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A reader sends feedback on the Prison Library

cufffed11 sent this email recently:

Hi Metal,

I have been a silent lurker for at least 10 years. Lots of horny content, amazing pix, good info, but it’s your Prison Library that I get lost in. During Covid, the huge selection of stories provided me with lots of wank sessions, as well as a re-think on my fantasies. Surprisingly, it also kept me sane, allowed me to dream, and be safe.

I am a transplanted American living in the UK, living here for over 23 years and loving it. I have re-read lthr_jock’s depictions of fictional London numerous times. I recognise some of the areas he describes. Most of it has been razed over now and re-built by the rich, but it still sparks fond memories of my early encounters with warehouse fetish parties, clubs that no longer exist, and encounters with a lot of good guys. (Oh, the memories!)

The reason I am writing is because of Joshua Ryan’s three tales on your site. I have been holding off reading them, as they are very intense and detailed. I was avoiding them as they hit close to some on the “mistaken identity,” “swapping places to go to prison” fantasies I have. I finally took the plunge and read them and studied them over a three-day period. WOW. What a journey. While similar in construction, the journeys, both mental and physical, are very different! He hit the right amount of inner soul-searching for the various protagonists depicted. The three expansive tales re-set my perception of my fantasies and gave me a “wake up” call as to the meaning of “the rest of your life.” Sheesh. What a rollercoaster. Very, very good writing.

Yea, I know of “The Prisoner Fantasy,” “A Game of Chance” and “Darkness.” They get me going also, as do many of the other stories on your site. There are so many!

Thanks a lot for all the work and love you put into your site!

A loyal Fan,



Thaks, cufffed11, for the feedback! I am so glad to hear you like those stories, which are among my own personal favorites!

Metalbond mail: Recent stories added to the Prison Library

Dear Metal:

I just wanted to let you know how fantastic I think the stories that are being posted on your site are these days. The ones you publish have always been good, but recently there have been some that really shine. The longer sagas such as “10 Days,” and now “Dax,” “Lucky Cup,” the BOYRYAN54 set and “Earn It Pup” have all well and truly hit the mark. They are different, their authors have great imaginations and don’t all tote the usual M/s line, which in turn gets you to realise there’s more to bondage and kink than you ever thought.

I know this is just my opinion and we all have our favourites, but I can’t help feeling you have some real winners there. Yours is the go-to site for my fetish reading, as it is for many many thousands of us out here. Love every minute.

Best wishes for the New Year!



Metal responds,

Dear Tony,

Thanks so much for your message! This makes my day, and I am so very glad to hear that you are enjoying the stories in the Prison Library, and many of the recently added content in particular!

The good news is that the latest “Story Week” — which started more than a week ago now with a brand new story, or a new chapter of an existing story, posted every night — will continue for AT LEAST SIX MORE DAYS and perhaps even longer, as the authors have sent in even more content in recent days!

Therefore keep checking back to the Metalbond site every day for new stories. In the very near future, there will be at least two more chapters of “Dax,” a continuation of “Summer at the Ranch,” a brand new story by pwnedpuppy, and more. There will be FIVE MORE chapters of “Lucky Cup,” as well!

Just a bit later today (Tuesday), there will be a new story by Rubrpig, called “Captured,” which is a historical story set in the War of the Roses and right after the Battle of Bosworth which put the Tudors on the throne of England. So get ready for that!

But first, there will be more updates about various male BDSM porn shoots!

gay bondage stories to beat off to

Metalbond mail

Some letters in the in-box recently:

Boi214 writes,

Hello Metal,

I am in search of some guidance. I am having trouble bringing up the topic of bondage to my boyfriend since we have had a bumpy road with the topic. I want to start incorporating it into the bedroom and need some help.

Metal responds,

Hey there, Boi214. You did not say whether you want to tie your boyfriend up, or if you want to get him to tie you up. You also said you have had a “bumpy road” with the topic. Did he have a bad experience at some point? Or maybe you brought up the topic but he said he is not into it? Perhaps he is totally vanilla, while you are kinky? Or maybe he is wildly turned on by bondage, in secret, but he has hang-ups or is afraid?

My advice would be wait for the right moment or opportunity and bring it up again. Tell him what turns you on and what you fantasize about. Also, encourage him to tell you about what HE fantasizes about, which might be completely different from what you might expect.

Show him the Metalbond site, especially if there are particular postings or stories that turn you on, and encourage him to do the same with what gets him going. My hunch is that between the two of you, you’ve got some hot sex fantasies that intersect and you can go absolutely wild at some point.


Callum writes,

I was just wondering how i can get in on this please as i absolutely love the site!!!

Metal responds,

Hey guy. How can you “get in on this”? Well you are in it, mister! But to get the full effect, you really should be locked in something — anything from a chain/padlock around your neck, to handcuffs or leg cuffs or even a chastity device — when looking at the Metalbond site! Or have someone else locked up, if that is what you are into.

Trust me, it’s much better that way.


Anonymous writes,

Hey Metal! You may be happy to know that I slept with my jailhouse locked on — wearing only my red UA boxerjock and my American leg cuffs.

Metal responds,

Good job, prisoner! And you set a good example for other readers of this site by getting into the spirit of things with the proper attire.


Chain writes,

I know I will be locked back up by June 3. Heading to a buddy’s for a weekend of bondage play. He always wants me locked. He likes seeing me locked up tight.

Maybe I will have a solution for long-term wear by then.

Until then, keep up the great work with your blog. It has been one of my nightly stalks for years. I do love reading the stories in the Prison Library.

Metal responds,

Thanks for the update, Chain! Please send more updates and pictures when you can.


Metalbond mail

Scott writes,

Yo, Metal. Do you have any info on the dude/video that is attached? I often wish that internet pictures came with more info/sources. Thanks!



Metal responds:

Hey Scott! If I remember correctly, that picture is from a shoot quite a while back the StraightHell site, which is now BreederFuckers.



Jonathan writes,

Hi Sir, loved your post on blackmail and have always fantasised about it as a way to be controlled. Have you done this before? Would it turn you on also? I love the thought of not being able to escape a dominant man and being truly controlled as opposed to a fantasy fake scene. Do you think it could be a possibility for you to blackmail me into submission, please Sir?


Metal responds:

Hey Jonathan, I’m afraid that’s not something I would want to do. I’m just not wired that way — and blackmailing you sounds like a lot of work! A good site to check out, if you want to just fantasize, is TheHardOrder.com. But if you want to make your fantasies more of a reality — well, that sort of scene is definitely out there, if you look hard enough. My advice would be to seek out someone who would genuinely be INTO controlling you via blackmail, as opposed to some predator who would only want you for your money. Please be safe. And best wishes.



Jerome writes,

Hello Metal. I read a thing on your website a few months back about scammers who send you there email address, etc., well can you please tell people to look out for this guy. I get at least one message a day off him off several accounts he makes daily. I have reported them to recon but it seems like they are doing nothing to stop this guy. Attached below is his profile and a picture of what he claims to be him.



Metal responds,

Yeah, Jerome, well, one thing I like about recon is that you can see how long someone has had his profile up. If he is brand new, has a “too good to be true” picture of himself, and wants your email address, it’s more than likely a scam.



Jesse writes,

Haven’t been able to access Gearfetish these last couple of days. Is the website dead? Off-line for server related issues? Something else? Thanks in advance.


Metal responds,

Hi Jesse, you and about half a dozen other guys emailed me about this. I don’t have any direct knowledge, but the general consensus in the Twitterverse seems to be that the GF site is gone for good. And that’s a real shame, if you ask me, because they had such vast libraries of awesome photo galleries. Other similar sites you might want to check out, if you have not already done so, include Rubberzone, Eckie, Hot Boots and Fetlife.



Rocco writes,

Very interesting, but who would want to be a dog, can he change his mine if he wants to go back as a human, was he force into being a dog, some i guess want to be dogs.


Metal responds,

Grrr! Arf! Woof!



Sean writes,

Dear Metal, I really love the chastity belt shown here — but I can’t find any extra pictures of it (I’ve even asked Fetters) and I can’t find any online reviews of it at all. Would you or anyone you know have any insight into this belt? Many thanks for your time.



Metal responds,

Hi Sean. I’m not familiar with that chastity belt, but it looks (to me) like it would be something to be worn for hours, during a scene, as opposed to something you’d want to wear for days or weeks. It certainly is a hot-looking item, if you ask me! Do you have a profile on the LockedMen site? You can open up a chat over there and guys will know more. Another site to browse for various cages is Chastity Trophy.



Caleb writes,

Good morning. How could I go about participating as a bondage sub in an upcoming production?


Metal responds,

Hey Caleb. I don’t shoot gay bondage porn myself, I just report on it here on Metalbond, for my own personal gratification and to share with other aficionados of the genre. Many of the sites have “become a model for us” buttons that you can click on. There’s also this site — KB Models — that looks rather interesting. Good luck!



Alec writes,

Dear Metal, Since your blog includes superheroes and other guys in gear tied up, I thought you might be interested to know that I had a bondage website — bondageman — make a custom video of one of its models tied and gagged in ballet tights. Some of the clips have been posted on the site, and I’m happy to promote the clips because the site really did a good job. Let me know if you’d like more info.



Metal responds,

Dear Alec, I am not familiar with that site. Thanks very much for the information!




Metalbond mail

JR writes,

Hey metal! Came across this HOT image recently and having trouble figuring out where it is from. I was hoping that maybe you (as usual) might be able to help me figure it out!? Maybe you could ask your readers?! Hoping that if I can figure out what video it’s from there might be a lot more where it came from! The image itself is attached! Thanks!




Metal responds,

Hi JR, I was able to look this one up, and it is from a shoot at FALCON from back in 2009. It’s called “Asylum” and it features Erik Rhodes (of blessed memory), Ty Colt and Rod Daily. Click HERE to be taken directly to that shoot over at Falcon.


Metalbond mail: Blog reader asks for advice after a heavy scene

Hi Metalbond,

I consider you my mentor and subject matter expert when it comes to intense bondage. I had an amazing bondage weekend, with eight different intense bondage scenes in less than 60 hours. The Sir said I that in one weekend I was “a boy, a pup, a pig, a puppet, a slave and a sub.” As much as I crave the feeling and the scenes were all amazing, by the time I got home after a four-hour train ride, I got home alone and I felt this immense down feeling that the body is trying to figure out what’s going on. I wonder if it were all the screaming though the gag, heavy-duty hood, or struggling through the tight arm binder hogtie or the rubber gimp suit or sleep sack with heavy rope tie down bondage that exhausted my stress and energy and the body is feeling empty or down. I have been asking my bondage friends, many of whom have experienced that. Have you? If so what do you do to deal with it and mitigate it?



Metal responds,

Hey there, thanks for getting in touch!

Sounds like you had an awesome weekend, and with all that struggling it is no wonder you are exhausted.

My advice is to take it easy, get a good night’s sleep, beat off if you haven’t already, and in the morning have some gatorade (you need to replenish your elecrolytes!) and also a good stretch or even a massage.

Eight scenes in less than 60 hours? Do you know how many guys would give their left nut for that sort of treatment? Fucking awesome.

Enjoy the afterglow, buddy. You have earned it.


Metalbond mail: A question about the real-life implications of slavery

Dear Metal,

Do you know of a resource Masters and potential slaves can access that talks about some of the FAQs on entering into a full-time position as a slave? In particular, something that might help a slave with health care, financial planning, release from slavery, immigration status issues, etc.? I often have subs who want full-time slavery under My control, but they fail to comprehend life beyond the sexual fantasy.


Metal responds,

Wow, that’s a very good question. I would start with an organization like Masters and slaves Together (MAsT), where you might find some helpful information:



There are also a couple of books out there that go beyond the “sexual fantasy” of slavery and talk about men living the lifestyle 24/7.

Dear Raven and Joshua by Raven Kaldera and his slave Joshua Tenpenny. These guys have been together more than 10 years and know what they’re talking about. It’s in Q&A format.



There’s also Ask the Man Who Owns Him by david stein with David Schachter. Unlike all other M/s books, this one gives you more than the opinions of one or two people; instead, it describes 16 different long-term M/s relationships, plus Mr. Schachter’s, in the participants’ own words.



Metalbond mail: How to find the right chastity device

Dear Metal,

Hey, I have been a longtime fan of your website. I was wondering if you knew anything about chastity play? I have been wanting to explore it, but I haven’t found a chastity device that fits me well. The silicone devices chafe really bad, and my dick is able to fall out of my metal birdcage device. I would like to get a device that is comfortable yet keeps me from cheating. Do you have any suggestions?


Metal responds,

Yeah, finding a chastity device that fits well can be difficult. It takes a lot of trial and error. Have you ever been to the Lockedm4m site? There are guys there who know all about specific devices.


Another place to do some research is the Altarboy site. And also, Denying Thumper has a great site, with lots of resources. I would suggest you check out those sites to learn more about something that might work well for your own junk.

I recently had the opportunity to meet dipperpup, the guy behind the Lockedm4m site, at a play weekend I attended. One suggestion he had, is to experiment by getting a cheap knockoff of whatever you device you might be interested in, to see if that works for you, before investing the big bucks on a good quality cage you might want to wear long term.

Cocks and balls come in all shapes and sizes, but the good news is that so do chastity devices!


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