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Show us your ripe asshole, convict

The prison gym is the place for the hard men of the prison. They want to keep their muscles impressively large and intimidating, both inside and for when they get back onto civie street. The testosterone-filled weights room is where the prisoners have no choice but to brag and bluster about how tough they are. This muscled prisoner has made the mistake of saying his arse is untouchable within earshot of the officers. He knows that if they want to, any screw in the place could order him to display his arsehole and he’d have no choice. So in the prison gardens they demand a full strip and, owing to other inmate being present, he kicks off…

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Jimmy gets chained in a solitary confinement cell

In this video from Serious Male Bondage, Jimmy couldn’t move at all. He was connected tightly in all four directions using metal shackles, metal waist belt and metal collar. The solitary confinement cell is 5-foot-by-5-foot and has anchor points all over the walls, so they were able to attach and tighten the chains in all four directions.

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New bondage meat is taken prisoner at Boynapped

Master Kane loves it when he has a new prisoner to educate, especially one as fit and sexy as Oliver. The captive has no idea what he’s in store for, but it soon becomes apparent he’s excited about it when his long uncut cock starts to throb. With a mask over his face and his naked body roped into a stress position, his long cock and big balls bound tight, the captive is subjected to the pain of the pinwheel and a cold metal hook tugging up his arse. Even the electro zapper can’t stop his long dick from bouncing and swelling, a sight too temping for Master to ignore as he sucks on the leaking member. There’s more torment to come for young Oliver, stick around for part 2!

New bondage meat is taken prisoner

Video at Boynapped

Title of this video: Educating Sporty Twink Boy Oliver – Part 1

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No Limits

boyryan54By boyryan54

Meant as fantasy.

It could feel the dampness of its tears against the leather blindfold. It was trying to catch its breath from the long whipping and flogging. It only had itself to blame for the duration. It could have stopped it sooner, but it was trying to hold out … hold out that this was just a dream.

It was supposed to be a quick Friday night session. But while locked in a cage, his now Master told it that by the end of the weekend, it would agree to be a slave. The slave thought that wouldn’t be real or possible, but as the past hour had taught it, his Master was right.

It was weak and tired. It was now Sunday afternoon, but it hadn’t slept or eaten anything. It needed to yield. It jumped as it felt the Master lightly touch the back of its neck. The Master chuckled.

“Time to officially make you mine, slave.” It flinched at those biting words. “Ready for your tattoos and piercings?”

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Pup Havok: Born to be a slave

This is a new video from the men of Serious Male Bondage. Pup Havok is a lifestyle bondage enthusiast who wears steel shackles that are welded on 24/7/365. His day job is primarily solo, so he can wear his shackles full time. Havok also has a steel muzzle that he enjoys wearing as often as possible, which can be locked on. His facial tattoos, combined with his muzzle and shiny nose ring, make for quite an intimidating sight!

Pup Havok

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Title of this video: BORN TO BE A SLAVE

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