Metalbond’s cage is welded

Lots of guys want to know where I got my cage. Well I’ll tell you. It was built by a hot stud named Redneck Mark. Really! This guy is one tough customer. He built my cage out of solid steel in his very own shop, using a MIG welder and other heavy equipment.

The cage is 28 inches wide, 40 inches deep and 36 inches high, and it fits perfectly in my living quarters. It is one solid piece, meaning it does NOT dis-assemble or “break down” into smaller pieces. It weighs nearly 200 pounds. Here are some pictures of my cage as it was under construction in Mark’s shop:

IMG_0084 IMG_0085 IMG_0086 IMG_0087 IMG_0089 IMG_0090 IMG_0091 IMG_0093

I really like having an awesome piece of bondage equipment like this. I very much enjoy putting guys in it for an afternoon, overnight — or even longer sometimes. Nobody has escaped yet. And I *especially* like the fact that my cage was built by such a hot guy. I know two other serious players who also have cages built by the same man. He also makes things like heavy metal collars, combo irons, stocks, pillories, and more (when he is not chewing tobacco and getting bullwhipped, that is).


To get in touch with Redneck Mark (yes, that’s him pictured above sitting in the cage as he was building it) and to see some of this guy’s other creations, click here.

And if you want to know how I got the cage up six fights of stairs to my New York City apartment —well, that’s a story for another day.

2 thoughts on “Metalbond’s cage is welded”

  1. Metal, nice cage. I saw a post with a cage that had a slit or channel in the top, starting at the door, where the prisoner’s neck went so his head was outside the cage. The cage was brutally small. Never saw one like that before or since. Are you familiar with that type of cage?

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