Leather Journey – Part 1

By Rubrpig

Connor looked out the window after breakfast and saw it was a beautiful fall day. A perfect day for a ride on the bike. Even though he had a date with Skype tonight to confirm his travel arrangements with his SIR, he could spend the day on the bike enjoying the day.

Heading upstairs, he stripped down and walked into the closet and picked up the compression suit he wore under his leathers, and put it on. After putting on socks he walked over to the rack and picked up his back protector and strapped it on, then walked over to where his riding leathers were hanging to decide which set he would wear. Putting aside the Alpinestar Race Replicas the Dainese Aero Evo and Bora, he picked up his favourite suit. Unzipping the 2 front zips, he took the dark blue and silver Dainese T-Age Titanium from the heavy suit hanger. Sitting down, he worked his legs into the suit and pulled it up over his hips. Squatting down he worked his arms into the sleeves of the suit and slowly pushed them into the sleeves while standing up slowly.

This was the only way you could put on the t-age suit. Standing up he adjusted the suit so it settled on his muscled frame. Bending down he picked up his pair of Sidi Mag-1 boots he pulled them on and adjusted them then snapped the closures. Standing up, he grabbed the 2 front zips of the suit and pulled them up closing the front of the suit. Then he picked up his wallet, keys, race gloves and his new AGV Pista GP helmet and headed for the garage. Entering the garage he put his wallet under the seat of his Ducati Panigale. Pulling on his helmet, buckling it then pulling on his gloves. Hitting the garage door opener, he walked the bike out and put it back on the stand. Walking over he punched in the code to lock the garage door and turn on the security system. Walking back to the bike, he got on, flipped up the stand with his left boot, and fired the engine. After letting the engine warm, he put it in gear and rode out. Heading for the 401 freeway, he decided to take it to the 400 freeway and then into the highlands outside of Toronto and take to the side roads to enjoy the ride and the fall colours.

After a full day in the saddle and a couple of stops for coffee and lunch, he headed back into Toronto. As it was late in the day, he got stuck in the heavy traffic returning from the weekend cottages so the return trip was slow. Finally getting home, he pulled into the driveway and got off the bike leaving it running while he walked over and punched in the entry code to turn off the security system and open the garage door. Pulling into the garage, he put the bike up on its stand, killing the engine. Getting off he pulled his wallet out the spot where he kept it under the seat and taking it and his keys walked into the house. Setting them down on the counter in the kitchen he noticed the time and swore as he had only several minutes before he had to connect on Skype to his SIR. Not even bothering to pull off his helmet or gloves, he ran for his office and quickly logged into his laptop. Opening Skype just has his SIR signed on and showed he was available, he clicked to connect for a video call. His SIR answered and the video window came on showing his SIR’s bearded face.

Greeting his SIR, Connor fumbled to remove his race gloves and unbuckle and remove his helmet. His SIR told him to stop and leave things alone. Asking why he was in race gear, Connor explained what he had been doing for the day and that the heavy traffic had delayed him on his return home. Not wanting to keep you waiting SIR, I came on line still in my riding gear. His SIR smiled, and leaned back in his chair. Connor smiled and his cock got harder as SIR Franklin was bare chest. Connor sat watching as his SIR asked him if he had completed his travel arrangements finally for his annual visit to South Africa and his SIR.

Connor stated that all the arrangements had been finalized for the travel, and taking care of the house in Toronto for the month he would be away in South Africa. SIR Franklin told him to email copies of the travel documents so he had them so he could arrange for Connor to be met at the airport. Connor replied that as soon as the call was over, he would send them. SIR barked at him and told him that he was already late in submitting them so log into his email and send them now, so he could review them while still online with him. Connor opened his email and forwarded the electronic ticket file and itinerary to SIR and sent them. Signing back out he told SIR that it had been sent. His SIR asked if the VISA needed had been obtained and Connor replied that everything was ready and he was ready to travel. His SIR saw the email icon on his laptop and opened the program, reviewing the travel arrangements, he saw that his boy was traveling from Amsterdam through Johannesburg then to Cape Town.

Asking his boy to explain why he did not fly directly to Cape Town, Connor replied that the direct flight to Cape Town did not connect in Amsterdam until the day after he arrived there. So not wanting to waste a day he booked through on the daily flight to Johannesburg then connected there on a local flight to Cape Town. His SIR agreed with the decision. Sitting back he asked how much he was bringing in clothing and gear. Connor replied that he would be bring clothing suitable for days out of the house and the leather gear that he had brought the last time. SIR smiled and leaned forward and smiling evilly told Eric that he had decided on his traveling gear. Connor sat a little stunned but remember to politely ask what gear did SIR want him to travel in. His SIR still smiling told him to wear a leather jock, socks, then the Langlitz Competition breeches, the 20 inch Wesco Big Boss boots, the black leather long sleeved police uniform shirt, Sam Browne belt. Over that he was to wear his Langlitz padded Columbia jacket with Sam Browne.

Connor was stunned and stammered a request to ask a question. His SIR agreed and Connor asked, “SIR, may your boy know why you selected this gear for him to travel in SIR? His SIR smiled and told him that the gear had been selected to make Connor stand out and be the focus of attention of his fellow travelers but more importantly, insure that all of the air security checkpoints along with the customs and immigration officials would inspect him carefully and put him through enhanced screening. Connor sat stunned and was glad his helmet was still on so his SIR could not see the shocked look on his face. His SIR told him that unless he was onboard the aircraft he had to keep his jacket on, belts on and zipped He was also to wear gloves when not onboard the aircraft.

His SIR asked if Connor understood and he expected to see Connor at the Cape Town airport in this specific gear. He signed off and ended the Skype call. Connor sat back in his chair, pulled off his gloves and removed his helmet.   Setting them on the desk he slumped in his chair wondering how he was going to handle 2 long haul flights, 2 custom clearances, 1 short flight and 3 airport security checkpoints in full langlitz and boots.

Staring off he thought about when he first met SIR at IML 3 years ago. They had connected and spent the week at the event together. Several days later SIR told Connor that he felt Connor was really a boy and not a Sir as he had been introduced as. Connor surprised by this statement decided to explore and agreed to be collared. Spending a few additional days in Chicago they had grown closer and on the last day they had decided that they would become SIR and boy and that Connor would use 5 weeks of his vacation each year to be with his SIR in South Africa. The previous 2 trips had been intense and Connor left bearing the marks and bruises of ownership. SIR’s slave was now his brother and even though Connor was above the slave, the 2 men had grown close while in service together to their SIR.

The work week passed slowly and finally Friday came and with it was the last day of work prior to the start of Connors vacation. After saying goodbye to everyone in the office, Connor headed off and headed home. Arriving in good time for a change despite the heavy traffic and crowds on the transit system, he was able to finish packing, showering, shaving and getting into his required gear. The flight was at 9pm and he had to be at the airport by 7. He had booked a car for 6:15 and was ready and all his gear packed in time. The driver rang the bell and Connor opened the door. The driver was a little startled to see a tall muscled man with a shaved head dressed in tall heavy boots and quilted leather pants and jacket. Connor indicated the cases, and the driver took them and went back to the car with Connor following carrying his laptop case which contained his laptop and travel documents. Setting the alarm and closing and locking the door Connor walked to the car and got in the back. Telling the driver that he wanted Terminal 3 International, he settled back and relaxed as best as he could.

After a relatively quick trip to Toronto Pearson International, the car pulled up to Terminal 3 at the International end. Paying the driver he got out of the car and waited while the driver got out the cases from the trunk and put them on a baggage cart. Putting his laptop case on the cart, he adjusted his jacket and he walked into the terminal past the people staring at the man in full leather pushing a luggage cart. He walked over to the check-in kiosk, logged in and printed his baggage tags, his board passes and headed for the KLM desk to check in his luggage and to the flight. The KLM staff stared at him and then smiled as he walked up and greeted them politely. One of the desks was manned by a young man who stared and smiled at Connor apparently enjoying the site of the leather man checking into his flight. After checking in and having his passport checked, his luggage was put through and he was directed across from the KLM desk to the security check in.

Walking over through the crowds, he smiled as he noticed the looks and the fact that people seemed to get out of his way. Walking up to the Nexus entrance, his boarding pass was scanned and he was put through to the front of the line. Moving through the entrance to the screening area, he took off his jacket as ordered and put it in a bin, along with his keys, wallet, watch, and then removed the Sam Browne shoulder strap and then the heavy waist belt from his breeches. Moving through the metal detector he was fully prepared for the system to alarm, which it did. He was pulled aside and told he had a choice. Remove all metal or submit to a full body search. As instructed by SIR, he requested the body search. The security staff picked up the bins after they had cleared the x-ray and ordered him to follow them. The security staff opened the search room and all of them entered. Ordering Connor to stand in the middle of the room, one man pulled on fresh latex gloves and instructed Connor to raise his arms. The man started at his boots and squeezed them checking them, he then looked up at Connor and ordered him to remove his boots.

Connor obeyed and leaned over and unbuckled the top buckles and the arch buckle and pried them off. Standing in his socks, while the boots were taken out and put through the x-ray, the guard continued with his body search. He felt up each leg pressing against the heavy leather of the breeches, and then up his upper body and along his arms. He then turned and moved over to the other officers and quietly spoke. The supervisor came over to Connor and told him he must remove his leather shirt and pants. Connor obeyed and unsnapped and then unzipped his breeches and shoved them down, stepping out of them, he handed them to the supervisor, he then unsnapped his shirt and removed it also handing it to the supervisor. The supervisor walked over and put them on a table and searched them which was easy as there was no lining and the pockets were leather not cloth. Connor standing there in his heavy boot socks and his leather jock waited quietly. The supervisor then told Connor to remove his jock. Connor unsnapped the pouch and let it drop down to hang by the bottom snap. He pushed down on the elastic waist band and his cock and balls pulled slowly through the back plate of the pouch. Shoving the jock down he stepped out of it handing it to the supervisor. By now Connor was semi erect which was noticed by the guards.

They finished checking his leathers and then the door opened and the guard with his boots came back in. Telling the Supervisor that the boots were clean, the supervisor told Connor to get dressed. Connor thanked him and walked over to the table and picked up his jock. Putting it back on and pulling his cock and balls through the opening he then snapped up the pouch. Putting on his leather shirt, he snapped it closed, then picked up his padded breeches and pulled them on. Snapping the waist snap and zipping up the fly and the leg zip, he picked up the heavy waist belt and put it through the loops and snugged it tight around his waist. Connor then asked if he could sit down to put on his boots, startled by the polite request, the supervisor told him yes. Connor sat and pulled on his boots and fastened the buckles. Standing up, he picked up the shoulder strap and put it on clipping it to the d-rings on his waist belt. Then he picked up his jacket and put it on zipping it up and doing up the Sam Browne belt. Putting his laptop back into its case, he politely asked if he was cleared to leave and catch his flight. The guards told him that he was good to leave. Connor thanked them for how they handled the search. He turned and opened the door and left. Leaving the security area, he walked down the departure wing to his gate and sat down.

The gate agents called the flight finally, and since he was in business class he was among the first to board the 777. Finding his window seat he was glad as with the seating configuration he in a single seat and did not have to deal with the stares of the other passengers. Setting his laptop case down he unbuckled the shoulder strap and then unbuckled the waist belt of the jacket. Unzipping it he pulled the heavy padded jacket off. One of the cabin crew was standing there and politely offered to hang it up. The cabin crew was a slim blond man with a tight build which was obvious even under his uniform. He smiled at Connor and asked if he could bring him anything such as champagne. He introduced himself as Richard and said that if there was anything Sir wanted all he had to do was ask. Connor smiled and thanked him and looked at Richard staring at him and realized that Richard was very intrigued and seemed to appreciate his leathers.

Sitting down, Connor relaxed and was able to ignore the stares from the other passengers as they boarded the flight. All seemed to be puzzled but intrigued by the man in the leather. The flight departed and eventually Connor put the seat down and tried to get some sleep. He received very personal attention from what seemed to be his self appointed cabin attendant. Eventually, the flight arrived at Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam. Exiting the flight Connor fully dressed in his leathers once again as instructed walked through to the Customs and Immigration area to clear customs and he was transiting to another KLM flight. Waiting in line, he waited for his turn and finally walked up and presented his passport. He was questioned as to why he was in the Netherlands, and was politely informed the agent that he was transiting and was taking a flight in a few hours to Johannesburg. The customs agent looked at Connor carefully and smiled. The agents at Schiphol were quite used to the sight of men in various forms of leathers and other gear due to the reputation of Amsterdam as a gay and leather mecca.

Sitting in the main departure area near the shopping arcade, Connor relaxed and logged into the wifi with his laptop and checked his email and messages. He emailed his SIR that the first fight was finished and that he had been stripped searched at security at the Toronto airport but his arrival in Amsterdam was smooth and no issues raised by the Netherlands custom agent who had cleared him. Since he was not allowed to leave the departure area, he would not have to clear airport security prior to his flight to Johannesburg. Watching the departure screens he finally saw his flight appear and shut down his laptop and put it back in the bag. Standing up he stretched and walked to the departure gate. Along the way he used the men’s room and did not use the urinal but a stall as he had to lower his breeches to open the pouch on his jock so he could piss. Finishing up he left and continued onto the departure gate for his flight to Johannesburg. Sitting down, again he attracted attention due to the heavy leather he was dressed in. The flight was finally called for boarding and again he boarded early due to his business class status. This time, the cabin crew was all female and none of them seemed puzzled by the leathers and he passed an uneventful but long flight.

The flight finally landed in Johannesburg and he stood and collected his heavy jacket from the cabin crew and put it on. Doing it up as ordered, he picked up his laptop case and exited the plane. Walking through the arrival area to the customs and immigration area, he was nervous as he was unsure how the South African authorities would react to his leathers and boots. Standing in line he was finally called forward. Presenting his passport, he was questioned as to his reason for the visit, and how long was he staying and where. He answered the questions politely keeping eye contact with the agent. The agent made some notes and instructed Connor to pick up his luggage. He signaled another agent to escort him and this made Connor realize that he was in for a luggage search and detailed questioning.

His luggage arrived and he picked it up from the carousel and followed his escort agent to the secondary search area. He was instructed to place his bags on the table and unlock and open them for inspection. He was then instructed to remove his laptop and provide the password to access it to the escort agent. The agent disappeared with his laptop. The other agent went through his 2 bags. Fortunately, he had packed only various clothes and leathers and boots. Since his SIR had a very well equipped play room he did not have to bring anything but his leathers, boots and clothes. The agent returned with his laptop handing it back to him.

Standing there quietly, he answered the questions asked of him but then he found himself surrounded by 4 agents. He was cuffed and told he was going to be taken to a holding area where he would be strip searched and a body cavity search performed. His leathers and boots would be inspected and he would also be x-rayed to determine if he was carrying any illegal substances inside his body. Two of the agents, both over 6ft and about 250 pounds and looking like professional rugby players grabbed his by his biceps and the agents took him to the holding room. Entering, 2 agents pulled their side arms and aimed them at him while one held him as the other one unlocked the cuffs. He was then ordered to strip. Connor removed his gloves and then undid the Sam Brown on his jacket, then unzipped it and took it off,

Then he politely requested if he could use a chair so he could remove his boots. One of the agents dragged over a chair and told him to get the boots off. He quickly sat and un buckled his boots and pulled them off. He set them on the floor and stood up. He unbuckled his second Sam Browne and undid his breeches, pulled down the zip on his fly and opened the zips on the legs, then shoved them down and stepped out of them. Putting them on the floor by his boots he unsnapped his shirt and removed it. Dropping it on top of his breeches, he then bent over and pulled off his heavy boot socks. Then he unsnapped his jock pouch then pulled the band down and worked his cock and balls through the back plate and shoved the jock down and stepped out of it. Putting it on the pile of leathers he stood up. One of the agents snapped on a pair of latex gloves and began rubbing his body and examining every inch of his body and he paid particular attention to the body piercings in his nipples, and his PA. He then had one of the agents bring over a set of chains and waist belt.

Two of the agents held Connor while the lead agent wrapped the wide heavy waist belt around Connor’s waist and padlocked it after snugging it tight. Then he knelt and quickly applied the shackles to Connor’s ankles and all Connor could hear was the ratchet of the cuffs, the clink of the chains and the creak of the agent’s heavy body armour. He stood and quickly put on the hand cuffs so Connor fully restrained. He then pulled on latex gloves as he ordered Connor to open his mouth. A latex finger probed in his mouth, under his tongue and a flashlight used while the agent inspected his mouth visually. Then ordered to bend over and spread his legs, he struggled to maintain his balance as his wrists were held tight against the waist belt in their cuffs while the agent knelt behind him and checked behind his cock and balls.

Then the agent lubed his finger and shoved it into Connor’s ass and probed in deep. The agent’s finger pressed against Connor’s prostate, which caused Connor’s cock to harden and Connor groaned from the pressure. The agents all laughed at Connor’s reaction. Finding nothing in Connor’s ass, the agent stood up and removed the glove. Ordering Connor to stand up and Connor struggled upright but managed it as he was still very stiff from long flights. Standing up as straight as he could considering the length of chains connecting his ankles to his wrists, he watched as the agents began to examine his leathers and boots, they searched the breeches and examined the stitching on the padded sections to determine if they had been opened up and re-stitched with something else inside.

Finding nothing to indicate any tampering, they sent the leathers and boots to be x-rayed. Two of the agents left with his leathers and boots while the other remained in the room with him, weapons drawn and ready. He stood cuffed naked and cock erect in the middle of the room. The guards moved around examining from a distance, the full suit of Japanese ink that adorned his body. They moved back into position leaving him alone standing in the middle of the busy main office of the customs agency. After what felt to be an hour but it was only 15 minutes, the other agents returned with his boots and leathers. The agents then grabbed Connor and lead him shuffling as fast as he could in the chains to the x-ray area where a technician was waiting to x-ray him to prove that he had no illegal substances hidden inside his body. Nothing was seen on the x-rays so he was taken back to the main office. The lead agent walked up to Connor and slammed a fist into his stomach.

Connor retched and bent over from impact. The agent forced Connor to stand up and moved right into his face and asked him what was the real reason was for his trip and why was he dressed like a fucking leather faggot. Connor spoke, “Sir, I am here to visit a man who I am involved with and I am a fucking leather faggot Sir. The agent smiled and said, at last the fucking truth. Alright faggot, you can go. Get dressed and get the fuck out of my office. The one agent unlocked the cuffs shackles and waist belt, Connor quickly began to dress. Within a few minutes, he was almost dressed and was putting on the heavy jacket. Doing it up, the agents watching asked why he was putting on the jacket considering it was summer. Connor replied, that he had no choice but wear the jacket as his SIR ordered him to wear it. The agents smiled and the lead agent walked up and spoke softly in his ear.

Speaking softly, the agent said, “Ok boy, your SIR will be proud as he asked us to work you over to see if you were obeying his orders. I will let him know that you are properly leathered as per his orders. I will see you at his home in several weeks when I come to visit my brother.” Conner stood stunned and looked at the agent and saw the resemblance to his SIR and turned to him and said “Sir, Thank you for the treatment Sir and may this boy have permission to leave, collect his bags and leave SIR?” The agent told the other agents to escort Connor back to the screening area, let him get his bags and leave. Connor was escorted back and closed and locked his bags, then put them on the cart and politely thanked the agents for their treatment and handling of him and his immigration case. Connor left the customs area, headed for the transit point to drop off his bags as they were checked through to Cape Town. The agents continued to escort Connor and Connor was now the centre of attention as he was escorted through the terminal by 2 armed customs officers.

Entering the security screening area, the agents informed the screening guards, that this passenger was to be hand searched only as he had been thoroughly searched by Customs and Immigration and been in their custody. Connor was passed through with just a pat down. The agents returned to the customs area and Connor proceeded through to the departure area. Sitting down in the main lounge area, he logged into the wifi and opened up his email. Sending an email to his SIR, he let him know that he had arrived in South Africa and what was done to his boy by Customs and Immigration. He also let his SIR know that his brother would be calling to report on his behaviour while being stripped and body searched. Sending the email, he checked the other messages and checked Skype.

Seeing his SIR logged in to Skype he placed a call to his SIR. His SIR answered and asked how the boy was making out. Connor replied that the trip was very interesting so far. He told his SIR about the treatment he received by South African Immigration and his SIR laughed loudly. Smiling at his boy he told him that was a little present to welcome him back to South Africa. Connor politely thanks his SIR and confessed that he had been extremely hard and dripped pre-cum while his body was searched. His SIR smiled and said that Connor would be punished appropriately for his lapse in protocol. His Sir signed off and Connor turned off his laptop and put it away. Seeing his flight posted he walked to the departure gate and arrived just as the flight was being called. Boarding the plane, he sat in a window seat in the business class area of the South African Airways plane.

An overweight businessman in a suit walked in and sat down beside him and glared at him. Calling over the cabin attendant demanded a seat change as he was not going to sit next to this freak. The flight supervisor told the passenger that the flight was full and they would see if anyone would switch with him. A tall elegantly dressed woman agreed to switch. The woman sat down and smiled at Connor. Relaxing, Connor smiled and thanked the woman for changing seats. The woman replied that she was intrigued by the tall muscled man in the leather and boots. The flight passed quickly and Connor enjoyed the conversation. The flight began to descend into Cape Town and Connor started to get nervous. He was excited to see his SIR again.

After the plane arrived at the terminal, the passengers left the plane, Connor and the woman walked to the baggage claim area and waited for their bags. Their bags arrived, and Connor placed hers on a cart and then dealt with his. They walked out of the baggage area together and entered the arrival area. Seeing his SIR standing there in jeans, boots and a t-shirt he said thank you to the woman for making the flight so enjoyable. The woman smiled and said yes, I see your SIR is waiting for you. Connor was surprised and stammered how do you know SIR? Your SIR and I are old friends. The woman waved at SIR Franklin and the two of them walked over to him. Connor bowed his head and greeted his SIR. SIR gave him a slap across the face to welcome him and to remind him of his place. Connor stood quietly waiting for orders. SIR Franklin greeted the woman warmly and the two of them embraced. SIR asked the woman if his boy had behaved on the plane and the woman replied that Connor had been a perfect gentleman and his training showed and was a credit to his SIR. Connor blushed and remained standing quietly. SIR instructed him to thank Madame and do it properly. The woman held out her hand and Connor gently took it and kissed it softly. He then said “Madame, thank you for allowing this boy to spend time with you. This boy enjoyed the conversation and your company very much.”

SIR said good-bye to his friend and told Connor to follow as it was time to go home. The men turned and walked out to SIR’s car. The bags were loaded and they got in and SIR drove home.

The visit passed quickly and it was almost time for Connor to leave for home. One morning 5 days before he was scheduled to return to Canada, his SIR told him to put on boots, t-shirt and jeans as they were going out. Quickly dressing, he walked out of the house and they got in SIR’s car and they left. SIR drove into an industrial area and parked before a metal warehouse style building. Curious, Connor got out of the car and walked into the building with his SIR. They walked into a metal fabrication shop and a large black man greeted his SIR and told him that it was ready. SIR thanked the man and told Connor to remove his t-shirt and obey the man’s instructions. Connor was ordered over to a workbench and the man picked up a large heavy piece of asbestos insulation and wrapped it around his head and neck. He then ordered Connor to lay down on the bench face down. Connor crawled up on the dirty bench and laid down.

A heavy blanket was placed over his body. He then felt something being fitted around his neck and then felt hammering on whatever was put on him. Then he heard a torch being lit and felt a lot of heat even through the asbestos insulation. He heard the sounds of metal being melted and then the torch was removed. A grinder started and he heard the sounds of the grinder close to his neck. He heard the man call over his SIR to check his work. His SIR approved and Connor was ordered to stand up and the heavy insulation was removed. Connor lifted his hands to see what was now sitting snug around his neck. He found a metal band about 1/2 inch wide around his neck. He did not feel any locks but there were 3 d rings mounted on it with 1 on each side and one in front. He realized that he was now wearing a permanent collar which must be like the one his SIR’s slave wore. The only way this collar was coming off was if it was sawn off.

SIR ordered Connor to thank the man for the work and the making of his collar properly. Connor quickly walked to the man and kneeled in front of him, worked his cock out of his work pants and swallowed it. Licking and sucking the man’s cock till he came in Connors mouth. Standing up and sucking the man dry, he walked back over and stood behind his SIR on the left. His SIR paid the man and they left the workshop and return to the car. Returning home, they walked into the house. SIR told Connor to report to the slave who would clean and prepare him. Connor walked into the shared bedroom and found the slave waiting. He stripped as requested and the slave was shocked to see Connor was now collared with a matching collar to his. Going to the bathroom the slave picked up a pair of clippers and began to clip down Connor’s pubic fur. After removing most of the fur, he told Connor to get in the shower and get wet. The slave got in and knelt and covered Connors cock and balls with shave cream and quickly and efficiently removed the stubble leaving Connor clean and smooth.

The men then soaped and scrubbed each other and Connor was able to remove all the dirt and grime from the workshop. Getting out and drying each other off, Connor was told to report to the playroom. He was surprised by how much larger his cock and balls appeared with the removal of his pubic hair. Entering the play room, he walked over to his SIR and reported as ordered. Looking at Connor, SIR Franklin told him that it was time to increase the control over his boy even when he was back in Canada. He needed to know that he was controlled by his SIR even when he was home.

Putting a heavy isolation hood on Connor he then put on wrist restraints and hooked them to chains so they were held up and away from Connors body. Connor then felt his SIR take his cock and put ice on it and hold it there until his cock shrank. Then he felt a rubber sleeve slide over his cock. Then a steel band was put around his waist and tightened, then the tube on his cock was clipped to something which held it pointing downwards and he realized that the rubber tube was actually a rubber lined steel tube. Then a steel cover was swung up and he felt it covering his cock and balls. He heard a click and some pressure as it felt like SIR had pushed into his abdomen. Then SIR released his wrists from the chains and removed the hood.

Telling Connor to walk over to the mirror, Connor obeyed and moved to the mirror and stared as he saw he had been locked into a steel chastity belt. He recognized it as a Carrara belt. Turning to his SIR he requested permission to ask a question. His SIR agreed, and Connor asked “SIR, how long is this boy to be locked in the belt as it has to return to its home and work in 5 days SIR.” His SIR replied that the belt was permanent and was not coming off. He was keeping one of the 2 keys and the other had been already mailed to a Sir in Toronto who had agreed to be the local Key Master and who would take care of Connor and insure that the belt was taken care off along with Connor. Connor was stunned and wondered how he would get through airport security and customs and immigration with this steel belt and collar. Seeing Connor’s face and its stunned look, SIR Franklin told him that Connor would be supplied with a legal document as per the advice from his Brother which would explain the device. Connor was stunned and said nothing but stood quietly.

The slave entered the room and quietly told his MASTER that his brother had arrived. Just then the head agent at the airport that had stripped searched and searched Connor’s body cavities walked in. After greeting his brother he laughed as he saw Connor standing there collared and with the belt locked on. SIR Franklin explained that the belt had just been put on. The men laughed and the slave was signaled to and told to put Connor on the fuck bench and strap him down and grease his ass. The slave obeyed and Connor was quickly strapped down and prepared. SIR Franklin’s brother had stripped down and the 2 brothers both naked walked over and began to gang fuck Connor. SIR Franklin had released the cables running up Connor’s ass crack so he could be properly fucked. The men buried their cocks in Connor’s holes and fucked him hard. After cumming they switched positions and fucked the other end. Connor took it and his cock was in agony as it was squeezed by the tube it was now locked in. Finally finished, the men pulled out and SIR Franklin reconnected the cables and they told the slave to release Connor as they walked upstairs to have a beer.

As the last few days passed with SIR Franklin’s brother being given control of Connor as a gift while he was there. Finally, it was the morning of Connor’s departure for home. Instructing Connor that he was to wear the same heavy leathers as before, he would be accompanied back to Johannesburg by his brother. Connor packed the leather jock but put on the breeches boots, leather shirt and belts. His SIR walked into the room where he was packing his bags and told Connor that he was now a boy and no longer could be a SIR even in Toronto. The collar and chastity belt were there to remind Connor at all times that he was now a boy and controlled totally by his SIR.

Connor nodded and told his SIR that he understood and that he accepted that he was no longer a Sir but was his SIR’s boy and nothing more. SIR Franklin then told Connor that the SIR in Toronto who was now his local SIR was SIR William. Connor was shocked as he realized that he would now report to a man who was his leather brother and who he had mentored when he became a Sir with his own boy. You will obey SIR William just as you obey me and do you understand boy? Connor nodded and replied that he understood.

His SIR left and Connor finished packing. Taking up his jacket, he put it on and closing it up and ordered, walked out to find his SIR and SIR Jacob waiting for him. SIR told him that SIR Jacob was on the same flight to Johannesburg so he would be escorting Connor on the first flight. Connor thanked his SIR and SIR Jacob for the escort. They loaded the bags in the car and left for the airport. After checking in and dropping off the luggage, it was time for them to clear security. SIR Jacob showed his credentials and was cleared rapidly. Connor was put through the metal detector and then quickly escorted to the search area. The security agents ordered Connor to strip and Connor quickly removed his leathers and boots.

Standing there the agents walked up and examined the steel band around Connors neck and then the heavy metal chastity belt. Connor was asked if he had the key and Connor replied that he did not have the key and the belt could not be removed without it. After a few minutes Connor was ordered to dress and leave. Connor quickly obeyed and dressed. Leaving the examination area, he walked over to SIR Jacob who was waiting for him. Connor reported that he had been stripped searched but was now cleared to board the flight. Walking to the gate the men waited for the flight. Just as the flight was starting to board, SIR Jacob ordered Connor to swap boarding passes. SIR Jacob told Connor that he was flying in Connor’s seat in business class and Connor was now in economy. Connor nodded and handed over the boarding pass and took the other one. Finally boarding the airplane, Connor walked through the business class cabin and saw SIR Jacob and nodded to him and continued through to the rear of the plane. Fortunately, the flight was not full and no one else sat in the row of seats with Connor.

After the flight arrived in Johannesburg and SIR Jacob and Connor walked through to domestic baggage claim. After getting Sir Jacob’s luggage, the men parted as SIR Jacob had to report for duty in the customs hall. Since Connor was already checked through all of his remaining flights and his bags were tagged through to Toronto he walked through to the international terminal and walked up to the security checkpoint. After going through the metal detector he was roughly pulled aside and 2 agents took him to the examination room. Once again, Connor was stripped and body and cavity searched. Finally cleared, he dressed and left the security area. Finding a spot in the departure lounge he pulled out his laptop and logged into the wifi. Sending his SIR an email he reported that SIR Jacob had enjoyed the flight in business class and that Connor had been strip searched along with a cavity search at Johannesburg. Logging off and putting the laptop away, he had several hours to wait before his flight so he quietly sat and watched the people starring at him.

About an hour later, 4 Customs Agents walked up to Connor and told him to stand up and come with them. Connor quickly obeyed and the agents escorted Connor through the departure terminal and the other passengers stared as the men walking through the terminal. Entering a secured area, the men pushed Connor through a door and into a small room. Waiting for him was Sir Jacob. Smiling, SIR Jacob told Connor to kneel and to get busy. The 4 agents who escorted Connor were in the room and were pulling their cocks out of their uniform pants. Starting with SIR Jacob, he sucked and swallowed their cocks one by one and each man pumped a heavy load into Connor’s mouth. After all had been serviced, Connor was released and told to be a good boy. Connor quickly got to his feet and left after thanking SIR Jacob. He left the area and walked to his departure gate and waited for his flight to board.

Clearing customs in Amsterdam was again uneventful and the time in the terminal passed and finally the final flight home was called for boarding. Boarding the plane, Connor found his personal cabin crew member Richard on board. Richard smiling welcomed him aboard and after Connor had removed his jacket and gloves, Richard commented on the beautiful collar that Connor wore. Richard leaned over and softly told Connor, that he would not receive personal attention this time boy as that is saved for Sirs. Connor blushed and thanked him. The flight was uneventful and finally landed at Toronto Pearson Airport. After leaving the plane, Connor walked through the arrival zone to the customs hall and waited in line to clear customs. Reaching the desk finally, he handed over his passport and customs declaration card. The agent questioned him about the details of his trip and what was purchased. Connor had listed the collar and belt as instructed by his SIR and had the receipts with him as proof. The agent noted the purchases and the value of the items. Marking his declaration card with a large red S Connor was instructed to claim his luggage and report to secondary clearance.

Connor quickly claimed his luggage and put it on a cart and walked over to the entrance to the secondary screening area. The agent directed him to a counter where there were 4 agents waiting. Walking over he handed over his passport and declaration form. Instructed to put his bags on the counter and open them, the agents went through his bags and then he was asked where the 2 items that he had declared were. Connor told the agent that he was wearing them. The agents surrounded him and cuffed him.

Telling him that they were taking him to be searched he was lead to a examination room. The cuffs were removed but 2 of the agents kept their hands on their side arms while Connor stripped down and removed his leathers and boots. The agents stared at the full body tattoo and then came up and began to body search and then performed a cavity search. Connor groaned as the finger probing his asshole pushed against his prostrate causing him to get hard which hurt like fuck due to the steel tube it was in. After the examination of the belt and the solid steel collar which they saw could not be removed, the agents questioned him why he was dressed in full leathers, and traveling in a steel collar and a steel chastity belt. Connor explained that his SIR in South Africa instructed him to travel this way and he had no choice but to obey his orders.

Standing there, hands clasped behind his back and head bowed, he spoke politely and respectfully to the uniformed men. The agents looked at each other and then one asked Connor would he suck their cocks if it meant he could go after paying the duties owed for the collar and belt. Connor politely told the agents, that he had been ordered to obey any instructions given him by any member of law enforcement. The men smiled and pulled out their cocks and Connor dropped to his knees and once again serviced a team of customs agents. Finishing the last agent, Connor was instructed to get dressed. Connor quickly dressed and followed the agents back out to where his bags were sitting. Handing Connor his passport and declaration instructed him to go over to the cashier, pay the duties and return to show them the receipt. Once he had done this, he was released and was free to leave. Walking out of the arrivals area, he was glad to be back home and was actually looking forward to starting his new life as a boy.

Walking through the terminal he found the exit to where the taxis were and hailed a cab. Getting in he gave the driver the address of his home and sat back and relaxed for the trip from the airport. Arriving at his home, he paid the driver, collected his bags from the trunk and entered the house. After turning off the alarm he walked through the house to check it and see if the maintenance company he had hired had done their job. He found the house was freshly cleaned and ready for him. He noticed the voice mail light flashing on his phone and he picked it up to retrieve the messages. There were 2 of them, one from the maintenance company and one that startled him. The message was from his friend now SIR and it was brief and to the point. SIR William told him to rest and get ready for work but on Friday night the boy was to present himself to SIR William at the Black Eagle at 10pm. The boy was to wear combat boots, chaps, vest and jacket. He would be waiting on the upstairs patio and the boy was not to be late. The message ended. His new life had started.




The week at work was intense as the belt kept him horny and he was still getting used to it and how to handle it while at work and in dress clothes. Finally, it was Friday and the end of the work week. Leaving work he headed home on transit. After dinner, he relaxed and was getting nervous about what was going to happen tonight when he made his first appearance as a collared boy.

Connor pulled on socks and laced up his combat boots. Taking the chaps he had made in Amsterdam, he zipped them on after fastening the heavy waist belt. The tops of the chaps were quilted and curved so they drew attention to his waist and crotch. The chaps were cut high and tight so they framed his ass in a neat oval shape and the same for his crotch so the chastity belt was shown off. Pulling on a bar vest, he grabbed his langlitz jacket and zipped it up. Grabbing his wallet and keys he headed for the garage and got in his car.

He pulled into the underground garage on Church Street and parked. After paying, he walked up the stairs and onto Church Street. The gay village was packed and the clubs were starting to fill up. Walking to the Black Eagle, he saw the doorman on duty was a good buddy. Walking up, he was greeted by his buddy who suddenly stared at Connor. The doorman asked him what was up with the collar and the chastity belt? Connor replied that he was now a boy and these were the symbols of his SIR’s ownership. Asking his friend if SIR William had arrived, the doorman told him that William and his boy were on the patio and they were expecting him so get your ass moving boy. The doorman turned away and Connor headed into the Eagle.

Walking through the bar, men that Connor knew saw him and went to greet him but stopped and stared as they saw the collar and then the chastity belt that he now wore. They turned their backs to him and he kept walking. Heading up the stairs he turned and went through the door to the patio. Looking for his friend, he saw him and his boy standing near the back of the patio. Walking up to him, he stopped and quietly stated that he was reporting as ordered SIR William.

SIR William looked at his new boy and former mentor and told him that he was late. Connor hung his head and apologized for keeping his SIR waiting. Get your ass over to the cross and remove that fucking jacket. Connor quickly removed his jacket and put it on the floor in front of the cross and grabbed the cross and moved himself into the position. SIR William took a flogger from his belt and began to work over Connors back and ass hard. The men on the patio turned and watched and most recognized Connor and were surprised by the ink on Connor’s upper body. Connor had usually been in full leathers and a jacket so most were unaware that Connor was fully inked so they began talking about the scene.

Sir William finished and put away the flogger and told Connor to put his jacket back on. Once that was done, a leash was hooked to his collar and Connor was lead over to the middle of the patio.   SIR William asked for everyone’s attention and announced that Connor was no longer a Sir as he had voluntarily surrendered that privilege when he had agreed to become the boy and property of SIR Franklin in South Africa. SIR Franklin has appointed him the guardian of his boy and he was now in control of the boy Connor. And he then proceeded to indicate that the boy Connor was wearing a permanent collar and a chastity belt permanently. The men laughed and looked at Connor who stood with his hands behind his back and head bowed. SIR William then thanked them for their attention and he turned and lead Connor to the back of the patio with his boy following. Well, boy how does it feel now that you are now a boy and everyone know it. No going back is there.

Connor politely thanked his SIR for the public demonstration of his new status. SIR William then told Connor that every second Sunday he was to report to SIR William. At that time, he would be hooded restrained and the belt would be unlocked and removed. any shaving done to keep the hair removed inspected for any sores that might have formed, then everything including the belt would be cleaned. Once this was done, the belt would be locked back on and Connor would be released. Connor indicated that he understood. And with that his new life as a boy was underway.


Metal would like to thank Rubrpig for this story!





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