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Cock-Caged at Military School – Part 03

By AlphaMetal

Trey was in the weight room and had just stood up, after finishing a set on the bench press, when he saw the Assistant Coach walk into the room.

Trey knew he couldn’t let his face show it, but inside he seethed with anger at the man. This is the guy who sat in a chair reading a magazine about a month ago while Trey was humiliated by that twisted medic. And the same guy who just last week strapped Trey to a medical exam table in a humiliating doggie-style position and beat his ass with a leather punishment strap until he almost passed out.

Trey’s ass was still bruised from that session and he could feel his body tense with hatred when he saw the coach walk into the gym. Trey was glad the coach hadn’t noticed him, and he laid back on the bench, flattening himself, hoping the coach would not see him. He turned his head and watched the coach walk to the dip bars, attach a weight plate to his workout belt, and do a series of perfectly-executed dips. Trey reached up to begin another set of bench presses, hoping the barbell might hide him from the coach’s vision.

It didn’t work.

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Russell is tied up at CMNM


At CMNM.net, it’s lucky Russell has such a long silky foreskin. His superiors attach clips to the end of his cock and tie them to his feet to prevent him from getting his jollies while they get on with their official work. Now that his cock has been restrained, they use their special instrument to fuck his arse fully and cane his pale cheeks. It’s important for a team player to only release his semen under the supervision of his coach or physio.

CMNM_Clothed_Male_Naked_Male_02 CMNM_Clothed_Male_Naked_Male_03 CMNM_Clothed_Male_Naked_Male_04

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Colby Jansen gets tied up in the locker room

At Men On Edge, it’s a muscular rugby player who gets tied up and edged in the locker room shower!

Colby Jansen - Straight Rugby Player

Colby Jansen is a big guy who’s taking some time away from married life to be tied up and edged. In the locker room he’s tied tight as they manhandle him and get his cock hard. The vibrator makes him horny and he tastes his own precum. With his nipples clamped and tied to the walls, they jack him off, making him pull his nipples as he squirms.

He gets the hell flogged out of him as he stands on one leg and begs to cum through the gag. In the shower Colby is anxious to cum but first they tie him in full body bondage and let the water tighten the ropes around him. He finally blows his load and endures the post orgasm torment.

This is a vintage shoot from Men On Edge

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What ya gonna do when they cum for you?

Handsome muscle dream guy Duncan is in the HQ gym, strips down naked in the locker room and pulls on shorts and tank. Hen notices the studly cop and loses his concentration on the bench press. Duncan to the rescue: “You look like you need some help, and down there too!” he gestures toward Hen’s stiffening crotch. Just a minute after Duncan dresses for his workout but already he’s stripping back off to get naughty in the gym. Hen sucks in his cheeks and slurps Duncan’s piece like he was born to eat dick, giving his nipple a little tongue flick as well. Tough guy Duncan pulls Hen close and guides his head down onto the thick hard prick.

top cops


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Title: Top Cops, Scene 1

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