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Male BDSM videos at KinkMen

Some of the offerings from KinkMen include these videos:

Punish The Pig

Male bondage video Punish the Pig

Master Killian Knox punishes his pig Jayson Parker in a plethora of bondage predicaments; from being suspended upside down, to placed in stocks, and finally tied spread-eagle to be used for pleasure.


Jesse the Submissive Slut

gay bondage Jesse Ferrer

Jesse Ferrer eagerly submits himself to bodybuilder Muscled Madison. Madison explores Jesse’s limits for pain, humiliation, and pleasure. For being such a good slut, Jesse is justly rewarded.


Kylan’s Initiation

Kylan Boyd gay bondage

Kylan Boyd is new to the dungeon and is tested out by leather daddy Killian Knox. To prove he’s worthy of being a slave, Kylan endures paddling, flogging, cropping, and getting his holes fucked.


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male bondage stories kinkmen

Solitary 1888

By ty dehner

The desert sun was brutal on my black riding leathers; while they were constructed with venting, the color just absorbed the heat. Of course, the air temperature was 105 in the shade, so riding my Ducati XDiavel Dark on the highway with no shade meant it was hotter than hell! Crossing the desert near the Mexican border on Interstate 8 is a barren wasteland. Just sand dunes, as far as one can see. Occasionally, an ATV blasts through the golden sand out on the dune. RVs are parked at the base of the dunes, as these ATVers spend the weekend out here working up a sweat on their fun machines.

As I watch the sculptured dunes pass from behind the shield on my full-face helmet, I am reminded of the Star Wars movie where Jabba the Hut’s barge was destroyed. Those scenes were filmed in this desert many years ago. Now, the area is filled with guys wearing space-like helmets and heavy gear on their ATVs.

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Enter Reality – Part 01

By ty dehner

It starts with an email

ty dehner gay bondage storiesSetting the glass with orange juice on the table, it was another perfect morning in the desert. Sitting at my writing table on the patio, the sun rose about an hour ago as it was March. Opening my laptop, my morning ritual is to check my email. The emails I look forward to the most are communication from readers of my short stories or my novels. As a leather scribe here in the Coachella Valley, anytime a reader takes the time to share their thoughts with me starts my day off well. Most of the time, I receive good comments about one of my writing, on occasion there is an email that is critical, which I’m fine with. A storyteller has to be open to criticism along with praise. Both are useful when I work on my next piece of fiction.

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Island Master UK – Part 12

By Wakeysub

I was stood there at the top of the ramp with the wheelbarrow firmly locked to my wrists. What was I to do? I had been set my task but I also remembered from my very first minutes on the Island that I always had to obey an order from one of the visitors. I had no other option but to stand and wait for his instructions.

He walked casually out of the wood and moved towards me. He was confident, handsome and well dressed. He ran a hand over my shoulders.

“Nice to see that they have you doing real manual labour. I have to say that seeing a naked man tethered to a barrow sweating is a sight to behold. You stink – in the best possible way. Last night I was one of the many men who got to experience your mouth and it was a unique experience. I’m ready for a second go. Here’s how it’s going to go – I’ll lay in the barrow and you can go to work on my cock. Give me a memorable blow job and I’ll submit a good report on you. If you fail then I get to try out my remote. I see that you have that chastity locked and I’m assuming that that is chock full of circuitry as well.”

He moved his hand to his watch and scrolled through several options before he clicked on the screen and my mouth opened wide.

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Check out Ricky Daniels and Arad Winwin in a male BDSM shoot at Bound Gods

Click through to watch a free video preview clip from the men of Bound Gods. This update features Ricky Daniels and Arad Winwin.

Ricky Daniels is locked in a cage, awaiting the whims of leather god Arad Winwin

Ricky Daniels is locked in a cage, awaiting the whims of leather god Arad Winwin. Arad lets Ricky out of his cage and gives him his first taste of leather. Ricky eagerly mouths Arad’s leather jockstrap and sucks on his leather-clad gloved fingers on his hands and knees. He yelps as Arad uses a paddle on his back and ass. Arad bends Ricky over the cage and inspects his tight hole. He spits on it, before lavishing it with nice long licks. Ricky trembles with pleasure as Arad rims him. Arad sees Ricky’s hard cock and gets a taste before instructing Ricky to suck his dick. Ricky loves taking cock, and he takes every inch of Arad’s hard cock in his slutty wet mouth. He works Arad’s cock as Arad spanks his ass. Next, Ricky is strapped to the wheel and blindfolded. Arad uses a crop on his exposed stomach and thighs. He spins Ricky upside down so he has better access to Ricky’s nice hard cock. Upside down, Ricky is at the perfect height to get his cock sucked and suck Arad’s cock. Finally, Ricky is tied up, gagged and fucked hard. Arad rams his cock into Ricky’s ass and gives him a good hard pounding before blowing his load all over Ricky’s ass. He makes Ricky suck him clean before commanding Ricky to jerk off. It doesn’t take Ricky long to blow a hot fat load all over his belly.

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Arad rams his cock into Ricky's ass and gives him a good hard pounding before blowing his load all over Ricky's ass