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Male BDSM porn: Bondage at the gym

In this Bound Gods movie starring Dakota Rivers and Colby Keller, a muscle stud gives a gym goer a bondage workout and a bondage fuck. The title of this video is “Bondage Gym


Dakota Rivers is working out at his local gym late one night. He is mostly hanging out and looking for trouble. You know the type. Colby Keller is an out-of-town visitor. Before heading off to a party, Colby is trying to get a good workout. Let’s just say that Colby gets held up momentarily. He manages to teach Dakota a lesson. Dakota endures a heavy flogging, an exhausting bondage workout and a bondage fuck of his life.

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Male BDSM porn: The Creepy Janitor and The Track Star

The Creepy Janitor ties up the studly track star in the locker room and fucks him like an animal in this video from Bound Gods. It’s called ‘The Creepy Janitor and The Track Star’


The locker room is emptying out and Emanuel is the only track athlete left. After a hard workout, Emanuel is taking a long hot shower. As any stud his age, he gets turned on by the minute so he jacks off in the shower. The creepy janitor is secretly enjoying the show. He jumps on the unsuspecting stud and ties him up. Emanuel is made to suck the janitor’s cock and he gets roughed up and humiliated. The twisted bastard takes Emanuel to his room, duct tapes the stud and fucks the hell out of him.

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Gym Rat and The Gay Mafia

MetalbondNYC_dot_com_01_BIP_11223_TristanJaxxAdamKnox_144 MetalbondNYC_dot_com_02_BIP_11223_TristanJaxxAdamKnox_157 MetalbondNYC_dot_com_03_BIP_11223_TristanJaxxAdamKnox_217

In this video from Bound In Public, Adam Knox is a straight dude who shows up at the local gym. He’s ripped as ever and he walks into to the locker room with all eyes on him. Adam is pissed at all the gay stares and complains to the management. Ready to explode, he harasses a gym member. The gym member can longer take his attitude and calls in the Gay Mafia. Within minutes, the Gay Mafia shows up and takes control of the situation. They cuff Adam and strip him naked. The entire gym joins in and smacks the asshole down. The Gay Mafia make him suck their dicks and encourage everyone in a nasty game of dodge ball with the tied up naked stud. The Gay Mafia takes Adam into the shower room and fucks him good. Everyone blows their loads all over the used up stud.

MetalbondNYC_dot_com_04_BIP_11223_TristanJaxxAdamKnox_225 MetalbondNYC_dot_com_05_BIP_11223_TristanJaxxAdamKnox_242

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Handcuffed in the locker room

At CMNM.net, the hapless tennis coach is panicking as he stands fully exposed in the locker room with his hands cuffed behind his back. His reputation as a professional and pious married family man is on the line! What will people say if he’s marched buck naked out of this prestigious sports club with all its patrons watching and journalists taking pictures of the scandal?! There is a way for him to get out of this horrendously embarrassing situation, but it comes at a big price!

handcuffs in the locker room

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Male BDSM porn: Tied up and fisted

At Men on Edge, it’s ‘Cruising for Cock’ when a muscled jock gets tied up and fisted in the showers.


A stud looking for action in the showers gets his fill, ending up in tight ropes and a fist in his ass.

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Aarin Asker is cruising in the gym when he comes across Jessie Colter taking a steamy shower. Jessie notices the curious stud groping his crotch and makes his way over to the lockers slowly, sizing Aarin up. The two start making out and exploring each other’s cocks when Jessie decides to make the showers steamier. Pulling rope from his locker, Jessie secures Aarin across the bench, legs spread wide. Aarin moans in the rope harness as Jessie strips the clothes from his ripped body, licking his feet and slowly moving toward his crotch. Jessie repeatedly teases Aarin’s throbbing cock, bringing it so close to the edge again and again with his hands, mouth and vibrating cock sheath. Jessie moves his attention to Aarin’s hole, finding it eager and hungry. Aarin takes a full fist in his ass as he begs to cum. Not yet finished, Jessie brings Aarin into the sauna and continues the edging, each one more tormenting than the last. Aarin begs to cum through a ball gag as his cock receives a massage from two hitachis. For all he’s taken today, Jessie finally decides to grant Aarin an orgasm and milks out a rich load from stud. Just as Aarin moans in relief, he feels the pain of an apple polishing before he’s left in a cum-drunk daze.


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