Metalbond mail: Blog reader asks for advice after a heavy scene

Hi Metalbond,

I consider you my mentor and subject matter expert when it comes to intense bondage. I had an amazing bondage weekend, with eight different intense bondage scenes in less than 60 hours. The Sir said I that in one weekend I was “a boy, a pup, a pig, a puppet, a slave and a sub.” As much as I crave the feeling and the scenes were all amazing, by the time I got home after a four-hour train ride, I got home alone and I felt this immense down feeling that the body is trying to figure out what’s going on. I wonder if it were all the screaming though the gag, heavy-duty hood, or struggling through the tight arm binder hogtie or the rubber gimp suit or sleep sack with heavy rope tie down bondage that exhausted my stress and energy and the body is feeling empty or down. I have been asking my bondage friends, many of whom have experienced that. Have you? If so what do you do to deal with it and mitigate it?



Metal responds,

Hey there, thanks for getting in touch!

Sounds like you had an awesome weekend, and with all that struggling it is no wonder you are exhausted.

My advice is to take it easy, get a good night’s sleep, beat off if you haven’t already, and in the morning have some gatorade (you need to replenish your elecrolytes!) and also a good stretch or even a massage.

Eight scenes in less than 60 hours? Do you know how many guys would give their left nut for that sort of treatment? Fucking awesome.

Enjoy the afterglow, buddy. You have earned it.


3 thoughts on “Metalbond mail: Blog reader asks for advice after a heavy scene”

  1. Don’t worry about this. Or rather don’t worry just about this. I’m taking your initial comments as meaning that during the scenes you felt like you were properly taken care of. But even assuming that everything went well in the scene, the let down feeling is normal, even with good scenes–actually especially with good ones.

    Physiologically you were swimming in adrenaline and endorphins for 60 hours. That masks your fatigue, so when everything finally washes out you notice that you are tired. But further than that, your brain is experiencing a withdrawal letdown feeling from the absence of endorphins. This almost always causes a bit of a depression feeling for about 2-5 days afterward. This is the same feeling athletes feel after a marathon or the Olympics or a very big tournament. All of the normal advice about situational depression applies–get lots of sunlight, exercise, human contact.

    There is also a psychological component when you do something you really love, or have a powerful experience. For me it has two major components. First I crave to revisit it–and often I know I can’t for quite some time. That of course is a bit depressing. Second I crave to talk about it/share it with someone. Often many of my friends can’t relate, so I can’t really talk to them about it. And many of the people who might understand I’m not really friends with. So then I can’t share the joy.

    But knowing this is a normal after effect of GOOD scenes helps a lot.

    Mixed scenes and bad scenes have different issues, but I’m pretty sure we are talking about good scenes this time.

    –Sebastian (saabie on recon if you want to talk more about it)

  2. You’ve been through heavy physical and mental exertion, you lucky dog. Just rest up afterwards, basking in the glow of what you’d been through, knowing that there are hundreds of us out here who are envious of your weekend, wishing we could have traded places with you, happy to go through the inevitable recuperation process afterwards.

  3. Just as the above comments, that rush of endorphins for that period of time and then a sudden stop will surely cause a short drop. It’s natural and will return to normal very shortly.

    I get the same feeling, I very much enjoy single tail whippings and after a scene, I am euphoric for a very long time and then there’s a peaceful feeling followed by a drop as well.

    If you decide to become a collared full time slave, this is very common and the experience happens much more often.

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