Long Term Confinement – Part 02

By Scribe and Stormbound

(Scribe aka the Warden) As warden of Discipline Technologies’ Long Term Prison, I received the following letter from a potential volunteer prisoner. I received it after our publication announcing the availability of our prison cells (the earlier posting is here).


(Stormbound) Mmmmmph! What an amazing intense scenario. Fully isolated and bound with no way out! In addition to the heavy irons, an option I can’t help but imagine is a metal helmet similar to the man in the iron mask. Imagine being stuck bound in the cell with that helmet locked on your head? Naked except for the chastity, heavy shackles/combination set, and the heavy helmet, unable to even touch your own head and face.


(Warden) Thank you for your letter. As a matter of fact, Discipline Technologies is currently developing a steel helmet for use in our prisons. The mask covers the inmate’s head and has several sophisticated features. Speakers in the hood control what the prisoner hears and can also play white noise or static to make it impossible to hear anything around him. Eye covers can open to allow limited sight or close to plunge the prisoner into darkness. There is a small mouth opening for food and water. The hood has a steel gag. It’s shaped to exactly fit the month opening, fully sealing the helmet. The gag is long and may trigger a gag reflex. A sliding tab on each side secures the gag plate to the helmet. A small breathing tube in the gag allows a small amount of fresh air into the hood. Breathing isn’t easy, you’ll have to concentrate on drawing enough air through the tube while wearing the gag. In your case, the use of the gag is voluntary since you’ll have to remove it to eat and drink while in your solitary confinement cage. We’ll include the gag when we lock the helmet on you, and you can remove it and reinstall it whenever you like. You’ll never touch your face again. The metal helmet will amplify the white noise, and any screams from you will reverberate in the hood. The heavy steel will make the helmet more difficult to endure each passing day. Please let me know if you would like to reserve a cell and helmet.

(Warden) Following this exchange I received a call from the stormbound’s Sir. He said his sub very much wants to try the cells, restraints and helmet. The Dom would cover any expenses. He would like to keep the term open. I stated that we want to try one variation. Normally we keep the prisoner completely isolated. However, since the steel helmet is a prototype, I would like the prisoner to tell us from time to time what he is experiencing. We would pass a pen and paper through the food slot and while the lights were on to feed the other inmates, he could write down his impressions. We can open the eye covers remotely with the same control used to talk to the prisoner.


(Warden) An agreement was made, and Stormbound was transported to the prison. We installed the heavy combination irons with wrist manacles and leg irons and connecting chains adjusted so that Stormbound could not fully straighten his back or legs. Then a chain was attached to the cell wall and the chastity cage and steel hood were installed. We assigned him prisoner number 791. After three weeks, we slipped him the pen and paper. I responded to his comments through the speakers in his hood.


(Prisoner 791) Mmmmmmmph! Unable to even see when the food is put in the cell, unable to wipe the tears flowing from my eyes, or the food caked inside around my mouth. Shouldn’t I have been released by now? Was some mistake made? I wasn’t supposed to be in here that long. The Dom who talked me into it and paid for it said it would only be a month or two. Did something change? Constantly frustrated, alternating between boredom, despair, and horny, always tugging on the helmet and chastity belt desperate for release. The manacles and chain set feeling heavier all the time.


(Warden) I’m happy to hear that you are experiencing all the refinements of our solitary cells. Actually, you’ve only been in the cell for three weeks although I’m sure it feels much longer than that. I’m not allowed to say how long you will be staying in our cage. I think it will be for a very long time. I don’t think your Dom wants you back, and it’s just easier to have us safely store you. The helmet, manacles and chastity belt are all inescapable and designed to increase your desperation for release month after month. Every time you reach for your face or crotch, all you can feel is cold unyielding steel. You are totally isolated from the guards, other prisoners, and the world outside. The weight of your chains becomes heavier every day. Welcome to our long-term prison.


(791) MMMMMPH! I try to call for help, the gag has gotten stuck but all I can do is grunt and moan around my choking on the gag. At first, I think that the cell will have to be opened to help get the gag unstuck, but instead I realize that my food has been made runnier so I can drink it through the breathing tube! I sob and weep, retch, and tug on the helmet and chastity as I beg to be let out, to get the horrible gag taken out of my mouth, but my cock is also throbbing at the humiliation and objectification!


(Warden) Good thing we realized in time that your gag was stuck. Since we never want to open the cell unless absolutely necessary, we decided to switch you to a liquid diet. The drink delivers all necessary nutrients, hopefully giving you a long life in the cell. Your Dom told us how much you enjoy watersports, so we’ll begin giving you piss instead of water from time to time to further enhance your diet. We decided to offer the steel hoods complete with locking gags to our other prisoners now that we know how much you are enjoying your stay. No need to thank us, well I guess you can’t form any words anyway.


(791) MMMMMMMMMPH! *sob* *throb* (I had told the Dom water sports was a no-no, but now I have no choice, either drink the piss or die of thirst!).


(791) The Dom had me go and have my body and head shaved smooth with a special cream before staring the confinement. Only when I realize that the hair isn’t growing back do I realize what his intent truly is. That I will be kept as the hairless shackled prisoner in heavy steel for many years if not forever. Inescapably isolated and locked, forever horny and frustrated, desperate for release and relief that will never come. Cut off from the world even the dark world of my cell, always caught by surprise when it is time for food or when the wash water starts in the cell.


(Warden) I thanked your Dom for using the depilatory cream before your incarceration. Without any hair on your head, we were able to fit a smaller, tighter metal hood. No mustache or beard means the gag can reach farther into your mouth and throat, causing additional discomfort. A smaller chastity cage was fitted without hair getting in the way. Your PA is attached to the cage, making it impossible to remove even with your hands free. You’ll never have an erection or orgasm again, no matter how hard you try.


(Warden) We have decided to open your cell door after all, 791. No, it’s not to let you out like you hoped. We wanted to securely lock your gag to the helmet now that we know how much you enjoy it. We wouldn’t want the gag to accidentally get unstuck. But that’s not the main reason we’re paying you a visit. We are replacing your chastity cage with something more devious. We’re tired of hearing you beg, moan and sob through your gag. The new chastity cage has a sensor that will pick up the slightest sound made by you. Any noise will be rewarded with a painful shock to your dick. Silence will be enforced 24/7. You can’t see or hear, and now you can’t speak or groan, either. The cage also has a proximity sensor. No matter how horny you get, you can no longer touch your cage. Any attempt to stroke the cage or rub it against the wall or floor will result in another painful shock. But the cage has still more capabilities. We will program a random punishment mode. When you least expect it, painful jolts will hit your dick. The intensity will vary as well as the length of the punishment. You will never know when the pain will begin or how long it will last. It will give you something to constantly think about. We suspect you were getting bored. This will help. Oh, one more thing. You’re still not allowed to make any noise while the cage is in punishment mode. I know it will be almost impossible not to scream into the gag, but any noise will prolong and intensify the punishment. Be very, very quiet. We’ll re-lock and seal the cell door and promise not to disturb you again.


(791) As you tell me all this using the speakers in the helmet I panic and try to resist as the new cage/belt is fitted around my permanently hairless groin. But, unable to see, I am powerless. I am unable to see the cattle prod used to subdue me and the syringe to knock me out. When I come to, not only is the new punishment chastity cage fitted, complete with the internal spikes you forgot to mention to me, but a shock collar has been welded to the base of the helmet and permanent steel or leather mittens fitted over my hands, forever encasing my fingers in a flat mitten position. I will barely be able to handle the container of my liquid food between my mitted hands, and even without the no touching protocols I can’t even grip the helmet or chastity to try to remove them or get relief anymore. All I can do is rub the unyielding exterior of the helmet and try not to sob as I cry about the eternal unending hell that I let myself be tricked into, or to cry out in pain when my cock tries to ignore the spikes and swell in its prison.


(Warden) We removed one steel mitten so that you could write this last impression. Now we will close the eye covers permanently, so that you will never see again. The mittens will be permanently locked, so you will forever lose your sense of touch. Thank you for your feedback, but now your isolation will be strictly enforced. Since the helmet proved so effective, we will be offering it to all our inmates. You will continue to be locked in all your restraints including the steel hood for an indeterminate length of time. The guards and I will no longer speak to you. You will never hear anything other than the static echoing in your helmet. The only thing you will taste is piss and the protein drink. The confining chains and punishing shocks from the collar and chastity cage will provide constant pain. Remember that you are never allowed to speak or even cry or groan. The gag will make even breathing a chore. Thank you for testing our prototype and enjoy your stay.

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Metal would like to thank Scribe (Warden) and Stormbound (Prisoner 791) for this story, which is fictional and for entertainment purposes only.

More fiction by Stormbound is available here.

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6 thoughts on “Long Term Confinement – Part 02”

  1. Yes!!! Finally a good story involving permanent confinement. Hoping that another slave whose master tires of him is retired at the facility!

  2. Wau sehr geile isolationszelle und sehr geile fesselung geiler helm, wünschte könnte auch eine zeit lang so gehalten werden, die creme für dauerhafte haarentfernung ist cool

  3. wow – that is a fantasy of all fantasies. And well written taking into consideration the issues regarding full time restraints, hooding, gags, feeding etc. Many thanks!

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