Island Master UK – Part 09

By Wakeysub

I was aware of the sound of equipment being wheeled closer. The blindfold meant that I couldn’t see anything that was going on in the room around me. I tested the restraints, they held firm. A broad strap was pulled across my chest. As it tightened, I was pushed further into the chair and further onto the large plug up my ass.

The increased noise in the room indicated that there were more people around. I began to feel nervous. What were they going to do to me? I’d bitten the Top yesterday, so I knew it wasn’t going to be good.

“Good evening, gentlemen.” It was IslandMasterUK’s voice. “Those of you were here last night witnessed 768’s vicious assault on one of our members, literally (he laughed at his own pun.). As you all know, this is a severe breach of the rules here on the Island. Luckily I have devised a solution to prevent a recurrence.”

The blindfold was removed and I blinked to try and adjust to the bright light which was shining into my face. A white-coated figure was stood on my right-hand side. I saw him working on something on the small metal table next to the chair. When he was satisfied he picked up the small item and moved towards me.


His voice was emotionless and I automatically opened m mouth wide. He moved the device towards my mouth. He aligned the device with top teeth and pushed it up onto my teeth. I felt my teeth sink into the goo that lined the device. He manoeuvred the device until he was happy with the fit. Once he had completed the fitting to my upper teeth he repeated the process with my lower ones. Only when he was satisfied that both were correctly positioned did he tell me to close my teeth and bite down hard. As I bit down I felt goo being pressed out as my teeth sank further into the device. He told me to continue to bite down. It seemed like hours but in reality, was probably no more than 5 minutes.

I ran my tongue along the back of my teeth and all I could feel was smooth metal. The device that had been fitted was some sort of shield which covered my teeth.


I opened my mouth again when I was instructed. The upper and lower shields were held firmly in place. He ran his fingers over the upper and lower shield to make sure that everything was working as it should.

IslandMasterUK had moved down to the left-hand side of the chair and started to address the assembled men.

“As you can see 768’s teeth are now safely locked away inside the metal shield so there is no way for him to ever bite a guest again. There is one last element to this device to make 768, even more, user friendly.”

He nodded and the medic moved back towards me and I opened my mouth without being asked. He smiled. His fingers moved towards my mouth and I felt him pushing something into place on the right and left-hand side of my mouth. The addition clicked into place and the two halves of my jaw were held rigidly in place. IslandMasterUK continued his explanation of the addition.

“The small units you just saw added convert the two shields into a single restraint. Your resort remote control will now let you set the size of 768’s mouth when required.”

He pressed a button on his remote control and I felt my mouth stretching open. I had now lost all control of my jaw. Even when I tried to resist it simply continued to get wider. I thought it wouldn’t stop and dislocate my jaw. It stopped at a point where my teeth were stretched open to the max.

“As you can see the newest upgrade ensures that 768’s mouth is always available and there is absolutely no chance of him biting another member. Now, I’m going to lock the restraint in the open position to allow the cement in the shield to permanently bond with the teeth.”

He nodded to Master West who moved forward attached my leach. The restraints on the chair released with a click and I lifted myself off the plug up my ass when instructed to do so by Master We West. I stood next to the chair, legs spread with my hands interlinked behind my head. My mouth was spread wide open like a human sex doll.

Master West yanked on the leash and led me towards the door. We moved back across the clearing to the steps down to my cell. When we walked in I was aware that the other two cells were occupied. I could see restrained figures with headphones fitted in both of the cages. This was the first time that I had seen them occupied.

He led me over to my cage and released the door. He unclipped the leash and told me to climb in. I clambered into my cage and aligned myself with the cutout in the foam. As soon as my restraints aligned they clicked into place. Once my collar and cuffs were secured he placed the headphones and the familiar sounds of waves crashing against the shore started to play. The cage door closed. I was asleep before Master West had left the cell and the light turned off.

I woke with a start. My restraints were pulsing. My mouth was still locked unnaturally wide open. It was so dry as I was unable to swallow properly.

The cage door was already open and Master West was standing staring at me.


The restraints released and I clambered out as quickly as I could. I was stiff. Instinctively, I assumed the standard position with my legs spread wide apart, my hands interlocked behind my head and I stared at his boots. They were immaculately polished as always. My cock started to harden in its cage. I winced as the pins connected with my tenderised cock head.

“So, how are you enjoying your new enhancement? I’m tempted to leave you permanently open like that s you are ready to take a cock at a moments notice. Maybe we should just restrict that for when you piss me off.”

He touched a button on his remote and my mouth closed tight – locking my teeth together.

“The other extreme – not a sound. That’s going to come in really handy too. Maybe now you’ll appreciate how much of a privilege it was when you were able to decide how wide your mouth was. Anyway, Work time”

He clipped the leash onto my collar, yanked me towards the door. He walked quickly across the clearing dragging me behind and down the path to the building site. As before other slaves were working in the hole which seemed to have increased in size. There was now a ramp running down into the hole and I watched as a slave struggling to shift the large barrow of soil up the ramp. We moved over to a wheelbarrow at the side of the hole and Master West quickly attached my wrists and made sure they were securely fitted.

“Today’s target is 13 barrows an hour and you still owe me 6 from last time. You know what happens if you fail to achieve the target.”

“Yes Sir,” I mumbled incoherently.

“Get to it – the clock is already running”

I ran down the ramp as quickly as I could. The ramp was steeper than it looked. The path was rutted. This wasn’t going to be a walk in the park. I positioned the barrow so the team of slaves with the spade could shovel soil into the barrow. I could help noticing that one of the slaves had been thrashed – his back was bruised and scarred. The buzzer sounded and I refocussed on the job I needed to complete. The barrow was so heavy. The soil was soft underfoot, the barrow wheel sunk into the ground. I put all my weight behind it and it finally started to move. The barrow continued to sink into the ground as I pushed it uphill. Eventually, I made it to the edge of the hole and found it easier to push the barrow on the solid ground. I worked flat out. I quickly lost count of the number of trips I was making. I was bathed in sweat and my heart was pounding when the buzzer sounded to signal the end of work. Having my teeth locked together made the work so much more difficult as I couldn’t use m mouth for breathing properly.

Master West walked over to me and released me from the barrow.

“What the fuck were you doing 768 – you are now 15 down!”

All the restraints activated instantly. I fell to the ground curled up in agony, as every muscle in my body went into spasm. The shock seemed to go on forever. When my muscles finally started to relax, I felt the leash pulling me forward. I scrambled to follow. Every muscle in my body was aching – the effort of pushing that wheelbarrow had wiped me out and the punishment shock had just made it so much worse.

He yanked on the leash and dragged me back towards the clearing. I struggled to follow him as my muscles just didn’t want to co-operate. The more I stumbled tried to recover the harder he yanked and the faster he moved. He was trailing me behind dragging me like a sack.

We got to the feeding station and he stopped. I slumped to the ground and tried to recover.

“Assume the position.”

He pressed a button on his remote and m mouth started to spread open.

I knelt in front of the feeder cock and aligned my ankle restraints. I was relieved to see that it was the same cock as before. Master West locked the restraints to I was secured in a kneeling position with my mouth aligned with the large dildo. Master West leant forward and unscrewed the dildo. He reached into the box and lifted out a squat dildo with a broad girth. He screwed the new dildo into the feeder. As it pivoted around, I couldn’t take my eyes off it. It locked into place with a click.

“Time to see if your oral improvements are going to work as expected.”

I felt panic building inside me as I eyed up the dildo. It was massive. It looked much too thick to fit in my mouth. What did it matter what I thought anyway? I wasn’t going to be the one setting the pace here. The drawcord would be laying down the rules here. I was just a hole for the drawcord to pull into place. When instructed I acknowledged the command and placed my lips around the glans of the massive dildo. Master West attached the drawcord. it started to drag me forward. I opened my mouth and leant forward. I was shocked to find that my jaw could now easily accommodate the impressive girth of the dildo.

I pushed forward. I gagged and withdrew as far as the drawcord would allow. I pushed forward and the massive girth plugged my throat. I pushed forward a little bit further and my throat was plugged tightly. I couldn’t breathe. I had no option but to drive ahead and get it over with. I lunged forward, pushing the shaft deeper into my throat. I couldn’t breathe and I wanted to pull off the cock to catch my breath, but that was no option. I inched forward trying to swallow the dildo. It happened; I felt the fluid pumping into my throat. I began to get lightheaded. I was desperate to catch my breath but the drawcord held firm and was just driving the dildo deeper and deeper. I sucked, trying to get every drop of the fluid out before I passed out. I got increasingly more desperate. I struggled against the cord. I had to get off that massive cock. My lungs started to hurt as I struggled to breathe. I could feel that I was going to pass out any second. The click sounded so loud – like someone had fired a gun next to my head. Suddenly my struggling worked. I could pull back off the massive dong. I panted for breath with the head of the cock still sitting between my lips.

“Impressive – I knew they looked good but I didn’t realise the dental shields would improve your performance to that degree. You are ready to take TRULY massive cocks now – and you WILL!! That throat of yours is going to be permanently plugged when you start entertaining the guests – they’ll be forming a queue to fuck that sweet throat of yours. You better learn to breathe through your ears, fucker, or I’m going to be spending most of my time reviving you to make you ready to take the next. The only way they are going to be pulling out is after they’ve dumped at least one load down your sorry gullet.”

I was panting for breath, trying to get air into my burning lungs. He clicked a button on his remote and for the first time that day I had some control over how open my mouth was.

He yanked on the leash and I followed him across the yard back towards the main building. He walked up the step and through the door with me in tow. I was walking now, and I was finally able to breathe normally again. He directed me to an open door. It looked like a small dark cupboard. He pressed the button on his remote and my mouth spread wide open again. He told me to lie on the bench in the cupboard and slide forward. As I slid up the bench my head fell into a recess. It fell backwards so it was sandwiched between the bench and the wall of the cupboard. The spacer was perfectly shaped to grip and position my head. My mouth aligned perfectly with a hole in the wall. I suddenly felt claustrophobic. My panic levels rose. The padding around my head closed in on me. I was in darkness like I had never experienced before. There was no light. I could barely work out whether my eyes were open or not. The only sound I could hear was the beating of my heart and it seemed to be racing so fast. I took deep breaths. My mouth was drawing in the cool air from the room outside. Each breath left my mouth progressively drier. Once he was happy that my head was correctly positioned there was a click as my collar locked in place. A new fragrance hit me from my nose. It was familiar, sweet, cloying. I knew the smell of poppers. With every breath, my nose drew in more of that solvent aroma. My head started to spin. I had always avoided poppers because they gave me an awful headache but I had no say in it this time – that boat had well and truly sailed.

He gripped my right ankle tightly and lifted it into the air spreading it wide. It clicked into a restraint point high on the wall. He repeated it on the left side, lifting and exposing my ass and lower back. He secured my wrists to the front walls of the cupboard below my head. I was locked firmly in place. Lifting my lower body just pushed my head and upper body forward driving it into the head form. Even my arms were pulling me further. My whole body was driving my gaping mouth onto that hole. He smacked me hard on the left ass cheek. I couldn’t move an inch to react.

Suddenly I could hear Master West voice clearly – there must be speakers built into the head restraint.

“One more step and you’ll be ready..” I felt his fingers lubing my ass. I felt him pushing something into my ass. He drove the probe deeper and deeper. He manipulated it until he was happy that it was pressed firmly against my prostate. My cock responded to the stimulation in its own solid, unyielding cage. I felt the rod pushing my ass forward, but the restraints countered this by pushing my body weight back onto it. I was impaled on the probe. I felt like I had been built into this perverted machine I wasn’t clear of its purpose but I was confident that my suffering was integral. My body was held under tension. I heard the door to the cupboard slam shut and the now-familiar sound of the lock clicking shut.

“Okay, here’s how it’s going to work. Your sole purpose here is to be a permanently open hole for guests to fuck. The rules are simple –please the top, you get rewarded. Fail and you will get punished brutally. Tonight is going to be one which you will never forget. The boffins have constructed a device from your darkest nightmares. Accept that you have no control. The guest has two desires – to know you are suffering and to drain their balls. You will fulfil both these desires tonight.”

The probe in my ass started to gently vibrate against my prostate.


To be continued …

Spencer Reed gay bondage

6 thoughts on “Island Master UK – Part 09”

  1. The slave is lucky its teeth weren’t surgically removed after the biting incident! Though with the cement-bonded inserts perhaps it might have preferred that. Very impressive story!

  2. I once had a Master tell me he wanted to have all my teeth removed, and a set of dentures only for going out in public. I left him shortly afterward…

    This story is fantastic and getting better with each chapter! Thank you for writing it!

  3. I am really exited by the way this is developing. Great story and great writing; lots of details and it’s so well thought out! Thank you!

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