Long Term Confinement – Part 01

By Scribe

Discipline Technologies is proud to announce a new service now available to interested clients. We can provide long term imprisonment at a very reasonable cost. Our products to date have concentrated on providing a short term, very intense experience necessitating costly equipment, software and supervision. These services, while delivering a unique experience, tend to be quite expensive and are inappropriate for long term confinement over months or years. Our new service, on the other hand, offers simple, effective incarceration for long periods at a price almost anyone can afford. Do you have a slave you no longer want? Do you need to get revenge? Do you want to experience truly long term, uninterrupted confinement yourself? We can assist.

The company recently acquired an old warehouse near an abandoned rail line. The location is rural but is a reasonable drive from a city with airport, rail and bus connections. We maintain an office on the first floor of the warehouse and store some containers to make it look like we operate a shipping service. We provide local pick up from the station to the prison in order to keep our location hidden. New inmates are locked in a blackout box in our van while being transported. The prisoner is kept hooded and handcuffed from pick up until placement in the cell. This helps preserve the anonymity of our staff. Confinement is secret, no visitors or outside communication is allowed.

The basement has been converted to a prison. We installed sewer and water lines to multiple small iron bar cages. We then lined the cages with vinyl mats to make a padded cell for each of our prisoners. The padding keeps the inmate from seeing any other prisoner or guard and absorbs some of the sound. Access to the prison is controlled by double locked doors and a keyed elevator.

The cells are 4x8x8 feet. The only object in the cell is a toilet, a chain and fetter to secure the prisoner’s ankle and a food slot in the door. Walls and floor are padded. The ceiling bars are open to provide ventilation to the cell. The small width of the cage allows us to build the maximum number of cells reducing the facility cost per prisoner.

The basement is kept dark except when the guard turns on lights to deliver food and water   to the cages or to install or release a prisoner. Because the cells are small, all confinement is solitary. To reduce safety and security concerns, the prisoner is not allowed anything inside the cell. By keeping the basement and cages dark, we save on utilities. The absence of light and any objects in the cell forces the prisoner to fully concentrate on his confinement.

In order to offer the most reasonable incarceration possible, food and water are only delivered once a day in an amount sufficient for daily nutrition. It is up to the prisoner to pace himself. Food consists of cold oatmeal fortified with vitamins, fats and protein powder. The diet does not vary, again saving money. At the time of feeding, the guard also remotely flushes the prisoner’s toilet. The cell door is never opened from the time of arrival until the time of discharge. For added security the prisoner is chained in the cage to prevent escape even if the cell door is opened. This allows us to operate the prison with only one or two employees. Our primary concern is keeping unauthorized persons out of the warehouse/prison, since the inmates inside are safely secured and do not need to be supervised.

To ensure that the prisoner’s confinement will not be interrupted, a wax seal is affixed over the cell door lock. The seal can only be broken with the facility director’s permission which almost never occurs. In the event the cell is opened, a new seal is affixed upon relocking. The seal is imprinted with the release date. If the prisoner’s sentence is indeterminate, a letter “U” is printed (unknown).

While the location is rural, there is always the possibility that a passing individual could hear prisoners’ cries from the basement jail. To prevent this, several speakers in the prison play loud, buzzing noise 24/7. To the passerby, this sounds like mechanical or electrical equipment. The noise also prevents the prisoners from communicating with other inmates or guards, again enhancing security. The guard delivering food will wear noise cancelling headphones to protect his hearing and prevent hearing any pleas from the prisoners. Guards are prohibited from engaging with the inmates in any manner.

Our cells are designed to deliver an intense experience especially to claustrophobic inmates. Prisoners who do not believe they are claustrophobic often develop this fear after a short time in our cages. The total darkness, small enclosed cell, loud continuous noise, isolation and chained limbs trigger the prisoner’s phobia. The realization that there is no escape or reprieve available causes the panic to mount. Prisoners may beg to be freed, but no one can hear them. While food is delivered daily, there is no other way to record the passage of time and inmates quickly lose track of how long they have been in the cage.

Prisoners are kept naked to provide maximum security and prevent any distractions. Every inmate must wear at least one leg iron and chain welded to the cage to keep him secure in the cell. Additional chains can be added upon request so long as the prisoner can reach the food slot, feed and hydrate himself and use the toilet. Many clients request the inmate wear a locked chastity device to prevent any pleasurable sensations while in the cage. Using a short, narrow spiked cage will punish the prisoner for indulging in erotic fantasies and keep his mind focused on his imprisonment and controlling his urges. Another popular restraint is an iron collar with external spikes which keeps the prisoner from lying on the floor or leaning against a wall comfortably. A standard combination set of irons will have heavy connecting chains from the spiked collar to wrist manacles and ankle fetters. The chains are adjusted to prevent the prisoner from fully straightening his back or legs. We rent cages, belts, irons and collars in a variety of sizes and weights to enhance the prisoner’s experience. Let us know your specific requirements. If you prefer to provide the restraints yourself, we will install them free of charge.

Each cell is equipped with a high pressure water outlet that can be turned on by the guard from time to time to wash the inmate and clean the cage. A floor drain is provided. An HVAC system keeps the basement prison at a constant, comfortable temperature.

The limited number of employees and facilities needed for the 24/7 solitary confinement allows Discipline Technologies to offer these cells at very reasonable rates. For a daily cost less than a cheap hotel room, we offer secure, long term confinement. Payment for a definite period can be paid up front or we can charge a bank account or credit card monthly for the prisoner’s incarceration. Automatic payments enable the prisoner to continue his confinement even if the sponsor forgets that we have one of his charges. Monthly payments are also useful for clients who desire indeterminate sentencing for their inmate. We can even help the client arrange a secret trust account which will continue the prisoner’s containment even if the sponsor passes away or becomes incapacitated or bankrupt. Minimum sentence is 90 days. We offer discounts for stays of more than one year. We also offer discounts for the client who needs more than one inmate confined. Prisoners are never told the identity of the person paying for their incarceration.

Volunteer prisoners can pay up front for a definite period or authorize a monthly charge to a bank account for an indefinite stay. Automatic payments are especially recommended for prisoners who receive automatic bank deposits for things like pensions, royalties, rent or investments. As long as deposits exceed our withdrawal, the confinement never ends. The prisoner cannot do anything to revoke or modify this financial arrangement while securely chained and locked incommunicado in his cage. The inmate may plea to be released but he will be ignored, provided anyone can even hear him. Prisoners are never told how much time they have been in the cell or when their sentence will end.

Discipline Technologies appreciates your interest and welcomes your inquiries. We stand ready to provide all your short term and long term confinement and punishment needs. We hope to announce new products and controls as our business continues to grow. We welcome your suggestions for new facilities or products to confine, control, punish and discipline.

Metal would like to thank the author, Scribe, for this fictional story.

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33 thoughts on “Long Term Confinement – Part 01”

  1. Mmmmmph! What an amazing intense scenario. Fully isolated and bound with no way out! In addition to the heavy irons on option I can’t help but imagine a metal helmet similar to the man in the iron mask. Imagine being stuck bound in the cell with that helmet locked on your head? Naked except for the chastity, heavy shackles/combination set, and the heavy helmet, unable to even touch your own head and face

    1. Thanks, great idea stormbound! We’ll reserve a metal helmet for your stay. You’ll never touch your face again. There will be a small mouth opening for food and water, but no other openings. The cages are almost always dark anyway, so there is no need for eye openings. The metal helmet will amplify the white noise and any screams from you will reverberate in the hood. The heavy steel will make the helmet more difficult to endure each passing month.

      1. We noticed that the steel helmet reserved for your stay, stormbound, also has a steel gag. It’s shaped to exactly fit the month opening fully sealing the helmet. The gag is long and may trigger a gag reflex. A sliding tab on each side secures the gag plate to the helmet. A small breathing tube in the gag allows a small amount of fresh air into the hood. Breathing isn’t easy, you’ll have to concentrate on drawing enough air through the tube while wearing the gag. In your case, the use of the gag is voluntary since you’ll have to remove it to eat and drink while in your solitary confinement cage. We’ll include the gag when we lock the helmet on you and you can remove it and reinstall it whenever you like. By the way, keys to the helmet and shackles will be kept in a time lock safe outside the cell set to your release date. This insures nothing can be removed while in the cell.

        1. MMMMMMPH! I try to call for help, the gag has gotten stuck but all I can do is grunt and moan around my choking on the gag. At first I think that the cell will have to be opened to help get the gag unstuck but instead I realize that my food has been made runnier so I can drink it through the breathing tube! I sob and weep, wretch, and tug on the helmet and chastity as I beg to be let out, to get the horrible tag taken out of my mouth, but my cock is also throbbing at the humiliation and objectification!

          1. Good thing we realized in time that your gag was stuck. Since we never want to open the cell unless absolutely necessary, we decided to switch you to a liquid diet. The drink delivers all necessary nutrients, hopefully giving you a long life in the cell. Your Dom told us how much you enjoy water sports so we’ll begin giving you piss instead of water from time to time to further improve your diet. We decided to offer the steel hoods complete with locking gags to our other prisoners now that we know how much you are enjoying your stay. No need to thanks us, well I guess you can’t form any words anyway

          2. I thanked your Dom for using the depilatory cream before your incarceration. Without any hair on your head we were able to fit a smaller, tighter metal hood. No mustache or beard means the gag can reach further into your mouth and throat causing additional discomfort. A smaller chastity cage was fitted without hair getting in the way. Your PA is attached to the cage making it impossible to remove even with your hands free. You’ll never have an erection or orgasm again no matter how hard you try.

          3. MMMMMMMMMPH! *sob* *throb* (I had told the dom water sports was a no-no but now I have no choice, either drink the piss or die of thirst!)

          4. We have decided to open your cell door after all, Stormbound. No, it’s not to let you out like you hoped. We wanted to securely lock your gag to the helmet now that we know how much you enjoy it. We wouldn’t want the gag to accidentally get unstuck. But that’s not the main reason we’re paying you a visit. We are replacing your chastity cage with something more devious, We’re tired of hearing you beg, moan and sob through your gag. The new chastity cage has a sensor which will pick up the slightest sound made by you. Any noise will be rewarded with a painful shock to your dick. Silence will be enforced 24/7. You can’t see or hear, now you can’t speak or groan either. The cage also has a proximity sensor. No matter how horny you get, you can no longer touch your cage. Any attempt to stroke the cage or rub it against the wall or floor will result in another painful shock. But the cage has still more capabilities. We will program a random punishment mode. When you least expect it, painful jolts will hit your dick. The intensity will vary as well as the length of the punishment. You will never know when the pain will begin or how long it will last. It will give you something to constantly think about. We suspect you were getting bored. This will help. Oh one more thing, you’re still not allowed to make any noise while the cage is in punishment mode. I know it will be almost impossible not to scream into the gag but any noise will prolong and intensify the punishment. Be very, very quiet. We’ll relock and seal the cell door and promise not to disturb you again.

          5. As you tell me all this using some speakers I didn’t know were even embedded in the helmet I panic and try to resist as the new cage/belt is fitted around my permanently hairless groin. But unable to see I am powerless, and unable to see the cattle prod used to subdue me and the syringe to knock me out. When I come to not only is the new punishment chastity cage fitted, complete with the internal spikes you forgot to mention to me, but a shock collar has been welded to the base of the helmet and permanent steel or leather mittens fitted over my hands forever encasing my fingers in a flat mitten position. I will barely be able to handle the container of my liquid food between my mitted hands and even without the no touching protocols I can’t even grip the helmet or chastity to try to remove them or get relief any more. All i can do is rub the unyielding exterior of the helmet and try not to sob as I cry about the eternal unending hell I let myself be tricked in to, or to cry out in pain when my cock tries to ignore the spikes and swell in its prison

      2. Mmmmmmmph! Unable to even see when the food it put in the cell, unable to wipe the tears flowing from my eyes, or the food caked inside around my mouth. Shouldn’t I have been released by now? Was some mistake made? I wasn’t supposed to be in here that long, the Dom that talked me into it and paid for it said it would only be a month or two, did something change? Constantly frustrated, alternating between boredom, despair, and horny, always tugging on the helmet and chastity belt desperate for release. The manacles and chain set feeling heavier all the time

        1. I’m happy to hear that you are experiencing all the refinements of our solitary cells. I’m not allowed to say how long you will be staying in our cage. I think it will be for a very long time. I don’t think your Dom wants you back and it’s just easier to have us safely store you. The helmet, manacles and chastity belt are all inescapable and designed to increase your desperation for release month after month. Every time you reach for your face or crotch, all you can feel is cold unyielding steel. You are totally isolated from the guards, other prisoners, and the world outside. The weight of your chains becomes heavier every day. Welcome to our long term prison.

          1. The dom had me go and have my body and head shaved smooth with a special cream before staring the confinement. Only when I realize that the hair isn’t growing back do I realize what his intent truly is. That I will be kept as the hairless shackled prisoner in heavy steel for many years if not forever. Inescapably isolated and locked, forever horny and frustrated, desperate for release and relief that will never come. Cut off from the world even the dark world of my cell, always caught by surprise when it is time for food or when the wash water starts in the cell

        2. I’ve really enjoyed our conversation, stormbound. It’s made me horny over several days. Unfortunately I’m locked in this damn cock cage and can’t get relief. I have a question. I don’t think a lot of visitors to nycmetalbond read the comments after the stories. I know I usually skip them. I’d like to copy our replies as a story “Long term confinement Part 02”. I think readers would enjoy our dialog. I’d introduce it as an interview between the prison warden and a solitary confinement prisoner. I’ll change Scribe to Discipline Technologies Administrator (DTA). Would you be okay with this? Do you want to continue to be identified as stormbound? By the way, I just realized you’re the author of Echo Park, my all time favorite story on nycmetalbond. I love your devious mind.

          1. Mmmmmmph! I’ve enjoyed it too! Love that it’s been keeping you hard in your cage! And yes I would love it if you turned this dialog into a chapter of the story! Maybe metalbond can give you my email so we can chat directly. I’ll have to think about how the prisoner should be identified.

            And wow I’m so glad you liked Echo Grove. It’s an honor to hear you call it your favorite story on this site! Very glad my devious mind was as enjoyable to you as your ideas for long term confinement and the slave punishment system have been to me

  2. Seems that everything as been thought out to ensure captivity. I hope that Scribe might think of building such a facility, I am certain that given a suitable location and start up funding the could be a profitable business and provide a much bead service. Good Luck.

    1. Thanks for the encouraging words richard. We’ll let you know when we have a cell available for you or your guest.

  3. I remember a similar story that i read several years ago where the man
    who went into ;i think on a dare ended up in the prison for a extended
    period of time and was so well trained at the end he could not function.
    out in the real world. And ended up as a permanent sex slave after he
    was released. It was one of those stories that i could never stop thinking
    about !

  4. To give the captives some exercise, the floor should be a treadmill, not motorized, just and endless loop of rubber…and one end six inches higher than the other so the captive would either have to walk incessantly to stay in one spot or stand flat against the wall. And if the chain won’t reach the far wall….

    1. Great idea Johnboylug. I’m sure we could build a cell with the treadmill you suggest. The leg iron and chain will be short enough that the prisoner can’t reach and rest against the back wall. He can sit or fall down but then his chain and leg will be constantly stretched. As the pain builds, he will be forced to stand up and walk again. This cycle will repeat endlessly. At least the prisoner will get plenty of exercise!

  5. Damn when I started reading I thought this was for real. Disappointed it’s not. I would be there for a extended stay. Open an an account for guys to deposit online to keep it topped up removing any knowledge of my term and go for the heaviest collar and shackles available

  6. Mmm, all the stories posted by Scribe have been some of my all time favourites. Long term confinement is so hot. The idea of getting locked up and forgotten about. Constantly horny and in pain or discomfort. Perhaps in this cage the prisoner would be hooked up to some sort of electricity, where it electrocuted his locked cock and balls every time he tries to make a noise. The prisoner thinks its going in for a weekend whilst its master is away, but as the days bleed into weeks and then the weeks into months, and even the months into years, the slave looses hope of ever being released.

    1. Thanks for your inquiry chastityboy. Yes, we have a unit which will enforce 24/7 silence. We developed this cock cage for our Slave Punishment System (see our publication with the same name). We can program it to ignore the frequency of the white noise broadcast in the prison. It will only punish any noise made by you. We like the idea of its constant discipline. It cuts down on annoying complaints and keeps the prison quieter for everyone. A steel reinforced cable will provide power to the unit so the cell door never needs to be opened. The cage has some additional features. It’s spiked to discourage any arousal. There is an electrified urethral tube at the top of the cage designed to deliver shocks to your most sensitive area. The unit can also be programed to punish in addition to enforcing silence. We recommended the random setting. You’ll never know when the punishment will begin or how long it will last, keeping you constantly anxious . Shocks will also vary in intensity. You’ll have to try as hard as you can not to scream, as any noise from you will require additional punishment. Of course, all the other restraints are available for your stay; wrist shackles, leg irons, collar and /or steel helmet. Please have your Sir/Dom discuss with us your appropriate confinement.

      1. Mhmmm, as I try not to scream, the painful zaps fry my cock, making tears well up in my eyes. Soon after, I pass out from pain, and wake up noticing lots of new sensations. Whilst I was passed out, you’d added some additional features to make my predicament more interesting. My arms are tightly bound in chalet cuffs, and secured on my nipples are magnetic clamps that react with a powerful controllable magnet on the cell door, pulling my nipples at different capacities throughout the endless days. The spiked chastity is still in full working order, though the intensity of the electric shocks have been upped. My mouth feels different, gagged with a plastic funnel for my liquidised diet, the cage need never be opened again. Something is also prominent in my arse. The speakers inside the cage start up. “Hello slave, you might be starting to notice some new additions to your stay here. When your master sentenced you to a few months here for disciplinary purposes, he paid for a fairly relaxed stay, however we have recently been in contact with him, and he’s decided he doesn’t need you anymore, and to release you immediately, as he doesn’t need the financial burden. However, recently our company has been wanting to expand into more punishment based cells, and after some convincing, your Dom has decided to leave you in our capable hands as a generous donation to the experimental punishment programme. We need to see how slaves like you react to specific punishments so we can aim to modify our cells accordingly to maximise pain and suffering. Secured around your neck is an electric shock based collar. Every so often, you will receive an intense shock, followed by a variety of shocks to your spiked chastity. There is also an electrified dildo in your arse that will provide a mixture of intense fucking, and slow teasing. We would advise you to keep as calm as possible for the sake of your poor cock in its spiked chastity, however it would be pointless, as you will be drinking stale piss daily through your funnel gag, which we occasionally like to lace with viagra. As always, we strongly encourage silence, so any noise in the cell will ensure a sharp electric shock, and an intense flux of magnetic energy inside the cell, causing your nipple clamps to be violently tugged. Crying is also strongly discouraged, and any moistness detected on the cheeks, will be harshly punished with similar treatment. We hope you enjoy your stay with us, and we will revisit your punishment schedule in a years time.”

        The voice stops, and my mind is working overtime, trying to take in the information i’ve just learnt. A sudden jolt to the neck brings me back to reality, and the dildo in my arse starts to violently fuck me, whilst my cock starts to get zapped. The surprise of it all causes me to let out an audible moan, as the electricity intensifies and my nipples are on fire. Piss fills my mouth which i choke on, causing the audio sensors to intensify further. After a while, the viagra laced piss takes action, as my cock fills the spiked chastity tube, and I realise there is no escape.

        1. Thank you for being our test subject Chastityboy. We’ll be able to improve our punishment cells based on your experience. Our goal is to maximize the pain and suffering for each of our future prisoners. Unfortunately, there is no alternative to your continued confinement. We’ll keep trying new punishments as they are developed. Enjoy your stay.

          1. I especially like your idea of a moisture sensor which will punish any tears from the prisoner. Not only can’t the inmate scream or groan into his gag but he can’t even express his frustration in tears. Talk about total control! I believe Discipline Technologies will add this feature to our helmet!

  7. Scribe, I Like the way you think! Just this object’s
    Kind of torture.

    object’s owners or group must be narcissistic, cruel, show object no mercy of any kind, unless needed for further abuse. Group that is relentless. Enjoys creating a unique object thru long term pain, force and pressure over days, building to that of being unable to disassociate its former mind from pain. Ones that can train the self preservation out of object and no scruples leaving it in severe chains/cells while away.

    object can be transformed into any type of subhuman creature that will benefit its Owners entertainment and enjoyment. Heavy mods such as teeth removed, jaw widened or wired open for urinal/sucking use, vocal chords cut, legs/arms broken and made useless, stretching tearing muscle fibbers, complete sensory deprivation, urethral reroute, balls replaced with weights, tattoos, piercings, brandings and the list goes on to fit the Owner’s wants and needs.

    object’s owner should have complete control over all of object’s bodily functions.

  8. Thanks for your reply captive object. Body modification is beyond the scope of Discipline Technologies. However we can help your owners if they need to correct your attitude or behavior. We have cells designed to severely punish and cells designed for long term sensory deprivation . Our restraints and equipment can take away your sight, your hearing, your sense of smell and taste, your ability to touch yourself or other objects, and your ability to ejaculate or become erect. Our punishment cells can control your breathing, administer electrical shocks and place you in very uncomfortable bondage and stress positions. After a stay in our prisons, most slaves, gimps and subs become models of submission and cooperation, eager to serve their masters and avoid ever seeing the inside of one of our cells again. Please have your owner contact us and see how we can help.

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