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Worshiping Spencer Reed

In this video from Bound Gods, Noah Brooks gets suspended in metal bondage and brutally fucked by Spencer Reed.


Noah Brooks is tied up in the pipe room and ready to worship Spencer Reed. Noah begs for his master’s cock but must prove he is worthy. Spencer works over Noah’s nipples with his gloved hands and then suspends him in metal bondage. Noah endures the ball crusher with clothespins all over his body. After a good flogging, he gets a hard fuck in suspension and appreciation from his master.

13143_p_06 13143_p_09 13143_p_17 13143_p_19

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Vintage bondage porn: A skater punk gets what he deserves

Horny men teach a mouthy skater punk a lesson by using their cocks

Bound In Public

In this vintage shoot from Bound In Public, a belligerent skater punk, Kevin Case, is bound for everyone’s amusement after he tried getting away with returning a broken skateboard. While being made to suck huge throbbing cock, they attach clothespins all down Kevin’s chest and use the riding crop to smack each one off the poor captive’s ripped body.

Metalbond gay bondage

Unimpressed with his cock sucking, Sebastian makes Kevin eat ass while Spencer Reed gives him the fuck of his life. One last sweaty fuck on the counter brings everyone to the edge and they finish the stud off by blowing all their hot loads all over his face.

Bound In PublicBound In Public

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HustlaBall Berlin 2012 – Ich bin eine Deutsche Schlampe

Spencer Reed takes Sebastian Keys to the limits at HustlaBall in Berlin.

Spencer Reed takes Sebastian Keys to the limits at HustlaBall in Berlin 01

It’s the HustlaBall in Berlin, and Sebastian Keys is the man to be used in front of a crowd of over 3,000 horny men. Spencer Reed starts things off in the VIP room, stripping Sebastian down and dragging him around the room to sniff out cock.

Spencer Reed takes Sebastian Keys to the limits at HustlaBall in Berlin 02Spencer Reed takes Sebastian Keys to the limits at HustlaBall in Berlin 03Spencer Reed takes Sebastian Keys to the limits at HustlaBall in Berlin 04

In the appetizer area Sebastian gets fucked by Chad Brock while the guests shove food in his mouth. Sebastian is brought out to the pool area where he gets pissed on, slapped, and fucked some more. After taking hot cum in the face, Sebastian gets the zipper then shoved into the pool to wash himself off before moving on to the HustlaBall stage show.

Spencer Reed takes Sebastian Keys to the limits at HustlaBall in Berlin 05

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Horny men tie a male go-go dancer at Powerhouse bar


Shane Frost is dancing at the Powerhouse bar and things get out of hand. Spencer Reed and his buddies drag the dude off the stage. They tie up the stud in front of the rowdy crowd. Shane is made to suck cocks, eat asses and lick feet. After flogging the hell out of Shane, Spencer and his buddies fuck the stud and make him beg for their loads.

This is a vintage shoot from Bound In Public.

shane_frost_gay_bondage_02 shane_frost_gay_bondage_03 shane_frost_gay_bondage_04 shane_frost_gay_bondage_05

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Titan Men Rough: Hardcore

Check out these scenes from the video ‘Hardcore’ featuring Draven Torres, Junior Stellano, Xavier St. Jude, Spencer Reed, Adam Knox and Frank Philipp

gay bondage

Director Paul Wilde and his cast of Titan studs lead you through three scenes of twisted power exchange. HARDCORE includes bondage, piss play, SM and some frenzied ass-fucking. Massive muscle man Spencer Reed dominates his chiseled captive Adam Knox in a scene of rope bondage and caning that ends in a sweat-streaked fuck. Bearded bottom Xavier St. Jude does his best to endure the flogging, whipping and ass fucking that beefy muscle daddy Frank Phillip doles out. Junior Stellano, the inked and hairy-chested fucker from Hell, ties down young tattooed Draven Torres for a smoking hot session of piss-soaked rimming, sucking, and ass pounding.

gay bondage MetalbondNYC_HARDCORE_03 MetalbondNYC_HARDCORE_04 MetalbondNYC_HARDCORE_05 MetalbondNYC_HARDCORE_06

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Titan Men Rough Spencer Reed

A Left Turn at Albuquerque Continued – Part 03

By Hunter Perez

My first night as Zeb’s cellmate was not the most serene experience. We had a none-too-large bed to share, and Zeb’s muscular body took up a surplus amount of space. I also discovered he snored ferociously while twisting and turning in his sleep. After being pummeled aurally and physically, I got out of bed and stood by the cell door, looking out into the dark corridor with the vain belief that I could be rescued. A dim lantern appeared at the far end of the corridor – it was Sergeant Patterson on night patrol, pausing to take a quick look into each cell. When he came to mine, he was initially surprised to see me awake, then looked behind me to the snoring Zeb spread out across most of the bedspace.

“Sorry it had to happen to you, son,” Patterson commiserated. “He’s a great guy when he’s awake, but when he’s asleep it’s another matter.”

“There wouldn’t happen to be a vacant cell where I could spend the night?” I asked. “I’d even be willing to sleep in the stables.”

“Sorry, son, but I can’t let you out,” Patterson replied. “I am sure you can figure something out – you’re a smart one.”

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Bound Gods shoots at an abandoned lot in Berlin

Check out Spencer Reed and Sam Barclay at Bound Gods

In an abandoned lot in Berlin sits an old disused factory. Sam Barclay nervously follows his Master, Spencer Reed, anxious for what the day will bring. Spencer inspects the captive’s ass then makes him suck his cock.

He crops the stud’s ass, making it red, then drags him to the boiler building to fuck his hole. After sucking his cock and getting fucked next to the enormous boiler, Sam is chained to the machine and flogged into submission. Spencer fucks his ass again while zapping him and blows his load on the prisoner’s face, leaving him in the vast space, alone, wanting, and waiting for whoever might show up next.

This video here

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