Matt on Display – Part 1

By Steellock

Note: This is a follow-up to The Edge series by Steellock, which concluded with “Matt the Demo Boy.” To read the previous chapters by Steellock, click here.

Matt woke early that Friday morning. As Jess was strapping him to his bed the previous night Jim had wandered over and said, enigmatically, ‘Get a good rest Boi, a long and tough weekend ahead of you!’

Matt had therefore spent the night half sleeping and half in wet anticipation of what was coming up. Jim never disappointed – if he said it was going to be tough, then tough it would most definitely be! He also thought about his diet – Jim had put him on a liquid only feeding regime a couple of days ago; always the preparation for a long bondage session and Matt had been wondering ‘when and what’ for a while.

Hooded as he was he couldn’t see the red display lighting go off, but he felt the bed pull back from the display window and knew that Jess was back. His lover started Matt’s day as he always did – by indulging himself in feeling that amazing, muscly, lean body! He ran his hands over the strong pecs, tweaked the large prominent nipples, felt the ribs of the abdomen, kneaded the biceps and then gave Matt a good hard thwack on his cock and balls. Then he leant over and gave the thick black boots a lick – just a quick one; today was not the day for dalliance.

Matt did what he always did – muttered into his gag and looked at the inside of the thick leather hood, cursing the boy but loving the attention. Just for Jess he wriggled and struggled a bit. Then he felt another hand on his right tit. It tweaked hard then the powerful fingers squeezed, and Matt held his breath as the lightening did what it always did and went straight to his cock. Already hard in the locked thick rubber bondage shorts it went absolutely rigid and leaked….

‘Right boi’ Jim said into his ear. ‘One of my best customers is having a bondage weekend on his farm. He’s got all sorts of guys coming from all over the country and he’s asked me to provide a special display for a centrepiece. That’s you of course.

We are going to use that new suspension harness that came in last week. The full length one – I saw you eyeing it up! Yes body, arms, legs, chest all strapped and locked into leather strapping. Then you go up on display. They want to see the lovely muscles, so the harness goes on without a rubber or leather suit. I am sure they will also want to use your body in many and entertaining ways too. Usual rules are applying – no permanent marks or harm of course. But I am sure it will be tough – but hey that’s what you are for eh?’ Matt grunted. All he could do around the gag filling his mouth.

‘Jess is going to set you up and then we will be shipping you over. They are sending a van.’

Why a van wondered Matt? OK so it needs to be closed at the back but a car with black windows would do?

‘Jess does not know yet, but I am not having an empty window display. It gives us too much good publicity, so he’s filling your bed for a few nights. A new experience for him; let him know will you so he can worry a bit!’ Jim chuckled.

Matt grinned in his hood. Jess loved strapping him into the Segufix bed every night, hooded and gagged. Then setting the window glass transparent and turning on the low red lighting; his shaved and oiled muscles and the black leather and rubber shining It made a sensational show for passers-by. But Jess had not yet tried the restraints for more than a couple of hours. Matt would be sorry to miss it. Hmm, few nights eh? All weekend then!

He felt the restraints releasing and eventually he swung his boots round and stood hugging his lover. The blindfold on the well-used Sci Fi hood was unbuckled and he could see Jess’s grinning face with the shop behind him. On a hook dropped from the ceiling on a hoist wire was the harness. Thick black leather straps – masses of them! As they walked through to the back of the shop to the wet rooms where they both exercised and showered every day Jess was chattering about the harness, and the special hood with feeding / drinking tube that was ready too. Matt swallowed and then remembered Jim’s comment about it being a weekend event. So, he was going to be strapped up and available for at least a couple of days! Tough indeed.

As he walked through he also saw another new item – a black box about 2m long. Obviously a storage system for a boi. He had seen them on pictures on Tumblr, but Jim had never brought one to the shop before. This was lying open, a heavy lid pulled back and Matt could see padded leather inside. He also saw four hasps with big padlocks hung through them ready to lock the lid down. His cock jumped, and his imagination started to work. Perhaps this was why Jim needed a van?

They got into their normal morning routine – a hard hour of gym exercise and then a lovely shower together. Jess was getting tougher – he was up to 20 chin-ups now… His fitness was rapidly improving, his chest had expended and the muscles in his neck and arms now stood out framed by the heavy, thick black leather chest harness he wore locked on through the night and all day in the shop. He would now look really good in the window!

After the shower Matt lay back on the bench and Jess went to work rubbing him all over with affine oil – the tanned bulging muscles gleamed and shone in the spotlights and Jess lost his heart again to this sexy giant. The great chest stood with its ranks of muscle up the ribs and topped with strong pectorals. He worked the oil into the sweep of Matt’s neck and up to the fine stubble that was kept short to fit well under his hood.

He worked down the abdomen feeling the strong waves of muscle that led to a towering cock. Matt always got very hard as Jess was working on his body!

After the oiling he stood as Jess rubbed him over with a cloth to take off the excess. Matt sat and put his boots on – Jim had instructed him to use his usual pair of 20-hole black Grinder boots, heavy but really comfortable for extended wear. They gleamed, Jess had been busy! He was so proud of Matt’s boots and they always looked good.

‘Now to kit you up; we start with this’ said Jim ‘the harness – you are going to want to see this!’ The voice was from behind him and Jim came into sight with an armful of heavy leather straps. They started with the body – a wide belt around the narrow part of Matt’s waist tightened with three buckling belts. Another around the chest just under his pecs. They were joined by vertical straps that went over the shoulder and down each side of his front and back. A branch of padded straps went diagonally under his crotch and were obviously part of the load bearing leather when he was suspended. Matt wriggled and made sure these fitted well!

The shoulder straps then extended down the front and back of his legs and were joined by leather bands – round the top of his thighs, just above the knee, just under the knee and then a complicated set of straps that went round his ankles and under his boots like stirrups. Additional straps like cuffs were attached to the sides of the harness at chest, waist and thigh level – obviously for arms and wrist…

‘Now for the hoods’ Jim said and Matt jerked his hear around ‘Hoods! You mean more than one!’

Jim grinned and held out a soft rubber hood, anatomically shaped. Matt watched as Jim slowly pulled the zip up and displayed the inside. There were two orange pipes that obviously went up the nose and a complicated orange mouth gag; shaped to fill the mouth totally fitting around the lips and teeth with a soft socket for the tongue. There was also a pipe that extended forwards and disappeared into the mouthpiece – obviously a feeding tube.

Matt had seen one on the website of their supplier but so far never experienced the actual thing. He eyed the nose pipes warily. They were about 3 inches long.

‘They keep your airways clear’ said Jim. ‘Great for long term bondage. I’ve been trying them out and they really work well. Sting a bit going in but, hey, you’re a tough guy eh?’

Matt was not sure but the trust in Jim was embedded into his head and he nodded.

‘Push them in slowly’ Jim handed him the hood. Matt felt the soft, powdered rubber and aligned the hood inside out and slowly fed a pipe up each nostril. They did sting! His eyes watered a bit and he felt them push through the nose passageways until he felt them in the back of his throat. He had been breathing through his mouth. Jim said ‘OK, now close your mouth and try breathing through the pipes’.

Matt did, and, to his surprise, the air flowed smoothly and freely into his lungs.

‘I shipped this over from the Studio when the client specifically said he wanted not to be distracted by any sounds from the exhibit. Open up and get the gag settled and we will see how you feel’.

Matt opened his mouth and fitted the complex rubber gag into his mouth.

It went into his mouth and lined the roof, his tongue fitted into a soft sleeve and a ridge band round inside his teeth and another between them and his lips. It was surprisingly comfortable! The fine tube went in and he could feel the end extending into the back of his throat but not far enough to trigger any gag reflex.

He nodded at Jim who then gently pulled the hood over Matt’s head. Getting it settled he pushed the internal hair guard into place and slowly pulled the zip down. Matt felt the hood form itself to his head. Tight but not too tight. Like a second skin!

But there were no eye holes! He was in the dark already.

‘We will leave it at that for a few minutes to see how you get on’ said Jim. ‘Make your hand into a fist’ Matt heard. This was a common instruction and meant mitts. They were pulled on and Matt felt / heard the click of the padlocks as they were locked.

He then felt his right arm being moved to his side and he experienced the usual frisson of excitement as the straps were tightened just above his bicep and around his heavy forearm below the elbow. Then he felt straps pulling his mitted hand to the side of his thigh and realised that the mitts were not the ordinary ones but part of the restraints.

The same down his left arm and he knew that the bondage had started. His cock jumped to attention and grew to its usual full 6 inches…

Jess grasped him by the shoulders and steered him through into the shop where he was positioned under the hoist. Chains clipped onto steel rings on the shoulders and he rose a short way into the air.

‘Is it comfortable? Any bits too tight or too loose?’ Matt wondered how to say that it all felt fine. He nodded several times. The harness was really good, his weight was spread between the straps under his crotch, under his boots and the way it gripped his waist and chest holding his body up. Jim had got the complex web spot on.


He nodded again…

‘Next – we lock this dripping cock away!’. Now that was a bit of a surprise. Matt’s cock was always locked away but in his thick rubber bondage shorts. He felt Jim run his hand around his balls and gently pull them down. He felt cold steel and realised it was a steel ball pouch and that meant the expensive steel chastity set up. Jim had hosted the representative of Steelwerks a couple of months before and he had measured both Matt and Jess for different models from their range. Matt’s was an Alchemist. All made in shiny titanium it had a solid cock sheath and an attached solid ball case. In the end of the sheath was a urethral pipe that went into his cock, the end was sealed with a screw bung to control the flow. It all locked on very securely and meant no possible contact with his cock or balls – no chance of ‘cuming’ this weekend!

It also had a series of studs that could be screwed in to the head of the cock sheath that really punished when he got hard inside – which was all the time… Matt dearly hoped that Jim was not going to add them!

Jim put his head close to Matt’s and said ‘How is the hood? You OK? Comfortable?’

Matt nodded. He was breathing really easily, the mouth was a weird feeling but not uncomfortable, the hood itself was not too tight but clung to his head. Jim pushed the feeding tube into a bottle of water and told Matt to suck.

Gently sucking Matt found the water coming into the back of his mouth and he swallowed hastily. After the first shock at the way the liquid flowed he sucked again and got used to the experience. He was pleased. Much better than going thirsty for hours! And if they unscrewed his cock plug occasionally then all would be good…

Jim then held up Matt’s regular thick leather Sci fi hood. First, he ran the zip up on the rubber hood and pushed plugs into Matt’s ears. He carefully zipped it back down. Matt immediately felt the difference – all the sounds of the shop had gone. With the darkness of the eyeless hood he suddenly felt cut off – but a pair of thick arms grabbed him and hugged – he knew that Jess was still watching over him! Then the second hood was pulled on and settled into its usual place. The laces were pulled tight, the straps down each side of the head buckled on. The heavy collar then cinched up and a padlock secured the locking post. He was encased.

Matt breathed, slowly and carefully. He was trying to slow his racing heart. The air flowed easily into his nose though the pipes. He sucked on the mouth pipe and more air came in there too. He relaxed a little. And grinned to himself! His cock tried to get hard but filled the solid titanium sheath and could not go anywhere! Frustrating…

He could feel the inside of his beloved heavy hood through the thin rubber and it was reassuring. He wriggled and felt the harness hold him firmly; but he could twist a little and bend his body. Not total restraint.

Jim and Jess stood back and looked at their work. Hanging before them was the glowing, solid muscly body all encased in thick black leather straps. Arms secured down by his sides and the hands hidden in padded mitts. Strong legs ending in a heavy pair of black boots neatly laced in white and encased in the strap supports.

The boi’s head was locked into the familiar heavy studded leather helmet but with a thin tube hanging out of the mouth opening. Then finally Jim added a collar. Matt felt the heavy leather posture collar wrapping around his neck and holding his head securely and firmly. He did not then see four straps from the collar being further buckled onto the harness.

Jim handed Jess a bag full of padlocks and waved him forward. Jess started at the top and locked every one of the multiple buckles, collar, chest, stomach, legs, stirrups, down the arms and finally the straps around the boots.

Jim lifted Matt another foot off the ground with the winch and then slid the big black box across the floor until the open end was under Matt’s boots.

He pressed the ‘down’ button and Matt dropped in. Jim slowed the descent and pushed Matt in his stomach making him bend, bend as much as the leather would allow. He kept lowering until Matt was lying on his back in the box.

Jim then reached in and secured the legs, arms and neck to the base of the box with six more padlocks. Matt suddenly found he had lost all movement. He could not imagine what was happening. He suddenly remembered the box. He felt the padded base though his back. The mouth tube moved slightly and worked out that it was being fed through the side of the box. Then he felt a ‘thump’ as the lid closed and had to imagine the clicks of the last four padlocks.

Matt’s mind raced. He was in that early stage of a bondage session where the adrenalin was squirting into his blood stream, he wriggled and pulled but the padlocks held him rigid. He pushed against the base of the padded box. He tried to turn his head but the collar stubbornly held him facing upwards. He was alone. He felt more alone than he ever had before. Here he was, strapped and locked into a box that was going somewhere. He did not know where, how far, who would be there or what was going to happen.

Despite his trust for Jim he panicked. He struggled and pulled and shouted into his gag, the sound was loud in his head, but he knew it would not be penetrating the solid padded box. His heart thumping in his chest. But nothing happened. He still couldn’t move; the silence was still there. He fought it. He had to become calm. Jess would not let him come to harm – well real harm. He was NOT alone. It just felt like it.

Jim and Jess were looking at a laptop. It showed graphs for pulse and breathing. The harness had built in sensors for pulse. They saw the pulse jump to 170 beats and the breathing accelerate into a very fast ragged rhythm. That, they knew, meant shouting. A faint sound came from the feeding tube. After a minute Jess moved slowly to the box and pulled out the keys.

‘Stop!’ shouted Jim ‘He’s calming down.’ Jess shot over to look at the traces on the screen. The pulse rate was indeed dropping and was now down below 140 and falling. The breathing was more regular.

‘We will monitor him for half an hour and then get him on the road’ Jim said. ‘Get your T shirt and shorts on, I’m going to send you with him’.


To be continued…

Metal would like to thank the author, Steellock, for this story!

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7 thoughts on “Matt on Display – Part 1”

  1. Absolutely great story, unable to speak, hear, and move, totally helpless. Good that Jess is going with him, for safety.

  2. Welcome back Matt. Love the realistic detail in this story from the feel of the hood and harness to the emotions in his panic attack. Next part please.

  3. Great story ! The bondage harness reminds me very much to my own one, inclusive all the exact described staps and buckles, even the mitts and posture collar …maybe you have seen me at the DoreAlley street fair in SF or hanging at the Folsom Europe street fair in Berlin.
    Can’t wait for the next chapter !

    1. Hi steelcollar! It may be your pictures that I have been using as my inspiration on the harness!
      Part 2 follows…

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