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The clothespins hurt, but they will hurt even more coming off!

Sweet pup Cullen is getting a harsh lesson from Master Derek, being punched, slapped and smacked with the riding crop. The nipple clamps are bad enough, but soon Master is adding the pain of pinching clothespins to his naked body, causing even more torment. Their removal will only cause more pain for the disobedient pup.

Derek Da Silva and Cullen Cable male bdsm


Video at Daddys Bondage Boys

Models in this video: Derek Da Silva & Cullen Cable

Title: Pup Training Play – Part 4

gay bondage Derek Da Silva and Cullen Cable

Video: Bryan Cole gets roped to a cage and whipped

At Roped Studs, Bryan Cole is roped face-first to the cage, his hard abs pressed tight against a wooden platform pressed tight against the cage. Rope man Anthony’s simple, elegant ties at Bryan’s wrists and ankles hold him perfectly, allowing him just enough movement to flex and show off his amazing muscles. Rope man J.J. has first dibs on the stud, grabbing his rock-hard ass cheeks, then getting out his horse whip. Soon Bryan’s V-shaped back is crisscrossed with gorgeous, red stripes.


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Bryan_Cole_Roped_Studs_01 Bryan_Cole_Roped_Studs_02 Bryan_Cole_Roped_Studs_03

Rope bondage and forced head shaving

At Daddys Bondage Boys, Derek Da Silva is good when it comes to Shibari, and it’s a good way to teach hot pup Cullen Cable how to suck his dick without nibbling his meat. A little nipple play makes for some good punishment for biting master, but the humiliation of having his head shaved will really teach the pup a lesson.

VIDEO at Daddys Bondage Boys

VIDEO at Daddys Bondage Boys

Models in this video: Derek Da Silva & Cullen Cable

Title of this video: Pup Training Play – Part 2

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