your cock since the second it was locked. It sends real-time reports. You were effectively wearing a lie detector. Do you know how useful that is when you know what makes your cock throb, what makes the precum flow and what makes it shrivel in fear? Luckily, I can use the responses from your cock to develop your training plan and set your limits for the entirety of your stay. It will carry on reporting throughout your visit to ensure you are getting the maximum stimulation. See, I told you I would take care of you.

“Now, I know how much you loved telling me your electroshock fantasies. I just had to go all out with my solution. Your chastity is a next-generation shock device which far exceeds the capabilities of any of the shock devices I’ve built before. The plates tightly sandwiching your balls include a pair of tiny pin electrodes for each of your balls and the cock head pins and the PA bar act as electrodes too.”

“Before we start, I need to warn you that the chastity device is programmed to activate any other devices which are in proximity – so if you bring your hands down when your balls get fried then your hands will be fried too. It should be even more fun If you try and curl up in a ball – that will bring all your devices into play. You’ve already seen what happens when those devices are activated.

I have to tell you that the device was not cheap, you are going to be used hard to repay my investment.”

He pointed the control at me and slowly pressed the button. My whole package exploded. I’ve played with electro in the past, but this was in a completely different league as I’ve always been in control of the dials and I started low and slowly ramped up the strength. This was so different – it felt like massive red hot nails being driven through my balls as the current flowed between the electrodes in the ball ring and their counterparts in the cage. They had been placed to give the maximum effect, my balls were sandwiched between the cage and ball ring to maximise the contact. I tried to resist the urge to grab at my crotch because I knew that this would only make matters a million times worse.

“That’s electrode one, let’s see how we get on with electrode two.” He pressed another button, the head of my cock exploded in pain. I could feel the red hot pins burning their way into my captive glans. It was pure agony. I had casually shared my experience of using a Wartenberg pinwheel connected to my power box. I had told Him how I struggled with the feeling of the current being focussed through the sharp points as it made for an intense sensation. He had taken that knowledge and adapted it so rather than a ring of pinpoints which travel across your flesh, he had a cage where the head locked in place and impaled on the fine pins. Each of the pins focussed the current flowing into the core of my imprisoned cock.

The fact that my cock is super sweaty as I hadn’t had a chance to flush it clean since I left home this morning just made for better contact. I couldn’t resist the urge to bring both my hands down towards the cage. Seeing this, He pushed another button, firing both electrodes in the chastity at the same time. As my hands instinctively came closer, the wrist restraints started to activate, he smiled and pressed another button on his control to take the shock level to the next level.

“That’s level 3 – I hope you are appreciating your present now”.

I gritted my teeth and said, “Thank you, Sir”. He nodded and pressed the button. The shocks in the chastity stopped.

Your training starts tomorrow – your trainers will take you now to your accommodation. As you are now fitted with the slave control system any additional restraints, punishments or encouragements we use on you will be for the pleasure of the Top or to enhance your training.

The nooses lowered as Master West moved behind me and removed it from around my neck. He gripped the back of my neck and steered me towards the door which opened automatically. As we walked out of the door, I was conscious of Men sat around talking and drinking, they looked at me as I walked out. I suddenly felt really naked. He pushed me forward, I saw a metal panel set into the grass. As we got closer, the panel slid back, revealing concrete steps leading down. He guided me down the steps.

At the bottom, the metal door slid to one side. A fluorescent tube buzzed into life behind a metal mesh set into the ceiling. The room was small and stark – the walls and ceiling were unpainted concrete, the white floor tiles with a drain in the middle. He steered me in. Two of the walls were composed of 2 tiers of cages that ran the room’s length – each about 2 metres long, 2 metres wide and 1 metre deep. He pushed a button on his remote, one of the cell doors swung open. The cage floor looked like a thick foam pad with an indented outline of a spreadeagled body. He gestured to get in.

I climbed in, lay down, and felt my body sink into the foam. There was a click as my collar had locked in place, holding my head rigidly in place. He gripped and pulled at each of my limbs until all four of them were locked securely to the 4 attachment points set into the figure of the spreadeagled slave. “This is how we make sure your restraints are fully charged for the day ahead – don’t worry though there is enough battery in them to last you for days without recharging.” After today’s demonstration, I was definitely not worried about them running out of charge – just the agony they would create getting there. He reached between my legs and pulled a small plate up from the cage’s base, which attached to my chastity base with a loud click. He ran a hand across my pec below the massive tattoo “I love these new tattoos – I can’t wait to apply the others.”

He placed a pair of headphones over my ears. They started playing the same sounds of crashing waves that IslandMasterUK had shared with me for the last couple of weeks. The difference now was that the sound levels were higher and occasionally I would hear a word amongst the crashing waves. The door to my cage closed slowly. Master West turned and walked to the door. It slid closed after him and the light in the ceiling switched off. The room was pitch black. Here I was naked, collared, chastised, gagged and caged – what had I done. I closed my eyes, I was asleep in seconds.

Wakeysub 2021

To be continued …


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12 thoughts on “Island Master UK – Part 05”

    1. Thanks – i am so pleased that people are enjoying the story as much as I have writing it so far. The worry is always that you write and nobody reads it.

  1. Love the story. You don’t have to worry. I’m sure plenty of us are reading. Looking forward to more chapters.

  2. I concur. Your writing is great, the concept is great, and you have created a great foundation. We will read and be thankful for your effort! Wish the island was real!

    1. Amazing story. I look forward to reading the next chapters. Wish the Island was real….!
      How and when the slave drinks, eats, piss and shits?
      Is it part of the training?
      Since he left his house he never drank, ate, piss or shit?
      We just know the slave has to loose weight, and that it’s almost impossible for him to rise his hands to mouth….
      Could be the result of hypnosis, or another way to tortur and train the new slave?
      I think it could be hot to develop these topics in the next chapters.
      All my congratulations, and my best wishes.

      1. Its funny you should say that as I was chatting with a friend about the story yesterday and said that i was worried that he never got to drink or shit. The latter is addressed in one of the 3 chapters which are going to be out later this week. As far as the drinking is concerned i think i will have to add something from chapter 9 onwards as I really dont want him dying of dehydration. Nutrition is covered too but he is drinking a lot less than the recommended daily amount.

  3. OMG this is so close to my fantasies, taking my own slave existence to deeper levels.
    I am imagining it to be an incredibly intense experience yet hoping that it also remain a sane one.
    Loving it so far; thank you.

  4. I love the detail, the down to business attitude. It’s fantasy, but it’s NOT a fantasy. Can’t wait to see those cages underground filled with other slaves. The collar response to anything more than “YES SIR” “NO SIR” is brilliant. Fuck ups by a slave need not be explained, only need to be punished. Though the slave must learn to respond “YES SIR” after every order.
    Looking forward to more.

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