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Meet The Sodomy Squad: Defenders of Fucktropolis

When the city needs saving, this band of misfits comes together to answer the call as the city’s first line of defense. Meet the Sodomy Squad! The defenders of Fucktropolis. Their most recent threat is the devious Doctor Power. This eccentric billionaire inventor and his robot henchmen have wreaked havoc on this fair city. Will the Sodomy Squad be able to protect Fucktropolis from this evil mastermind? Maybe! First, they need to save the big-dicked Peter Pecker from DP’s greedy ass.


The Sodomy Squad is available at ASG Max

Title of the first video: The Civilian

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The Sodomy Squad

Newly updated male erotic fetish fiction by RotherhamMan

RotherhamMan has a number of published works at Archive of Our Own, including “Embracing His Love” with two newly added chapters. This story is about superheroes, muscle growth, abduction, and bondage, among other themes. Here’s some artwork that accompanies the story, which was sent to me by the author:


Click for Embracing His Love

(Note that this author’s work includes extreme themes, so proceed at your own discretion.)

You can also find him on X

And on Amazon under his alias, Mark R Cromwell

Superhero bondage porn

In this vintage shoot from the Men On Edge channel, Connor Maguire is captured and edged by the Evil Edgemaster and his henchman No Mercy



Since Kind Man and the Moral Keeper have been abducted and converted to the world of kink, Connor Maguire a.k.a. the Kink Killer is one of the few remaining superheroes of the K-League. The Evil Edgemaster and his henchman No Mercy wait in the alleyway while Connor is alone at the bar. After Connor stumbles out to take a piss, the evildoers beat him down to the ground and take him back to their secret lair. To their surprise, Connor was planning to be captured and he quickly turns into the Kink Killer. Quickly the alarm is raised and the Edgemaster’s secret weapon, the Orgazmatron is fired up as the beam of arousal subdues the Kink Killer. Connor’s hands are chained above his head as his cock is teased and edged.



Connor endures the Orgazmatron one last time, nearly spraying his superhero cum everywhere. But his torment isn’t over, the Edgemaster plays with his cock as No Mercy eats his hairy hole. The Kink Killer is denied of cumming till he finally submits and changes his name to Kink Man like the rest of his superhero friends. After blowing his superhero cum all over No Mercy’s face, the defeated Kink Man endures post-orgasmic torment.



To see a free preview video, click here

See all KinkMen here

New issue of Drummer magazine

With great pleasure, I received a brand-new issue of Drummer magazine in the mail this week! The publication is 100 perfect-bound pages and includes articles, photographs, and lots of erotic male BDSM artwork. Even the ads are hot. There’s a report on the Old Guard leather scene that existed back in the 1950s and 60s. The theme is “The Superhero Issue,” and there’s a stylized rope bondage photo essay by Bruce LaBruce that rounds out the issue. My favorite section is the “Tough Customers” photo profiles.

Drummer magazine superheroes issue

Congratulations to editor Drew Kramer and publisher Jack MacCullum for bringing Drummer back!

You can get a digital subscription or a digital-and-print combo by visiting the official Drummer website, drummermen.com. I have the latter. There’s also an archive of vintage issues of Drummer.

TBT: Superhero artwork from Herodotus

Check out this artwork from Herodotus, which he was inspired to create after seeing a video from Men On Edge:

Herodotus Mega Fucked Men On Edge Superheroes in bondage

Herodotus says:

“As I’m sure you know, sexually molesting/edging/raping superheroes is very serious business and requires extremely powerful (diabolical!) equipment!”

Here is the image from Men on Edge that inspired Herodotus:

Men On Edge superheroes in bondage

Metal would like to thank Herodotus for today’s Superheroes picture.

See the video that inspired the artist by clicking here