Metalbond mail: How to find the right chastity device

Dear Metal,

Hey, I have been a longtime fan of your website. I was wondering if you knew anything about chastity play? I have been wanting to explore it, but I haven’t found a chastity device that fits me well. The silicone devices chafe really bad, and my dick is able to fall out of my metal birdcage device. I would like to get a device that is comfortable yet keeps me from cheating. Do you have any suggestions?


Metal responds,

Yeah, finding a chastity device that fits well can be difficult. It takes a lot of trial and error. Have you ever been to the Lockedm4m site? There are guys there who know all about specific devices.


Another place to do some research is the Altarboy site. And also, Denying Thumper has a great site, with lots of resources. I would suggest you check out those sites to learn more about something that might work well for your own junk.

I recently had the opportunity to meet dipperpup, the guy behind the Lockedm4m site, at a play weekend I attended. One suggestion he had, is to experiment by getting a cheap knockoff of whatever you device you might be interested in, to see if that works for you, before investing the big bucks on a good quality cage you might want to wear long term.

Cocks and balls come in all shapes and sizes, but the good news is that so do chastity devices!


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