Life in the Military

By Unknown

Every now and again we are lucky to get exactly what we want in life, some people are always like be careful what you wish for blah blah blah, fuck em, trust me, it’s always as good if not better then you hoped.

My taste in fetish had mostly been focused on control, my ideal state of play was generally highly cerebral, where I was controlled in minute ways, how I dressed, when I could eat, restrictions on movements etc. Slave contracts etc were ultimate drool fantasies. I wrote about scenes where the guy’s movements had to be reported, and he had to wear certain clothing as defined by his top on certain days.

Then I enlisted, and pretty much got the best and biggest bdsm scene ever!!!

Lets start with the basics, each morning I wake up at 0600 I have to be cleanly shaven, I then grab my uniform that I have neatly ironed the night before. I eat breakfast, my room is essentially a giant glass box, the front and back walls are glass windows, the entire room can be seen except for the bathroom, of course there is blinds on the windows. But how awesome is it to be sitting there fully exposed, military architecture is not terribly imaginative, as you look down the row after row of accommodation blocks its very easy to imagine them as jail cells with landscaping. At 650 I wash my breakfast bowl and grab my bin liner. Yes there is orders that say your room can not have rubbish in it through the day and no dirty dishes on the sink. Our sergeants can sometimes spring surprise inspections on them if you have been pissing them off. I will talk about standing orders in a second.


Anyway at 0700 I form up with my squad and we march down for morning parade. Drill is one of the most power based activities there is really, there is someone out the front calling it, and you basically do as they day or your in for it!

Now anyone who has ever drooled over slave contracts, buddy, you should read standing orders, these things are literally a book, and they cover EVERYTHING there is even a section in there that says that any musical instrument that is in your room has to be in tune!! Breaking these can result in punishment, that can be mild, like having to empty bins around the area for a week, to severe where you spend hours marching around to difficult drill commands while wearing full pack and carrying a weapon, it’s at the discression of your superior officer.

Think about this for a second, we have to live our lives knowing that at any moment we could piss off someone with rank and they would only have to walk into our room, pick up a guitar find one string that wasn’t in tune and in no time flat we would be walking around with a 30kg pack on our back executing on the spot turns over and over and over or marching in double-time.

Each week our rooms are inspected, now ask yourself, if someone walked into your house and has the power to open any cupboard or drawer, do you think they would find some embarrassing things? Also keep in mind, there is NOTHING that keeps them from telling others what they have seen. Your douche in your bathroom cupboard? Forget to stash it behind something one week and for at least a month people you don’t even know will nudge each other and grin when they see you cause they heard the story.

Fitness in the military is of course important. Like the idea of forced work outs? Lucky I did, cause the work out sessions we are put through are like a wet dream for anyone into that sorta thing.

And of course uniforms. Dress codes, to make us all look exactly like each other, any attempt to tweak your uniform is firmly stamped out. (think back to 30kg pack and marching double time) I hear a lot of people saying that their job is pretty strict about their dress code and stuff and I will concede that. But then I ask if within their own homes and free time they are also subject to dress codes? That’s right, try wearing a daggy pair of pants and a shirt with a funky message on base and see how you go. This is our OWN TIME that we are being told what we can and can’t wear. We are in our own homes, and we are being told that we have to have at least shirt and shorts on at all times.

Essentially my life is now controlled in ways that I couldn’t have even thought of before, and how do I feel about that? I love it. My life is ordered, there is no doubt, sure I fume at times when I get chewed out because my pants weren’t tucked up so that all the laces on my boots except the top two where showing. And it is an unbelievable pain in the ass to keep my sex toys hidden. And yes when I am left standing to attention in parade for 15mins after we where meant to go home for the day because the sergeant is on the phone and hasn’t come out to dismiss us is annoying as heck, particularly on a Friday afternoon! But I love it.

It changed my play outlook a LOT ever notice that a lot of military guys are mostly top? That’s cause there is a difference in calling a leather clad dude sir and entirely another thing when you have to call someone Sir cause if you don’t your ass will be in so much shit it will think its made of compost. I still love kink, but these days my kink cravings are satisfied by a obliging guy with a padlock. I don’t need control scenes, I don’t need slave master stuff, I live the biggest one there is. This is both a good and a bad thing. But I think the benefits far outweigh the bad parts.



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4 thoughts on “Life in the Military”

  1. Wonderful piece! Just curious about the guy’s age and how long he was involved in kink before signing up. i think a lot of military enlisted men over the years have stayed with it because they basically like being told what to do and how to live.

    Thanks for sharing this!

  2. spent 21 years in service and most of what this story is true and some of this story depends on the unit you are assign to

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