Side Effects – Chapter 4

By GratDelay

male BDSM storiesWhile I was trying to cool off mentally, Adin went to the kitchen and came back with the water bottle refilled. He tipped it up for me and I guzzle a bunch. I had been sweating like crazy. I looked over and saw that my sofa cushions would be going to the cleaners soon. It was a small price to pay for the experience I was having. I wanted to talk with Adin about the drug experience itself, but first I had to pee. I told Adin this, hoping he might let me out of the straitjacket, but he just said, “Down the hall to the left,” so I squared my shoulders and embarked on a rite of passage of sorts.

The chastity belt actually helped with this, directing the stream downward. Unfortunately, I couldn’t wipe any remainder dribbling from the drainage holes. I did a little twerk over the toilet, hoping to shake most of it off, then went back to the living room.

Adin was sifting through my other toys. “Looking for something for you to wear?” I asked.

“As if.”

He picked up a pecker-gag.

“No, Adin, I want to talk to you.”

He paced towards me, gag raised. I backed up a step, “Just wait, please. I love that gag, but can we talk some more first?”

“Man, you’re no fun with all the touchy-feel shit. Can’t a real man get a little action without all the emo crap?” But he turned and set the gag down as he said it.

“Thanks,” I said, sitting down on a chair.

“No probs,” he said, as he came over and cuffed my ankles together. I like this new Adin.

“So I was wondering about the effects of this drug, and the intensity.”

“Yeah?” Adin pulled me up out of the chair by the D-ring in the collar, then pushed me down to kneel on the floor.

“At first, I thought I would lose my mind. It was crazy how intense that was. Is that going to happen again? I mean, I’m really really horny right now, but I don’t feel like I’ll die if I don’t get off right now.”

Adin changed his mind and guided me all the way down to the floor so I was lying face down. He separated the ankle cuffs, then unbuckled one cuff and folded my leg up, then put the ankle cuff around one of the straitjacket’s crotch straps and back around my ankle. He did the same thing with the other leg. Now I was in a sort of hogtie position. All the time he was doing this, he was explaining.

“Yeah, the first wave is the most intense. Now it will be like this pretty much the rest of the time, but the closer you get to cumming, the more intense it will get.”

He pulled me back up to a sitting position, so I was sitting on my own feet. This was great! I kinda wished he’d put the gag in, but I still thought I should get more info, which he was still dishing out.

“When I had it, I didn’t have anyone playing with me. This was at work. The other guys were laughing at me and giving me a bad time.” That sounded like another story that I wanted to hear, but Adin had something else in mind.

“It was absolutely maddening to need to get off so badly and not being able to do anything about it, but I don’t think my experience was anything like yours, because you were getting stimulated.” He intentionally made ‘stimulated’ sound pervy.

I started to feel my lust climbing just remembering it, “Errr.” I was trying to keep my train of thought on track, “yeah, you could call it that. That part was too much.”

Adin stopped looking for more things to lock on me and gave me a concerned look, “I shouldn’t have been stroking you?”

I had to be honest, “I don’t know Adin, cuz I can’t compare it to the other way, but I think it’s the drug itself. Even before you, uh, had your way with me, I felt like I would do ANYTHING to come.”

“Yeah, that and the paralysis is why I thought it would be perfect for you.”

I shook my head, “I love you for trying, and I can see why you would think that, but it was too much need. There was hardly any feeling of pleasure and enjoyment of stretching it out — no steady build-up to the edge. It was just wham! Pure lust. The need part crushed a lot of the enjoyment part.”

Adin looked more intrigued than regretful. He murmured, “I wonder if I could take that… ” then, louder, he said, “Would you do it again? Or was it really bad?”

I had to think about that one. Now that it was over, I knew it was survivable. My nervous system was not burnt out. And it had gotten me to this place, which was more like my fantasies. I punted and said, “I won’t rule it out right now, because I want to see how the whole trip goes.”

“Fair enough.” Adin raised one hand in front of my face and up towards the ceiling above my head. Without thinking about it, I tracked that hand, which made it easy for him to pop the pecker gag into my open mouth with his other one. As quick as a snake, he stepped around behind me and pulled me back towards his legs with the hand over my gag. This kept me from being able to pull away from it, though I tried. He brought the first hand down and quickly did the buckle, nice and snug, which happened to be the way I liked it. He said, “I’m sorry it wasn’t perfect like I thought it would be.” Any disappointment that I didn’t get to ask any more questions was drowned in a surge of that need signal from my groin again. Here we go I thought, then I was reduced to quivering sensations again. My dick throbbed, sending zings of pleasure into my body, and I swear I could feel my prostate firing off signals too. My mouth and tongue tried urgently to pleasure the rubber cock shape in my mouth. I was moaning uncontrollably.

While I was caught up in this deluge, Adin popped a leather hood over my head, plunging me into darkness. I didn’t help him very much while he was trying to position it right on my head and lace it up, because I was writhing in ecstasy. I would have fallen over, if he weren’t sitting behind me at that point, propping me up between his knees.

Fucking awesome, I thought, but then I remembered that I would not cum, no matter what. It’s a trap!!

The chastity tube provided some stimulation just by enclosing my cock and keeping it from getting erect, but it didn’t stroke me like Adin had. This slight variation actually made a huge difference, or maybe it was just that the effect of the drug had tempered. I was so horny that I could hardly think, but the balance of pleasure and need I had just described to Adin was more favorable. Don’t get me wrong, I was mumbling pleas around my gag, begging for release. The waves of sensation were still maddening, but somehow I was more able to relax into my dilemma, to glory in the fact that they would continue to wash through me, no matter what I did.

The sensations from the outside of my body were different too. Instead of lying there completely immobile, feeling the couch beneath me and the slightest air movements across my skin, this time I was surrounded by leather and steel, and I got to feel my muscles straining powerfully against their captors. The gag and hood were like an extra cork, keeping the pressure for release building up inside me. I could no longer communicate, and I couldn’t see or hear what Adin was doing.

I suffered the torments of heaven.

Adin took me in hand and guided me on to my side, and then my back. This was good, because in my struggles I probably would have pitched over. Then I felt him put his foot down on the front of the chastity belt, pinning me in place. I tried with all my might to fuck his foot, actually to get some more stimulation to my cock. I started growling incoherently around the gag, and biting it hard. A fantasy of Adin fucking me flashed through my head, and my vocalizations took on a pleading tone again.

I became aware of another difference compared to earlier: that time I had passed the point of no return when I usually could not avoid cumming. This time, I could not reach that point. It’s hard to say how it was different, but it was profound. I wanted so badly to get there, but couldn’t.

The need was building, the desperation growing, as the waves of pleasure built up on each other. But there was no relief. Not for a long time.

Adin didn’t come to my rescue. He had lifted his foot off of my steel-encased crotch a while back, and now I didn’t know where he was. I realized I would have to step back from the unreachable precipice myself, and did it by sheer force of will. I made myself hold still. I stopped trying to thrust into my cock tube, stopped straining against the leather trapping my arms, stopped trying to straighten my legs against the straps holding them. I relaxed my jaw and stilled my tongue, letting the rubber pecker in my mouth just rest there. I made my self breath deeply and evenly.

This was intensely difficult for what seemed like a few minutes, but it eventually worked. I went from desperate back to merely intensely horny.

I wondered how much time had passed, and where Adin was. He didn’t have any experience being a responsible top. Had he gone downstairs to watch TV? or was he standing over me right now? I didn’t like thinking about the fact that he might have left me alone like this. That and the fact that he had put the hood over the gag showed that he didn’t know about safe bondage practices. This is the kind of thing I always started worrying about when I let someone else lock me up and gag me.

I wondered how much more time had passed, and wished I could have more water.

Then I felt his hands caressing my inner thighs, tickling the hairs closest to my balls. NOOOOO. I didn’t want to lose my hard-won control again! He stopped almost immediately, to my relief. I felt him settle down above my head, then he propped me up and made his shins into a backrest. This allowed him to unlace the hood. I closed my eyes before he pulled it off, so I was able to handle the light gradually. I blinked and tilted my head to look at him. “How you doing?” he asked. I mumbled happily in reply.

Then my eyes widened in shock as he held up one of my butt plugs. “You wanna explain to me how these things work?”

To be continued …

Metal would like to thank GratDelay for this story!

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