Cuffsman10 accepts Master Mike’s handcuff challenge

This afternoon, Cuffsman10 sent the pictures and information below.


Cuffsman10 writes,

I waited in anticipation for the cuffs to arrive as UPS always delivers in the afternoon. As I came back from running errands the package was waiting near the front door. How I just wanted to drop everything and just tear open the package like a Christmas morning present. But restraint took ahold of me even though I new what was in the envelope.

After unloading the car, I rushed downstairs with the package and tore it open, just to find the cuffs ready and waiting with no exposed key holes. So I slipped into my military gear, heart pounding against my chest. And then a quick ratchet of the cuffs and there I stood, hard pounding and racing stuck. How will I get out is all that I ponder, but now I noticed the raging hardon down below. I finished my business but my only thought was this could have been hotter if I showed more restraint and wore the steelheart.

I will get out of these cuffs eventually.

Challenge accepted Men, welded cuffs are on and not coming off soon.


Way to go, Cuffsman10!


MetalbondNYC_cuff_challenge_02 MetalbondNYC_cuff_challenge_03


12 thoughts on “Cuffsman10 accepts Master Mike’s handcuff challenge”

  1. I’ll wait a week, then suggest how to get out of the cuffs non destructively, if he hasn’t figured out how before then.

  2. I saw a video on Tumblr of him double locking the cuffs. That will add another step to the non-destructive removal process.

  3. I did escape but destructively. I wish i would of ask Zerotsm how to get out without ruining the cuffs. I know his Pennsylvania facility is renouned. I love to spend some time in the cells. A few of my friends from stroudsburg know you guys well.

  4. Hey folks. A quick update…

    I have had the cuffs on about half a dozen times and can now pick them with relative ease. However, l have come down with a rotten sinus infection, and haven’t felt up to a photo session. But l promise one soon.

    The cuffs are intact and waiting to be applied again. I may even try them on behind my back… or on an unsuspecting friend.


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