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Dear Mr. Cop – Part 02

By Hunter Perez

The following day, John was asked to work a double shift because one of his fellow officers became ill. He didn’t get home until after midnight, but by then the lights were out at the home of his mysterious blond neighbor. The day after that, another officer became ill and John was pressed into another double shift. Again, he came home too late to catch a glimpse of the neighbor.

On that second night, another lemon yellow envelope addressed to “Mr. Cop” was among John’s mail. He tossed aside the magazines, catalogs and bills that accompanied the letter and tore open its envelope.

“Dear Mr. Cop,” the letter began. “Since I found the courage to contact you, I wanted to share my dreams about how our life together could unfold in a captor and captive relationship.”

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A Left Turn at Albuquerque Continued – Part 06

By Hunter Perez

After Holmgren introduced me to Quinn, I saw neither of them for several weeks. I have no idea what became of Holmgren, but I heard a few uncomplimentary things about Quinn. The first complaints came from Charleson, who somehow got into an argument with Quinn over the merits of Emily Brontë’s “Wuthering Heights,” which Charleson adored and Quinn loathed – and to make matters worse, Quinn insulted Charleson’s character based on his taste in literature.

“He had the audacity to question my intelligence and the type of home I was raised in,” Charleson fumed in confidence to me one afternoon. “Just because I wasn’t college educated like him doesn’t mean I can’t appreciate fine writing.”

More concerns about Quinn arose at the rock quarry when O’Dwyer started quizzing me about Quinn.

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Island Paradise – Part 1: Chapter 02

By Joshua Ryan

Chapter 2: One’s Company

Roger let me know that he’d made not only the room arrangements but also an appointment for us with Major Timmons of the St. Bevons State Labour Program.  “I confess that I have had the tour already, but I will enjoy meeting him again, and I am sure that you will enjoy it too.  We will meet him at his office at 9:00 a.m. on the second day after your arrival.  As for our own meeting, may I suggest 7 p.m., local time, on the day you arrive?  I will make our dinner reservations for that hour in the restaurant of the King George Hotel.  I think you will find the Oak Room more than passable.  We can meet in the lobby.”

“Thank you—but how will we recognize each other?  Should I carry a copy of ‘BDSM for Fun and Profit’?”

“Oh yes, that is a question.  For purposes of recognition, my dear sir, I humbly request a photo of yourself.  You will note that I am not yet requesting an exchange of names.  After all, what, to the world, is a photograph without a name?”

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Island Master UK – Part 05

By Wakeysub

Master West came and stood in front of me – he brushed his hand over my right pec and pulled at the hair. “This will have to go”. He glanced over at IslandMasterUK, who simply nodded. Master West went to the box at my feet and produced a small spray bottle. “This is our temporary solution”. He sprayed is across my chest and watched as it soaked in. It smelt like the same depilatory spray I’d been using on my pubes in the run-up to my trip. I could feel burning like my skin was on fire.

He took a cloth and wiped it across my chest. All the hair just melted away and left the skin red and tender behind. IslandMasterUK nodded and told him that he was to incorporate the permanent solution into my training plan. Master West went back to the box and returned with another spray bottle and a piece of plastic. IslandMasterUK stepped forward.

“Here on the Island we have two options for marking our slaves – there is a temporary solution and a permanent solution. The temporary solution is fine for slaves who visit for short term visits but given the length of your stay I have decided that you should be permanently marked with your number. We have developed a permanent chemical marking process, It allows us to achieve the darkest black tattoo which can never be removed or covered.

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The WORC Program – Part 21

By Joshua Ryan

I’d almost forgot how to be a bitch, but next day, I felt it coming back.

Every morning, I woke up from a dream. Usually it was a nice dream about being back in a nice home, with nice things in it for me. Nice clothes and great food and lots of drinks and new electronics to play with and hot parties to go to and trips all the time to Paris and Rome. And in my dreams, everybody was nice to me too — even the other bitches like me. In dream time, an understanding man was always just going to get me a second cocktail. Then something would happen and I’d wake up in a bunk bed in a barracks full of workies, and I had to put on a workie suit and go to an ugly room where they gave me “chow” and climb into a truck and get taken out to a field and be worked all day with my leg locked to a chain attached to a gang of other former human beings.

So the last thing I needed was to open my eyes and find a dude standing next to my rack who was just full of joy and happiness to be doing all those things with me on this beautiful morning. That’s what he did — Lucky the Kid — every morning, and I couldn’t do anything about it. He was too pretty, and he “trusted” me too much, and if it wasn’t for me, he said, he “might never have gotten here!”

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Vintage gay porn with Richard Locke

Now available from retromales.com — a collection of some of the hottest scenes starring the Daddy of all Daddies, vintage gay porn icon Richard Locke! Themes include fighting, fucking, romance and raunch as directed by Joe Gage, Arthur Bressan Jr., Steve Scott and others. This compilation contains selections from Heatstroke, Forbidden Letters, Kansas City Trucking Co., Gemini, Cruisin’ the Castro, El Paso Wrecking Corp., Magnum Griffin 14, The Sins of Johnny X, and L.A. Tool & Die. With solos, group sex, bar brawls, love, anonymous t-room action, and much more! The cast includes Richard Locke, Roy Garrett, Casey Donovan, Jack Wrangler, Steve Boyd, Clay Russell, Will Seagers (aka Matt Harper), Dave Daniels, Fred Halsted (non-sex cameo), and others uncredited

Vintage gay porn with Richard Locke


Richard Locke — the sexy, confident, (usually) bearded daddy, with a hip tattoo of a butterfly and a physique naturally toned from working outdoors — was one of the first to establish more mature men as potent sex symbols in gay porn. He reached iconic status from his outstanding appearances as the lead, Hank, in the Gage Brothers’ classic Working Man Trilogy (Kansas City Trucking Co., El Paso Wrecking Corp., and L.A. Tool & Die).

Richard served in the Army at the end of the ’50s, where he worked as a tank mechanic, then returned to California and eventually began starring in porn in his mid-30s under his real name. He worked with some of the finest auteur directors of classic gay porn (Joe Gage, Arthur Bressan Jr., Steve Scott, Wakefield Poole) and biggest stars (Jack Wrangler, Will Seagers, Roy Garrett, Casey Donovan).

Later in his career, Richard toured the country performing live jerk off shows for enthusiastic crowds (including at the Bijou Theater), published two books, authored a play, mountain climbed, and lived in a sparsely populated part of the desert outside Palm Springs, where he worked with some of his interests in rural and self-sustaining/do-it-yourself living by building a geodesic domed home with a working solar and wind power system.

In the ’80s and ’90s, he worked tirelessly to spread information about safer sex practices and health services during the AIDS crisis, writing and touring to educate, working with support groups, raising money, protesting, advocating condom usage for individuals as well as for porn studios (saying he was blackballed in the business as a result), sharing stories of others’ work and contributions, and even (reportedly) smuggling HIV medication into the United States to distribute to those in need through an underground clinic.

Richard was known as a being a charming combination of strong, caring, bright, unpretentious, and entirely genuine; a down-to-earth guy and a confident, unapologetic gay man qualities reflected in many of his movie roles. Director Joe Gage called him “the last of the true live-and-let-live hippies.”


L.A. Tool & Die (Joe Gage, 1979)

Richard Locke and uncredited (non-sex)

In this non-sexual but classic scene from the third installment of Joe Gage’s Working Man Trilogy, a homophobic man talks shit to Richard Locke in a bar bathroom, calling him a cocksucker, to which Locke grins and calmly responds, “You’d better believe it. The only thing I like better than sucking cock is kicking ass.” He tosses the man out of the bathroom and roughs him up. Locke takes off his shirt to reveal his hairy chest and tosses the man into a stack of boxes. The man, no match for Locke, runs away as Locke smirks.


Heatstroke (Joe Gage, 1982)

Richard Locke, Roy Garrett, Casey Donovan, and others

In the final sequence from Gage’s Heatstroke, Roy Garrett and Richard Locke menacingly taunt each other during a thunderstorm before a crowd of onlookers (including Casey Donovan and guys in cowboy hats). This confrontation leads to a physical fight, Garrett smashing a beer bottle over Locke’s head and Locke lifting and tackling Garrett. Eventually, Garrett pins Locke and kisses him, telling him that he’s going to make Locke suck the cock of every man in the room and then he’s going to fuck him in front of them… which he does.


Forbidden Letters (Arthur Bressan, Jr., 1976)

Richard Locke (solo)

We hear Locke’s voice-over as a man in prison writing to his lover on the outside, followed by a voice-over reply from his lover, over black-and-white imagery of Locke masturbating in a jail cell (actually filmed in Alcatraz), then color imagery of Locke at a drag ball and jacking off alone in the desert.


Kansas City Trucking Co. (Joe Gage, 1976)

Richard Locke, Steve Boyd, Jack Wrangler, and others

This moody, beautifully shot final sequence from the first film in the trilogy features Locke as a truck driver and Steve Boyd as the younger new (straight) guy on the job. They pull into a truck stop and a stylized fantasy orgy commences with Locke sucking an anonymous uncut cock sticking through the wire of the mattress of an upper bunk bed, a group of some anonymous and some visible men (including Jack Wrangler) jerking off, and more hot and wild sexual action, building up to Boyd rubbing his cock against Locke’s ass as barely-seen men on the upper bunk cum on both their faces.


Gemini (Steve Scott, 1977)

Richard Locke and Jack Wrangler

Jack Wrangler, wearing a leather jacket, kneels and worships Richard Locke’s cock in a dark alley as Locke smokes a cigarette. He pulls down Locke’s pants to reveal a bulging jockstrap and hungrily attacks its contents, also spending time eating Locke’s ass.


Cruisin’ the Castro (uncredited, 1981)

Richard Locke, Will Seagers (aka Matt Harper), and other

In Richard Locke and Will Seagers’ first on-screen appearance together, they find themselves in a muscular stranger’s apartment, where the three men entangle. Locke stuff’s both the men’s cocks in his mouth at once and Locke and the beefy guy take turns fucking Seagers.


El Paso Wrecking Corp. (Joe Gage, 1977)

Richard Locke, Clay Russell, Fred Halsted (non-sex cameo), and others

In a couple of quick selections from the second of the Working Man Trilogy, co-worker Fred Halsted (in a non-sexual cameo) waits in the car as Locke goes into a public bathroom. Inside, Locke services a couple of anonymous cocks through gloryholes and jerks off. Halsted comes inside and catches him in action and they both grin at each other. Later, Locke takes a walk and finds handsome, hairy Clay Russell on a beach. He plays with Russell’s nipples, blows him, and Russell fucks him.


Magnum Griffin 14 (uncredited, 1984)

Richard Locke and other

In a short 8mm loop called “Jail Cell,” Locke fools around with a clean-shaven man in a cell, at first kneeling and blowing the man, then kissing him and tossing him down on the floor, where he fucks him.


The Sins of Johnny X (Taylor Benson, 1975)

Richard Locke and Dave Daniels

Locke (in a rare appearance with no facial hair) sensitively dominates a somewhat shy Dave Daniels in Daniels’ bedroom. The two have a lot of chemistry and Daniels enthusiastically sucks Locke’s cock before Locke flips Daniels over and fucks him, throwing in some spanking. After they finish, they curl up together and Locke strokes Daniels’ face as they drift off to sleep.


L.A. Tool & Die (Joe Gage, 1979)

Richard Locke, Will Seagers (aka Matt Harper), and others

In a few of the scenes between Richard Locke (Hank) and Will Seagers (Wylie) in the final film of the trilogy, the two begin working together and grow closer, but have not yet physically connected. Seagers stumbles upon a bathroom circle jerk and notices that Locke is part of it. He tentatively joins in and the two touch each other, making intense eye contact as they masturbate and shooting their loads in unison. Later, they drive out to a piece of land in the desert that Locke bought and, at night, sit up and talk in Locke’s van over a bottle of wine. In the dim, red lighting, they admit their feelings for each other and have romantic, candle-lit sex, kissing, tenderly touching, taking turns sucking cock, eating ass, fucking each other, and masturbating together.

Vintage gay porn


VIDEO available here

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Title of this update: The Best of Richard Locke

Roy Garrett, Casey Donovan, Jack Wrangler, Steve Boyd, Clay Russell, Will Seagers (aka Matt Harper), Dave Daniels, Fred Halsted

Rex: A James Story – Part 02

By Rex

Based on a true story. NOTE: This is a follow-up to Thunder’s story, called “James.” To start at the very beginning, click here.

I started coming to in the vehicle. The driver was either offroading or purposely hitting every pothole. I was about as physically shaken up as I was mentally. What happened after I blacked out? I must have been more disoriented than I thought. Only when I stretched did I realize that I was in a very small cage. It didn’t feel like those expensive heavy duty ones, no, it was more like a… a fucking dog cage.

I tried to recall everything that had happened. My Master was done with my attitude and had decided to course correct. I had started as his slave but over the years I had become more of a housemate. I still loved him deeply though, which is why when offered the chance of packing my bags or recommitting not just as a slave, but as a dog slave, I couldn’t walk out the door. He wouldn’t go into the specifics but said my choice, whatever it may be, would be the final say on the matter.

I got on my knees to apologize. I told him that I would do whatever was necessary to keep us together. I agreed to anything and everything.

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Vintage gay leather porn: Argos the Sessions

This vintage gay leather sex video, Argos the Sessions, from Roger Earl, is the first in the Bound for Europe series (gay leather, SM, bondage, fetish). Harry Ros, a topman, enters the bar and begins to terrorize a wimpy-looking guy, Paul V. Rooy. Ros slaps him in the face and then chains him up with a long set of links, adding extra clamps for his tits.

Ros and another top, James Bruce, who is wearing some kind of military uniform, do an elaborate bondage scene on Lance Evans before, as the February 1991 issue of Manshots says, they “fist his dick to a gushing finish.” In the dungeon, Gerard Jonkers and Bruce work over a pair of slaves, Frans Roest and Theun DeBoer. Roest shoots a big gusher after a session of bondage and tit play.

While Roest watches from his suspension bondage, Ros tops Gerard. He spanks and slaps with his bare hand, but he also uses a cat o nine tails and a leather strap. Jonkers shoots some of that gorgeous white stuff out of his pierced piss slit.

vintage pre-condom gay leather porn

The first scene starts with Harry Ros, notable for his angular features and long fingers, assertively stomping into a leather bar. A bald guy, Paul V. Rooy, with a pierced nose, submits immediately to the slapping hands of Ros (Ros does love to work with his hands; sometimes that’s all one needs as a BDSM top). He chains him up, attaching the nose piercing to his tits and to the Prince Albert on his cock. V. Rooy must really be into humiliation, as Ros ends up making him drink beer out of a dog bowl. The camera work throughout is natural, unobtrusive. The viewer feels that the scene is really happening in the actual leather bar setting; it doesn’t feel staged at all.

A hot moustached daddy type in full leather (Lance Evans) then enters the bar, and interacts with a dreamy looking guy (intense eyes) dressed in what looks like some type of uniform (James Bruce). They make out, and the viewer seems shots of them doing it with their gear off, but not totally naked, an effective touch, but one could do without the ominous music at this point. Ros joins in, and he and the uniform stud end up disrobing Evans; the big bulge in Evans’ leather is quite noticeable.

There’s some slackening in the tension here as Ros ties the knots, but the ecstatic expression on Evans’ face (kind of reminds me, perversely, of one of those Jesus as Ecce Homo pictures) as the two tops work him over keeps the dynamic going. One can tell all three guys are attracted to each other; kissing and licking and sucking occur just as much as BDSM play. Up this point, the interaction has been nonverbal, but as Evans spectacularly cums from his veiny cock, one can hear Ros saying something like “beautiful.” And it is!

In the next scene, Gerard Jonkers, a tattooed muscle stud, and Bruce work over two slaves, Frans Roest and Theun de Boer. The groveling Theun de Boer appears to be a major pain pig; though he doesn’t get flogged to the level of some of the other bottoms in other leather films, his writhing moans while chained to what looks like a tree trunk as the tops flog him, and his overall submissive attitude, make the viewer want to see him in some really heavy action. The scene really flows well, climaxing in studmuffin Roest’s cumshot while he is restrained to another pole and spanked and caned de Boer roughly flung down to the ground and used as a muddy bootwipe. Hot!

In the final scene, three guys stomp down into what looks like a basement dungeon. Ros puts Roest into some form of suspension bondage, spread-eagled against a wall. He then proceeds to work over Jonkers. Jonkers gets naked, and Ros strips down to a jock. Ros uses a variety of implements and his bare hand on Jonkers, including a really hot cat o’ nine tails. From the looks of it, it really stings! At one point it looks like Jonkers is going to cum on Ros’ harness boot, but that doesn’t happen. Throughout, Ros seems to get into wiping Jonkers’ extensive precum. Jonkers’ thick cock emits drops of rich, milky cum.

The front cover of the issue number 20 of Mach, a Drummer publication, features a scene from this film. The issue also contains stills of other scenes from the movie.

“Filmed, utilizing real masters and genuine submissives, in the famed Amsterdam bar, the Argos, this S & M videotape titled, simply enough, Argos: The Session is first rate in both the vitality of the performers and the capturing of their action on camera,” wrote Manshots, February 1991

Video available here

Year Released: 1990

Director: Roger Earl

Studio: Marathon

Models in this shoot: Harry Ros, Gerard Jonkers, Frans Roest, Theun DeBoer, Lance Evans, James Bruce, Paul V. Rooy

Title: Argos the Sessions

Site: Retro Males

vintage gay porn mach magazine