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Tied-up cocksucker

This is my favorite shoot ever featuring Derek da Silva, featured at Daddy’s Bondage Boys. Cullen Cable orally serves Master Derek da Silva — doing what he does best, while tied up! Derek takes full advantage of his captive until he cannot help but explode all over his face.

Title of this shoot: Training Play Part 7

Keywords: rope bondage, piercings, hairy, daddy, face fucking, deepthroat, sucking

With: Derek da Silva, Cullen Cable

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Naked humiliation and bondage for a construction worker

Poor Mike is a 26-year-old, sexy, unemployed construction laborer in desperate need of cash. He kneels and humbly states his need, then gets stripped and gets his cock and balls squeezed and twisted while he flinches in pain. He then gets hogtied as he writhes in pain and humiliation.

forced male nudity

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Title of this shoot: “Mike – Part 1”

male bdsm

male bondage hogtied

Tied to the whipping post

At Bound Muscle Jocks, a captive’s education continues as the Master takes him from the cross and leads him on all fours to the whipping post. After the prisoner is secured, the leather strap and whip come out. The captive is starting to come to terms with his predicament!

Tied to the whipping post

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Title of this shoot: “Get Hard for Me, Part 6”

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After the prisoner is secured, the leather strap and whip come out

Dean gets tied up and tickle tortured

At Tickled Hard, Franco wraps Dean’s torso up in rope and lashes him to an old mattress for a nice long foot tickling. He removes Dean’s left shoe and begins the tickle with a small, hard hairbrush. Dean struggles, but he’s tied so tightly that he can barely lift his head to see what Franco is doing. From hard to soft, Franco uses one brush after another and his tickly fingers to drive Dean wild. When Dean reveals that the gentle tickling is the worst, Franco pulls out a feather and tickles him between his toes and on his sole. After a good brushing on the left side, Franco switches to the right, tickling Dean’s neck with the feather then going nuts on his bare right foot. Dean arches his feet and moans loudly as Franco gets into every possible nook and cranny. He struggles to catch his breath when Franco tickles both feet at the same time, then loses it at the end when Franco tickles deep in his bellybutton and armpits.

Franco tied up Dean

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Title of this shoot: Dean’s Foot Tickle

male tickling

Ryan teaches Andrew what slavery means

muscle bondage slave

In an apocalyptic new world, the last and few men on earth have to fend for themselves for survival. While roaming the woods, Ryan Bones stumbles upon what resembles to be a trap. A half-naked and dirty Andrew Green, with a sign around his neck that reads: ‘Protect Me. I Will Be Ur Slave.’ Ryan teaches Andrew what slavery means, first by having him suck on his thick cock and then by turning him over and fucking him until he cums.

male bdsm bareback anal sex


Title: The Last Men, Part 3

Featuring: Ryan Bones & Andrew Green

muscle bondage fuck