Marshall collapses to the floor, exhausted, only to be hauled up again

Check out what happens to Marshall at Dream Boy Bondage, and see below for a video clip!


Smooth, lean Marshall is stripped naked and stretched taut between two pulleys as muscle-stud Jared mercilessly whips his back and ass until he finally collapses to the floor. For a brief moment, Marshall thinks his beating is over, but he couldn’t be more wrong. Jared simply unhooks his captive’s wrists from the pulleys on the wall and fastens them instead to pulleys in the ceiling, then lifts Marshall up onto his toes and resumes flogging his back and ass – with more vigor!

Dream_Boy_Bondage_gay_torture_02 Dream_Boy_Bondage_gay_torture_03 Dream_Boy_Bondage_gay_torture_04 Dream_Boy_Bondage_gay_torture_05


But Jared is still not satisfied: He clips nasty, stinging clamps to Marshall’s nipples and the tip of his cock – and renews the whipping even harder! Then it’s time for the alcohol.

Dream_Boy_Bondage_gay_torture_06 Dream_Boy_Bondage_gay_torture_07 Dream_Boy_Bondage_gay_torture_08 Dream_Boy_Bondage_gay_torture_09



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