James – Part 2

By Thunder

Based on a true story

When we reached the cabin, I was relieved as I partly thought this was a game or a scene and that Alan would have driven up around us and be waiting there for me with a hard dick and a laugh telling me he hoped I enjoyed my time as a dog. In fact, I was almost sure it would be this or that I would go to the guest room we always used, have a good sleep, and that tomorrow morning Todd and I would have a talk about some training, have a laugh, and go for a hike, which we actually did do in ways so unexpected.

In reality, I could not have been more wrong, because when the hatch opened Todd appeared and told me I was a good dog, and then I heard a noise as he rolled some sort of cart up behind us. What I didn’t realize is that we had backed up to a makeshift loading dock, which I had helped him make when he was building this place, and Todd soon rolled a big four-wheeled cart up to the Jeep, attached cables to my cage, and I was then slid out to the cart where the cage was attached to the base.

Todd then wheeled me into the unfinished portion of his basement and locked the wheels of the cart, leaving me in the center of the room. He fiddled around with something on the top of the cage and opened up a square, reached in, pulled my head through it and then slid the base back, essentially trapping my head above my body and leaving me staring at one empty chair. He told me to “sit tight” and then disappeared upstairs, where I heard the water running so I assumed he was showering but could not be sure as the events of the night had my dick so rock hard in my cage despite my mind really going 107 different ways about how “this could not happen, how this won’t happen, and how I cannot let this happen.”

My inner need to control was sweeping all over me, and I was about to just go nuts until it dawned on me that I was 150 miles from home in a forest, naked with no clothes or shoes, locked in a steel cage without the ability to even touch my head, so the fact that I was trying to control this seems absurd. In further reality, I loved and trusted Alan, kind of liked but did trust Todd, and did, in fact, find myself immensely turned on by the idea of being trained as a dog, so I decided to breathe and tentatively accept my new circumstances.

It felt like hours before Todd returned and I had to piss so bad I could not stand it, but I would soon learn that was something else I could not control as well, so that was the beginning of getting used to it. When he did come downstairs, he was naked, rock hard and drinking a scotch, which was like every Mad Men fantasy come to life for me. He pulled the chair close to the cage, sat down with his dick in front of me, leaned in and gave me a massive, deep kiss. Then he smiled, laughed a bit, sat back on his great ass and said, “So how are you, dog? Are you happy?” I wanted to protest, scream, demand that I be released, threaten to call the forest police or that big bear that tells us not to start fires, but I didn’t.

In fact, the only thing I said was “woof.”

Fuck. Fuck. Fuck me, I am going to be a dog. Fuck.

At this stage, Todd let out a big laugh and said that he was proud of me and that he’d been telling Alan for years that I was just perfect for the role of his pet. He sat down and started telling me about two men who he owned in the past, both of whom he transformed into dogs and that they now live happily with their Masters in the suburbs oblivious to their white bread neighbors.

For me, he said that he was glad I had accepted this, now, because he was fully prepared to make it happen regardless of my feelings, but that I was to be warned that if I changed my mind, for the next two weeks it would not matter because my naked ass was in the cage. It was getting late, so he said that tomorrow we would discuss my training and how we would make me both a devoted husband and an amazing pet. As he said this, he then walked toward me and without much fanfare stuck his dick in my mouth and face fucked me until I was soon swallowing every drop from him and licking him clean. As he was doing this he said that a dog was the first step, but a cock-loving dog was the second step, and that when I left here in two weeks I’d do so on all fours craving more dick that I had ever thought possible.

Soon after that he released me and allowed me to crawl to the small bathroom in the corner to take care of my business. When I was done, he grabbed my leash and instead of leading me to my cage (wtf, “my cage??), he led me to a room I had never seen before that would soon be my home, a twin-sized, brand-new memory foam mattress with nice sheets and blankets that was contained in one of those chain-link pens that you see in the Lowes parking lot each summer. The pen had been modified to only be about 3 feet tall, which allowed me to crawl in, lie down, but barely sit up but aside from that it was very comfortable. Todd laughed at my reaction because he knew that I was expecting a hard cage or something not comfortable. He smiled and said that Alan was very aware that my job and my ability to be a good husband and pet was dependent on the quality of my sleep and that no matter how much of a dog I become, I will always sleep comfortably. With that, Todd showed me a small light that I could turn on and off with my nose or, well, paw and then laid a piece of paper out next to the bed. It was a printed email from Alan, who was obviously up to date on the happenings of the night, telling me how proud he was of me, how much he was looking forward to petting me at dinners, and how he could not wait to walk me in the yard as we shape my new, in-shape, body. I was almost in tears over this message and found myself vowing to be the best dog I could be to make my owner happy and even more proud. This was the first of 14 similar printed emails and I could not have been happier knowing that my husband really wanted this now.

Morning came instantly. Seriously, I think I slept better than I had in years as I felt very protected and safe in my new bed-pen, or whatever this would be called. I had only been awake a few minutes when I saw a naked Todd descend the stairs holding two bowls, one full of coffee and the other full of water. I slid out through the pen door and Todd allowed me to stretch and stretch again before telling me to feel free to drink my coffee and water when needed. He said we were going to have some breakfast, take a bath, and then he would lay out the expectations of the next two weeks. I was excited, scared, and thrilled all at the same time but also hungry, so I concentrated on that first.

Breakfast was bacon and eggs and some great bread that Alan had made and sent in the car with us. Todd un-mitted my hands so that I could eat, but told me that he and Alan were not sure if that was a thing that would happen or just something for now. He assured me that over the next two weeks I would eat only from the floor, as the immersive training he planned called only for that. When we were done, he sent me to the bathroom to piss and clean out and when I returned, he again attached a leash to my collar and led me outside to the side yard. It’s isolated here, so being naked wasn’t my issue but being naked on all fours and walking on a leash was a bit weird. Todd soon caught me being self-conscious about this and chided me for even thinking about it. He said that when I got home, one of the first things was going to happen was that our friend Michael was going to come over and play fetch with me in the backyard and that I was going to need to be ready for this as Michael a very competitive guy. I wanted to die at that thought and wondered how it came to be, but decided I could not choose these things now and that I would learn to adjust to them being just a regular a part of the day.

In the corner of the yard there was a large concrete pad that would be serving as my new shower spot. Todd had laid the hose in the sun so the water would be warm and he then stripped me of my collar, my mitts, and my leash and proceeded to spray, lather, rinse and repeat me. It was hard being out there in the open, but his naked body was amazing, and as he cleaned my ass, I felt his dick head gently rubbing it. He then applied something cool and, just as I thought he was about to fuck me, I felt a large rubber object literally being forced into my ass. It hurt and then it didn’t, but as I moved, it moved too, I wagged, it wagged, and then I realized that I now had a silicone tail just like all the fancy dogs do! Todd said, “We will get to this in a bit, but you need to learn to adjust to this, as your life now means that every day Alan will start your day by inserting whatever plug or even object that he expects you to carry that day. I know you have never liked ass play, but too bad, dogs don’t make decisions.”

I was stunned and worried but then really turned on. The thought of Alan inserting something into my ass before work each day strained my cage like nothing else especially because HE was in charge, but it also terrified me for about 186 reasons that came to mind immediately. It was then that Todd said something odd to me because he said, “How does it feel to know you will have your Master in your ass all day, dog?” I began to look at him, whine a bit and he laughed and said, “You’ve been quiet boy, but you are a hybrid husband and pet, so you have talk at times and will be muzzled or gagged when we don’t want to hear your any further. Otherwise, we consider you a husband in a dog’s body, and I fully expect Alan will want to keep up your conversations just as much as before, providing you keep the rules we will present soon.”

With that, he geared me up again and took a short walk around the property, as moving this way did not allow me speed. When we returned, he said he needed my absolute concentration, as we were about to spell out the rules of my new life with Alan. HE told me to crawl into the cage, stick my head through the opening, and no sooner had a done that, he locked the bars back in place and proceeded to work what I later learned is a custom hood unto my head which was followed by a front-locking gag that he “forced” inside of me.

He then sat down in that sexy chair and said, “I am about to lay out the ten basic ways you will be transformed into the perfect pet husband, so play close attention…:

Rule Number One…

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Metal would like to thank the author, Thunder, for this story! He says this is based on a true story! Do you like reading this and want more? If so, be a good dog and leave a comment below! Be sure to say woof!

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9 thoughts on “James – Part 2”

  1. I’m completely in love with this story because it shows a transformation done out of love and respect versus fear and power. In the end, I assume it makes him a stronger dog? Metal, it says based on a true story, do you know these men? If so, can you convince them to keep writing more?

    1. Hi Jeremy, I do know the author. And yes, there will be more to come so keep checking back! I am glad you like it so far!

  2. Holy moly! This story is a major turn on, more so than I expected. I’ll definitely be back to find out what happens. Thanks for posting this one.

  3. I’m beginning to feel jealous of James’ training. I’ve never thought of myself as being someone’s dog, but this story is opening areas of my mind I didn’t know existed.

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