Liam and Isaac: Distraction

He walked quietly across the landing and gently knelt down just inside the doorway of Isaac’s study, looking up at him submissively as he waited for Isaac to notice him.

Liam’s and Isaac’s date night has gone a little bit awry. What had been intended to be a night for just the two of them has been interrupted by one of Isaac’s work meetings. But with Liam bored, and the perfect movie scene getting him the mood, he decides that if he must wait, he’ll wait on his terms.

By Aenyse

Huffing to himself as he went searching for yet another show to watch on the television, Liam glanced over to the door. He could still hear Isaac from his study, in his meeting with work. Going to get another cup of tea, Liam looked up the stairs to see if Isaac looked to be any closer to being done, not that he could see anything. All he could see was into Isaac’s bedroom, which just rubbed salt in the wound.

Liam wanted to be in there, playing. He and Isaac had organised their date night the previous weekend, when they’d gone to London together on a whim. But that morning, Isaac had suddenly been roped into a business meeting with the New York end of the company. Apparently they’d been offered a big settlement, which needed to be discussed since there were tens of millions of dollars on the line. Isaac had explained it to Liam, but Liam had a tendency to glaze over when Isaac started talking about insurance. He’d also been changing into some smarter clothes at the time, since it was a video call, so Liam had been distracted. All he knew was that Isaac’s presence was needed on the call for a twenty minute meeting about whether to accept or not.

Only that had been nearly an hour ago, and Liam was bored. They’d had to rush their dinner together, eating in rather than going out for a meal like they’d planned, and he’d been watching television for the majority of Isaac’s meeting. It wasn’t too bad, since Isaac paid for all the streaming services which Liam tended to piggyback off. But if he’d known he’d have been so long, Liam would have brought the marking that was sat on his dining table to pass the time productively. Instead, he was bored.

Returning to the living room, Liam sat back down and began flicking through the channels. He stopped as soon as he saw that Refrain 2 had started about fifteen minutes earlier, so he sat down and started watching that. But it soon became an issue, as the twenty minutes that Liam was watching involved an ‘interrogation’ of the main protagonist by the main antagonist, George Yuro. There were handcuffs, rope, electric shocks, and a lot of sweaty, shirtless men. Liam already liked to watch George Yuro, and he was in exactly the sort of situation he loved. If he’d been watching it with Isaac, that would have been the moment that Liam would have sunk to his knees in front of him and given him a blowjob. But with him upstairs, Liam was left to feel horny all on his own. And he couldn’t do anything about it, since he was waiting for Isaac to be done with his meeting. Isaac had promised to have his way with him later. He’d phrased it as a reward for being patient, but they both knew it was as an apology for the meeting interrupting their date night.

Then, Liam suddenly had an idea. He was horny and wanted to play. If he was going to have to wait, then he’d make sure everything would get started as soon as Isaac was done. And perhaps he could encourage Isaac to finish the meeting a little sooner whilst he did. Quickly draining the last of his tea, watching the end of the interrogation, where the protagonist’s friends broke him out of George Yuro’s prison, before he switched off the television. He hurried eagerly up the stairs, glancing into the study towards Isaac, who looked bored in his meeting. He grinned to himself, as he rushed into the bedroom and quickly took off his clothes. A simple jumper and jeans, which he folded onto the bedside table, before pairing off his socks and sliding off his watch to rest on top of them. He decided to leave his underwear on, if only to preserve some mystery, but also because he was hoping that Isaac would remove them for him later.

Moving over to the playdrawer, Liam quickly took out his collar and the leather wrist and ankle restraints. He spent a few moments fitting them around himself as he sat on the bed, growing harder and harder in his underwear as each buckle was fastened. Until last of all, he gently placed his collar around his neck and tightened it up, until it was nice and snug. Getting up, he walked over to the mirror and quickly checked himself over, making sure the front ring of his collar was centred with his Adam’s apple, and that the rings on each of the cuffs were pointed inwards.

Then, with everything in order, he walked quietly across the landing and gently knelt down just inside the doorway of Isaac’s study, looking up at him submissively as he waited for Isaac to notice him. Isaac was engrossed in his meeting, looking over something on his screen with a frown on his face.

“Line one twenty-two.” He said to the other people in the meeting.

“What about it?” One of the other people asked, someone with an American accent.

“A loophole that’s just asking for them to re-sue.” Isaac said. “Close it, otherwise we leave ourselves open again. If this is getting settled, we want it completely closed. As it is, line one twenty-two leaves us too open.”

“Hmm, good point.” Another person on the call said, this one had a British accent, though more northern than either of Liam’s or Isaac’s. “That’s why we got Isaac here.” He chuckled. “He’s finer than a nit comb with these things.”

“Thanks.” Isaac replied, though he was still looking through whatever he was reading. It took him a few minutes before he sat back. “That should work, if that’s what we’re going with.” He pronounced, leaning back in his chair.

“Hmm.” The original American voice hummed in thought. “Tyler, run me through the numbers you crunched again.” He said, before another American voice started reading through lists of figures.

In his chair, Isaac’s posture dropped just a little as he let out a very quiet sigh. It was so slight that it was almost unnoticeable, except that Liam had his eyes glued to Isaac and had learnt his posture changes so well that he noticed it. He must not have been expecting the meeting to still be going on so long either, and probably wanted it over as much as Liam did.

Then, as he rolled his head around, Isaac’s attention suddenly fell on Liam. He turned and looked at Liam with surprise for a moment. “Liam?” He whispered in confusion.

Liam smiled gently up at Isaac, saying nothing in case the people on the call noticed him.

Isaac’s look continued to stay confused as he quickly looked over Liam. When his eyes came to rest on the cuffs and collar, he sighed again. “I’ll be done soon.” He whispered. “Then we can-”

“Isaac?” The British voice asked. “Are you still with us?”

“Sorry, gents.” Isaac said casually, turning back to his computer. “My dog is begging for attention.” He said, glancing at Liam with narrowed eyes, but beneath his frown, Liam could see his lips beginning to curl up.

Woof, Liam mouthed at Isaac, whose grin became even more noticeable. “I didn’t know you had a dog.” The British voice said sceptically.

“He’s normally better behaved.” Isaac shrugged. “Sorry about this. I suppose he can just stare and be bored whilst we get this contract ironed out. Tyler, please continue with the numbers.” He smiled politely.

Tyler, the American voice, restarted talking through all the numbers as Isaac sat back and listened to them intently. Every now and again, the other voices would ask questions or make comments. But otherwise, everything seemed to be back to normal. But as Liam watched Isaac closely, he could see he was getting aroused. He kept having to adjust his posture and tug subtly on his trousers and underwear to accommodate what Liam could only assume was his growing erection. Liam’s cock was already hard, and had been since he put the collar on, but seeing Isaac so obviously interested and yet keeping his cool so adeptly was making him leak.

The meeting continued to stretch on and on, as the minutes ticked by. After about ten more minutes, Liam began to shift his posture a little bit. He reached down to his underwear and tugged them slightly from where they were starting to cling to him. As he moved them, he felt a faint roll of pleasure run through him, and he let out a barely audible moan.

But Isaac heard it. “Don’t.” He whispered menacingly from his chair, his face aimed at the monitor, but his eyes narrowed as he looked at Liam through their corners. “Stay still.” He added quietly. His polite smile took on a slightly more devilish edge, as Liam felt himself twitch under his gaze. Another bead of precum oozed out of him as he rested his hands carefully on his knees and looked up at Isaac. He nodded subtly in approval, before turning his attention back to the meeting.

Liam did his best to stay as still as possible, focusing on keeping his breathing quiet and steady, despite the anticipation that was building up inside him. It was torture as he kept clenching his crotch and arse every now and again by accident, each time making him want to moan from his cock rubbing against his underwear. But if he made too much noise, Isaac’s meeting would hear him, and then he would have some explaining to do.

Mercifully, after another ten or so minutes, Isaac’s meeting began to draw to a close.

“Thank you, guys.” The American voice that wasn’t Tyler said. “You’ve given us a lot to consider.” “So are you going to accept?” The British voice asked.

“Maybe.” The American replied. “I’ll sleep on it and decide in the morning.” He said.

“Well, I’m going to be unavailable tomorrow afternoon and evening.” Isaac said. “I’m taking care of my elderly father so my mother can go to her hospital appointment.” Liam frowned confusedly, he’d not heard about Isaac visiting his dad.

“All right.” The American agreed. “I hope your parents get well soon.” “Thank you.” Isaac smiled friendlily. “Good evening, gentlemen.” He smiled. “And you.” The other voices replied, before Isaac hung up from the call.

“Glad they bought that lie.” Isaac smiled once he had quickly closed the call window on his computer, before swivelling his chair around and looking down at Liam with a frown that Liam recognised as being his master’s frown, not his genuinely pissed off frown.

Liam looked down at Isaac’s shoes, smiling in anticipation.

Isaac shook his head, huffing. “You must think you’re so smart, boy.” He said menacingly. “Coming in here and demanding my attention.”

Liam grinned. “Well, it worked. Didn’t it, sir?” He said mischievously.

Isaac looked almost amused at Liam’s reply, which was not what Liam had been expecting. He’d been expecting Isaac to call him out for being a brat. But instead, Isaac just stood up from his chair and walked past Liam. “Stay there.” He ordered, before disappearing into the bedroom.

Liam debated turning around to watch him, but decided against it, in case he got himself into even more trouble. He just knelt in front of the door.

Liam didn’t have to wait long for Isaac. He heard footsteps behind him after a minute or so. But Isaac didn’t walk back into the study. He stayed standing behind Liam, who could feel his presence as he felt a shiver of anticipation run down his spine. “Recite the rules.” Isaac ordered quietly.

Liam shuddered as he let out a quiet moan. The simple order was enough to turn him on. He closed his eyes and began to work through the standard list of rules. That he referred to Isaac as ‘sir’ or ‘master’ when he had his collar on, and that he did as he was told when he was told. Then he listed the safe words; ‘red light’ for stop, ‘yellow light’ for slow down. All the while, Isaac hovered behind him, less than a foot away if Liam was guessing right.

As he finished the rules, Liam waited for what Isaac would do next. Behind him, Isaac leaned down and cupped Liam’s chin from behind. He stepped closer, as he directed Liam to lean back slightly, until his back rested against Isaac’s legs. Isaac drew Liam’s chin up, making him look up at his face. As he looked down at him, Liam felt himself twitching in his underwear. Isaac grinned down at Liam, before bringing his other hand from behind his back. In it, he was holding the base of a large, conical plug, and a bottle of lube.

“Put this in.” He ordered. “And don’t you dare touch yourself, boy.” Liam looked up at Isaac in confusion, as he held the plug and lube out.

“Well, what are you waiting for?” Isaac huffed.

Liam reached up and took the plug and lube from Isaac as he let go of his chin and stepped around him, sitting back down at his desk. Liam stared at him as he went to start looking through his emails. He was just as aroused as Liam was, judging by his bulge, but he wasn’t doing anything about it.

“You’d better not make me tell you again, boy.” Isaac warned, not looking away from his computer.

Liam shrugged to himself as he decided to see what Isaac was going to do. He turned his attention to the plug which he was holding, as he realised it was one of the larger ones. Not so huge that it took hours of prep, but definitely too big to just slide straight in without a little bit of work.

Quickly sliding his underwear over his legs, he took the lube and squirted a generous helping onto the tip, spreading it over the plug’s length all the way to the base, before he squirted out a little more onto his finger and began to massage it around his hole, gently pushing his finger in to start to open himself up. He let out a small sigh as he enjoyed the pleasurable feeling. He pushed his finger a little deeper until he was fingering himself, pushing his finger in and out as he rolled his head back.

“Boy.” Isaac warned from his desk, glancing over to Liam from the corner of his eye, before he started typing out an email to somebody. “The plug, not your finger.” He said simply.

Sighing, Liam pulled his finger out of himself, before he spread his legs a little and picked up the plug. Guiding it towards him, he had to do the usual amount of guessing as he tried to line up the plug. But as it bumped its way along his perineum, Liam soon got the plug in the right spot. Lined up with his hole, he gently started to press it in.

“Uhhh.” He moaned as the plug penetrated him, drawing a raised eyebrow from Isaac, who only turned away from his email for a second. Liam wasn’t paying attention to Isaac though, as he was too busy trying to keep up the pressure at the base of the plug.

As the plug went deeper and deeper, it got wider and wider. The first inch and a half was fine, but getting up to the third inch was more difficult. The stretching’s pain began to overtake the pleasure as Liam tried to insert the plug before he was ready for it. Panting, he stopped and left the plug where it was. But as he stopped pressing on the base of the plug, it began to do what any tapered thing did when it was forced into a tight opening. It started to push itself out again.

Quickly catching the plug before it fell out of him, Liam started to press gently on the base of it again, having to lessen the pressure again after a moment before the plug started to slip out again. Liam continued the cycle, fucking himself with the plug as he slowly got impaled deeper and deeper on the wide plug.

Unable to hold in his moans anymore, Liam let himself begin to moan from the sensation. It was distracting Isaac, enough that his typing had slowed down and he kept glancing over to Liam. He was tugging at his trousers again, rearranging things as he was probably getting aroused by Liam’s noises. But he continued working away at his email, pretending he wasn’t paying attention to Liam.

Then, finally, the plug was in. Liam felt it slid the last half inch inside, as he groaned from the massive feeling of fullness inside him. He panted as he clenched around the plug, sighing from the feeling. He knew it was one of the biggest plugs Isaac had, and he could feel it inside him as he wiggled around, trying to get comfortable.

Wiping his fingers on his underwear next to him, since he didn’t have any tissues, Liam resumed his position. Hands on his knees, looking at Isaac expectantly. But Isaac continued to feign interest in the email he was dealing with, typing it out to whoever it was. It was probably work related, so Liam decided not to push his luck and leave him to finish it. But as he seemed to finish the email and read back through, Liam felt his anticipation rising. Even more as Isaac clicked the send button. But as he opened another email, Liam let out a disappointed whine. “Sir?”

“What?” Isaac asked distantly, beginning to read. “Are you not going to …?” Liam asked.

“Going to what?”

“Fuck me?” Liam asked carefully. Isaac laughed. “Yes.”

Liam felt himself smile. He was glad it wasn’t going to be one of those evenings where Isaac left him wanting for hours and hours. They were so much fun, but he’d been waiting long enough. He wanted to cum and then cuddle.

Isaac’s smile turned more devious though, as he turned to look at Liam.

Liam felt his hopefulness flushing away. “Oh God.” He groaned quietly as he realised that Isaac was never going to make any playtime simple.

“What was that?” Isaac grinned. “Sir, I didn’t …” Liam stammered.

“You didn’t mean to make demands of your master? Or you didn’t mean to risk my work meeting?” Isaac asked malevolently. “You put the collar on, you know what it means. What colour is the light?”

“I just wanted to have some fun.” Liam offered pathetically. Isaac’s face turned more to worry. “Light?”

“Green, sir.” Liam nodded.

Isaac’s look of satisfaction returned as he stood up and walked over to Liam. He stood in front of him, taking Liam’s chin in his fingers and pulling his gaze up. But as he kept pulling, Liam was forced to start moving up onto his knees properly. He grimaced and moaned as he felt the plug shift inside him, as he rested his hands on Isaac’s legs. Isaac looked down at him with narrowed eyes.

“You know that control is my kink.” He said. “You tried to make demands of me. You came in here, as you are, to demand that I fuck you.”

Liam whimpered a little, looking up at Isaac feebly.

“Boys don’t make demands. Boys don’t tell their master what to do. If boys are good, then maybe they’re allowed to ask for something. But when boys are bad, they take what they’re given and they thank their master for it.”

“Yes, master.” Liam nodded, letting his gaze fall down submissively, even if his head couldn’t. “Thank you, master.” He added quietly.

“Stay there, and wait for me to be done.” Isaac ordered him, roughly letting go of Liam’s chin as he turned around. “And don’t touch yourself.”

Liam sank back down to his knees, looking down at the floor as he breathed through everything he was feeling. Aroused, dominated, and a little bit scared. He had no idea what Isaac was planning, but he knew that it would involve them fucking at some point. He could feel the anticipation building within him again.

Then, Liam heard the noise of Isaac taking his suit jacket off. Liam looked up immediately, as he saw Isaac casually hang his jacket up on the coat stand that stood in the corner of his study. He turned around as Liam felt another glob of precum pump out of him at the sight. Isaac was a handsome, fit man. But when he wore waistcoats, they cinched in his waist so nicely that it made him look like Adonis himself. Liam let out a gentle moan as Isaac continued to ignore him, sitting back down in his chair and resuming his emails.

Liam squirmed a little, as his cock was rock hard and leaking all over the floor. He was glad that he’d chosen to kneel at the door, rather than on the rug, otherwise there’d be a horrendous damp spot for one of them to clean up afterwards.

Isaac busied himself with his emails again, working through a couple more, as Liam sat there, using every fibre of his self-control to not sit there and wank himself off. He had a huge plug in his arse, had been aroused for what felt like an eternity, and was presented with one of the hottest images of his boyfriend, his master.

After what felt like another eternity, Isaac finally stood up from his chair. He glanced over at Liam before he walked past and Liam heard him walk down the stairs. Liam quietly moaned to himself, a mixture of lingering arousal and disappointment that it was going to be even longer before Isaac did anything.

But to his surprise, Isaac was walking back up the stairs a few moments later. His footfalls were a lot quieter though, so he must have gone downstairs to take his shoes off. Sure enough a moment later, Liam felt Isaac’s presence behind him again, sending shivers down his spine as he got so close that the fabric of his trousers brushed against Liam’s back.

“Light?” Isaac asked quietly after a few moments. “Green.” Liam moaned. “Bright fucking green, sir.”

Liam felt his breath hitch as he felt Isaac crouch down behind him. He heard him do something with his clothes. Liam closed his eyes as he felt his nerves and anticipation spike, before he jumped suddenly.

Across his shoulder, he could feel something long and silky, before Isaac’s hand quickly reached across him and picked it up. He pulled it up under Liam’s chin and around his neck, pulling him back into his body. Liam’s breath hitched again as Isaac’s tie held him back, with Isaac’s mouth coming down to brush against Liam’s ear. He pressed a gentle kiss there, before nipping at Liam’s earlobe with his teeth, making Liam moan. He released his mouth a moment later, but didn’t move his head an inch.

“You’ve been a naughty boy, making demands of me. Remember what naughty boys get?” He whispered. “What they deserve, sir.” Liam whispered back.


“And they’re thankful for it, sir.”

“They are.” Isaac agreed, before he let his tie run across Liam’s neck and around to his back. He took both of Liam’s wrists, and ran the tie through each of the loops, before pulling them together, and tying his hands together behind his back. Liam moaned a little, pulling at his restraints as he wiggled a little, enjoying the sensation from the plug.

Then, Liam felt Isaac’s hand running up his back, tickling along his spine as he shivered from the light caress. He rolled his head back, until Isaac’s hand came to a stop between his shoulder blades. It pushed him forward and over, making Liam groan as he bent forward, until his head was on the floor and his arse was pointing up in the air, completely vulnerable.

Isaac moved to the side slightly, no longer right behind Liam. He turned his head to the same side as Isaac to watch him as he undid his belt from his trousers and slid it out of its loops. He folded it over in his hands and rubbed it against Liam’s arse, making him moan.

“Yellow light.” Liam said quickly, even though he didn’t really want to.

“Go on?” Isaac asked, pulling the belt away and turning to watch Liam carefully. “I have work in the morning.” Liam said. “Don’t bruise me.”

“All right.” Isaac nodded. “Anything else?”

“No.” Liam nodded, preparing himself for his incoming spanking. “Green light then.” He breathed.

“Good boy.” Isaac smiled caressing Liam’s back for a moment as he rubbed his belt across Liam’s arse again. “Twenty-one minutes of my meeting interrupted, so that’s twenty-one spanks.” He said. “Count them.”

Liam braced himself as the belt quickly disappeared, then a moment later, there was a thwack of it hitting Liam’s arse. “Uhh.” He groaned as the blow ricocheted through him. It wasn’t very hard, certainly not as hard as Isaac had hit him before when he’d had a week’s half-term to heal his bruises, so they’d gone all out. But it was enough to sting. “One, sir.” He said eventually.

The belt left his arse again, coming down a little lower than the first strike, as Liam groaned again. “Two, sir.” He said, a little sooner as he was more ready for the second blow. The third strike hit even lower, and landed against the base of the plug. “Ah!” He cried out, he had to contend with not only the stinging, but the sudden pressure spike on the plug. He panted for a few moments as he recovered. Isaac waited, holding the belt against his arse as Liam groaned. “Three, sir.” Liam said once he was ready for Isaac to keep going, the cue that Isaac used to time his blows.

The rest of the blows went by one-by-one, as Liam got more into his stride of taking them. Isaac aimed every third strike lower, to catch the plug, but Liam quickly found his pattern and was able to prepare himself for the lower strikes and use the higher ones to recover from them. The final strike fell, just as Liam had been expecting, over the plug as he grimaced from the strike. “Twenty-one, sir.” He said with a relieved sigh. As much as he liked spankings, he was always glad when they were over.

“Good boy.” Isaac said gently, gently caressing Liam’s back again, before he stood up and walked out of the room, coming back a moment later. He crouched down behind Liam and began to spread some soothing lotion out onto Liam’s arsecheeks and lower back.

Liam winced a little at the pressure on his stinging skin and the coolness of the cream, but he soon began to moan in comfort as the cream soothed the stinging in his arse cheeks, and would no doubt help to avoid any bruising. Isaac normally waited for that sort of thing as aftercare, but Liam didn’t mind doing it in the middle of their play.

“Good boy.” Isaac said softly, as he continued to massage the cream in methodically, as Liam felt himself becoming even more aroused at the caresses. “You took your punishment well.”

“Thank you, sir.” Liam said shyly. “Have you learned your lesson then?”

“Yes, sir.” Liam nodded, whining a little as Isaac began to tease at the plug with his fingers. “I won’t be demanding again, master.”

Isaac chuckled gently. “Oh, I’m sure you will. And you’ll have to learn that lesson again when you do.”

Liam moaned quietly, not really sure how he was meant to respond. He certainly wasn’t going to make any more demands that night, he was completely under Isaac’s control. But once his disobedient spark had had time to grow without Isaac to put him in his place, he probably would do it again.

“Well, you’ve been a good boy now. Using the safewords just as you’re meant to, taking your punishment so bravely. I’m proud of you, boy.” Isaac smiled. “And as a reward, you get to make one request. What do you want?”

Liam didn’t even have to think about what he wanted. He already knew it. “Please fuck me.” He begged. “Please, sir. I need your cock in me so badly.”

Isaac grinned down at Liam. “That’s a request I’m certainly willing to grant.”

Behind him, Liam heard as Isaac undid his waistband and unzipped his fly. He didn’t get to see Isaac’s cock spring free, but he could certainly imagine it. Especially as he closed his eyes and let the image of Isaac stroking his cock in his suit fill his brain.

The image was suddenly completely shattered by the sudden pressure at his arsehole. His entire brain was devoted to the stretching he felt as Isaac slowly worked the plug out of him. Liam groaned as the girth struggled to get through his hole at first, before the widest part was out and it slid the rest of the way with ease as it tapered towards its end.

Liam moaned a little as he felt abhorrently empty, but Isaac’s cock soon replaced the plug, filling him up as he slid in, the image of his master filling Liam’s brain again, except this time it was what they had looked like fucking in front of the mirror once. Liam moaned loudly as Isaac began to pull out again, before pushing back in, beginning to pick up his pace as Liam finally got what he’d been waiting for for hours. His master was finally fucking him, as he took everything he deserved and did indeed moan his thanks as he did. He was Isaac’s boy, and there was nowhere he’d rather have been.

Metal would like to thank Aenyse for this story!

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