Just Go With It – Part 1

By ty dehner

Just go with it.

That was the text I received as I was walking home from the bus stop after work. I waited for another but there wasn’t one.

“???” I replied in the text, but there was no reply.

The text came from my ex. He had moved out of the area 4 years ago and we called it quits but remained friends online. Back East he had gotten in with a group of gay kinky cops and on occasion shared some of their adventures with me. There was one guy that seemed to be the leader that was intense in what they did to their captives. The lead one even had a full-time dog that he kept in full heavy leather. The dog didn’t work and lived most of its time in a cage.

I never really got into the dog scene that guys seem to go for. I’m older and I felt it was a younger guys thing. I was more traditional leather, biker, or rubber gear and being a slave or owned object.

Arriving at my home, I entered the front door and began my routine of getting casual and fixing dinner. As I cooked and ate I kept thinking back to that text, what the hell did it mean? I haven’t been playing much in the past couple of years focusing more on work. Plus, hadn’t found anyone that was aggressive and confident of my ex. He knew what he wanted and he had no qualms of doing it with me. He really controlled his world and me. He left to deal with some family issues and just never returned.

I think his hanging out with the group of cops gave him even more confidence and when he could he would explore his darkest sadistic scenes with some of the boys that they used. He told me once that on their weekly dinner out on Friday night that one of the boys was put into a full rubber suit, then a heavy motorcycle race suit over it. There was a thick leather hood that had blindfold and gagged locked on. He was put into strong steel shackles connected with chains and they took him out to dinner with them. After dinner, they returned and stuffed him into a sleep sack for the night with his holes and cock wired to electro. Later on, they suspended the leather encased dude and took turns whipping him with floggers and bullwhips. They ended up leaving him that way until Tuesday afternoon. He was released from the sack and kicked out of the house with locks on the racing suit that was soaked with sweat and piss. He had to return the following weekend to get unlocked are the gear removed.

They weren’t easy with their boys that is for sure.

The kitchen was cleaned and I was sitting down to watching some TV when there was a loud pounding on my door. I went to the door and after opening it a bit it was shoved open and two guys in full black SWAT gear entered my house. One grabbed me by the throat with his thick padded gloved hand and pushed me into the living room with his weapon under my chin. The other shut the door and came into the living room with us. The guy that had me in his grip lifted on my throat choking me a bit as I was standing on my tip toes. Their faces were covered in balaclavas, but their eyes were intense. Then I was forced to my knees and the other one grabbed my hands and put them behind my back and I felt the cuffs locking on my wrists. They both stood before me in their SWAT gear, major firepower in their gloved hands.

I couldn’t imagine what I’ve done to receive their visit. Was I scared? Hell yes!

But I kept my wits with me. I was going to show them respect and not fear. I started looking at their gear as they stood over me. I think they wanted me to realize how fucked I was. They had knee pads and so much stuff on their belts. Their vests had POLICE in white on them and the helmets covered their heads. They whispered to each other and that is when I noticed they didn’t have any department patches on their shoulders.

Yeah, I notice shit like that. I’m a gay guy that is into gear and get into the details. These guys were wearing top level gear, nothing cheap about it. The tension of the moment was starting to abate when one of them hauled of kicked me in the chest knocking me to the ground.

I rolled on the floor catching my breath. Stopping on my back the other came and placed his boot on my throat. That stopped me and he pressed harder making it hard to breath.

“You are going to do everything we tell you. No questions, no sound. You got it shithead?”

I struggled to get a “Yes Sir” out and he nodded with approval.

They proceeded to pull out some zip ties, rolling me on my stomach. Binding my ankles, they pulled them up and zip tied them to the cuffs on my wrists that now dug into the skin as they pulled the zips tightly. I was in a good hog tie. The other pulled a roll of tape from his leg pocket, he shoved what had to be a wet sock into my mouth and wrapped the tape around my head effectively gagging me. They pulled out a leather bag and placed it over my head drawing the drawstring snuggly around my neck. I was blind now and my breathing was labored in the heavy leather.

I heard my breathing in the leather bag but would stop to listen. They had left me and seems to be moving things around my place at times leaving as there was no sound at all.

What the hell did these guys want. I was coming to terms that this was not a real police event and there was going to be some bondage involved. Then I remember the text message. Could it have been a clue as to what was happening to me now? My ex was involved with cops back East and perhaps he had some friends that were local. Now my cock was growing in my shorts. I tried hard to make sure it didn’t get stimulated as I would hate to blow my load now as it seems things were just getting started. But fuck the smell of this leather bag was amazing and only getting better as my breathing was warming it. Then the pain of my wrists with those damn cuffs on them would return and temper the excitement. Just to make sure I wasn’t enjoying myself, one of them kicked me in the side with his boot. That knocked the wind out of me.

As I caught my breath one of them leaned down and talked into my ear.

“We don’t have a fucking lot of time dog. I will say this once otherwise you will feel our fists! Do exactly as we tell you, don’t say a word and don’t resist. I will tell you this much, you are going to be leaving tonight on your own, with us controlling where you go.”

With that he pulled off the leather bag and as my eyes focused his weapon was right in front of me. I didn’t say anything but nodded in agreement. He patted my cheek with the barrel of his weapon. They cut the zip ties, my legs and arms collapsed to the ground with relief!


I worked to my feet, a struggle with my hands cuffed behind me. As I stood there they both took out their large knives and started to cut the clothes off me.   Within seconds I was totally naked before these fully geared SWAT cops and yes, my cock was standing at attention. One gently slid his knife on the top of my cock and the cold steel made it jump. They both chuckled behind their masks.

Out of a kit bag they pulled out battery powered clippers and proceed to remove the hair on my head, my body including around my cock and ass. As they shaved me they were rough with their heavy gloves. One of them grabbed my throat with his gloved hand and started to squeeze as the one with the clipper came in front of me and started to remove my eyebrows. I was going to protest but the hand squeeze tighter on the throat and I learned I was not in any type of control. I could see the evil in the eyes of the guy holding the clippers, but there was also an element of pleasure. The one choking me had to be enjoying himself for the clippers cop had finished and put away his gear but I was still in the hands of the other. The other brought out a soft cloth and wiped down all the areas that have been shaved then the one holding me stood closer and stared into my eyes with a look I will never forget. He was showing me he owned me. His knee pad was playing with my dripping cock.

When he finally let go, I stumbled a bit and regained my balance. One moved behind me and removed the cuffs as the other handed me a black full latex suit. I worked with until if found the back and the opening. As I opened it a smell came from it.

“Several other dogs have lived in that suit. It is full of their sweat, piss and cum. Get in. NOW!”

The smell was strong and I wasn’t keen in putting it on but I didn’t have a choice and slid my leg down into it and felt the coldness of the stuff that lined it. The suit had connected socks. I moved it up and worked my cock and balls out of the hole that was there it. I pulled it up over my chest and slid my arms down the sleeves that had connected gloves. I worked what I could with the back and one of the cops came up behind me and worked the zipper up to the neck. There the connected latex hood was slid over my shaved head and I felt myself disappearing into the rubber. There was eye, nose and mouth holes but the slime was dripping down the back of my head as he brought the zip down from the top of the hood. The zips came together and I heard the lock snap shut that must have connected the zippers. They proceed to smooth the latex on my body roughly, sometimes adding a punch or a slap. Slapping my exposed cock and balls.

One of them pulled out steel chastity device that he worked putting on me. He was not gentle as he squeezed my balls to fit into the cage, followed by tugging my cock to slide into the metal tube. As he closed it I could feel the small spikes that were in it and I let out a yelp. That was followed by a punch to the stomach and a slap to the face. They added a small lock. Next, he went to my ass and shoved a metal plug into my ass. He was not gentle and it was not lubed. I moaned in pain as my ass doesn’t get much use and I was kneed in the balls and slapped again. The zip on my ass was pulled shut. They paused to look at their new gimp.

One of them grabbed another bag and pulled out a full leather motorcycle race suit. It was bright yellow with black words on the back. I thought it read ‘devil dog’ when they handed it to me I was not sure. I quickly put it on and could smell leather and sweat. I was noticing a pattern that all this gear had been used. The suit was snug on me and they zipped it up as it enclosed my caged cock and balls and I felt the spikes even more. A small lock was added to the zip and collar making sure the leathers won’t be coming off.

A heavy pair of Alpinestars MX boots were handed to me and I worked my rubber feet into the. There were 5 strapped clips on the side of the boot which were locked on after I latched them. The boots were black and felt that they were wet inside. Black gloves were put on my hands with the wrist Velcro also locked.

They proceed to lock a pecker gag on me then pulled over a leather hood that only had nose and eye holes. A black full face motorcycle helmet with silver shield was pulled over my head and it was locked on after locking the hood with a 4-inch spiked leather collar.

They ordered me to kneel before them with my hands behind my head. They started to remove their SWAT gear and uniform. I watched them gagged, plugged and helpless as they powerful guys were transforming before me. They stacked their gear and pulled down the black jumpsuits. They were both wearing black motorcycle leathers under their jumpsuits. Fuck all this leather was making my hard but the metal spikes were not going to allow me to get hard with any pleasure.

They both pulled out helmets from their bags where they put all their SWAT gear in. They zipped the bags and turned their attention to me, as they placed their weapons in their boots. I was shoved towards the front door and we exited my house. In the driveway was 2 Ducati’s and I was pushed to one. One of the cops climbed on in front of me and I was pushed to get on back. He took my hands and wrapped them around his waist and proceed to cuff them there. The other climbed on his bike and before I knew it we were out of the drive and down the street.

I never really rode a motorcycle and the vibration was really playing with the metal that contained my cock and balls. As we rode no one knew that I was rubber and plugged under the leathers, hooded and gagged under the helmet. But I had to come back to reality and that I was on the back of bike in bondage and leather hostage to two cops that had burst into my house. I didn’t have a clue as to where we were going and for how long. I didn’t have my wallet or phone. It was warm and I was sweating in the layers of leather and rubber. The guy I was riding behind moved my gloved hand down to his crotch and encouraged me to squeeze is cock. This was a pleasant surprise. I squeezed and he nodded his helmeted head with pleasure.

I could feel the layers and confinement of the gear and that my holes were plugged. I felt the bumps a few times in my ass. I watched the road and saw it all in a different light as a gimp to these too cops.

I started to recognize where we were and we ended up in the parking lot of the Amtrak station. What the hell is going on? They parked and the other one came up to be hiding his weapon but making sure I saw it.

“Remember, do as we tell you.”

To be continued …

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  1. Looking forward to the next installment. Should be filed under be careful what you wish for… trying to decide if I would wish for that…

  2. Wow, well done, can’t wait for the next part. How will the speaker travel on the train, pet carrier maybe?

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