Meeting a Hot New Friend at the Eagle

By Norm

The last thing he remembered was being invited to dinner and drinking a cocktail.

Normally he wouldn’t consider going to an event hosted by a total stranger, but he accepted the invitation from a new hot friend he met at the bar.

It was a great night at the Eagle, geared up in his tight leather uniform, flirting with a hot leather Sir who seemed really interested. Truthfully he was thinking with his crotch not his head as he hopped on his bike and headed out to the secluded home deep in the woods. When the hot leather daddy answered the door, all reason left him.

Now he found himself totally confined. Arms behind his back in some sort of unforgiving shackles, head held in place kneeling with his legs attached to something on the floor. For some reason he assumed he was under a table, mostly because he had bumped his head on the top and he could hear what he thought was the sound of chairs sliding on the floor.

He had been stripped down to just a painful needle studded jock, tight knee-high boots, thank God for knee pads and a very tight laced leather hood. There were no eyeholes in the hood, grommets to breathe and a dental mouth spreader buckled tight to his head. He was sweating inside the leather prison, mouth aching, drool running down his chin. He couldn’t imagine what was going on, fear coursed thought his body. Struggling was to no avail, he was in some sort of strapped harness that kept him in a leaning forward position.

It wasn’t long before he found out why. The first guest took his seat in front of the boy. As he brought the wooden chair up to the table, there were the sounds of shuffling. Hands went behind his head and a monster cock slid right into his mouth. He gagged and tried to pull away, but there was no escape. The cock was unrelenting. He couldn’t see, only react. The hands were gone, but the harness kept him in place. This was going to be a very difficult night. The boy did the only thing he could do, began to suck on the fat cock in his mouth with energy, hoping he could make this end quickly.

To make matters worse, it seemed the guest knew about the pin prick device surrounding his cock, because a booted foot under the table found his crotch. Painful pin pricks attacked his manhood from every angle. Sometimes it was a gentle nudge, other times almost a kick, but the reaction was the same. Every time his cock got stung, he gasped and the cock went in further, so he worked harder to end the ordeal. He thought when the hot salty cum erupted down his throat, the session was over. But he was so wrong. When the man meat pulled out, he gasped for breath. Spit and cum ran from his mouth onto the floor only to hear chairs moving again. Throughout the night other guests found their way to the table. Everyone knew about the jock, every cock found the hole. Some so big he was gagging at every thrust, but all ended in a hot coating of the prisoner’s mouth.   It went on for what seemed like hours, until the captive drifted off into a haze, there were no more cocks.

When the boy woke it was quiet. Still hooded, his tender balls felt the prickles of the jock. His muscles were stiff. And the taste of stale cum filled his mouth. As he tried to move hands worked under the table to release him from his webbed prison. More hands grabbed his legs and pulled him out from under the table and across the floor. Suddenly others grabbed his head and arms. The movement told him he was being carried down a flight of steps.

It had to be a basement; the air was cool on his skin. Movement was painful, especially on his crotch. He was brought to a spot and spread-eagled between two pillars. The mouth spreader was thankfully removed, and then the hood. The boy tried to work his aching mouth, breathing hard hoping all this would end. Boots were pulled off as well as the knee pads.

The room was dark, but he could see several men standing around, all clad in leather or rubber from head to toe. Off to the side had to be the “hot new friend” he met at the bar grinning from ear to ear.

“You like him, Sir? Did I do well?” He asked the man who appeared to be in charge.

“You did fine pup, I think he will be a good addition to someone’s stable,” he smiled and patted the leather-covered boy made to look like a fine pedigree dog.

Without ceremony the man reached over to the wall and pulled a hose forward. Turning a knob in the wall, warm water began to flow. Soft groans erupted from the boy’s mouth has he hung there helpless; his sweat and water running down a drain. When the water reached his ass, gloved hands pulled his cheeks apart and the hose suddenly went inside, filling him up. A very masculine voice whispered in his ear, “just let it go boy.” Fluids rushed out of his ass and when it was all done the hose came back time and again until there was nothing else to clean out. The boy thought he was done until the huge lubed plug slowly pushed its way inside. He screamed as it found its spot. He was not going to be able to just push out this monster invader.

It was not over yet. A hand went behind his head, holding it in place as a large rubber gag was shoved into his mouth and strapped tightly to the back of his head. He struggled, but to no avail. A man’s chuckle sounded in the room as a hand went to that damp jock, and he realized his cock was swelling inside that painful prison. Something inside him was reacting in a way he never expected. Groans of pleasure and pain escaped his mouth.

As if on cue, hands reached up to undo the cuffs holding the boy to the pillars. Eyes wide, he saw the heavy straightjacket come off a rack on the wall.

“I think you’ll like this, boy,” was all the leather man said as it came toward him. Unable to speak, his arms were pulled into the long leather arms as a tight buckle went around his neck. The jacket was pulled as tight as it allowed and was laced and stretched around his body. When the crotch straps were pulled into place, tears came to the boy’s eyes as the needles were pulled into his skin.

Next a pair of skin tight leather chaps were buckled and zipped in place as another pair of boots was pulled on.

“Looking good, boy,” the Sir commented as arms again picked up the boy and carried him to another part of the basement. Loaded onto a sling, his booted feet were pulled up and secured to the chains holding up the leather. His body carefully strapped down, keeping him in place.

“Well, let’s see how you do, boy,” the leather-clad Sir commented as the codpiece on his leather jeans was pulled off. A gloved hand began to play with the plug in his ass, pulling it part way out, and letting the boy’s muscles pull it back in. It hurt like hell at first, but as he worked the boy’s hole, the feeling changed from pain to pleasure, actually a great deal of pleasure.

“Nice and tight, very good boy. Guess you didn’t get this hole used very much,” he said as he viciously jerked the huge plug from the boy’s ass.

Now we will see how good it really is as he began to stroke his manhood.

The boy had to admit Sir was amazingly handsome. Tight leathers flexed with his body. Tall boots thudded on the floor. His muir cap pulled low over his eyes. Even in the thorny cock prison his meat expanded. The pain became stimulation, and the boy was actually thrusting into it as this Sir thrust into him. Deep into his gut he pushed, pulling on the chains to get in as far as he could. Within minutes Sir was gasping, sweat dripping from his face as he arched his back and unleashed a warm stream into the boy’s ass. Guttural sounds erupted from his throat. The boy thrusting back, screaming into his gag, cum coating his sweat-soaked leather prison.

Sir pulled out, rubbing his wet cock on the boy’s leg.

“Pup, get over here, clean this up,” he yelled.

The young man crawled over on all fours and began licking his master’s throbbing cock until it was clean.

“Get the boy’s ass too,” he commanded.

The pup switched from cock to ass and began thrusting his tongue into the confined leather bitch chained in the sling.

“Ok men, the boy is ready for your use. Report back to me what you learn. A complete evaluation is necessary before every sale.”

Sale? The boy’s senses were overloaded with the knowledge of his future and the mass of men now exploring every orifice he offered.

“I’m thinking he would make a nice leather gimp. Fit him with leather to cover every inch. Hood, gag, suit, boots, gloves, I want no skin showing. Lots of bondage straps, a new cock cage, break the lock, and throw in a nice big plug. I want tall boots locked on, as well as cuffs and a collar. I suppose we should save the key for his new owner, although I am tempted to just glue them shut.”

“He should be ready for bidding by tomorrow.”


Metal would like to thank the author, Norm, for this story. Check out his previous story, Delivery Man


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