Island Master UK – Part 16

By Wakeysub

My collar tingled and I woke with a start. I was back restrained in my normal cage. The cuffs were locked at my wrists, ankles and neck. Strangely I felt safe and secure. I noticed that the familiar voice in my ears had been replaced with the crashing waves I first heard when IslandMasterUK introduced me to his relaxation program. The volume was high now and occasionally I heard words merged into the crashing waves.

My brain seemed determined to make me focus on the sounds of the waves rather than voices. I lay back in the darkness and let the sound of waves crash over me. I heard the door opening and the light flickered on. The door to my cage swung open and there was a click as my restraints unlocked.


I jumped out of the cage and dropped to my knees in front of Master West. I spread my knees as wide as possible and interlinked my hands behind my head. I breathed in and I could smell Master West’s gorgeous smell. It was a mixture of his masculine odour combined with the fragrance coming from the leather outfit he was wearing today. My cock started throbbing painfully in its cage. My whole body was aching to be used by him. I needed to please him.

He leaned forwards and clipped the leash to my collar. He turned without saying a word and walked towards the door. I followed him on my knees struggling to keep up with him. As we got to the door he turned and smiled.

“Good slave. I’m so impressed with your progress.”

My cock swelled in the cage on hearing that Master West was pleased with my progress.

“The training is really beginning to take effect now. Your days of having to make decisions are behind you. Your body will now obey any instructions it is given. You are now a prisoner in your body. You will know exactly what you are doing but you will have no way to resist, no way to not comply. Up.”

As I stood up my hands automatically dropped and moved behind my back. It was a reflex. I knew that I had to place my hands behind my back when I was told to stand. As the restraints on my wrists touched there was a click as they locked in place. Master West smiled.

He turned and walked up the stairs and up into the clearing. I matched his step and followed behind him. He walked down the path towards the building site with me in tow. He pulled me down the slope to the base of the pit where several other naked slaves were working with shovels clearing extending the hole further. He moved towards the large rock which I had been working on the day before.

He positioned me so my right ankle was close to one of the tether points set into the ground and locked it in place. The left tether point was next. He gripped my ankle and pulled it towards him. As he had set the right ankle very close to the tether point, he had to pull quite hard to spread my leg wide enough to stretch between the two points. I heard the click as my left ankle was locked in place. He moved behind me and I felt his breath on the back of my neck. Once my wrists were released, he gripped my wrist and placed it on the handle of the pick. My other hand followed quickly. I was firmly tethered to the pick. He placed a pair of goggles over my eyes. These ones were dual function. As well as protecting my eyes the opaque lenses meant I was blinded.

“Seven hours.”

When I heard the loud click in my ears, I knew that I had to start working. My collar started tingling and the level was rapidly increasing. I raised the pick and hit the ground with full force. The tingling stopped but the respite was short.

Another loud click signalled that I was to strike with the pick again. The progress was constant. I had no way to measure time, but it was set so I barely had time to catch my breath between strikes. I got out of time a few times and the power level in my collar just stepped up until I got back into the stroke. After a while, the pace increased, and I could feel the sweat pouring off me. I was melting in the hot sunshine. Just when I thought I had cracked the increased pace the tempo changed again.

This time it was more random. I struggled to keep up and my collar was shocking me viciously to punish me for not following the pattern. I fumbled with the pick and managed to not strike the ground properly. Suddenly the pain level in my collar stepped up to a new level. I had to work extra hard to get back into the correct pattern ensuring that every stroke was delivered with full force. Even though I was now following the pattern the collar was still punishing me for my earlier mistake. As I worked the level of punishment slowly decreased but, every time I did not follow the pattern it stepped the pain level up to the next level.

When I thought I couldn’t take any more pain from my collar it stopped. I breathed rapidly to catch my breath. When I missed a stroke this time though the pain circuit attached to my balls was activated. I was in agony but with my legs spread so wide apart, I couldn’t move or do anything. My only option was to carry on working through the agony. It felt like someone had placed my balls in a vice and every time I struck with the pick they turned the handle. All this time my eyes were covered and the plugs in my ears meant that the only thing I could hear was the crashing of the waves with the unrelenting click telling me to strike the rock again.

I worked mindlessly driven by the tempo of the click. My balls were in agony. There was no way for me to keep up with the programme now. The clicks were completely random. Some were coming in quick succession while others were broadly spaced.

The duration between the clicks got progressively longer. I struck on a final click and raised the pick poised waiting for the next click. The expected click just didn’t come. I knew that the only way to stop my balls from being brutally tortured was to strike with the pick as soon as that click sounded.

The level of the shocks had progressively stepped up as I worked. The pace meant that it was always there. I have no way of knowing how long I stood there poised waiting for the click. Suddenly, I felt a hand on my shoulder. Even blinded and deafened I knew it was Master West. I lowered the pick gently to the ground. He released the pick from the restraints on my wrists and removed the goggles so I could see again.

My hands moved behind my back and the restraints clicked firmly together. He clipped the leash to my collars and released my ankles. My legs ached from the hard workout they had received when they have spread so wide apart. Although I struggled to get my balance, he was already striding towards the ramp. I instinctively matched his step. The other slaves were still working in the pit under the watch of an overseer who was marching around with a leather strap in his hand.

We walked rapidly up the ramp. Once we were clear of the pit he moved quickly towards the main clearing. We walked down towards the guest rooms but turned down another path that led down into the woods.

“You are going to be providing the entertainment for the guests at a picnic. After all your work today, it will be a perfect opportunity for you to lay back and enjoy the sunshine.”

We arrived at a clearing and there were a group of well-dressed men who sat on rugs on the ground as naked slaves served them drinks and food.

“Good afternoon gentlemen. Can I introduce 768, your entertainment for the afternoon?”

The guests turned to look at me and I instinctively spread my legs wider to better display myself to them. They nodded and smiled. One of the men stood up and walked over towards me. He was talking to Master West as he ran his hands over my chest and squeezed my nipple making me squirm. He told him that his hard work was obviously paying off. Master West thanked him and asked if it was okay to proceed.

The guest nodded and Master West moved me towards a mound to the side of the clearing. As my hands were released, he told me to bend forward and I did it without thinking. My legs were spread wide with my hands on the ground and my ass spread open. I felt Master West pushing something up into my hole. The hole was still loose from the previous night and the plug he was pushing in was well lubed. He smacked me hard on the asscheek.


I stood back up, legs spread wide and hands behind my back. He moved me towards the mound and guided me to lie down on the mound on my back. There were restraint points for my wrists, ankles and neck. I was soon locked firmly in place, spreadeagled tightly. Master West picked up a small bottle of gel which he spread over my body. He made sure that my balls were thoroughly coated in the gel.

It didn’t take long for me to discover what the gel was for. The mound was an ant’s nest and the gel contained something which seemed to drive them insane. I could feel the ants moving across my body. To start with it was a tickling sensation but as they started to eat the gel, I could feel them biting me. I tried to squirm and move away but there was nothing I could do as the restraints were unyielding.

The plug in my ass must have been hollow as I could feel the ants moving up inside my asshole to eat the gel which had been used to lube the plug. The feeling of the ants got progressively more intense as they tried to get at every drop of the gel. Master West had made sure that all the sensitive parts of my body had been covered with gel, so the ants were biting at the sides of my stomach and feasting inside my belly button. I could see the guests stood around me smiling as they watched me squirming unable to resist the gnawing ants.

Two of the guests had their cocks buried in the throats of slaves who were kneeling in front of them. They were firmly gripping the heads of the slaves and pumping their cocks deep into their throats.

“I can see a piece you’ve missed – may I?”

It was one of the guests talking to Master West. He smiled and offered the guest a small bottle of gel. He took it and squeezed a small dollop of the gel onto each of my nipples. Once he was happy with his handiwork he moved up to my face and put small drops of gel all over my face. As he put the gel onto my face I looked up and saw his maniacal grin.

“I think it would look better with his mouth open.”

Master West touched his remote and my mouth opened to its maximum extent.

“There, now he will get a proper introduction to the ants.”

I squirmed and struggled as the ants started to move onto my face. Even with my neck tightly restrained, I could see the ants moving around on my face. They were massive ants – more than a centimetre long and dark black. I’d seen similar ants on a holiday before and I had been itching for days. Now I was on the menu for the ants.

I could hear the grunting from one of the guests as he dumped a load of cum deep into the throat of the slave who he had been using a fucktoy. He held the slave in place with his cock deep in his throat as he recovered. Once he was ready, he released the slaves head and simply said “tea”. The slave ran away and returned very quickly with a cup of tea. The guest lifted the cup leaving the saucer in the slaves and sipped at the tea as he watched me squirming on the anthill.

“Master West, do you have the other gel? 768 is looking too comfortable.”

Master West produced another small bottled from his pocket. He offered it to the guest but he shook his head and said that he was more than happy for him to apply the gel. As Master West started to apply the gel to my balls, nipples, belly button, armpits and sides I heard the guest explaining to the other guests that this gel contained a hormone that would put the ants into a defensive mode. Where the other gel contained a sweet substance, which drove them crazy this one would make them think they were under attack.

Although he continued with the explanation I was getting the real-life demonstration as the ants attacked their perceived attacker with their stings. I squirmed as the pain from the stings became more and more intense. The gel didn’t seem to dissipate so the attack from the ants just seemed to get more and more intense. The message must have gone back into the anthill that the community was under attack as the number of ants seemed to increase. My body was alive with the feeling of the ants walking across it, their chewing and biting. So much pain from such a small creature.

“Put some of the gel on his face – cover his lips and nose.”

The guest had buried his cock in the throat of the slave again and seemed to be taking great delight in seeing me suffering as the ants did their worst. Master West squeezed the gel onto my nose, under my eyes and around my lips. The ants seemed to be able to detect the smell from my body and I felt them moving back towards my face. I found myself lying there looking up watching as the ants positioned themselves to sting me in my direct line of sight. I closed my eyes to try and avoid watching them

“Eyes open.” It was Master West’s voice and my eyes opened despite my attempts to close them. I was looking up at the massive ants crawling on my nose and around my eyes as they frantically stung me. I tried to squirm and struggle but I could barely move. The small movements I was able to make only seemed to aggravate the ants. I was sweating profusely and the combination of the sweat and the gel seemed to make them more aggressive.

I heard a grunting round and managed to move my head slightly to look across at the guests who were watching me. The guest who had given Master West the instructions had bent his slave over and was now furiously fucking his ass. The slave was gripping his ankles and was grunting quietly with each thrust. I caught the guest’s eye and he smiled as he looked into my eyes.

“Is 768 available tomorrow evening?” He was directing the question to Master West who checked his remote and confirmed that I was available. The guest confirmed that he would like to book me and Master West typed in the details. He asked if the guest wanted to use his room or one of the playrooms. The guest seemed to ponder for a minute as he thought through the options before he said that he would like to use Playroom 7. Master West smiled and completed the booking on his remote. He confirmed that it was all booked and that Playroom 7 was reserved too. As he confirmed the booking the tempo of the guest’s fucking increased. As Master West confirmed he thrust forward dumping another load into the slave’s ass. He pulled out of the slave’s ass and the slave dropped to his knees and cleaned the guest’s softening cock. The guest held his head in place.

I was frantic now as the ants carried on biting my already tender flesh. I couldn’t see my body, but it felt like I was covered in them. I could feel them walking over my body. The ants had crawled up inside the ball section of my chastity and they were feasting on the tender sweaty flesh. I carried on struggling and squirming.


It was Master West’s voice and suddenly I found that I couldn’t move. I was conscious of the ants all over my body and I could see them walking over my face. An ant stepped onto my eyeball but I was unable to close my eyes or move. I was terrified. I could hear the excited voices of the guests as they saw the ant walking across my eye.

“Fuck, that’s hot. Is there nothing he won’t do?”

Master West told him that it was part of my training and that I had no say in what happened. He admitted that he was surprised how well I had accepted the training and that he was well ahead of schedule with my training. The guest laughed and said that he was sure Master West would need a wheelbarrow to take the bonus home when he finished my training. Master West just laughed.

The guest looked at his watch and said it was time to get ready for the evening. He thanked Master West for laying on the entertainment. All of the other guests echoed their thanks. Master West told them not to forget to provide their feedback into the Island Information System. He told them that the more popular the event the more often it would be arranged. They reassured him that they would go back and provide positive feedback. He thanked them and they walked off up the path as the slaves tidied away the picnic and the rugs.

Master West turned to me.


Suddenly I could move again. I blinked my eyes and moved my head as much as the restraints would allow me to try and dislodge the ants. My body was alive with the ant bites. The restraints released but I remained in place with my wrists and ankles sat on top of the restraint points.


I stood up quickly and stood with my legs spread wide and my hands behind my back. The wrist restraints locked. Although the ants were falling off my body there was still a number feasting on my nipples which seemed to have swollen up.

He attached the leash and led me back to the main clearing and into the cleaning room. He fitted me to the frame and used a jet wash to wash away all the ants. He fired the jet wash up into the ball cage on the chastity to wash the ants out. The stream of water bit into my balls and hurt like hell. I tried to grunt in pain but I couldn’t make a sound. He increased the power of the jet and played it across my body to wash away the gel and the remaining ants. He reached behind me and pulled the plug out of my ass. He stood back and admire the results of his hard work hanging from the frame.

He turned the nozzle on the jet and it started to spray a thick foam over my body. The foam stuck to my skin and he continued to spray until I was covered in a thick layer of foam from the neck down.

“Time to get rid of those hair follicles for good – the last treatment would keep you smooth for a 30-day stay but a second treatment now will take them from dormant to destroyed. No more body hair after this. “

I could feel the foam burning my skin which was already highly sensitive after the attention of the ants. He moved around me and agitated the foam with a long-handled stiff brush. I started to squirm as the stiff brush rubbed against my sensitive skin.


My body locked in place as soon as Master West said the magic word. I was still fully conscious of the pain and discomfort as the brush scraped against my skin but I was unable to move.

He stepped back and picked up the jet wash nozzle again and started to play the spray onto by skin cutting through the foam. He adjusted the nozzle so he had a flat jet of water which he used to wipe away the foam. With my body locked into place, he didn’t have to worry about my discomfort or any risk of me moving. The jet bit into my sensitive flesh but made quick work of the foam. He adjusted the jet again so the jet was wider and he stood back and used this to wash my body. He held the chastity cage so he could aim the full force of the jet onto my balls. Although it hurt like hell and felt like my balls would be mashed I couldn’t move or make a sound. He seemed to be really enjoying this part of the cleaning routine.

When he was happy he stepped back.


Suddenly I could struggle again in the restraints. He released me from the frame and told me to stand as the water dripped off me.

To be continued …

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  1. In the book Atrocity Week the baddie gets spread eagled over a drum and covered in honey and you can imagine what happens when the ants find out ! Nice touch.

  2. Intense! The “still” paralyzing command is intense and cruel! Would love to see more ways that can be used to torment a sub!

  3. Definitely looking forward to the next installment.

    Damn being a switch, I can’t tell if it’s a sympathetic turn on, or a sadistic turn on

  4. Excellent, excellent just excellent! Seemed to hit on every element of total slavery. Everything out of slaves control. it’s body and mind in the control of everyone else. Now for its soul! Thanks for the great read. Couldn’t put it down.
    chastity slave #cs0325

  5. Wakeysub, this is such a fine piece of storytelling, and the dark tendrils reach into such great deep places. Thanks for this. Since it is now March of ’22, I’m guessing this story has reached its conclusion. I and others would have liked to read more, but I know how difficult it is to keep the story line fresh. Thanks again, I thoroughly enjoyed it.

    1. I am really tempted to pick this one back up again – life happened which sort of curtailed fun on the island but it continues in my head and would be fun to get some of that down on paper.

  6. incredible story – includes many of my most extreme fantasies! excellent writing and amazingly detailed descriptions of the slave i’ve longed to become, Sir…..

  7. can’t stop reading this over and over – extremely well written. eager to read more about how 768 is used and abused and descends into absolute slavery and service to the guests & staff…..

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