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Two naked quarterbacks are bound to the floor by their wrists and ankles

In this “femdom” video from CFNMTV.com, clever young psychology students have sexually teased the men, showing them a pornographic video and stimulating their genitals until they are in a frenzied state of arousal. The quarterbacks can now think of nothing else but getting off, but they are unable to achieve a climax because they are bound to the floor by their wrists and ankles. Despite their intensely excited state, their common sense is still clouded by hate for each other.

femdom videos male bondage

See the video at CFNM TV

Note that this is a website featuring clothed women dominating naked men.

forced male nudity

Island Master UK – Part 16

By Wakeysub

My collar tingled and I woke with a start. I was back restrained in my normal cage. The cuffs were locked at my wrists, ankles and neck. Strangely I felt safe and secure. I noticed that the familiar voice in my ears had been replaced with the crashing waves I first heard when IslandMasterUK introduced me to his relaxation program. The volume was high now and occasionally I heard words merged into the crashing waves.

My brain seemed determined to make me focus on the sounds of the waves rather than voices. I lay back in the darkness and let the sound of waves crash over me. I heard the door opening and the light flickered on. The door to my cage swung open and there was a click as my restraints unlocked.


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Let’s face it, if you are totally naked in a room full of others who have all their clothes on, all sorts of things can happen. You might get tied up, or be forced to do things. Sexual things. Like what happens in the CMNM and CFNM scenes. What’s the difference you ask?

If you like to see totally naked men in the presence of other men, then check out CMNM — clothed male naked male.



If you like to see totally naked men in the presence of women, then CFNM — clothed female naked male — is for you, and there are TWO sites that cater to this: CFNM-TV and CFNM College


Carl fucks Jack

At CFNMTV.com, the female students are determined to test the two dumb sportsmen to the limit. Using their sexual arousal against them, they decide to make them do something that both men will find disgusting and painful. The women’s scientific curiosity knows no bounds as they demand that Carl fucks Jack up the ass!


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To see more like this, click for CFNM TV. This is a site where men get humiliated by women.

New Site! CFNM-TV

Here’s a picture from a new site — CFNMTV.com, which is about naked men being worked over by females. (Yeah, I know there are some Metalbond readers who are into such things):


Handsome lads Ryan and Shamus are bent over naked on table with their asses sticking vulnerably up in the air. The girls are bent on revenge and want to let these men know what it’s like to get fucked. They spread their ass cheeks and penetrate their holes while the resistant lads grunt and groan.

To see more, go to CFNM TV

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And of course CMNM