James – Part 3

By Thunder

Based on a true story

He then sat down in that sexy chair and said, “I am about to lay out the ten basic ways you will be transformed into the perfect pet husband so play close attention…

As he said that, he stopped. He then told me to take a moment to take in my new environment and to begin to feel my submission creeping in. He said that Alan had told him I always loved the feeling of a hood, so they had the one I was now locked into custom made for my head with the idea that there might be times when I would be wearing it in excess of 24 hours. He told me to begin to find peace in this hood, and as he talked, I could feel it becoming more and more of a safe space to me. This hit a spot with me and, to this day, I crave that Alan will put me in that hood at least some point every single day.

When he knew he had relaxed me, Todd sat back down in his chair and stared at what would have been my two blue eyes looking out of darkness toward him. He said, “Alan has spent months deciding on what your new life will look like and he then asked me to weigh in on it and this is how we came up with the idea of these two weeks of immersive training. The following is a list of ten truths that will come to define you every single day of your life moving forward to some degree or another.

“When I am done going through the list, you will be allowed to ask as many questions as you need answered, and I am happy to answer them once, maybe even twice, but know there is no negotiation in any of these truths.”

As he said these things, I at this one moment realized why Alan was likely not here. He’s deep down a softy, and, whether intentional or not, I have used that to get my way since about an hour after we started dating.

Finally, Todd said, “Remember, you are a talking dog, so after I read the list, I will ask you a few questions, and you will have full permission to answer them in human voice.

“Number One: You. Are. An. Owned. Human. Husband. Dog. Period. We will work together to perfect this every day for the rest of our lives. I suspect it’s going to be painful, funny, awkward and incredibly satisfying on so many levels and that as soon as you get your mind around the fact that you are no longer in charge, the sooner you will be able to experience the joys of the transformation I am making you undergo.

“Number Two: You will retain your humanity in some form or fashion every day as well. Ideally you will go to work, pay our bills, lunch with our friends, use the bathroom, shower and take care of our home as a human in appearance and actions, but the plug in your ass, the cage on your dick, and the tattoos you will eventually get, will always remind you that you being on all fours is what you wanted, what I gave you, and where you ultimately need to be each and every day.

“Number Three: Our social circle will know your dog status when they are at our home. We are far too old to hide ourselves, and I plan to only allow us to build friendships with those in the know. However, when outside our home, you will be the friend they have always known, and in time we will all grow to accept this.

“Number Four: Your body will forever be mine to mold as I see fit. For instance, right now you are about twenty pounds heavier than I want you to be, and losing those pounds will help you be more comfortable in your cages and in my training you to be more agile and even run on all fours. I have hired a trainer who will come to the house two to three times a week to help you learn to better adapt to life on fours, and he will give you the routines that you will be expected to follow.

“Number Five: Nudity and discipline will become a regular part of your life. This is an area where I have failed you in the past, but from now on no clothes will be allowed in the house, and we will have regular weekly discipline sessions designed for no other reason than for you to be reminded of your new place. This will be through spankings, prolonged bondage, humiliation or various other measures I deem appropriate. Please note that ALL discipline will take place while you are playing human, as the dog mind I want you to have is not designed to feel anything but relaxation with a focus on me.

“Number Six: Your ass will become mine to do with and train in any way I want. You will carry a plug or something similar every day for the rest of your life to remind yourself that I am in you and I own you. These will vary in size and comfort while you are in human form, but will always be a tail when you are on all fours. Todd will begin to train your — well, MY hole — to take whatever we want to put up there the next week, and I have given him permission to fuck you as many times as he desires and to allow anyone he trusts to use you as well should the opportunity arise.

“Number Seven: Your dick has already been mine for years, but to understand this more, you will be kept in chastity every day forever, though you already knew this. The new rule is that you will only be allowed to orgasm as many times per year as the last number in the calendar year. For instance, it’s now 2008, so this year you will cum eight times, and nine times next year. I suggest you enjoy these 17 orgasms, as there will not be any in 2010, one in 2011, two in 2012, etc.

“Number Eight: I am incredibly proud of the career that you continue to build. I suspect that one day we will need to build a cage in your corner office. You being a dog is, in part, designed to help you climb this ladder through focus, as I am offering you forced stress reduction when you ultimately allow me full power over you. I know that you often have night calls, emails and pager messages, and I know that these are essential elements of who you are and have to be, so we will come up with a way to make sure you are allowed to respond each night before you retreat to your cage for the evening.

“Number Nine: To be determined by James at end of week one.

“Number Ten: To be determined by me and the hybrid you one month after I bring you home on all fours.

“Does the dog have any questions?”

“Do I have any questions? Fuck, yes, I have questions. He’s having me tattooed? He wants something in my ass all the time? Our friends will see me? A personal trainer? Where is he getting the money for these things? A dog? I am a highly educated man with a huge career in front of me and I am really going to be a…” and just like that Todd stopped me, told me to feel the safety of the hood, then he launched into me a bit.

Todd said, “Fuck, James, think about all the things that you used to tell him you wanted, things you wished he would change his mind about, things that you fantasized about but worried about how to blend into a real life with your husband. Alan is giving you a fucking chance to live both lives. Are you really stupid enough to actually quibble about something as basic as always having to have a plug in your ass or having to be naked and get your ass paddled a few times a week? Alan deserves all of this and more from you, you fucking dog. As you have built your career he has helped and always heard about how he wasn’t kinky enough, but, he is now, and if creatively disciplining you from now on helps him strengthen his dominance, then you need to learn to bend over, display your tail proudly in the air, and take whatever he gives you as the proudest, human husband dog ever. Period.”

Wow. “Todd, Sir, where did that come from? You are right, but what is that?”

Todd said, “James, Alan is my best friend, and I have watched him worry, struggle, research and decide how to give you what you need, whether you knew it or not. I have watched his confidence explode and seen the look in his eyes of power. I LOVE that in him, and I do not want you to throw it away as this is likely the last shot you have to add kink in. You owe him this and, if you will just submit and let me, the next 12 days are going to be the best, most exciting days of your life as we both prepare you for your future on all fours. What do you say, dog James?”

Fuck. He had me, and fuck I wanted that. I was terrified deep inside and still worried about basics, but Alan sacrificed for me and did some incredibly hard processing, so, well, I guess I will get used to pizza in a bowl.

So, I said, “Todd, Sir, please make me Alan’s dog. I promise to be a good boy.”

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4 thoughts on “James – Part 3”

  1. Damn, this is the hottest story since Roger. I love how the caring is in the middle of the forced transformation.

    How much of this is true? When the series is done will you interview the author for a feature?

    Please tell me there is more?

  2. Metal, you should tweet one of the ten rules a day for 10 days to drive up traffic to this amazing stories, SO MANY want to be dogs would be inspired.

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