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Bondage superhero porn: The Kink Avenger

At Bound Gods, the Kink Avenger falls into the evil clutches of The Sado-Spectre and endures brutal torment before being mercilessly fucked


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Here is a description of this shoot from Bound Gods:

Defeated by The Orgazmatron, our hero Kink Avenger is dragged off to the evil Sado-Spectre’s secret lair. The bound superhero endures electric punches to the torso and a cruel edging before getting a face full of villainous cum. His torment continues as Sado-Spectre administers a merciless flogging and ramming his hard cock down the Avenger’s throat. Unwilling to submit, Kink Avenger suffers the electric zapper as it shocks all over his body. Barely standing, the defeated hero is bent over for a hard pounding, before he’s made to shoot his superhero cum all over the floor.


Title of this video: The Kink Avenger – Breaking Point

Models: Scott Ambrose, Lance Hart

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Becoming Humble – Part 04

By RotherhamMan

Thor let himself be led away to a cell without any protest, on all fours the whole way. The men who were surrounding him were big and no doubt trained and he could give them a run for their money but in this mortal form he was unsure of victory against so many. That was if he had it in him to put up a fight after he had already been defeated by Jake, still leading him by his improvised leash. In the last twenty-four hours Thor had sucked off more men than he knew, been obligated to impale himself on his own hammer, and discover that he was weaker than ever thanks to his father’s punishment of exile. So what if he was going to a cell, it was just as much a prison as the rest of this world.

The six guards were wary and intrigued by this unknown man. He looked as strong as any of them and they recognised a warrior in him but they had seen the pictures of how he had been found if they hadn’t seen it with their own eyes. It was difficult to take a man seriously once he had been seen with a hammer up his ass, cum all over his face and upper body, and delirious from sucking cock and now he was once again leaking cum from his ass from their champion and was crawling after him like an obedient dog.

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Gay superhero bondage: The Moral Keeper Vs The Evil Edgemaster

Will Parks, known to most citizens as The Moral Keeper, is walking alone late at night, unaware that he’s being stalked by The Evil Edgemaster. Captured and taken to the villain’s spaceship, Will is chained up and slowly removed from his uniform to reveal his large muscles and even larger hard cock. The Edgemaster brings him to the edge of cumming many times but he holds back. He puts Will’s arms over his head and flogs his chest, ass, and cock, then uses the fucksall on his cock and nearly milks a load out of him from the intense fucking. Will has to endure another machine before he cums and is made to squat over it while it fucks his ass. The superhero is reduced to begging as he finally gets load stroked out of him.

This is from The Moral Keeper vs The Evil Edgemaster – Super Heroes Series — a vintage shoot from Men On Edge.

The Moral Keeper vs The Evil Edgemaster – Super Heroes Series

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The kinky erotic fiction of RotherhamMan

One of the more prolific authors of kinky erotic fiction goes by the name of RotherhamMan, and he has been featured a few times here on the Metalbond site in the Breaking Boys series. For those who just can’t get enough of this guy, he’s also got dozens of other stories posted to other sites, including Archive of Our Own and Gay Spiral Stories:

bondage stories by RotherhamMan

RotherhamMan even accepts commissions. One of his latest stories, which he was kind enough to let me read today, is called “Milking Men: Chief Taylor,” which is about a hunky — straight — fireman who gets ensnared as a sperm donor! You can read the first part of this story at Archive of Our Own by clicking here. This is a commissioned work that RotherhamMan is sharing.

Metal would like to thank RotherhamMan for reaching out, and to encourage all kinksters who are so inclined to delve into his devilish imagination by reading his stories!