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Island Master UK – Part 05

By Wakeysub

Master West came and stood in front of me – he brushed his hand over my right pec and pulled at the hair. “This will have to go”. He glanced over at IslandMasterUK, who simply nodded. Master West went to the box at my feet and produced a small spray bottle. “This is our temporary solution”. He sprayed is across my chest and watched as it soaked in. It smelt like the same depilatory spray I’d been using on my pubes in the run-up to my trip. I could feel burning like my skin was on fire.

He took a cloth and wiped it across my chest. All the hair just melted away and left the skin red and tender behind. IslandMasterUK nodded and told him that he was to incorporate the permanent solution into my training plan. Master West went back to the box and returned with another spray bottle and a piece of plastic. IslandMasterUK stepped forward.

“Here on the Island we have two options for marking our slaves – there is a temporary solution and a permanent solution. The temporary solution is fine for slaves who visit for short term visits but given the length of your stay I have decided that you should be permanently marked with your number. We have developed a permanent chemical marking process, It allows us to achieve the darkest black tattoo which can never be removed or covered.

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One of the best gay rape fucks ever filmed

These pictures of Logan McCree, Ricky Sinz and Scott Tanner are from a vintage Raging Stallion DVD called “To The Last Man: Guns Blazing Part 1”

Logan McCree, Ricky Sinz and Scott Tanner Raging Stallion

Scott Tanner comes over the ridge and is jumped by Logan and Rick. Logan holds Tanner tight as Rick tears off his clothes and fucks him first as Rick holds him down. When Rick wants his turn he grabs Tanner and turns him over, putting his ass in line with Rick’s dick. Logan holds tanner down as Rick pillages Tanner’s hole. As the onslaught ends, all three men cum and the screaming begins to subside.

One of the best gay rape fucks ever filmed

You can watch the trailer for this DVD by clicking here (the “rape” fuck starts at around 1:15 in the clip)

One of the best gay rape fucks ever filmed

Dustin in the Spanking Tower

Here’s another one from Spanking Straight Boys. Dustin is a straight 21-year-old Marine. Given a choice of a wooden paddle or a silicone paddle/slapper, Dustin chose poorly and took the silicone paddle. As tough of Dustin is (and he is most certainly one tough Marine), the silicone paddle takes his breath away, reducing his voice to a whisper as he counts out the 30 strokes. If that isn’t enough, Dustin then gets it with a small, stinging flog and a wooden yardstick (and, of course, Tom’s hand). Dustin really struggles with this spanking. Tears well up in his eyes, and, at times, it seems he might break down.

Dustin in the Spanking Tower

See the VIDEO at Spanking Straight Boys

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male bondage and spanking

More pictures: Jimmy USMC in metal head cage and chains

Here are a few more pictures of Jimmy USMC, who is featured extensively at both Men In Chains and Serious Male Bondage:

Jimmy USMC in heavy metal bondage

These pictures will look familiar to those who enjoyed the multi-part movie at Men In Chains, called “The Appleville Strain.” Now, Serious Male Bondage is sharing additional pictures and video footage of not only Jimmy USMC, but also Dart Tech, Bind and many others from the feature.

So, if you want to see the bondage but not necessarily follow the “plot,” the newly added videos at Serious Male Bondage are for you. Or maybe you are already a huge fan of the movie and you just can’t get enough.

Either way, you can find the videos at Serious Male Bondage under the title of APPLEVILLE BONDAGE CLIPS.

Jimmy USMC in heavy metal bondage male BDSM