Meet author Pablo Greene this weekend in NYC at Phoenix Bar!

Author Pablo Greene is having a “modest but badass” launch party for his new book, How to Kill a Superhero:
 World Without Daylight, this Saturday, July 5, from 3-5 at Phoenix Bar, in the East Village.



Pablo will read from the new book, and you can purchase a copy and get it autographed. “This event is not necessarily a gear event, but wear your gear if you’re inspired,” Pablo says.

Phoenix Bar
447 E 13th St
3-5 pm
Details here.

Here’s the cover of the book:


and you can:



 DOWNLOAD TO YOUR KINDLE (or Android/iOS device)




One thought on “Meet author Pablo Greene this weekend in NYC at Phoenix Bar!”

  1. Thanks for this, Metal! Your post gives details that aren’t on the “details” page you linked to — like the name of the bar and its address! Would like to go. Anyone else in for this?

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