Locker Room Tales – Resigned to Fate

By Marknorth

The rest of the school year went by slowly.  I was able to get a job working in the main cafeteria during the day and cleaning up the classrooms at night. The team captain had somehow arranged it and he told me that there was no reason for me not to work all day – I wouldn’t have any kind of social life, anyway.

It was actually a seven-day a work schedule and no one seemed to care that I was exhausted most of the time.  I ended up in one of the dorm rooms that the college set-aside for low income students or on-campus workers.  I shared the room with another guy who had a similar set of jobs.  We only saw each other for a few minutes in the morning and evening – we were cordial, but there wasn’t much time to become friends.  The rooms were in the oldest dorm on the campus and, fitting their use, were run down and dreary.

Marknorth 01I only saw the guys on the team once and a while.  I had thought that they would call upon me to service them, but the only one that did was the team captain from time to time.  He would show up at odd hours and have me suck him off in the bathroom – but that was it.

Summer came and most of the students went home.  There were summer classes, so the cafeteria stayed open and I continued to work on the same schedule.  It was hot as hell and the dorm rooms had no AC.  Time just dragged by.  I was yearning to get back into the locker room and smell all that gear and finally get back to servicing the team.

Marknorth 02My roommate had gone home for the summer, so I had the room to myself – for the little bit of time I spent in there, anyway.  Nights were quiet so I was not expecting to be woken in the middle of the night by the weight of someone sitting on my chest.  Before I could even cry out, I felt a mouth guard being shoved into my mouth and I heard the athletic tape being ripped off the roll before it was used to secure the guard in place.  It took only a minute for me to realize that the team was back for summer practice and I was going to be back where I belonged – in the locker room in my sweat soaked uniform on my knees.

They quickly had me on my feet and out of the jock that I had been sleeping in.  My dick had sprung to life as they manhandled me and it was obvious that they enjoyed that fact immensely.  A duffle bag was tossed at my feet – I knew the drill as I pulled the old uniform out and pulled the raunchy hard cup on.  I was dressed in no time, the pads and helmet tightly strapped in place.  My wrists and ankles were tightly bound with tape.  My poor dick was struggling mightily to get out of that cup and I was moaning in pleasure – hopefully, they thought it was in discomfort from the gear!  A larger equipment bag was dropped on the floor and I was stuffed into it.  It took a bit of work on their part to get it closed and I was again trapped.  The musty smell of the bag and the sweat and raunchy uniform filled my senses.  The dragged me across the floor and carried me across campus to my old home in the locker room.

Marknorth 04There was no ceremony and they spoke very little as they roughly removed me from the equipment bag and stuffed me into the smaller locker.  The door was slammed and the lock snapped in place and the lights shut off – it all happen so quickly my head was spinning.  But I was thrilled to be back here – even if I was locked up and unable to move.  Then it dawned on me – it was a Saturday night.  Practice wouldn’t start until Monday.  My excitement quickly dimmed as the realization that I would be stuck in here for over a day hit me.  Yet, some part of me felt satisfaction at being firmly under their control.  I was yearning for the taste of their cocks and the strong musk of their sweaty bodies and the thought of all their sweat-soaked gear.

I had fallen asleep and was jarred awake by the sound of voices, laughter and taunts.  I recognized voices from the group of team members who used me last season, but it couldn’t be Monday yet.  The voices became quieter as the moved to the other side of the locker room and they seemed to be dragging equipment around.  I knew by the tone of their voices, however, that they were planning something cruel.  It seemed that they were talking to someone else in the locker room, but they were too far away for me to make out anything intelligible.  I hear a loud shout and a cry for help – then some struggling.  What was going on?  Eventually their laughter returned and I heard the sound of locker doors slamming.

Their voices grew louder as they drew closer to my locker and they pounded hard on the door as they passed by.  It grew quiet again.  What was that all about, I wondered?  They must have been dropping off some of their gear and got into some type of a scuffle – or, more likely, they were just screwing around.

As the team filtered into locker room for practice on Monday they were loud and excited.  Locker doors were opened and slammed and I could tell they were getting geared-up for their first practice of the new season.  I knew that it wouldn’t be much longer before they were back and I would be out of this locker and on my knees servicing them.  My dick was rock solid with anticipation.  As usual, most of the team was quick to undress, shower, and get into street clothes after practice.  The guys that held me would be hanging back for their “reward” and it wasn’t long before they had me out of the locker and on my knees.  Surprisingly, though, they left the helmet and mouth guard in place – usually were pulled off so quickly it hurt.

Several of them drifted down the line of lockers, unlocked one, and – much to my surprise – pulled another guy out and pushed him to his knees.  He was wearing only a hard cup, a helmet, and I could see a mouth guard firmly taped in place.  His ankles were taped like mine and his arms were taped behind his back.  He was struggling against them but they held him firm.  “Looky what we brought you — another faggot to play with!  What do you think about that?”  It was the team captain.  He slapped the back of my helmet as he walked past toward the other guy.

He had the guys take off the kneeling guy’s helmet and then grabbed his hair and pulled his head back sharply so he could look right into his eyes.  The sadistic fuck was smiling so broadly it hurt to look.  “See that little fag over there?  He’s been our play toy for quite a while.  He has learned to love it.  In fact, he even tells us that he yearns to serve us. It won’t be long before you yearn for it too!”  He slapped the guy’s face hard and then roughly yanked the tape and the guard out of his mouth.  “Go for it guys!”

Marknorth 07One of the other team members already had his uniform pants and cup pulled down and he moved to stick his hard cock in the guy’s mouth.  The guy turned his head away and struggled to get away.  A couple of the other team members grabbed a hold of him and held his head so the guy could face fuck him.  I could tell that he had never experienced anything like that before and he was quickly in tears as he gagged and coughed around the guy’s dick.  It obviously wasn’t very pleasurable as the football player humped and humped for a long time before he finally came in the guy’s mouth.  The guy was gagging and struggling to breathe as he tried to spit the cum out, but the team members grabbed his jaw and forced him to swallow it.  They let him fall to the floor after that.  The football player that had face fucked him sat down in sweaty exhaustion.  “That really sucked!”

The other players laughed at his unintended pun. The team captain was walking back to me. “That just won’t do at all.  I thought every fag knew how to suck cock. What the hell’s wrong with this one?  We must have nabbed a defective one.  Looks like our favorite little cocksucker is going to have to train him!”

Marknorth 08He pulled my helmet off and removed the mouth guard before pulling down his filthy uniform pants and cup.  I immediately leaned in and licked his sweaty cock and made it easy for him to shove it in my mouth.  As usual he deep throated me with his huge dick and came deep in my throat.  I swallowed his cum and turned on my knees so the next player could get serviced.  I serviced each of them and relished every bit of it.  I was in my glory being able to give them what they wanted – and what I needed and deserved.

When I was done, I noticed that they had pulled the other guy to his knees and had made him watch.  His eyes were filled with tears and he was trembling as he looked at me.  He was terrified, just like I had been.  “Take it off.” The captain ordered as he pointed at my uniform.  I stripped immediately and stood there naked in front of them without any shame.  One of the players grabbed my gear and tossed it at the guy on his knees. “Put it on.”

Marknorth 09They pulled him up and ripped off the tape that had been binding his wrists and ankles.  He hesitated but they slapped him around a little until he gingerly started to pull on the cup that I had been wearing for so long.  I could see him cringe as he saw how filthy and stained it was and how ripe it smelled.  He wasn’t moving fast enough so the players yanked the pants on before roughly strapping the shoulder pads in place.  He was stunned as they pulled the jersey on and shoved his feet into the cleats.  His mouth guard was taped back in place and finally my helmet was strapped on.  From where I stood he looked hot as hell and my dick got hard, which caused a lot of laughter from the players.

The captain grabbed the face mask of the helmet so he was looking the other guy right in the eye.  “You will learn to satisfy us, just like your queer buddy with the hard-on over there.  It won’t be pleasant for you until you do.  Lock him up!”

The guy met my eyes briefly as they shoved him into the locker that I had been in just a few minutes ago.  All I saw was fear.  I jumped as they slammed the door and snapped the lock closed.

Marknorth 10“Get dressed; it’s time for some exercise.”  One of the players tossed his cup jock at me and a pair of sweat soaked shorts.  I pulled them on and followed a few of the guys out to the practice field.  Like last year they made me run until I was exhausted, followed by push-ups until my arms couldn’t move.  Then they manhandled me back into the locker room where they made me suck each of them off again.  The guy whose cup I was wearing tossed his used uniform pants, pads, helmet, and shoes to me.  “Put ‘em on.  They’re your new uniform.  Make me glad that I was so generous to you!”

Marknorth 11After I was dressed they locked me in the equipment room that I had spent so much time in last season.  I was exhausted and fell onto the cot immediately.  As I dozed off, surrounded by the smell of old gear and sweat, I wondered about the other guy who was now locked tightly in a locker awaiting his fate.  Where had they grabbed him from and why?  As I pictured him in that old uniform, though, my dick got hard and I jacked off before falling asleep.

The next few days were similar.  The team had two practices a day now – morning and afternoon.  They sat in the classrooms learning plays and watching film in between.  After the last practice they let the other guy out of his locker and tried to face fuck him.  He was no good at it – it was obvious he had never done it before and they weren’t going to get anything from him this way.  Making him watch as I serviced each of the players only made it worse for him -the poor guy was terrified and spent day after day locked in that locker.

Marknorth 12Finally I built up the nerve to ask the captain if he would let me try to help the guy.  If they weren’t going to let him go, at least I could try to get him to learn to suck cock.  I even asked him if he would rather use the guy’s ass instead.  The captain was pissed at that last comment – for some reason he thought it was OK for him to use me that way, but it was queer to do it to somebody else.  I didn’t get that at all, but at last he agreed to let me work with the guy.

After the next practice they pulled the prisoner out of the locker and took off his helmet, mouth guard and pulled down his pants and cup.  They held him and made me kneel in front of him – although this isn’t exactly what I had in mind, it might work.  They all watched as I gently licked and sucked his dick.  He got hard immediately and moaned in pleasure as I worked on it.  I knew now that he had never had this done to him, either.  I started to think that he wasn’t gay at all.  The captain somehow got the idea in his head and here the poor guy was – held captive by a bunch of sadistic football players.  Slowly I worked his cock until he came.  I let him come in my mouth and swallowed his load.  I finished by cleaning his cock off with my tongue.  He was in ecstasy until they replaced all of his gear and forced him to his knees.

Marknorth 13“Lock him up again.  Tomorrow our captive will show him how it’s done again.  Then he gets another crack at it.”  They shoved him in the locker and slammed the door.  The captain grabbed me and led me into the equipment room – slamming the door shut when we were inside.  He pushed me down on the cot and I knew what he wanted, so I pulled the pants and cup off and rolled over.  He was on me in an instant and fucked my ass hard until he came, but he kept going and going until he came a second time.  I was in pain by the time he finally pulled out, but didn’t say a word.  “He better learn to do it right, or both of you will suffer.” He said as he locked me in the room for the night.

Marknorth 14It didn’t take a rocket scientist to realize that watching me work on that captive’s dick had turned on the captain something fierce.  Fucking me in the ass was a way for him to regain his composure as a top, I guess.  As long as he was happy, I really didn’t care.  The dude had to realize that he had no choice but to suck their cocks and do it right – now both of our fates depended upon it.  The next day was the same; I sucked the guy off in front of the team and tried my best to “show” him the simple techniques.  Having it done to you and doing it to someone else were not exactly the same, but I hoped he got the general idea of what felt good and what didn’t.  For him, the worst had already happened – he already had some guy’s dick shoved in his mouth and cum shot in his throat.  Now all he had to do was get over that and try to keep them happy.

The captain pounded my ass hard again when I was done sucking the rest of the team off.  He left in much the same way as the day before, but this time he taped my wrists behind my back and bound my ankles tightly together before he left.  I’m not sure why he felt I needed to be tied up, but what choice did I have?

Marknorth 15Although it wasn’t great, the guy was able to do OK the next afternoon.  He sucked three of the guys off and they didn’t grumble too much.  A few days later and he was doing good enough for them to lock him in the older equipment locker and he earned some freedoms after that.  The captain never let him suck his cock, only me.  The ass poundings stopped, but he only wanted to be sucked off in private.  Whatever, I only wanted to make him happy.  I loved the gear, the sweat, the locker room, and the guys, but I no longer had any desire to be locked up in a locker.

Marknorth 16Eventually the guy was able to help me clean and organize their gear.  He was almost silent and suffered stoically through his humiliations.  They watched him closely and he was always locked-up at night.  It was obvious that they were afraid that he would try to escape.  He was not resigned to this way of life.  When we were alone in the equipment room one afternoon I finally asked him what his story was, it was obvious he wasn’t gay, why did they grab him, and way had the team taken an interest in him?

The story came out slowly, but I finally understood what was going on.  He had worked at the same restaurant as the team captain earlier in the summer.  He wasn’t athletic and asked a lot of football questions when he found out that he was captain of the team.  He must have asked too many questions or the wrong type of question as the captain got weird.  Then one day he found himself alone in the storage room with the captain, who manhandled him against the wall and forced a kiss on him.  Then his pants were pulled down and the captain tried to suck his dick – he struggled and resisted and cried for help – and that he wasn’t gay.  The captain stopped and slapped him around pretty hard.  No one came to his rescue, but the captain told him that if he ever talked about it he would get the shit beaten out of him or worse.  A few nights later he let something slip at a party – he knew the captain was heading back to college in a few days, so he wasn’t worried.  The next thing he knew he was tied up, stuffed naked in a duffle bag and dropped in a car trunk.  The rest was history, so to speak.  Sadly, no one would ever come looking for him because he had been on his own and didn’t have any relatives to care about him.  That part was just like me.

Marknorth 17So the captain was exploring his gay side?  Or, more likely, hiding it.  The day passed – practice, cock sucking, my work outs, the other captive started to get worked-out too, and then cleaning their gear.  The guy started to settle in and I think he was actually starting to like the sweaty gear and the guys.  He resigned himself to serving the team and was only slapped around by the captain from time to time – apparently to keep him in his place.  Somewhere they had found a pair of ankle shackles – like prisoners wear – and the guy was locked in them at night – he would be hard pressed to run away.

Shortly after, we were in the main equipment room cleaning their gear and getting everything sorted.  The other equipment guys had left for the day.  It was the time when he and I were required to put on the old uniforms that the team made us wear – including the helmets.  This time he came back after gearing up and had a funny look on his face.  He approached me and knelt before me pulling my pants down and then my cup.  He took my dick in his mouth and slowly, pleasurably, and masterfully sucked me off until I came in a rush into his mouth.  It was such a tremendous release!

Marknorth 18I asked him why and he said it was the only way he could think of to say thank you for taking care of him. We were both startled by the sound of clapping and turned to see the captain leaning in the doorway.  “Well, how sweet!  My little faggots putting on a little show for me.  I knew you were a fucking queer, you shithead” He said to the guy.  “This whole little scene has given me a great idea.  Get your asses into your storage room now!”

He followed us and threw the other guy onto the cot.  I was expecting him to fuck him then and there, but he had other ideas.  He tied the guy’s hands and ankles flipped him on his belly, pulled his grungy pants and cup down and then told me to mount him and fuck his ass until he said stop.

Marknorth 19This was a new one for me.  The prisoner was wide eyed as I climbed on him and stroked my cock to get hard.  It didn’t take much as the sight of the guy’s ass and the smell of the sweat form his uniform were already turning me on.  Slowly at first, but then I thrusted harder and harder.  He cried out in pain and that only turned me on more.  I came hard in his ass and started to pull out, but the captain screamed at me to keep going.  I continued to pound his ass and eventually I came again, but the captain just yelled to keep going.  There was nothing left in me, but I kept thrusting.  I glanced over only to see the captain with his dick in his hand jacking off as he watched us.  When he finally came, he let me stop.  I rolled, exhausted, onto the bunk next to the guy.  The captain left and locked the door – sealing us in for the night.  I gently hugged him to me and told him I was sorry.  He turned to me and gently kissed me.

Marknorth 20Time continues to pass.  We continue to serve the team.  Sometimes only one of us, sometimes both – it usually depends on how the practice or game went.  The team looks like they are good enough to make the playoffs this year.

I am happily immersed in their filthy and sweaty gear.  The scent of the locker room and the guys keeps me almost perpetually hard.  I yearn to service them all.  The other guy has come around, too.  I can tell that he revels in the service and the gear.  I think we both have found where we belong.

Marknorth 21The captain makes us perform for him every few days.  He watches until he comes and then leaves us to ourselves.  I continue to suck him off after practice and games and he makes sure that his team drives me hard on the field after practices.  He enjoys the smell of my fresh sweat as I suck his cock.  I do too, not to mention the taste of his sweaty cock.


The End


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