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No Limits

boyryan54By boyryan54

Meant as fantasy.

It could feel the dampness of its tears against the leather blindfold. It was trying to catch its breath from the long whipping and flogging. It only had itself to blame for the duration. It could have stopped it sooner, but it was trying to hold out … hold out that this was just a dream.

It was supposed to be a quick Friday night session. But while locked in a cage, his now Master told it that by the end of the weekend, it would agree to be a slave. The slave thought that wouldn’t be real or possible, but as the past hour had taught it, his Master was right.

It was weak and tired. It was now Sunday afternoon, but it hadn’t slept or eaten anything. It needed to yield. It jumped as it felt the Master lightly touch the back of its neck. The Master chuckled.

“Time to officially make you mine, slave.” It flinched at those biting words. “Ready for your tattoos and piercings?”

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Pup Havok: Born to be a slave

This is a new video from the men of Serious Male Bondage. Pup Havok is a lifestyle bondage enthusiast who wears steel shackles that are welded on 24/7/365. His day job is primarily solo, so he can wear his shackles full time. Havok also has a steel muzzle that he enjoys wearing as often as possible, which can be locked on. His facial tattoos, combined with his muzzle and shiny nose ring, make for quite an intimidating sight!

Pup Havok

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Title of this video: BORN TO BE A SLAVE

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Joe undergoes bondage and tickling

At Tickled Hard, Southern roughneck Joe D. Wood has been away for a while, so he’s not really sure what to expect. Franco starts by gently petting him all over to keep the big straight beast calm. Then he flips Joe face down on the table and starts tickling him. The sounds Joe makes are so arousing that Franco immediately flips him right-side-up so he can see his face. Joe moans with pleasure as Franco gently tickles his neck with his brush, beard and feathers. His furry, muscular body writhes as Franco tickles him in his ribs, armpits and bellybutton. Franco even throws in a little ball-sucking and dick-licking to confuse Joe’s senses. After more torso tickling, the struggle continues with Franco tickling Joe’s feet using brushes and licking his big bare soles. Franco lubes up his fingers and tickles Joe between his toes while Joe groans and swears. In the final act, Franco tries climbing on top of Joe, pinning him with his full body while he tickles him, but Joe’s thrusts are such a turn-on that Franco gets a better idea. He dismounts, tickles Joe’s hairy chest and armpits, then moves directly back to his big dick. Franco sucks and jerks Joe until the good old boy busts his nut with a tremendous moan. He licks Joe clean and gets in a few extra strokes and tickles before debriefing Joe about the tickling, bondage and what it’s like getting off with a guy.

he flips Joe face down on the table and starts tickling him

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The hardest spanking Wes has ever had

At Spanking Straight Boys, Wes gets locked in the spanking tower. Going into this spanking, Wes had never seen or heard of the spanking tower, so it’s a complete surprise for him. Tom orders Wes to strip down and locks him into the spanking tower. He then sets about spanking Wes with his hand, a riding crop, wooden spoon and a leather belt. He also uses the riding crop on the captive’s feet. Wes struggles with the spanking. He breathes heavily, jerks about (what little he can) and cries out here and there. Overall, Wes takes it like a man. He is obedient and accepts correction well. At the end of this session he explains that this is the hardest spanking he’s ever had.

The hardest spanking Wes has ever had

See the VIDEO at Spanking Straight Boys

Title of this update: Wes In The Spanking Tower

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