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And Then It Woke Up

By GratDelay

Ken Keavey dropped his keys on the table and his duffle on the floor. He was tired but he felt great. He was back from his friend Dmitri’s house and one of the most intense bondage scenes he’d ever experienced. He felt like he had plumbed new depths of subspace. Even now, thinking back on it brought his hand to his crotch. The total immobilization in The Chair, the sensory deprivation and overload, the control of all his most sensitive areas… he was practically ready to do it all again.

But after such an intense experience, what he really wanted to do was to chill. He decided he’d clean off his gear and put it away later and headed into his living room to watch some |||

With a satisfied sigh, Keavey folded up his polishing cloth and set it down. His catsuit was hanging in the shower with a mirror-like shine. All the rest of his gear was cleaned up and properly stowed. After a job well done, he felt ready to chill. He decided to grab a snack before checking out the porn on his Twitter |||

Keavey nudged the last bit of cereal down the drain, turned off the disposal and shut off the tap. Another job well done. He looked into his pantry for something to snack on, but stuff seems to be missing. What happened to his Wheaty Snax or that half-finished bag of cookies from Merchant Pete’s? He felt simultaneous pangs of hunger and dissatisfaction with himself, like he did every night. He’d been meaning to make changes to his diet for some time now, since he’d put on some unwanted pounds; but every night the craving for something sugary caused him to put off his self-discipline for another day.

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Lucky Cup – Chapter 8

By GratDelay

male bondage fictionThis story is dedicated to Strappeddown, who inspired me to go back to work on it. And to Padlock86, who forced me to finish it.


I was exhausted, but I felt great as I drove home. I got a boner whenever I recalled the sound of Aaron’s voice when he begged me not to put his fucking ‘lucky’ cup on him.

Who’s lucky now? I thought.

I pictured Aaron back at school, rushing to his tablet to send the release command. After all, it was his cup and his software, right?

“Sorry buddy,” I said aloud. I had changed the encryption keys.

Next, I guessed he would rush back to his dorm to see if I had taken the box too. Of course I had. I bet the fucker didn’t put my gear away. He’ll be sorry…

Then he’d get down to serious freaking out about what I would do to his junk. All of the shit he’d pulled on me would be popping into his head. He’d have to do some serious waiting to see what would happen next.

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Lucky Cup – Chapter 7

By GratDelay

male bondage fictionThis story is dedicated to Strappeddown, who inspired me to go back to work on it. And to Padlock86, who forced me to finish it.


One of the features in my control app told me Aaron was still here. That was handy. I stuck him in place and did a quick scan of the locker room, the coaches’ office, the showers… I stopped along the way and grabbed a duffel from my locker, then I went to see Aaron.

“OK,” I said, “All the doors are shut, I turned off most of the lights, and I made sure everyone else has left. Will anyone walk in on us?”

He shook his head. “Not likely.”

“Good. You’ve been bogarting my suit long enough, so let’s wrap this up.”

I couldn’t figure out the expression on his face. I had expected more fear, I guess.

“I was kinda hoping you’d let me keep the suit,” he said.

“As if. And let you sneak up on me with it?”

“I thought about that. You could rig it so that it won’t work on you. Maybe you wear, I don’t know, a pendant that repels the suit, just like I couldn’t touch your phone.”

That stopped me for a minute. It was a good idea.

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Lucky Cup – Chapter 6

By GratDelay

male bondage fictionToben

Sometime after our lunch talk, I decided not to put Aaron through another public humiliation at the hands of the team. Our pranks on each other had… changed. So, change of plans. What could I do to him before we got him back to a private place? There wasn’t much to do that was more extreme than the total helplessness and uncontrollable stimulation… I guessed I could spice things up a little bit, given that he’d be in the locker room.

In the hour before practice, I tweaked and saved some programs. Then it was just a matter of waiting until my last class was out.

Aaron was already in his equipment room when I got to the Sports Center. I ignored him and geared up. But first I sabotaged my own shoulder pads.

Once at practice, it only took one drill for my pads to fall apart. Coach sent me over to the bench for Aaron to fix them. He was already opening up his kit, but I told him quietly, “Tell coach you need to take me back to the locker room to fix this.” He looked at me like he was trying to figure out if he really wanted to go along with it, then he shrugged and did as he was told. We headed back to the locker room. I went to my locker and got the buckle I had removed. In a few seconds my pad were as good as new. Aaron just stood watching me anxiously.

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Lucky Cup – Chapter 5

By GratDelay

male bondage fictionAaron

I was startled out of my sleep or stupor when I stopped rotating. It had been hard to tell when I was awake or asleep for much of the night, but I remember several moments of panic where I had to remember where I was and why I couldn’t move. A moment later, I felt my center of gravity shift as I moved into a more upright position. Then I was able to straighten my legs so I was in a standing position.

The shell peeled back from my head. The room was pretty dim, but I still had to squeeze my eyes shut until they adjusted. Even more glorious than being able to see was being able to open my mouth.

I looked around. Toben wasn’t there. That bastard! What if something bad had happened while I was stuck?

Next my hands were freed back to the wrists. Not that it did me any good, since my arms were still held rigidly out in front of me. No sooner than I thought that did the shell turn flexible again, like it had the night before: from the top down. Lastly I could move my feet; I noticed the circular base was no longer in evidence. All the tendrils that had been supporting me and rotating me had disappeared as well.

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Lucky Cup – Chapter 4

By GratDelay

male bondage fictionAaron

There was a package waiting for me when I got home. It was a green cube-shaped box, big enough to hold a football helmet, but heavier. Something shifted around in it when I picked it up off the floor in the hallway. I carried it inside and shouldered the door closed as I inspected it. There were no markings besides the shipping labels. Just a uniform plasticky green. The return label said it was from Toben.

Did he think I was stupid enough to open something from him? I decided to find a bigger container to seal it up in. But before I could even set it down, the bottom dropped out of it.

Or rather, it poured out, like a thick stream of green latex paint. Uh oh. It fell on my feet and spread surprisingly rapidly into a smooth round puddle about 3 feet across.

My instinct was to drop the box and get away from the puddle, but it was already too late for that. My hands were stuck to the sides of the box, and my feet were stuck to the floor. Things were happening all at once, so it was hard for me to process. As I was trying to shake the box loose, the paint-like stream falling between the box and the floor suddenly flared out horizontally into a thin sheet which curled abruptly around my legs and lower torso. As quickly as it moved, it was suddenly as hard as rock. The puddle made a solid base, keeping me from tipping over.

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Lucky Cup – Chapter 3

By GratDelay

GratDelay bondage storiesToben

I stood up and stared down at Aaron. Now I could think straight, and get on with beating him to a pulp. I took another step forward… and fell to the ground screaming.

The jacking thing was going again! It was going full-speed, and focusing just on the head of my cock. I was still way too sensitive from cumming just a minute ago.

“Turn it off! Turn it off!” I screamed. I didn’t recognize my own voice, it was so high.

It kept going as I thrashed around, trying to get away from the awful feeling. It was pure torture.

Suddenly it stopped. I caught my breath, then cautiously looked up, afraid to move closer to Aaron. But he wasn’t there! I scrambled to my feet and looked around. Then I heard one of the doors to the hallway close. Fucking coward!

But he wasn’t really a coward, was he? He didn’t have to reveal himself to me at all. What was he playing at? Did he really think he could pass this off as just another prank?

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Lucky Cup – Chapter 2

By GratDelay

GratDelay bondage storiesDisclaimer: The characters in this story are above the age of consent, but that kinda goes out the window since they engage in non-consensual behavior. The fact that it turns out all right for our fictional protagonists’ relationship doesn’t make it OK IRL. Always keep it safe, sane, and consensual. Even if that means you have to learn how to communicate better.

Some details I left vague intentionally, so you fill them in however will make you more horny.

This story is dedicated to Strappeddown, who inspired me to go back to work on it. And to Padlock86, who forced me to finish it.


It was a good thing the box was still in the equipment room and not at my place last night, or I would have broken down and jumped to Phase 3 ahead of schedule. Now I had classes to keep me away from temptation until practice. Toben was looking pretty haggard, but surprisingly, instead of looking desperate he looked focused and determined. What plan was he hatching?

I had backed off on the brem seeping into his body before I went to bed. I didn’t actually want him to get expelled for trying to rape someone. In fact, I didn’t even want him to lose the game this weekend. So I was trying not to send him over the edge. Yet. So I didn’t add any more to his system until practice was over.

I had to grin with satisfaction when I heard some of the other players talking about him. Word had gone around about his “lucky jock”. I bet Toben was surprised as I was when a few of the other players kept theirs on too. One of them had stuck a team decal on his. So then Toben was free to take showers after practice again. The three guys took a lot of shit from some of the other players, but they were all popular enough that they when they did crazy things they were more likely to be imitated than shunned. Who knew how many would be wearing them tomorrow?

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