Lucky Cup – Chapter 5

By GratDelay

male bondage fictionAaron

I was startled out of my sleep or stupor when I stopped rotating. It had been hard to tell when I was awake or asleep for much of the night, but I remember several moments of panic where I had to remember where I was and why I couldn’t move. A moment later, I felt my center of gravity shift as I moved into a more upright position. Then I was able to straighten my legs so I was in a standing position.

The shell peeled back from my head. The room was pretty dim, but I still had to squeeze my eyes shut until they adjusted. Even more glorious than being able to see was being able to open my mouth.

I looked around. Toben wasn’t there. That bastard! What if something bad had happened while I was stuck?

Next my hands were freed back to the wrists. Not that it did me any good, since my arms were still held rigidly out in front of me. No sooner than I thought that did the shell turn flexible again, like it had the night before: from the top down. Lastly I could move my feet; I noticed the circular base was no longer in evidence. All the tendrils that had been supporting me and rotating me had disappeared as well.

I stretched all over, grateful to be able to move again. But I was still in Toben’s trap/catsuit. Was it going to release me any further?

Apparently not. Looking around, I could see that my bed had clearly been slept on. So maybe Toben had been here at least most of the night. But where was he now?

He had laid out some of my clothes: some ripstop camo pants, a long-sleeve semi-dressy shirt, and some socks. That didn’t look like a good combination to me, but I discovered that I could not walk to my closet or dresser without my limbs getting locked up. I sighed. At least these clothes would cover up my second skin.

I needed to take a dump. I went to my bathroom, wondering how that would work. There was a post-it on the toilet that just said, “Go like usual.” So I sat down on the john and could suddenly feel cool air on my cheeks. Oh for some cool air on the rest of my skin!

That was when I discovered a couple of things: there was now an opening so I could pee, and my cock and balls were still rigidly encased, this time with the cock pointing straight down. With this discovery, it immediately tried to come to attention. It looked like I was going to be in for a day of cock torment like I had put Toben through. I grinned.

After taking care of business in the bathroom, I put on the clothes he permitted me to have. Then I saw the clock and realized it was only 6 AM! My first class wasn’t for four hours.

I flopped down on my bed, only to curl up in pain. My nuts were being crushed! As soon as I could breath, I jumped up off the bed, and the pressure eased. After walking in circles a few times taking deep breaths, I tried sitting in the chair at my desk. A warning twinge made me jump up again.

I guessed I wasn’t supposed to hang out in my room. With some dread, I picked up my backpack and ventured out.

Apparently the dining hall was not off-limits, so I got some breakfast. Then I pulled my tablet out of my backpack to do some studying, but after a few minutes the twinges in my crotch said it was time to go. But where? I still didn’t have class for another few hours. Not-so-subtle signals made it clear that I needed to head towards the main campus. Clearly Toben had picked up some ideas from his lab-rat day under my control.

I was just about it the middle of the main quad when the shell started to thicken up. Pretty soon I was brought to a standstill. Then I noticed the green sludge flowing down from my pant legs to the ground. While it was under my clothes, I hadn’t noticed that it had turned green again. Once again I was stuck to a green platform that kept me from tipping over. I looked around, but no one else was in the quad to see what was going on.

The skin did a reverse of last night’s maneuver and covered over my clothes. But this time a layer remained against my skin, so at least it wouldn’t get so uncomfortable. Then it started climbing up my neck. “Crap!” I said, before talking was no longer an option.

I saw Toben walking towards me. Of course he was holding the stupid helmet and fake machine gun.


I decided to put Aaron in a more dramatic pose than the night before. This also let me try out another feature of the smartmatter skin. I could set it so that it would resist any pressure from inside, but would flex under pressure from the outside. It worked like a charm. Soon I had Aaron in a heroic striding pose with one hand over his head, gesturing as if to lead fellow troops into battle. The other arm held the machine gun pointing towards the roof of Building Two.

Then I hung a sign from his neck that said GO COMMANDO! This was a common joking variation on our team rallying cry. To make sure no one thought the mis-spelling was accidental, I adjusted the skin coating his camo pants so I could unbutton the fly. It would be fun to leave his plasticky junk out for all to see, but that might have made trouble with the school authorities, so I slipped a jock cup in over his crotch. I had written LUCKY JOCK on it with a Sharpie.

Aaron’s eyes were following me about. With just his eyeballs visible, it was impossible to tell how he was feeling about all this. He was probably remembering the last time I bound him up in public. But this time he would be safe.

I took lots of pics and videos.

Speaking of videos: yes, I had taken steps to have the video feeds in the Quad disabled, at least for a few minutes. With Kev’s help, of course. I doubted there would be any real trouble. The giant plastic army figure in the Quad was just the sort of thing that happened around Big Game time. As long as the admins thought ‘hijinks’ and not ‘vandalism’. And as long as they didn’t know someone was trapped inside. Then it would be ‘hazing’.

Before I left, I got close to make sure Aaron could hear me. I said, “It would be in your best interest not to let anyone know you are in there,” as I tapped the button on my phone that gave his nuts a twinge. “Just hang out for a bit and you will make it to your first class in time.” Then I made another adjustment that covered his eyes and nostrils. The eye covering was one-way, so he could still see out; and the nostril covering was porous, so he could still breath normally. Now it would be really hard to tell that someone was inside.

I walked away from him into Building Two, so that he could see that I was leaving. Then I went out back and circled around so I could get into position to watch people’s reactions to our newest mascot.


I was actually in heaven.

Toben had me bound in public again, but this time my identity was hidden, so I wasn’t being publicly humiliated. Without the humiliation, or the pain of seams and buttons digging into me, or the terrifying disorientation of total sensory deprivation, I was living a dream.

Actually it was beyond my wildest dreams. This total bondage shell made of smartmatter was far kinkier and far more absolute than any scenario I had ever thought up or ever hoped to experience. And now I was in it. “This is real,” I thought. I actually was totally helpless, like I had always wanted. My cock was struggling to find room in its confinement.

I owned some toys, but had not yet found anyone to actually put me in real bondage — aside from that time Toben taped me to the goalpost with athletic tape. That experience had been mostly horrible, especially since the fear and humiliation had ruined the pleasure of an experience I had wanted since I was eleven. The football team guys had not gone easy on me. Just the fact that there were so many of them had filled me with dread, because they were too many variables out of my control. And the situation seemed to spur them towards a sadistic frenzy. To be fair Toben had kept things from getting completely out of hand, but it was the fear of what could have happened more than what actually happened that had made the whole experience a travesty of my desires.

Now, while I still felt somewhat vulnerable — after all, I was completely helpless — I was likely to be spared any personal torture or humiliation. And the shell that was strong enough to keep me from moving in the slightest had also kept me from getting hurt — as I had learned the night before when I fell over and smashed into my desk.

My only concern was how I would get out of the Quad without being seen. I supposed, worst come to worst, if Toben’s shell did its usual un-oozing trick in front of people, I would be able to walk out of there blushing but not subject to torment while defenseless. But I also suspected that Toben didn’t want his invention revealed for what it was — at least not until he was done playing his tricks on me.

It was getting easier to see through the green-tinted lenses over my eyes as the sun rose high enough to fully light the Quad. Students and faculty were starting to filter in, first just a few, then crowds of them. I was a big hit. Lots of people posed up against me as their friends took pictures. I could vaguely feel when people made solid contact with me, but it was hard to tell what they were doing. Women mostly put an arm around my neck and pressed their cheeks up against mine while posing for shots — their faces loomed in my vision, as I held my breath so as not to give myself away. I could tell some people would occasionally bend down in front of me and do something at my crotch, but I couldn’t tell what. That was worrying. What had Toben done to me just before he left?

I heard my name spoken pretty often. Apparently my features were recognizable. But my classmates were coming to the conclusion that I had posed for this statue, not that I was this statue.

There were distinct waves in the foot traffic through the Quad as classes started and finished. I had a good sense of time because of that. Just a few minutes after the Nine O’Clock classes started, the Quad was completely empty. At least the part I could see was. And suddenly I could move again. The fake machine gun flowed down my arm, taking the green stuff covering my hand with it. The stuff coating my clothes seeped through the fabric and joined the stuff covering my skin. As soon as I could move and my head was free, I reached up to take off the helmet, but it wasn’t there — I guess it had merged into my shell like the machine gun. The base I had been pinned to flowed up my legs.

Instinctively I started walking away immediately. As I did, I noticed the sign hanging from my neck. I took it off and read it. Very funny, Toben. I got the pun and it reminded me to check my fly, which turned out to be open. I saw that there was a cup inside, but I didn’t think it would be smart to pull it out while in public. I hadn’t even looked around to see if anyone was behind me, but even if there weren’t, I had to assume all the surveillance cams were on.

I made a bee-line for the bathroom to lose the cup and take a piss. I grinned when I saw that Toben had written LUCKY JOCK on the cup.

I had forty minutes before my first class. I went to a lounge area and tried to fake my homework.

More students started to filter into the hallway. People were definitely noticing me. Some of them just nodded, but others came over to congratulate me on the Commando statue. I was actually getting The Nod for Toben’s prank.

Was Toben trying to make it up to me for the goalpost?


I let Aaron have his fun, for an hour or so. Then I reminded him who was in charge by locking up his hips and legs a few minutes before the class ended. I left him there just long enough so he had to sprint to his next class. That was a class I shared with him, which made it easier to fuck with him. Once he had his tablet out, I locked him up tight. He twisted his head around to give me a tight grin. A few minutes later, I made it so he could raise his left arm, but not lower it. He jerked it up about a foot off his desk before he realized what was going on. Then he had to concentrate on not raising it higher or he’d have to participate in the educational dialog. The girl to his left was looking at him funny. His tablet slid down the desk a bit, and then he couldn’t reach it with his right hand. He twisted around again to mouth the words “Not now!” at me.

“I would appreciate some attention when I’m conducting class,” came the Voice of Authority. At that instant I hit the quick release button on my app and he nearly fell out his chair. His tablet fell into his lap. Blushing furiously, he said, “Yes… Sorry!” The class laughed.

I let him move freely for the rest of the period, but at the same time I initiated Operation Violate Aaron’s Ass.


By second class it became obvious that I wasn’t in heaven after all. Toben could clearly mess with me in ways that weren’t at all kinky. And it wasn’t even lunch time yet.

After everyone had a good laugh at my expense, I seemed to be able to move freely again, but I was on edge knowing this could change at any moment. I settled myself into a relaxed and attentive-looking position, tablet well in hand, and tried not to move. I even took some notes.

But then I felt an odd sensation; the lightest tickling right at my asshole. I squirmed a bit, but the tickling continued. In fact, it clearly felt like it was climbing up my chute. I didn’t have anything to compare it to but I discovered right then that not only am I ticklish on my feet and ribs, I’m extremely ticklish in the ass.

I clamped my hands on the edge of the desk, squeezed my eyes shut, and tried to keep completely still. What was Toben doing to me?

The tickling sensation stopped, and I took a deep breath and unclenched my hands. The girl sitting next to me looked at me like I was a freak.

Hoping I wouldn’t get in more trouble, I stole a look back at Toben. He just twitched his eyebrows at me and waved his finger in a circle over his phone. I shook me head slightly, a pleading look in my eyes, then turned away, hunching my shoulders, and thinking maybe I should grab hold of the desk again.

The next feeling wasn’t quite ticklish, and it was deeper in. I instantly knew exactly what he was doing. There was a gentle pulsing right against my prostate! Within a minute, my cock went back to struggling for its freedom. I was feeling very horny, but it seemed bearable.

In fact I got through the rest of the class without drawing further attention to myself. I didn’t trust my note-taking, but my tablet was recording the lecture too. When the lecture was over, my next door neighbor cleared out with a look of disdain and reproach. Well, there was one girl I wouldn’t be taking to the Homecoming Dance.

I was relieved to find that I was able to stand up and depart the classroom. I stopped Toben and said, “Please man, I gotta pee before the next class.”


“I don’t think I can do it when I’m… like this.”

He grinned maliciously, but then he surprised me by gesturing towards the bathroom and saying, “You’ve got five minutes.” I turned and ran as he took out his phone.

By the time I got there, the pulsing had stopped, but I was still so horned up I doubted I could pee. But suddenly I shouted as I got a double jolt of agony in my chest. The shell had jabbed me in the nipples!

There were two other guys in the bathroom, and they turned to stare at me. One of them was Kyle from the team. He said, “Dude, you are a freak of nature.” I just shrugged and headed for a stall.

The pain, plus the embarrassment did the trick. Relieved, I washed up and headed to lunch.

Horny, horny lunch.


I don’t usually eat in the same dining hall as Aaron, but today I sat right across from him. He was sitting alone at a table off in the corner. I wonder why.

“So how’s your day going?” I asked him.

“However you’d like it to go?”

“Good answer!” I was fiddling with my phone. First I made him sit up straight, like a cadet at military school. Then I added some resistance to his arms, so it would be kind of a workout to put food in his mouth. He took it with hardly a grimace. I bumped up the size of the knob of smartmatter up his poop chute knocking on his G-spot, then I bumped up the pulse intensity. Just a little bit. We had all day, after all.

“So where did you get this stuff?” he asked me with a little grimace.

“Materials Programming class.”

“You coded it yourself?!”


“I had no idea you had skillz like this. How…”

“Less talk more eating,” I said. He looked pissed but complied without needing any direct persuasion.

What he didn’t know was that he had been dosed with his own Brem-6 during the last class. From what I had read about it online, it should be hitting him like a ton of bricks right… about… now.

A few minutes later he stopped chewing with food still in his mouth, then closed his eyes and drew in a slow deep breath through his nose. Very quietly he said, “Oh fuuuuck!”

“What?” I said, as if I couldn’t hear him.

“You are so fucking hot!” he said, staring me right in the eye.

I was not expecting that! I fiddled with my phone, not knowing what to say.

“I mean it,” he said, “I’ve always wished I could…” He stopped, looking uneasy.

I froze him in place and bumped the anal probe intensity way up. He started struggling, which looked bizarre because only his head and hands could move. Sweat appeared on his forehead.

“You were saying?”

Panting, he said, “Shit, you dosed me, didn’t you!”

I grinned, but I still didn’t know what to do about what he had said. We’d always been friends, though lately I tended to run in a more social crowd. The shit he’d pulled with the jock had scared the crap out of me and really pissed me off, but to be honest once he’d revealed himself to me as the perp my feeling about the whole event had changed. I wasn’t just getting revenge now, I was having fun playing with him. And the whole game was getting more and more sexual.

Clearly our kinks ran in similar directions, which was a new discovery from these last couple of weeks.

So what did I want to do?

For now, watch him squirm.


Fuck, why did I say that?

Well, obviously because of my bremelanotide running through my system. I wanted to him to fuck me so bad.

But it wasn’t just the drug, and I knew it. I didn’t want anyone else to get it on with me. Just him.

I suddenly couldn’t hold still, and I fought my confinement with all my strength.

Toben, who had looked a bit bemused by my outburst, was now grinning. “How’s that making yourself look like an idiot going for you?”

By sheer force of will, I was able to calm down again. Thankfully, he turned off the pulsing in my ass. Then he let my arms move freely. Not knowing what else to do, I finished eating. It was almost time for my next class, which I didn’t share with him. Hopefully that meant he would give me a break. It would be bad enough that I was just coming on to the bremelanotide-6. I had watched what it had done to Toben, and I knew the rest of the afternoon was going to be rough.

Toben was done eating. He stood up, saying, “See you at practice,” and left the dining hall. I was still stuck in my chair. While I was sitting there trying to look like I was still eating, I noticed that I was getting an erection. That meant the shell had turned flexible in the crotch, and now my dick was coming to attention.

This was very bad news. I was so horned up that it seemed unlikely that I’d lose my boner any time soon. But the question of losing my boner became moot when the shell firmed up again, with my cock pointing straight out from my body. My pants were tenting obscenely. That’s what they always say in the stories: “tenting obscenely”.

Of course that was when the rest of the shell turned supple again, back to catsuit mode. Shit, I didn’t even have a sweater with me that I could wrap around my waist. All I had with me was my tablet. I thought about heading home where I could be avoid more public embarrassments, but I realized I’d have to walk across campus like this. If I went straight to class, at least I could be seated at a desk most of the time. So I tried to make a beeline for my Chem class, one building over from the dining hall. This turned out to be harder than I thought, because suddenly the shell was somewhat less flexible than a 8mm wetsuit. Walking was a struggle.

One of the guys from Toben’s crowd saw me and just had to say something. “I guess Aaron’s hot for teacher!”

Trying to sound flippant, I replied, “I was just thinking about what Toben said he wanted to do to Devlin.”

All the way to class, I worried about what I had said. I really needed to watch what came out of my mouth while I was in this state. I had wanted to get back at Toben a bit, but that might have been too much information!

I made it to a desk in class with no more than the occasional stare. As soon as I sat down, a mild pulsing started in my ass. Here we go again. I turned my tablet to full record and placed it carefully in hopes that it would stay in reach. But I was able to move freely for the whole hour.

Whenever he was writing on the whiteboard, I found the Chem teacher’s ass very distracting. When did I start finding him attractive? Then I looked around and realized that almost every guy in the room looked pretty damn hot right then. As usual, though, my attention latched onto the one guy within range who seemed most attractive. This time it was Burke, a Pacific Islander from Toben’s team. Too bad I couldn’t see his ass from here. Of course I’d seen all of him in the locker room. I started perving out on memories of his ass, his well-muscled legs, his abs…

I noticed eventually that I was squirming and sighing a lot. I forced myself to sit still, trying to ignore the gentle stroking sensation in my ass and the constant pressure on my cock, which would try to twitch up and down every few seconds. While I had my eyes closed to try to block out the visual distractions around me, I became aware of the smell.

I don’t know about other people, but when I’m turned on, my body odor seems to change, and I like the smell a lot. Now I seemed to be giving off a cloud of it. The wicking feature of Toben’s shell was filling the air around me with the smell from my pits. I flushed, sure that it was obvious to the people sitting around me, but there was nothing I could do about it. I opened my eyes and surreptitiously checked out the people closest to me to see if they were noticing. Most were busily typing notes but the guy to my left was definitely showing a bulge too.

I knew his name was Steven, but I only knew him from class. I had no idea if he was straight or gay. But now my mind was building a fantasy, where he was overcome by my bremelanotide-infused pheromones and could not stop himself from grabbing me, and forcing me into a convenient position and then plowing my ass (somehow in the fantasy he had control of my bondage skin).

All this obsession with asses was a little disturbing. I was not normally into the idea of getting fucked, but now I couldn’t let go of the thought. And every time I tried to think of something else, a little stroke on my prostate would remind me.

Eventually the bell rang and I waited until everyone else cleared out before I staggered to my last class of the day. The class went pretty much like the one before: I was lost in a haze of lust and horny images. I have no recollection of what the instructors had said. About five minutes before the end of the last class, my cock’s prison turned pliant again, not that it helped much. I was far too horny. Trying not to be obvious about playing with my dick, I used steady pressure and some twisting to at least get it to point off to the side or even downward. I really didn’t want to walk all the way to the sports center, and then into the locker room, with my pants tented out (rather obscenely). In the end the best I could get it to do was point it straight up. With my shirt untucked, it wasn’t too obvious.

To be continued …

Metal would like to thank GratDelay for writing Lucky Cup!

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