Island Master UK – Part 12

By Wakeysub

I was stood there at the top of the ramp with the wheelbarrow firmly locked to my wrists. What was I to do? I had been set my task but I also remembered from my very first minutes on the Island that I always had to obey an order from one of the visitors. I had no other option but to stand and wait for his instructions.

He walked casually out of the wood and moved towards me. He was confident, handsome and well dressed. He ran a hand over my shoulders.

“Nice to see that they have you doing real manual labour. I have to say that seeing a naked man tethered to a barrow sweating is a sight to behold. You stink – in the best possible way. Last night I was one of the many men who got to experience your mouth and it was a unique experience. I’m ready for a second go. Here’s how it’s going to go – I’ll lay in the barrow and you can go to work on my cock. Give me a memorable blow job and I’ll submit a good report on you. If you fail then I get to try out my remote. I see that you have that chastity locked and I’m assuming that that is chock full of circuitry as well.”

He moved his hand to his watch and scrolled through several options before he clicked on the screen and my mouth opened wide.

“Nice. Looks like you are ready for service.”

“Wheel the barrow to the bottom of the slope”

I pushed the barrow down the slope and he joined me there. He undid his jeans and pushed them down to his ankles. He stepped out of them and lowered his ass into the barrow. He swung a leg across so he was sat in the barrow with a leg on each of the arms. He reached down and started to massage his hardening cock. It was an impressive piece of meat.

“Get to it you lazy bastard – it’s not going to suck itself”

I dropped to my knees and lent forward to take his cock into my mouth. He moved his legs so they were over my shoulders pulling my head into his lap. I started to suck on his cock head and I felt his hand on the back of my head driving my mouth further onto his cock. I felt his massive cock pushing into the back of my throat. I used my tongue to play with his cock. He gripped my head in his hands and started to use my head as a fucktoy. Pumping my head up and down his shaft. He crossed his legs behind me to hold me more tightly in place. I could feel his cock getting increasingly harder in my throat. I could hear him moaning loudly as he fucked my throat. I was sure that he was enjoying the experience. He knew how to control himself.

The face fucking just seemed to go on and on and on. When I thought he was going to cum he pulled my head back up so only the head was in my mouth and I could taste the sweet precum which was pouring out of his cock. He slowed the pace for a short while to regain control before plunging back in deeply again. He pumped my head again and again. I kept my lips locked around his cock to try and maintain the stimulation. I’m not sure how long he had been fucking my face before I felt his legs crossed behind my neck as he pulled me in so deep. There was no way for me to pull back at all. I heard him moaning loudly and his cock spasmed as load after load of his hot cum got shot deep into my throat. He moved his legs allowing me to pull up and I paused to clean his cock head without having to be instructed. He was still moaning and squirming as I sucked on his cock head and used my tongue to play with his piss slit.

“Holy fuck – that was one hell of a blow job. Next time I’m having that ass. Now, hadn’t you better get back to work?

I realised that the blow job had just ruled out any chance of hitting my quota for today. I was screwed.

The guest climbed out of the barrow and as I prepared to pull away I saw Master West walking purposefully down the path towards us. He greeted the visitor and asked him if everything was okay. The guest told him how happy he was with the service he had got from me and that I was a natural when it came to sucking cock. He asked if I was available for use that evening. Master West confirmed that I was and asked if he would want to use me in his room or one of the cells. He thought for a minute and confirmed that he would like to take his enjoyment in his room. Master West politely confirmed that he would arrange everything and that he would make sure I was showered and ready for use. The guest said that I wasn’t to be washed – he enjoyed the funky smell of hard work and that the more sweaty I was when I was delivered the better. Master West nodded.

Master West looked at his watch.

“768, you are 25 loads down today but as you spent time pleasuring a guest I am going to write them off for today. So, tomorrow you will be on 15 loads and hour and you will start with no carryover. We need to get you ready for your first night with one of our guests. Now, I need to make sure you are as sweaty as possible for him tonight?

He pressed a button on his remote and I was able to close my mouth again.

He took his phone out of his pocket and started talking. I couldn’t make out what he was discussing but I stood there with my barrow patiently waiting for instructions. Once he had made the required arrangements he hung up the phone and put it back in his pocket.

Master West walked back up the slope and I followed with my empty barrow. At the top of the slope, he directed me to park the barrow in the appropriate place. He came over and clipped the leash back onto my collar. He released the restraints from the barrow and walked back towards the clearing. He pulled me over towards another of the doors sunk into the ground and we walked down the steps into a small room with a running machine stood in the middle. The room was warm. I knew that if I had to work out on a running machine for any amount of time I’d melt.

He directed me to climb onto the running machine.

“Now I’m sure you’ve realised that a running machine on the Island wouldn’t be like anything you see in a normal gym. The running machine incorporates a proximity sensor – as you move further from the front of the machine the shock circuits in your chastity will activate. It’s the perfect way to make sure you keep pace with the machine. Step off the back of the machine and your cock will get zapped at level 4. Your restraints will continue to monitor your stats and will feed the data back to the running machine so it can adjust the speed and incline to maximise your workout. Now, we have 2 hours before I am due to deliver you to Master Adam for the night and he has explicitly said that the more sweaty you are the better. So, I am going to set the workout level to ‘brutal’.”

He lifted my wrists and locked them to the sides of my collar with my elbows facing forward. He reached forward and pressed the start button on the running machine and the belt started moving slowly. I walked in pace with the belt and as it started to go faster I tried to match the speed of the machine. I had used a running machine before but I had always been in control and could use my hands to steady me or step off the belt if the pace became too intense. This definitely wasn’t the case now. I had to maintain focus on running at a pace which matched the machine. If I slacked off then I would start to feel the shocks building in my cock cage.

The numbing spray that had been used earlier had now started to wear off and every step I took seemed to move the rod running down my cock. I just kept ploughing on and I was relieved when the machine started to slow its pace but this was accompanied by an increase in the incline of the belt. I found myself running uphill as the belt got progressively faster. I was panting and sweating as the belt just continued running. The integration with my restraints meant that it knew how hard I was working and adjusted the pace to make sure I was pushing myself the whole time.

Each time I thought I was going to fail the belt would start to slow and the incline would click up to a new level. I was praying for the belt to finish so I could just catch my breath. I thought back to the odd occasions in my old life when I would go to the gym. Even then my primary focus was people-watching in the changing rooms rather than spending serious time doing cardio. I would much prefer sitting in the changing room watching the muscular men around me changing or standing under one of the jets in the communal shower than putting serious effort into a running machine or exercise bike. How my life had changed in just a matter of days.

My daydreaming had let me drift towards the back of the belt without noticing and it was the shock delivered deep inside my cock that brought me back to my reality. I doubled my effort and moved back up the belt working hard to ensure I didn’t trip over. I got back into time with the machine and drove myself forward. I was tired now. I had already had a workout doing the construction work and now I was running a marathon. The sweat was pouring off me. I just prayed that this workout would finish.

I was so relieved when the incline on the belt started to lower and the pace of the belt reduced to a steady jog. I was impressed with myself that I hadn’t fallen off the back of the belt. The slowing of the belt did nothing to reduce my sweating. If anything, my sweating increased as I started to recover from the intensive workout.

The door opened and I was so relieved to see Master West walk in.

“Fucking hell – you reek. He said he wanted a funky smell and he’s going to get that in spades.”

He walked over and stopped the running machine. He clipped the leash onto my collar and pulled me towards the door. I scrambled to follow still panting and trying to catch my breath. Up the steps and out into the clearing again. He led me past the large building and along a walkway to a squat building that ran along one side of the island. He used an access card to open the door and we walked along a corridor which wouldn’t have looked out of place in any 5-star hotel.

We stopped at the door and Master West instructed me to kneel. I immediately dropped to my knees and dropped my head so I was looking at the floor. Master West knocked on the door and waited for it to open.

The door opened and the visitor from earlier was stood there. He had stripped down to just wear a jock and it showed off his body to maximum advantage.

“Master Green, allow me to present 768. yours to use as you see fit for the night. You are aware of his limits?

The visitor nodded and confirmed that he had read the limits earlier and that he was fine with all of them. Master West advised him that if there were any problems he could just press the panic button on his remote control which would incapacitate me and summon the staff. He also told him that once he had finished he could ring “0” on his room phone and I would be collected. It put me in mind of the process for collecting the tray when you have room service.

“768 is fitted with the integrated restraint and slave control system. I know you’ve used the system before but 768 features several enhancements. You have already seen the mouth guard in action but you might also want to check out the features of the chastity. This is a unique next-generation device and I would encourage you to try out the settings accessible through your remote control. The cage was upgraded this morning to a new enhanced level so it will be a new experience for both of you. If you encounter any issues with the restraints just ring ‘0’. Now, you are aware that 768 is muted aren’t you – his only permitted responses are “Yes Sir” and “No Sir” – any other chatter will result in automatic shocking. The system is set to increase the intensity to a level which will render him unconscious if he continues to try and talk. This is one of the few constraints which you cant change from your remote. For you, it means what happens in the room stays in the room. I trust that is okay?

“Fuck yes – I’m not looking for someone to talk to. I want unquestioning obedience and the ability to punish any infractions without mercy.”

“You have 10 levels of punishment on your remote. 768 is currently on intensity 4 which means that level 10 on your control will equate to intensity 4. As you know this is a high level for a slave with his experience, but you should have no reservations in applying any level of discipline. You have read his limits and he has applied NO restrictions. If you have any problem with his compliance then just ring “0” and we can ramp up his intensity level so you can get his full compliance.

He handed the leash to Master Green who thanked him and admired his ass in his tight tailored shorts as he turned and walked away.

He pulled on the leash and I went to stand up.

“No, stay on your knees.”

I crawled forward on my knees onto the luxurious carpet in his room. It was a large, sumptuous room with a large French window overlooking the sea. Being in a room like this I suddenly felt so much more naked. He pulled me towards the bed. Aside from the jock, the only thing he was wearing was the watch on his left wrist. When he touched the screen, and my wrist restraints were released I realised that this was the remote control.

He went round to the head of the bed and threw the pillows onto the floor and peeled back the bedding to reveal a black rubber cover on the bed. This room was built for action. He pointed to the head of the bed and told me to climb on. He positioned me on the mattress then lifted my right wrist to secure me to a restraint point built into the bed. He moved round to the left and grasped my wrist. He pulled until my body moved into a position where he could lock the restraint into place.

I was lying on the bed with my wrists secured, spread wide.

He went to the foot of the bed – there was no way he was going to be able to stretch my legs down to the foot of the bed. There was no need. He lifted up a restraint point connected to a braided metal cable. He pulled enough slack on the cable so the restraint would click into place on my left ankle cuff. He repeated the same process on the right-hand side. He touched his watch and I could see him scrolling through several screens until he got to the one he wanted. I heard a whirr as the slack in the cables was drawn back into the bed. The winches on the two cables continued to draw the cable in until I was stretched to the max.

He leant forward and buried his head in my crotch. He breathed deeply and savoured the sweaty smell. He pulled back and started to run his finger over my chastity. He seemed to be checking how well it was made, its solidity and confirming to himself that it really was inescapable.

“Fuck, they weren’t lying about that chastity were they? You willingly locked your cock away knowing that it could never be removed. That is sick. What could ever make you want to do that? Knowing that you will never feel a hand wanking your cock again.

Now, before we start I want to get fully acquainted with the functionality of that chastity. I’m a firm believer in reading the instructions before I play with my toys to make sure I get to use every feature. I was reading earlier about a program they have developed called “Warm Up” which, I am told, will make you as horny as hell and desperate to please. You look so good there lying on the bed. I think I’m going to activate it while I do some reading.

He scrolled through some screens and pressed an option on the remote. I felt stimulation on my cock. It was unbelievable. It felt like a hand gently stroking the shaft. I felt my cock harden. I was instantly aware of the rod down my piss slit and the vicious pins in the head of the chastity. The stimulation of the shaft took over everything and I felt my cock impaling itself on the pins at the head of the cage. The barbs on the rod held everything firmly in place. The stimulation of my cock had me squirming as my arousal level was increased. Master Green would glance over from the desk and smile as he saw my obvious discomfort as the chastity did its work.

“Fuck yeah – I can’t wait to use you 768.”


To be continued …

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  1. Thank you for a very stimulating story. Looking forward to seeing where the Island Masters take the slave to next.

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